13 Authentic Thai Soup Recipes

There are so many delicious soups in Thai cuisine, here we have listed 13 of the most popular dishes that are packed full of flavor.

This is sure to spark your imagination and give you something new to try. 

1. The Best Thai Coconut Soup

A bold and delicious Thai soup with plenty of coconut flavors is this coconut soup recipe. Coconut milk is such a staple in Thai cooking and can add creaminess to any dish.

Authentic flavors such as lemon grass and ginger are mixed in with succulent shrimp and fresh shiitake mushrooms. 

For those who are watching their sodium intake, this recipe offers a great option as it’s part of a collection of low-sodium soup recipes designed to satisfy your taste buds while keeping your sodium levels in check.

You can use any type of shrimp for this recipe, as long as it’s fresh. These warming flavors will keep you feeling happy and cozy on a winter’s day. 

2. Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup

Recreating your favorite Thai curry is easy with this recipe. The soup is a blend of tender pieces of chicken, and thin rice noodles along with the classic flavors of a Thai Red curry.

Citrus flavors come through with some tangy lime juice along with some of the mild flavors of basil. On the whole, this is the perfect warming dish for any day of the week. 

3. Authentic Tom Kha Gai 

Tom Kha Gai is an authentic coconut chicken soup that is super easy to make. This dish isn’t as spicy as other Thai soups so it’s ideal for those who don’t like a lot of spice.

Boneless chicken thighs can be swapped out for breast but you’ll need to follow the modification instructions. 

The majority of the ingredients can be found in a well-stocked grocery store, however, some are a little more niche. To get galangal and kaffir lime leaves, it’s best to visit your local Asian supermarket.

Tom Kha Gai is a perfect warming soup that is ideal for those who are just learning to cook Thai dishes. 

4. Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum soup is probably the most well-known Thai soup which is found on nearly every Thai takeout menu. Sometimes referred to as hot and sour soup, it certainly lives up to the name.

Although the soup is light, it’s packed with chilies for that signature heat. Alongside this, traditional Thai flavors such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves are added. 

To make up the bulk of the dish and give you some all-important protein, shrimp is added to the boiling hot soup. Creating a taste of Thailand in your own kitchen has never been easier.

Visiting the local Asian supermarket might be essential to find some galangal, an Asian root herb that looks similar to ginger. 

5. Thai Chicken And Sweet Potato Soup

Unlike the other soups previously mentioned, this is a smooth soup that consists of sweet potato and coconut cream. If you like your soups to have a more soup-like texture, you may find this recipe more enjoyable. 

Regardless of whether a soup is chunky or blended, it can still be delicious.

Lemongrass, chili, ginger, and red Thai curry paste lock in the signature Asian flavors and aromas. The chicken is cooked and added once you’ve perfected your smooth soup mixture. 

6. Thai Noodle Soup

Noodles are a common ingredient in Thai soups, they help to bulk out the food providing you with comforting carbohydrates. A quick and easy dish to make, this chicken noodle soup is similar to ramen.

Egg noodles will absorb the authentic Thai flavors and leave you with a delightful broth to finish at the bottom of the bowl. 

Sweet, spicy, and sour flavors come from lemongrass, chili powder, and chili flakes as well as fresh lime juice, and fish sauce.

Adjusting the flavors to your own palette is easy to do here, especially if you’re catering to those who aren’t the best with spice.  

7. Thai Spicy Pork Belly Soup

Tom Yum Moo Saam Chan is a spicy pork belly soup, which is the perfect blend of spicy and soup. Pork belly is cooked slowly in a rich and aromatic broth flavored with authentic Thai spices such as galangal, chili, and lemongrass. 

Water morning glory, known as Pak Boong in Thailand is a semi-aquatic leafy vegetable particular to Asian cooking. This may be found at your local Asian supermarket, but if not then try and find some water spinach.

As it’s a slightly longer recipe, you might not have seen it on your favorite takeout menu, but we can guarantee it’s a labor of love. 

8. Vegan Thai Coconut Curry Soup

Many Thai dishes are centered around meat or fish, so we thought it was important to include something for those who follow a vegan diet. Ready in under 30 minutes, this is perfect for a weeknight dinner. 

Spices are balanced with coconut milk, lime juice, and cilantro for the perfect comforting soup.

