28 Easy And Delicious Immersion Blender Recipes

Your immersion blender is one of the most useful tools in your kitchen. It can be used to make soups, sauces, dressings, purees, creams, butters, and even hot beverages.

28 Easy And Delicious Immersion Blender Recipes

The problem is, many people don’t realize how versatile and helpful an immersion blender actually is, so they end up using it to make the same two recipes now and again, leaving the appliance to collect dust in the meantime.

If you’re looking for new ways to use your immersion blender, we have 28 recipes to inspire you. They’re all easy to follow regardless of your cooking experience.

1. Tomato Soup

When you think about soup, tomato soup is probably one of the first that spring to mind. Luckily, you can make this classic soup using your immersion blender in a matter of minutes.

In addition to whole tomatoes and vegetable broth, you’ll need olive oil, onion, garlic, butter, heavy whipping cream, and some additional cream plus parsley and basil to garnish.

2. Guacamole

There are many ways to make guacamole, and none are necessarily better than the others since everyone likes their guacamole to be slightly different. Some people like to make it using a food processor while others prefer to mix it by hand.

With that being said, we like to use this recipe for guacamole, which involves combining the ingredients using an immersion blender. The result is a silky smooth guacamole that you’ll want to make again and again.

3. Salsa Verde

We’ll be recommending a recipe for a different kind of salsa later in this article (see no. 5) but for now, we highly recommend learning to make this incredible salsa verde using your immersion blender.

All you need to do is combine the chopped tomatillos, cloves, chili, jalapeno, lime, cilantro and salt using your immersion blender and you have salsa verde in just 15 minutes!

4. Bearnaise Sauce

Have you ever wished you knew a single sauce recipe that you could use for both meat and seafood dishes? This bearnaise sauce recipe is exactly that, and you can make it really quickly and easily with an immersion blender and very few other utensils.

The only ingredients you need are egg yolks, unsalted butter, tarragon leaves, chervil and salt. We especially love this sauce served over steak.

5. Pico De Gallo

If you prefer red salsa to salsa verde, you’ll love this recipe for pico de gallo. The ingredients are largely the same as for the green salsa recipe above (see no. 3) but instead of green tomatillos, you’ll be using roma tomatoes.

Pice de gallo usually has a pretty specific consistency, so you want to be careful not to over-blend the ingredients with your immersion blender. Blend for a couple of seconds at a time and check the consistency before continuing.

6. Roasted Acorn Squash Soup

The second soup we recommend using your immersion blender to make is this delicious roasted acorn squash soup. It’s creamy, flavorful, and easy to make in under an hour and a half.

Bear in mind that acorn squash is only in season between October and December, so take advantage of the fall season to make this dish.

7. Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise sauce is the best sauce to make if you love egg and fish-based dishes. We think it’s especially delicious served over eggs benedict or salmon recipes.

To make this Hollandaise sauce, you’ll be combining egg yolks, Tabasco, lemon juice, water, salt and butter with your immersion blender.

It literally takes 5 minutes to make, disproving the misconception that sauces like this are difficult to prepare at home.

8. Caesar Salad Dressing

If you love Caesar salad as much as we do, stop buying your Caesar salad dressing from the store and start making it at home! It’s easy and won’t take long if you have a decent immersion blender.

This recipe even gives you the instructions to make the perfect croutons to garnish your Caesar salad using bread cubes, olive oil and herbs.

9. Creamy Mushroom Soup

Cream of mushroom soup is another classic soup recipe, and it lends itself perfectly to the use of an immersion blender. This soup can be made from start to finish in 30 minutes.

The immersion blender comes in after you’ve boiled the broth and vegetables, but before you add the cream. Remember to keep back some mushrooms at the start of the process so you can add them to the soup at the end!

10. Pistachio Cream

Immersion blenders are typically thought of as an appliance for making savory recipes like soups and dips. However, you can get your immersion blender involved in dessert-making with this recipe for pistachio cream!

This pistachio cream makes the perfect cake topping or as a pastry filling. You can make it up to a week in advance as long as you refrigerate it in an airtight container.

11. Homemade Ketchup

Most of us are used to buying our ketchup in bottles from the store. However, we think ketchup tastes much better when it’s homemade, and it’s healthier, too.

This homemade ketchup recipe just needs tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, and a few spices to give it that classic flavor. You can make your ketchup as smooth or chunky as you want by adjusting the length of time you use the blender for.

12. Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing

Whether you’re making a healthy salad or a hearty rice bowl, this avocado cilantro lime dressing will add some incredible flavor to your dish. Not only that, but this particular recipe is gluten-free, keto-friendly, and dairy-free.

This dressing consists of avocado, lime, cilantro, garlic, avocado oil, and salt. It’s so easy to make because all you need to do is combine all the ingredients in a single container with your immersion blender.

13. Whipped Feta Dip

If you’ve been searching for the perfect creamy dip for chips and vegetables, we’ve found it. This whipped feta dip can be made in minutes with feta cheese, garlic, olive oil, Greek yogurt, salt and black pepper.

You could use a food processor to combine the ingredients if you prefer, but we like to use an immersion blender because it’s easier to get a sense of the consistency.

14. Parsnip And Celery Root Bisque

Back on the soup train now – this recipe is for parsnip and celery root bisque, and it’s one of our favorite ways to use our immersion blender. This bisque is best made using chicken stock.

The other ingredients include celery root, parsnip, chives, garlic, leeks, olive oil, pepper, salt, parsley, lemon juice, and whipping cream. You can also garnish the bisque with pomegranate seeds, but it’s not essential.

15. Quinoa Pea Soup

This quinoa pea soup is the ultimate example of a meal high in plant-based protein, and we love that it can be prepared so easily if you have an immersion blender.

There are only 5 ingredients involved in making this soup, and because you just have to cook the quinoa and vegetables separately before pureeing them together, the whole process only takes about half an hour.

16. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Are you tired of spending so much money on pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks every time fall rolls around? With this pumpkin spice latte recipe, you don’t have to!

This latte recipe is easy to follow and much healthier than most store-bought latte drinks. To make this latte, you’ll be using 2 shots of espresso or half a cup of brewed coffee.

Then you’ll be adding milk, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, and maple syrup.

17. Whipped Cream

If you want to add some whipped cream to your pumpkin spice latte, or any other drink or dessert, why not make your own whipped cream using this recipe and your immersion blender?

Luckily, you don’t need many ingredients to make whipped cream and it’s not complicated. You just need heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract.

You can substitute the powdered sugar for honey or maple syrup if you prefer. Just remember that the cream will double in volume as you whip it.

18. Sweet Potato Soup

Another one of our favorite soups to make using an immersion blender is this sweet potato soup, which is made with sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, thyme, ginger, chicken stock, creme fraiche, olive oil, and the secret ingredient: orange juice.

This soup is absolutely bursting with flavor, and once you’ve roasted the potatoes and sauteed the onions with aromatic ingredients, you can just puree everything with your immersion blender.

19. Refried Beans

Refried beans are a satisfying, delicious, high-protein staple of Mexican cuisine, and if you have an immersion blender, you can have this dish ready in as little as 5 minutes.

It’s super easy – just drain and blend the beans, heat them up with the other ingredients, and serve with your favorite chips, tacos, or burritos.

20. Butternut Squash Soup

There are few things better in fall season than a creamy butternut squash soup, and having an immersion blender means you can make this recipe quickly and easily.

You can swap out the chicken stock in this recipe for milk or cream if you want an overall creamier consistency, or you can add some cornstarch if you want to reduce the dairy.

We like to top the soup with pumpkin seeds, but you can garnish it with any seed or herb you enjoy.

21. Whipped Sweet Potatoes

If you’re looking for a delicious side dish to add to your Thanksgiving table (or any table), we recommend these whipped sweet potatoes. There’s nothing complex about this recipe.

It just involves whipping sweet potatoes, butter, heavy cream, nutmeg, vanilla extract, salt and pepper with your immersion blender until you have a fairly smooth puree consistency.

You only need 10 minutes to prepare the ingredients and 25 minutes to cook the sweet potatoes.

22. Cream Of Broccoli Soup

Our final immersion blender soup recommendation today is this cream of broccoli soup. This soup is super healthy and packed with micronutrients, but thanks to the cream, it also tastes delicious and satisfying.

In our opinion, this soup is best served with lots of black pepper and cheddar cheese on top, but if you’re choosing this recipe as a healthy option, it will still be delicious without the cheese.

23. Raspberry Vinaigrette

Want to get more adventurous with your salads? Try making this raspberry vinaigrette and adding it to your next salad dish. You won’t be disappointed!

