18 Classic Pork Dishes Chinese Style

Many people love having nice Chinese on the weekend but have you ever made your own traditional Chinese food at home?

18 Classic Pork Dishes Chinese Style

Well, here’s your chance as we are going to be providing some of the best and classic Chinese pork dishes. 

They might be either appetizers or mains and you can always mix and match what you decide to make, even work your way down the list. 

1. Wuxi Ribs 

  • Wuxi ribs are a classic family dinner. The secret is to cook the ribs slowly over a low heat so they are tender and succulent.
  • Wuxi ribs are a classic Hangzhou dish, consisting of a whole whole of pork ribs, skin and all, which are cooked for a few hours in lightly salted water.
  • This is a recipe for wuxi ribs where it’s made with pork ribs and aromatic vegetables. Try it!

2. BBQ Chinese Sticky Pork Chops 

  • BBQ Chinese sticky Pork chops is a perfect dish for a barbecue party. It is very delicious and delicious at the same time. I am sure you will love it.
  • This Chinese BBQ pork chops recipe is one of the best pork chops recipes ever! The Chinese BBQ Pork chops is a delicious blend of sweet and spicy flavors.
  • It is very healthy and easy to make. People have been making this Chinese BBQ pork chops recipe for many years, they are traditional and delicious. 

3. Sichuan Pork 

  • Stir-frying is a time-saving technique for cooking meat, fish or vegetables quickly and evenly in a pan or wok. In this recipe, the pork is cooked with a fragrant mix of spices and garlic, then finished with a crunchy stir-fry of broccoli and cashews
  • This recipe is a hearty one, made with plenty of meat, broccoli and cashews, with a handful of Sichuan spices.
  • It is a simple but effective meal with plenty of flavors to impress with! 

4. Steamed Pork And Prawn Wontons 

  • This is one of my favorite quick, simple and tasty snacks, especially for those days when you  don’t feel like cooking.
  • Steamed pork and prawn wontons are a delicious and festive dish, perfect for a summer’s night because they are just so delicious and light! They do take a good 45 minutes to make and can be a bit more difficult than other recipes but it is time to challenge yourself with this recipe. 

5. BBQ Pork Buns 

  • A delicious twist on a classic bun, these BBQ pork buns are just as good as the ones you get in a Chinese restaurant and you can make them at home easily. 
  • BBQ pork buns are the ultimate twist on the traditional, and they are super easy to make and do not require too many ingredients. 
  • BBQ pork buns are one of the most popular items at any Chinese restaurant, and favorite Chinese foods because they are great to share and nibble on as a nice appetizer! 

6. Shanghai-Style Braised Pork 

  • Braising is a brilliant technique for cooking meat. The slow cooking process seals in the juices, and the meat becomes tender and delicious. 
  • Shanghai-style braised pork is a simple one-pot dish with a browned crust on the outside, and the most succulent meat on the inside.
  • This recipe is inspired by a dish served in Shanghai, China. It’s a great dish to serve with rice or another side of your choice. 

7. Braised Pork With Plums

  • Braised pork with plums. A very popular Chinese dish. Try this recipe and discover the taste!
  • Braised pork with plums is a traditional Chinese recipe made with pork belly and plums cooked in the oven to make sure they are soft and delicious. 
  • The most experienced cooks will agree that the secret to a delicious meal lies in its preparation. This recipe will show you how to prepare this dish with a few simple steps and a few simple ingredients. 

8. Chow Mein With Shredded Pork 

  • The classic Chinese dish, chow mein, is a stir-fry with a wide variety of ingredients. This recipe is geared toward a different approach. Many Chinese recipes include pork served in different types of ways and this is one that is less common but tastes great! 
  • Learn how to make a simple and delicious chow mein with shredded pork and soya sauce here. 

9. Sweet And Sour Pork 

  • This dish is so good that you’ll probably want to make it more than once. And it’s so easy that you’ll want to make it again and again because everyone loves something quick and easy that still tastes great! 
  • A super-simple recipe for sweet and sour pork, a classic Chinese dish that’s simple enough for a weeknight dinner that you won’t have to stew over. 
  • The added pineapple really gives it an extra vibrant color making the dish very light and elegant to look at. 

10. Steamed Pork With Rice Powder 

  • A simple pork dish that is full of flavor, just like a Chinese roasted pork dish.
  • Steamed pork with rice powder is a healthy dish of pork with rice. Pork is marinated with spices and then cooked in a water bath. Enjoy with a bowl of rice.
  • The recipe of steamed pork with rice powder is a simple one, which can be prepared in 30 minutes. This dish is a perfect dish for those who want to cook food quickly and easily. 

