27 Easy Recipes For Kids

Are you a parent stuck for dinner ideas? Or perhaps you’re hoping to win some points with your neighbor’s kids?

Maybe you’re babysitting for the night and you want to pass some time by baking up some kids treats? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

27 Easy Recipes For Kids

Kids can be fussy with food, but there are some dinners, desserts, and snacks that will win over their tiny hearts while also being very easy to prepare. Enlist their help and get cooking! 

1. No Bake Blondies

These sweet snacks are absolutely delicious and the kids will absolutely adore them. You don’t need to feel guilty feeding them to the kids either, because these chocolate chip blondies are a healthy dessert.

If you, or the kids, have a sweet tooth, these are the best option for you. This recipe may require some trial and error as they can be difficult to get the right consistency.

You are looking for the consistency of playdough in order for them to stick together properly. 

2. Colorful Fruit And Yogurt Parfait

This is a great recipe to excite the kids and get them involved in eating juicy berries! This recipe creates a colorful snack, and it also works great as a breakfast dish. It is so simple to make.

You can make a batch of these parfaits and store them in the fridge to give to the kids when it’s snack time! They are super easy to make, so you can get your younger kids involved in these ones.

Let the older children chop up the fruit and the younger ones lay them out in the jars!

3. Tortilla Pizzas

Are you in desperate need of a night off of slaving away in the kitchen? If so, this tortilla pizza is perfect for the whole family to get involved in.

These pizzas are very quick and easy to make, and you can allow your kids to choose their toppings! The tortillas are used as the pizza base, making them a healthy alternative to pizza dough which is just as tasty.

Not only is it more healthy, it also costs less to make! All you need is some tortillas, a sauce, some cheese and your choice of toppings. The kids love to make and eat this one!

4. Cookies

This recipe is suitable for kids. A lot of kids absolutely love baking, and it is a great skill for them to learn at a young age.

This recipe is super easy, and the parents won’t have to help with much on this one aside from the parts that involve the oven!

This is a great recipe to make around Christmas-time, giving the kids something to entertain themselves and allowing them to make some baked goods for any guests that you might have around the holiday season!

5. Easy Vegan Tacos

This recipe will be easy to make even for the kids! It is like finding gold when you find a recipe that gives you a delicious, popular dinner that takes hardly any preparation.

These healthy tacos are ready in 5 minutes. They are delicious, filling and packed with healthy fillings and vegetables. If your kids are fussy eaters, you can customize the fillings, using their favorite vegetables.

Hot chili sauce works great on these tacos – but remember that kids’ taste buds are a lot more sensitive than ours so don’t put too much on! 

6. French Bread Pizza

This recipe takes around 15 minutes to make, and the kids love getting their hands dirty with this one. Depending on the age of your kids, you won’t need to put much input into this recipe.

This is the easiest way to make some pizzas in just a matter of minutes. Allow your kids to pick their toppings and make the pizzas themselves! 

7. Microwave Nachos

If you’re having a movie night with the kids, there is no better snack available than microwave nachos (see also ‘24 Best Snacks For Movie Night‘). Kids and adults alike love nachos. They are the perfect snack, especially when you don’t go easy on the toppings.

You might not have all the toppings available, but adding salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese (duh) to some tortilla chips is really a stroke of genius.

8. Quesadillas

These are the easiest quesadillas you will ever make. Rope the kids in and top two tortillas with a can of refried beans, cheese, taco sauce and top with two more tortillas.

Throw them in the microwave and cut them up to make an easy snack or a very light dinner. You can pair them with some other easy dishes if you want a snacky dinner.

9. Turkey Pesto Panini

Making a toasted sandwich or a panini is great for kids. It allows them to experiment with flavors and it is very hard to make something that they don’t like.

If you are making this panini for your kids’ dinner, you can add some salad, chips or veggies to the plate to make it a filling and balanced meal.

This turkey, pesto panini is made with red peppers and cheddar cheese. It is a delicious lunch, snack or dinner.

10. Waffle Iron Panini

What kid doesn’t love using a waffle iron? So, give this waffle iron panini a try. The waffle iron creates satisfying grooves on the surface of the panini, setting this one apart from the rest.

