18 Surprisingly Healthy Rice Noodle Recipes

Asian noodles are not as hard to make as you may think and the following rice noodle recipes are incredibly easy to make to perfection.

Rice noodles are also ideally suited as a healthy meal option that is quick to make. The noodles cook in a matter of minutes and there are numerous ways to spice them up.

18 Surprisingly Healthy Rice Noodle Recipes

The vast majority of these noodle based dishes can be served both hot and cold. 

The beauty of rice noodles is that they are an entirely neutral base from which you can add whatever ingredients you desire.

Pick up your chopsticks and devour these 15 incredible rice noodle recipes, all of which are entirely healthy!

Also, any of these recipes can be made using rice noodles in place of egg noodles. 

1. Chicken Stir-Fry 

This is one to add to your list of easy-to-make chicken recipes (check out our favorite chicken dinner recipes).

Stir fry some chicken breast alongside a concoction of vegetables and rice noodles.

This meal is packed full of nutritious value and the tenderized rice noodles are phenomenal.

This entire dish can be made in under 30 minutes, making it perfect for a weeknight meal. 

2. Garlic Fried Noodles

If you want to cook your dinner at an even greater pace, then you should opt for these 15 minute garlic fried noodles.

All that is required is for you to stir-fry some green onions and garlic until they become fragrant.

Then, simply add in your rice noodles along with soy sauce. Sprinkle on some coconut sugar to add a whirlwind of contrasting flavor.

You can also add a dash of lime juice to contrast these flavors even more. 

3. Singapore Noodles

If you are unsure whether to cook a meat or seafood based dish, then you can combine them both by using this recipe.

Shrimp acts as the surf whilst roasted pork is the turf. You can also add in some scrambled egg for an additional boost of protein.

If you are unable to find Chinese roasted pork (see also ‘18 Classic Pork Dishes Chinese Style‘), then you can opt to use ham instead.

In order to create the amalgamation of flavor within this dish, you will need a variety of spices and ingredients including Shaoxing wine, soy sauce, and curry powder.

4. Asian Noodle Bowl

If you are looking to make an entirely seafood-based dish, then you should opt for this recipe.

This noodle dish contains an abundance of juice-laden shrimp alongside scrambled eggs, zucchini, and beautifully softened rice noodles.

For an added kick, add in bursts of cilantro alongside some ginger and garlic.

You can also sprinkle on some chopped peanuts to add some contrasting texture to the dish.

However, this step can easily be removed if you have an allergy. 

5. Garlic Pad See Ew

If you want to opt for a Thai noodle dish, then you should consider following this recipe for pad see ew.

This is an incredibly popular Thai dish (see also ‘11 Delicious Thai Dishes That Are To Order‘) that you may have been fortunate enough to try if you have visited a Thai restaurant.

The rice noodles in this dish are wider than other forms of rice noodles. 

Whilst it is great when eaten at a restaurant, it is even better when cooked at home, using the finest ingredients.

All that is required is some wider rice noodles, chicken, and some broccoli.

What makes this dish stand out is it’s sauce, the blend of oyster, fish, and soy sauce works perfectly to create a fusion of flavor. 

6. Beef Stir Fry 

This beef stir fry uses flat rice noodles as its base. These noodles are perfect for swimming amongst the tangy and spicy amalgamated marinade.

For additional flavor, you should add slices of sirloin steak alongside some bean sprouts and green onions.

Serving a bowl of these flat noodles is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings without you needing to spend hours in the kitchen during the preparation and cooking process. 

7. Rice Noodles With Egg And Shrimp

This recipe is ideal if you are looking to make a fresh, light noodle dish. It perfectly balances texture and flavor by incorporating juicy ingredients.

Add a squeeze of lemon in order to enhance the flavors contained within the plump shrimp.

When you are making this recipe, you should ensure that you have thoroughly removed the veins from your shrimp prior to cooking, otherwise it may not taste as fresh as it needs to. 

8. Vegan Noodles

These veggie drunken noodles are perfect for a night in. This dish is also incredibly easy to make.

All you need is an abundance of colorful veggies, including some bell peppers, green cabbage, and onions.

Then, add in some tofu as your meat replacement. Garnish your tofu with some Thai basil and serve this dish instantly. 

9. Hoisin Pork Noodles

A combination of rice noodles and hoisin pork is guaranteed to make you smile.

These two are perfectly combined in this recipe in order to blend the natural juices of the pork with the creamy marinade of the sauce. This dish also takes a matter of minutes to cook.

Thus, there is plentiful time and room for you to reinterpret this dish. Adding in vegetables like bell peppers or carrots is a great way to make this dish even healthier. 

If you desire a more tangy sauce, then you can remove the peanut butter from the recipe.

So long as you are using noodles and hoisin pork as your primary ingredients, you can experiment until your heart’s content. 

10. Coconut And Lime Noodle Soup

This noodle soup is utterly incredible. It somehow manages to be tropical, fresh, citrusy, spicy, savory, and creamy all at the same time!

This dish is similar to traditional forms of tom kha. Tom chai is a coconut soup that is served in Thai restaurants (see also ‘13 Authentic Thai Soup Recipes‘).

You can use a variety of different proteins in this recipe including chicken, shrimp, and tofu.

You can also reduce the level of spice in this dish by using a small amount of chilis if you find that it is too hot.

Using some chopsticks and a spoon is the best way to devour this extraordinary soup. 

11. Garlic And Chili Rice Noodle Salad

If you are looking to eat your rice noodles cold, then this is the best noodle salad for you.