To make the perfect raspberry vinaigrette, the recipe recommends using fresh raspberries, but you could use frozen berries instead as long as you thaw them beforehand and drain out any excess moisture that collects during the thawing process.

Try to use raw honey if possible since this will taste the best.

24. Cauliflower Puree

Cauliflower puree is a great alternative to mashed potatoes. You can make it taste rich and creamy by adding cream, or you can go for a richer flavor by using chicken stock instead.

Be sure to use plenty of yellow onion for extra flavor and don’t forget the thyme and garlic since it makes a big difference to the overall taste experience.

25. Applesauce

Applesauce can be used in a huge variety of desserts, so this is a good sweet sauce to learn to make at home. Thankfully, it’s easy if you have a good immersion blender. The sauce will taste better if you use a mix of different apples.

The orange peel, cinnamon, apple cider, and rose water contribute so much flavor, and if you use toasted sugar, the finished sauce will be extra tasty.

26. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

We know what you’re thinking: chocolate chip cookies with an immersion blender?

The reason this vegan recipe works so well is that the immersion blender helps to make the oat slurry as smooth as possible to achieve that chewy, moist consistency throughout. Don’t forget the nutmeg as this is an integral part of the overall flavor.

27. Pear Butter

You’ve probably heard of nut butter and maybe even apple butter, but what about pear butter? This pear butter is delicious on toast or muffins and is easy to prepare.

Just combine cooked pear chunks, cinnamon, anise, brown sugar and lemon zest with an immersion blender and keep in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

28. Barbecue Sauce

Our final immersion blender recipe for today is an absolute classic: barbecue sauce. If you love barbecue or meat dishes in general, this sauce will quickly become a staple recipe in your kitchen.

To make this incredible sauce, you will need plum tomatoes, shallots, cider vinegar, brown sugar, chili paste, coffee granules, plus a few other spices and seasoning mixes.

You’ll be using your immersion blender part-way through the cooking time to puree the ingredients.

Are any of the Blender Soup Recipes suitable for making with an Immersion Blender?

Yes, many of the tasty blender soup recipes can be easily made with an immersion blender. This versatile kitchen tool allows you to blend soups directly in the pot, producing smooth and creamy results. Whether it’s a savory tomato bisque or a comforting butternut squash soup, the immersion blender simplifies the blending process while maintaining flavor and texture.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, immersion blenders aren’t just good for making soup!

While you can make incredible soups with an immersion blender, you should also try out some of the sauce, dip, dressing, butter, puree, and baked goods recipes on our list to put your immersion blender to the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying An Immersion Blender Worth It?

If you like the sound of a few of the recipes on the list above, you should buy an immersion blender.

In our opinion, buying an immersion blender is basically always worth it because these appliances (even the higher-end ones) are typically not as expensive as stand-up blenders or food processors.

Since immersion blenders can be used to make such a wide range of recipes, you’ll get a lot of use out of this purchase, so it’s definitely worth the money.

What Should You Not Use An Immersion Blender For?

While an immersion blender is capable of a lot, there are certain things you probably shouldn’t use your immersion blender for. For example, if you’re making a recipe that involves ice, it’s best not to use your immersion blender.

You might think it would be okay since you can put ice in a stand-up blender, but immersion blenders have smaller blades that aren’t as strong, so you can damage your immersion blender over time this way.

Frozen ingredients in general, including frozen fruits and vegetables, are best avoided in recipes where you’ll be using your immersion blender. Replace frozen items with fresh alternatives if you can, or use a stand-up blender instead.

Will An Immersion Blender Scratch My Pots?

Many people feel nervous about using an immersion blender because they worry it will scratch their cookware.

This is a valid concern, but if you pay attention to the construction of an immersion blender before buying it, you should be able to avoid damaging your cookware.

Basically, an immersion blender is only likely to scratch your cookware if the head is made of metal such as stainless steel, or if there isn’t any caging surrounding the blades.

Luckily, you can easily find immersion blenders that are made of durable, high-quality plastic, which is less likely to scratch.

Most immersion blenders have solid caging around the blades, too, so the bottoms of your pots and pans should never be exposed to the blades directly.

28 Easy And Delicious Immersion Blender Recipes

28 Easy And Delicious Immersion Blender Recipes

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Do you have an immersion blender, but no recipes to use it for? Here are 28 easy and delicious recipes to put your immersion blender through its paces.

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