You can try lots of different types of bread to see which one you and the kids prefer! Add some grated cheese, vegetables and spreads and enjoy.

These are great served hot out of the waffle iron, or wrapped up and packed in the kids lunch boxes to take to school (see also ‘33 School Lunch Meal Ideas Your Kids Will Love‘).

11. Pancakes From Scratch

Making pancakes from scratch is a really fun activity that the kids will love. It is fairly easy to make pancakes from scratch and it is not too different from making pancakes up using a box mix.

This recipe is for some perfectly light and fluffy pancakes that you can add the topping of your choice to. Maple syrup is a great topping, or you can opt for some fruit and chocolate sauce!

12. Cheese Tater Tot Casserole

This meal will be ready in under an hour. It is delicious, and very easy to make. Add some spinach, red peppers and cheddar cheese to follow this recipe. Add your own ingredients for your own take on this casserole.

It is perfect for a delicious and hearty breakfast for the kids, as well as a weeknight dinner that can be prepared very quickly.

This recipe doesn’t contain meat and so it is perfect for vegetarians. 

13. Air Fryer Hamburger

This recipe can be ready in under 20 minutes. In no time, you will have some juicy hamburgers ready. The kids love this one, and it is great served with some salad or some french fries.

This recipe is perfect for the whole family and it will be a favorite for everyone in no time. 

14. Tuna Sandwich

This tuna salad sandwich is super easy and quick to make. Sandwiches are one of the first things a kid learns to make, and so it is great practice for them.

Add some tuna, mayonnaise and a few other ingredients in between two slices of bread and voila! This is perfect for lunch.

Put it in your kids lunch box with some fruit for a hearty and healthy lunch.

15. Ground Beef Tacos

All that needs to be done for these tacos is prepare the beef and toppings. This makes them perfect for busy weeknights.

Add whatever toppings you like to your tacos – choose your kids favorites to make this dish a hit with them!

This meal is very simple and easy to customize.

16. Air Fryer Salmon

Not all kids like the taste of salmon, so be careful with this one. If your kids do, this air fryer salmon is perfect. It takes only 7 minutes and is very easy for the kids to help with.

It produces juicy and tender salmon without fail. There are plenty of ways to flavor the salmon if you prefer, but this is a perfect way to make delicious salmon.

Serve with potatoes and some vegetables for dinner.

17. Microwave Risotto With Ham, Peas And Cheese

The kids will love getting their hands dirty with this one, and their dinner will be on the table without any hassle or mess! This risotto is creamy and delicious.

If your kids don’t eat meat, remove the ham for a delicious vegetarian version of this dish. Add parmesan cheese for the best flavor.

18. Honey-Lime Chicken Enchiladas

These chicken enchiladas are quite a complicated dish for children. If you have older children, give this a go!

The honey and lime flavorings on this dish combine the salt and the sweet for a perfect combination.

Make this dish in bulk and freeze it so that you can get it out if you haven’t got time to make dinner another day.

19. Monster Cookies

This dish is very family friendly and the kids will even love the name of the cookies! These cookies are easy to make. Use oatmeal, chocolate chips, m&ms and peanut butter to create this soft cookie dough.

You can always freeze the cookie dough and cook them fresh when you want them. That way, your kids can enjoy the cookies warm every time.

Pair them with ice-cream if you really want your kids to love you!

20. Fruit Salad

There’s nothing more refreshing in the summer months than sweet, colorful fruit salads. This salad includes watermelon. It is super easy to prepare and make, the kids can take this one over on their own!

Remember, you don’t have to just enjoy this salad in the summertime. Fruit salad can be eaten all year round!

21. Macaroni Salad

A macaroni salad is a perfect side dish to BBQs or roasted meats. It is a simple and delicious recipe that the kids will easily be able to help with.

If you’re hosting a BBQ and you’re trying to prepare, it’s always a good idea to have a project for the kids to work on. This could be it!

Not to mention, what kid doesn’t love mac and cheese? They will enjoy making and eating this one! 

22. Fairy Cakes

These cakes are a number 1 recipe that kids love to make! This recipe shows vanilla sponge cakes, however you can add cacao powder if you want some chocolate fairy cakes!

