20 Of The Very Best Classic Irish Breakfast Recipes

From the lamb driven shepherd’s pie to the fruitcake Barmbrack, Ireland is home to some seriously delicious foods. As well as world-famous whiskey and, of course, the dry stout Guinness, Ireland’s cuisine has become popular worldwide.

You may not believe it, but there is far more to Irish cuisine than simple stews, potatoes, and cabbage. Many of Ireland’s dishes are hearty and incredibly scrumptious. 

20 Of The Very Best Classic Irish Breakfast Recipes

This includes traditional Irish breakfasts. 

Breakfast is a big deal in Ireland. Therefore, the Irish have created some of the most tasty breakfasts the world has ever experienced. 

Today, we have selected 20 of our favorite classic Irish breakfast dishes and recipes so you can get an authentic piece of Ireland in your kitchen. If you’re ever traveling the Emerald Isles, make sure you try as many of these as possible! 

20 Amazing Irish Breakfast Recipes 

20. Irish Potato Bread

Surprise, surprise – we start with a potato-based Irish recipe! But, what a delicious one it is. This Irish-style bread offers a typical potato taste that works perfectly for breakfast.

This potato bread is full of flavor and wonderfully soft. The potato crust is mouth watering and chewy, and best when still hot. 

19. Irish Soda Bread

When you first bite into Irish soda bread, you will have never tasted bread like it. Made with buttermilk and baking soda instead of yeast, this bread’s dough rises perfectly almost every time.

Thanks to these ingredients, the bread has a buttery aroma and, when fresh out of the oven, a divine crispy texture.

When making Irish soda bread, you just need to blend the ingredients and knead them gently for a few times until the dough is shaped properly. It does not need to be floured, either. You just knead it and start baking. 

If you make too much, you can use the bread in other dishes, too!

18. Colcannon

Another potato-based recipe, Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish made out of mashed potatoes, combined with different types of greens, including kale, or cabbage.

Mixed with a creamy cream, the mashed potatoes and greens become one satisfying and warm side dish.

We recommend enjoying Colcannon alongside sausages, or other meat dishes. In fact, it goes with so many other foods and it will certainly give you energy for the rest of your day.

17. Full Irish Breakfast 

We couldn’t go any further without mentioning the classic Full Irish Breakfast.

Originally made for farmers who were heading out to work in their fields for the day, this hearty breakfast is a sure way of filling you and supplying enough energy for anything your day will throw at you.

Also known as a “fry-up,” this breakfast includes a range of delicious foods, to boost energy, protein, and fiber levels.

A typical traditional Full Irish Breakfast will include:

  • Sausage
  • Bacon (rashers)
  • Fried egg
  • Mushrooms
  • Black or white pudding
  • Potatoes (hash browns or pancakes)
  • Tomatoes
  • Soda bread
  • Baked beans

Alongside a cup of tea or coffee, we can’t think of a better way to start any day! 

16. Irish Rolls (Waterford Blaas) 

Also known as Waterford Blaas, Irish Rolls are a very tasty Irish delicacy, found in many bakeries throughout the country. But, making them is pretty straightforward. 

Follow the recipe above to make your very own fluffy, soft Irish rolls that feel light on the belly and a wonder for your taste buds. 

15. Dublin Coddle

You guessed it, here is another potato-based Irish dish. If you have any leftovers from yesterday hanging around, you may be able to transform them into this rustic Dublin Coddle dish. 

Made with bacon, sausage, potatoes, and, well, whatever is in the fridge hanging around, Irish coddle is easy to make in one pot. 

Coddle is seasoned with various spices and simmered for a long period, resulting in a hugely flavorsome dish. 

14. Irish Scones

If you fancy a boost of flavor, you have to try Irish cones. These medium-sized quick toasts are popular in Irish breakfasts and tea parties. They can also be enjoyed as a dessert. Talk about versatility! 

These scones are incredibly delicious when paired with strawberry jam and Irish cream on top. To enjoy them best, eat when the scones are still warm.

13. Irish Oatmeal 

Ideal for cold, winter mornings, Irish oatmeal will warm the cockles of your heart. You just have to throw all the ingredients into your crockpot the night before and then wake up to a true Irish, nourishing treat.

We recommend adding maple syrup on top to give it some extra flavor! 

12. Irish Stew

The Irish do not like to waste any leftovers, as the traditional Irish stew proves. Irish stew may be one of the most hearty and rich meals in Ireland. And, best of all, it is relatively simple to make.

A classic Irish stew will consist of potatoes, mutton and onions, whilst other ingredients have been added over the years, such as turnips, carrots, lamb, and parsnips. Beef stew meat also works very well.

11. Irish Soda Bread Muffins

If you liked the sound of Irish soda bread, you’ll love these Soda Bread Muffins. Common in Irish bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and homes, these muffins have a similar buttery flavor to soda bread but are far sweeter. 

Irish soda bread muffins work well when dried fruits are added to the dough. This gives them a sweet and sour taste that can be enjoyed for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

10. Farls (Irish Potato Bread/Cakes)

A popular Irish breakfast item, you may mistake Farls for pancakes. But, the difference hides in the batter, as this Irish treat used potatoes instead. 

Rich and savory, these cakes are pan-fried in bacon grease for added flavor. They taste best when topped with a large portion of Parmesan cheese, even early in the morning.

9. Irish Stew Pie

In the mood for some stew, but also want a slice of pie? No worries! You can make Irish Stew Pie! 