11. Fish Flavored Shredded Pork 

  • Fish flavored shredded pork has a savory and sweet taste, ideal for an appetizer or barbecue.
  • If you’re wondering, this dish does not actually contain any fish at all, but the smell and taste might say otherwise. 
  • This is a very fresh tasting meal and probably not what you were expecting but it is the fish flavored seasoning creating the confusion. 
  • This has a variety of spices mixed with vinegar, garlic and white salt to properly season the stir-fry. 

12. Twice Cooked Pork 

  • You might have heard about this dish because it has become very popular not only in China, but also the rest of the world. 
  • There are different variations of this dish that are around now, but the basic flavors and base taste is still the same and is something to get excited about! 
  • The pork is still cooked exactly the same but some of the seasonings have been changed slightly for a more intense dish. 

13. Char Siu Style Sausage Puffs 

  • Char siu style sausage puffs are a Chinese take on pork buns, with a bite and a finish that’s uniquely Chinese. 
  • The filling includes a combination of ground pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, and scallions. The buns themselves are made using a traditional steamed bun recipe.
  • These are restaurant-style pork puffs that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and Deep-fry the puffs until they’re golden brown.
  • These are definitely worth a try because they are so easy to make and are also inexpensive too! 

14. Cheese And Onion Pork Chops 

  • These pork chops are a great dish to make when you have a little time to spare. The onion in the top gives the chops a little extra ‘zing’.
  • These juicy pork chops are teamed with an aromatic cheese sauce. You’ll love the crunch of the crumbly crust and the sweet and savory flavor of the sauce.
  • Cheese and onion pork chops is a dish that is always a hit with everyone. This is a very simple dish that you can prepare in no time and can really impress even though the dish is actually quite simple to make. 

15. Chinese Leaf Pork Wraps 

  • Chinese leaf pork wraps recipe is always a crowd pleaser. These are delicious finger food that is perfect for any party. These can be made ahead and frozen for later use. Just thaw and serve.
  • Crispy and delicious, this is a great dish to serve as an appetizer, or on a bed of lettuce as a low-carb meal.
  • A quick and easy way to make tasty and healthy Asian wraps, with a lot of different combinations, no one will be left behind, even the pickiest eaters can enjoy this speciality. 

16. Chinese Pork Salad

  • Chinese pork salad with vinegar and lettuce is a perfect match for the summertime.
  • This Chinese pork salad is a popular one and you can enjoy it for lunch, dinner or even as a starter. The flavors of this dish can be enjoyed as a starter and it is also ideal as a main dish. It’s completely up to you. This also means it is a great dish because it is versatile and flexible with your day. 
  • This is the type of meal you would make if you wanted something a bit lighter but still has lots of flavor. People think that salads are boring, but they don’t have to be. Mix it up with this recipe! 

17. Pork Shoulder 

  • This one takes a bit longer to cook but the preparation time for you is only 20 minutes which is ideal! 
  • This dish is meant to be one that melts in the mouth and something that should be appreciated for the time it has been cooking. 
  • This traditional meal is filled with the classic ingredients of Chinese cuisine and would impress anyone at the dinner table. 

18. Chinese Pork With Pancakes 

  • If you want to create something that will taste a bit like a really good Chinese takeaway, then this is your option! 
  • This dish can either be made with duck, pork or chicken. It is completely up to you. This is one of people’s favorite go to’s when they order a chinese because it just has the best textures and flavors. So why not try it at home? 
  • They do not take as long as you think to make with a 15 minute prep time and 50 minutes of cooking time! 


Overall, these are all great pork recipes you can try and make in your own home. Some are more difficult than others but you are able to make them in a regular kitchen.

Not all of them take 5 minutes but it is usually down to slow cooking the meat so it just melts from the bone which is the way many people LOVE it!

There is a mixture of different dishes from breakfast to dinner, some for a fancy evening dinner and some just like a takeout for a friday night.

However, they all bring something which is flavor and spice! 

Hopefully this guide has allowed you to choose a couple of new recipes to try out and master in no time.

Pork is a great piece of meat to be working with and it goes with a lot of different dishes and you can even substitute other meat recipes with pork to suit your preference too.

Don’t waste any time getting stuck into a few of these options and surprising your family with some great new ideas to spice up dinner every now and then instead of ordering in because you can do it yourself! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Chinese Pork Pink?

Char siu pork gets its red color thanks to the marinade used to cook it. An authentic char siu recipe is made with fermented red bean curds (Nam yue).

The red bean curds don’t have a lot of flavor, so it’s easy to prepare this recipe without it.

18 Classic Pork Dishes Chinese Style

18 Classic Pork Dishes Chinese Style

Recipe by Jenna

These authentic Chinese pork recipes can be served as a main course or as the centerpiece of a variety of other dishes. Find out more here! 

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