Let the kids go wild with decorating these as it can allow for hours of fun! Get some fun icing and some sprinkles to add to the cake.

You can even get some icing that your kids can write with so that they can draw pictures on the top. 

23. Trifle

This kid-friendly trifle is an easy treat for a kids party. It is easy to make, although it does take a while to make. You can make this dish with certain variations.

For instance, if your children don’t like jelly – make this dessert without the jelly. Instead, use fruit, custard and whipped cream.

Also, you don’t have to stick to strawberries or strawberry jelly. Use whatever flavors and fruits that you prefer! 

24. Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes

These cakes couldn’t be easier. They are made from ingredients that you likely have in the house and the kids absolutely love them!

They take no time to make and they are a favorite. You only need some butter, golden syrup or dark chocolate. 

25. No Bake Weetbix Slice

These Weetabix slices are very popular and they require absolutely no baking. This makes them very easy to make and you will likely have all of the ingredients available. 

26. Banana Muffins

If you love banana bread, these banana bread muffins are perfect for you. They are very easy to make and perfect if you have bananas around the house that are going off!

These banana muffins have a sweet crumb topping which makes them more delicious than most.

These are quick and easy to make and the kids will really enjoy them!

27. No-Bake Energy Bites

These no-bake energy bits have three simple, nutritious ingredients. They are simple and easy to make and they are easy to store in the fridge.

Share these snacks with the kids and let them help to make them too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Can You Expect Kids To Be Able To Do In The Kitchen?

Kids develop at different rates to each other. On average, though, 3-5 year old kids are able to stir, mix and fold batter, knead, roll and cut dough, crack eggs and grease pans.

5-7 year olds are able to cut soft food, use scissors, grate, set the table, measure ingredients, whisk eggs. 8-11 year olds are able to follow a recipe that is fairly simple, wrap leftovers, make salads, open cans and use the toaster or oven.

12-year-olds and above are more likely to be able to cook. They can cook pasta, rice and grains, use food processors and follow a recipe.

Why Should You Let Kids Help In The Kitchen?

There are a few reasons why you should let your kids help out in the kitchen. These include: 

  1. Improve their knife skills. Letting your kids help out in the kitchen allows them to develop knife skills that are safe and effective. Make sure you show them how to use the knife safely and supervise them at all times. 
  2. Improve skills in using the oven and stove top. It is a great skill for a kid to pick up so that if they ever need to, they are able to cook themselves dinner! 
  3. Improve their safety understanding. Letting your kids help out in the kitchen allows them to pick up safety skills. Make sure you teach them how to deal with emergencies in the kitchen.
  4. Encourages kids to be independent and creative. Cooking is a very creative pass-time and it is great for your kids to enjoy it.

How To Get Your Kids To Enjoy Cooking? 

There are many ways that you can get your kids to enjoy cooking. These include:

  • Involving them in the process. 
  • Let them experiment and come up with their own ideas in the kitchen.
  • Grow some ingredients in the garden if you have the space. 
  • Take your kids shopping with you to allow them to help with choosing the ingredients. 
  • Give your kids simple jobs that make them feel involved in the cooking process. 
  • Let your kids help you choose a recipe. Make sure they don’t choose something too unhealthy, though.

Is Cooking A Good Hobby For Your Kids?

Cooking is a great hobby for children of all ages to enjoy. If you start to introduce them to the kitchen at a young age, they will develop a passion for cooking and they will gain some very important skills. They will take this into adulthood. 

Is Baking A Good Hobby For Kids?

Baking is a great hobby for kids and there are a lot of things that you can encourage your children to do in the kitchen when you are baking.

Lots of things are very easy to make, so make sure you choose child-friendly recipes so that they can take part as much as possible.

If they can’t do much to help, they may start to get bored and not want to help out in the kitchen. Encourage them to help as much as they can!

Final Thoughts 

These recipes are all great ones for the kids to make and enjoy. Depending on their age, they will be able to help with all of these recipes and they will also love eating all of the things that they make!

27 Easy Recipes For Kids

27 Easy Recipes For Kids

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Are you looking for some easy recipes for kids? Are you stuck for ideas of what to cook with your kids? Read on for 27 easy recipes for kids to enjoy.

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