There is tons of nutrition in this recipe as it uses a variety of different vegetables such as mushrooms, peppers, chickpeas, and onions. Any type of curry paste can be used here to create a dish that is tailored to you. 

9. Thai Green Curry Noodle Soup

Thai Green curry is another one of the most popular curries associated with Thailand. For this recipe, you can use broccolini and tofu or chicken to cater to every diet.

Along with the main components of the soup, bean sprouts, scallions, and rice noodles are added to a soul-warming broth of a taste of Southeast Asia. 

The curry paste can be store-bought or homemade, with a handy link on how to make a green curry paste from scratch found in this recipe. Blending the ingredients in a food processor to make a delicious and authentic paste couldn’t be simpler. 

10. Tom Klong Pla

Tom Klong Pla is a hot and sour fish soup that uses the perfect blend of Thai spices such as lemongrass, tamarind, and chili to flavor the fish. Traditionally this soup uses smoked dry fish, but any white fish fillets can be used in this recipe and still taste great. 

This is a really easy one-pan dish that doesn’t require any cooking expertise, perfect for those who are new to making soups but want to impress their guests! You can include tamarind sauce in this recipe to enhance its flavor further.

11. Kuay Teaw Nua

As noodles are so versatile, they are used with a variety of different proteins. This Thai beef noodle soup or kuay teaw nua is a mildly spiced soup.

Although mild, the dish is packed with flavor and takes very little time to cook. Strips of beef and beef balls are cooked in a tasty soup and laid on a bed of rice noodles. 

Many of the ingredients needed for this dish can be found in your cupboard, but some of the spices are slightly complex and you may need to search in an Asian supermarket for them.

One example is preserved beancurd which is a type of preserved tofu that comes in a jar, this may be the world foods section of certain grocery stores.  

12. Thai Breakfast Rice Soup With Shrimp

Kao Tom Goong is a Thai breakfast soup served with shrimp. It may not be your first thought when it comes to breakfast time, but it works just as well as an evening meal.

Jasmine rice is added to a broth packed with flavor to provide you with a warming and comforting start to your day. 

Shrimp is used here, but the dish can easily be adapted to work with any kind of protein you like. The broth contains garlic, white peppercorns, cilantro, fish sauce, and soy sauce for those authentic flavors.

Once everything has been brought together, add some green onion, fried garlic, and oil or extra ground white pepper for some extra seasoning. 

Fried garlic and oil can be made ahead of time, similar to much of this dish. This mixture can be kept in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it for an extra garlic flavor that will enhance any dish. 

13. Marion’s Thai Boat Noodle Soup

The term ‘boat noodles’ comes from the canal of Bangkok where this dish was served by those who worked on canoes. Floating markets are very common in Thailand.

The dish incorporates traditional spices alongside thick cuts of beef chuck steak or gravy steak. Pork fillets are also used in the dish, however, they are marinated before cooking.  

Bok choy or pak choi is a green leafy vegetable otherwise known as Chinese cabbage. The subtle flavors are packed full of nutrients.

Along with the vegetables and meat, rice or egg noodles are added to the soup to balance out the spices and create a lovely filling meal. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are so many delicious Thai soups to choose from. The difficulty is picking where to start. Many of these dishes can be adapted to suit your dietary needs just by swapping out the proteins. 

We hope you found this article full of inspiration and information on all the different types of Thai soup. Happy cooking! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Famous Soup In Thailand?

Tom Yum is considered to be one of the most popular Thai soups. Translated into English, “tom” means “boiled” and “yum” refers to the traditional sour, salty, and spicy combination of flavors that are found in many Thai dishes. 

Is Tom Yum Or Tom Kha Better?

Tom Yum has a distinct hot and sour flavor, with more sourness than sweet. This soup often contains shrimp, pork, or chicken. On the opposite end of the scale, Tom Kha is sweeter and creamier due to the addition of coconut milk. Tom Kha usually contains chicken. If you prefer a more mild flavor, then try out a Tom Kha recipe.

13 Authentic Thai Soup Recipes

13 Authentic Thai Soup Recipes

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Learn how to make authentic Thai soup recipes. Here are 13 of the most delicious Thai soups that will spice up any weekday lunch or dinner.

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