This is an incredible cold noodle recipe that transforms chewier noodles into a salad-based treat that is packed full of vibrant and healthy vegetables. 

The spicy and sweet salad dressing gives this salad an added kick.

Whilst the recipe doesn’t require you to add any proteins, you can obviously add in your favored protein and it will undoubtedly work well with this dish. 

12. Sesame Thai Rice Noodles

This savory and nutritious meal is utterly phenomenal. This is a stunning blend of colorful vegetables and wholesome rice noodles.

This dish undoubtedly oozes with flavor and the addition of Thai basil perfectly compliments this dish.

The chewy noodles soak up the sauce, ensuring that you get lashings of flavor with every bite.

This dish is also vegetarian and gluten-free, thus, you can enjoy these noodles without fear of causing upset. 

13. Ho Fan

This stir-fried dish uses wide and flat noodles that perfectly soak up the sauce.

They are more than worthy of slurping, and you will not need to add much to this dish in order to enjoy it.

However, you can add some protein and vegetables like mushrooms, bell peppers, and Chinese chives in order to spice up this dish.

Cooking this dish using a wok is the best way to ensure that these flavors blend together beautifully and the ingredients remain hot. 

14. Vietnamese Noodle Salad 

On hotter days, Vietnamese summer rolls make the perfect treat. However, you should bear in mind that it requires a lot of time to make these rolls.

Thus, a more simplistic noodle salad is a far more preferable option for a summer’s day.

Transforming those rolls into a lighter and more refreshing summer salad is a wonderful thing to do.

The noodles also heat themselves as all that is required is a bowl of boiled water.

There are numerous flavors contained within this dish, and it is also vegan-friendly if you remove the chicken!  

15. Pad Thai 

This classic Thai dish is popular throughout the world. This recipe varies slightly from the traditional pad Thai recipe.

Nevertheless, it is utterly phenomenal. The key to cooking this dish to perfection lies in balancing brown sugar and fish sauce.

Once you have perfectly blended these ingredients, you can drizzle your sauce over your noodles accordingly.

Additional ingredients like bean sprouts, carrots, peanuts, and scrambled egg, make brilliant additions to this recipe.

Your friends will thank you for eternity after trying this dish! 

16. Thai Crispy Rice Noodles

If you are a lover of cripsier forms of noodles, then you should make some of these thai crispy rice noodles.

This is the perfect recipe for those who like to place their noodles in a lettuce wrap, and they are also perfect for using in salads.

17. Stir Fried Shrimp And Rice Noodles

If you are a shrimp-lover, then this is the perfect healthy rice noodle recipe for you.

This dish perfectly amalgamates the fishy flavor of the shrimp with the elegance of these rice noodles, creating a dish that is bursting with flavor. 

18. Chicken Long Rice

Chicken (see also ‘28 Amazingly Delicious Asian Chicken Recipes!‘) long rice is a traditionally Chinese dish that was adopted by Hawaiians in the 19th century.

It would quickly become a staple dish. Long rice is a specific variety of dry rice noodles that consist of starch.

They are otherwise known as cellophane noodles, and are utterly delicious. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Best Way To Cook Rice Noodles?

The best way to cook rice noodles is to heat a 8-quart pan over a high temperature, bringing approximately 4 quarts to the boil.

Then, once your water has boiled, add in your rice noodles and ensure that you stir them thoroughly in order to separate them.

Cook your noodles until they have been tenderized and drain them accordingly. 

Do You Need To Soak Rice Noodles Prior To Cooking Them?

No, soaking is not required for cooking fresh rice noodles.

All you need to do is to blanch them briefly in boiling water and they will soften accordingly.

You should bear in mind that rice noodles will harden again if left to sit for a couple of days. 

Can Fresh Rice Noodles Be Softened?

Fresh rice noodles do not require any cooking as they have been previously cooked.

All that is required is for you to soak them in hot water in order to heat them up.

Bear in mind that cooking fresh rice noodles for too long will lead them to lose their overall texture and wonderful chewiness. 

How Long Does It Take To Soften Dried Rice Noodles?

In order to soften dried rice noodles, you need to soak them in lukewarm water for 30 minutes, until they have become limp.

Cooking your rice noodles in a wok (see also ‘20 Of The Best Recipes With A Wok‘) will cause them to become ever softer.

Remember to drain your rice noodles thoroughly using a colander whilst you are preparing your other ingredients. 

How Do You Know That Rice Noodles Are Cooked?

Whenever your rice noodles have become limp, this is a clear indication that they are cooked.

You want your noodles to become limp without losing too much of their overall structure.

Boiling your noodles for a couple of minutes should be enough to loosen them sufficiently. 

Are Rice Noodles Bad For You?

Rice noodles are a vastly healthy addition to your daily diet.

This is because they are wholesome and filling without being overly loaded with carbs.

You can use these noodles alongside an array of healthy veggies. 

Do You Salt Rice Noodles?

Traditionally, rice noodle water is not salted. However, if you want your noodles to be heavily seasoned, then you may want to add salt.

Whether you salt your rice noodles or not depends on the saltiness of the sauce you are using, and any additional meat that you are including. 


To conclude, the 15 rice noodle dishes that I have outlined in this article are both healthy and delicious.

All of these recipes are easy to make, and can usually be made in under 30 minutes. Thank you for reading.

18 Surprisingly Healthy Rice Noodle Recipes

18 Surprisingly Healthy Rice Noodle Recipes

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