The best of both Irish food worlds meet with this hearty stew tucked inside a pie crust that is wonderfully flaky and tasty. The crust is so easy to make, too.

You just get two pieces of puff astray and fill it with a combination of your choice. The usual ingredients, though, are carrots, potatoes, onions, lamb, and a thick tomato, creamy sauce. 

8. Chocolate Chip Soda Bread

Back to that delectable soda bread, but this time, it has a chocolate chip twist.

This is a tasty variation on classic soda bread and is a favorite amongst Irish families up and down the land.

The soda bread is light and soft, which, when combined with the chocolate chips, make for an amazingly balanced treat.

Sugar bad chocolate chips are used moderately, so it’s not too bad for your health.

But, when it tastes as good as it does with its spongy texture and buttery aroma, you’ll soon forget about what a healthy and unhealthy breakfast is. Just enjoy it! 

7. Irish Brown Bread

Depending on the type of flour you use, you can make either dark or light Irish brown bread.

Made with whole wheat flour, this bread is wonderfully firm and sports a crispy crust. Its flavor is rich and buttery, thanks to the combination of whole grain wheat flour and Irish buttermilk. 

This bread provides a good dose of nutrients to help fuel you for the day ahead. It has a high fiber content and contains fewer calories than standard bread.

So, if you’re looking to keep some pounds off but still want to enjoy some bread for breakfast, Irish brown bread is a great option. 

6. Corned Beef Boxty

Pancakes for breakfast, anyone? But, not just any pancakes. This Irish delight is a fried potato pancake stuffed with various fillings that will fuel you for whatever the day ahead has to offer.

Corned beef boxty can be made in a few different ways but it’s always meaty and mouth watering.

But, the recipe above is a classic. Add some Swiss cheese filling, too, and you are onto a winner. 

5. Irish Eggs

Everyone loves scrambled eggs to start their day! If you do too, you’ll adore this Irish Eggs recipe. 

This is the perfect example of comfort food meeting a breakfast dish. Fluffy scrambled eggs, green bell pepper, and fried potatoes result in a super delicious breakfast treat.

We recommend adding some bacon or sausages in the mix, as well. This way, you get more protein to fight the day head on. 

4. Potato Candy

Wait? Potatoes? Candy? Together? It may sound downright odd, but hear us out! 

This delicious dish is often eaten as a dessert but works just as well for breakfast.

And, although it contains potatoes, you won’t taste them. The potatoes simply act as a binding agent for the ingredients, rather than for the flavor.

Topped off with peanut butter and powdered sugar, Potato Candy is one treat you have to try! 

3. Irish Flapjacks

Quick to make and super nutritious, these tasty Irish flapjacks are one of the best ways to start any day. 

These flapjacks are full of energy-boosting oats and fiber to keep you full until lunch time.

And, if you have a sweet tooth, you will be fully satisfied by these beauties! These are made with rolled oats that are mixed with maple syrup, brown sugar, and butter. They are then baked until crispy and golden. Yummy! 

2. Irish Bread Pudding

If you want something a little more decadent, try this Irish Bread Pudding recipe. Whilst it may not be the healthiest breakfast on our list, there’s no doubt it is something you will enjoy (and deserve).

Sporting a consistency close to custard, this bread pudding is topped off with a mouth-watering whiskey caramel sauce that oozes over it like a fountain of heaven.

Also included in this treat is cream cheese, butter, sugar, and Irish whiskey. That’s right, start your day with a little Irish whiskey if you’re brave enough! 

1. Irish Apple Cake

We finish today’s list with Irish apple cake, a crossover between coffee cake and apple pie. One bite of this and you are transported into an Oasis of divine flavors. 

This Irish Apple Cake is moist and wonderfully light.it is topped with crisp apple slices that are sweet and a little tart.

And, topped off with sugar, butter, and flour, this cake turns into a golden brown wonder when baked. Buttery and sweet, this is one of our favorites. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Considered The True Traditional Form Of An Irish Breakfast? 

For most Irish folks, a traditional Irish breakfast consists of sausage, bacon, potatoes, eggs, baked beans, toast (or soda bread), mushrooms, tomatoes, and a black or white pudding. 

Black pudding, also known as “blood cakes” is pig’s blood that has been coagulated into the form of a sausage. White pudding on the other hand, is typically flat and is simply a pork sausage. 

What Is The Most Common Type Of Breakfast In Ireland? 

As you can see above, some of the Irish breakfast recipes require a good deal of preparation before being served. Therefore, many are not eaten regularly. 

The most common type of breakfast in Ireland tends to be bread, particularly, toast. However, bread and toast can come in many forms, such as classic sliced loaves, and brown bread, or in the form of pastries and bagels. 

What Time Do Irish People Typically Eat Breakfast? 

Like most regions of the world, most Irish people tend to eat their breakfast between 8am and 10am. But, of course, this depends on the time people wake up. For some, it can be as early as 5am. 

In Summary

We hope you have enjoyed finding out more about Irish breakfast recipes. Try making some on our list above and let us know your favorites. Just don’t forget to treat yourself to a Guinness later in the day too, because you obviously deserve it.

Thanks for reading! 

20 Of The Very Best Classic Irish Breakfast Recipes

20 Of The Very Best Classic Irish Breakfast Recipes

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The Emerald Isle is known for its hearty, delicious meals, including breakfast. Here is our selection of the best traditional Irish breakfast recipes to try!

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