30 Boozy Slushes For The Summer

Who said that we’re too old to enjoy a slush during the warmer months of the year? If you ask us, we shouldn’t leave all the fun to the kids. We deserve a break – and some fun – too!

Boozy Slushes For The Summer

In this article, we have compiled a list of 30 different slush recipes. The best part? They’re all jam-packed with your favorite spirits, liqueurs, and beers, no matter what drinks you prefer. That’s right… we’re putting the fun back into slushies!

So, here are 30 boozy slushes to enhance your summer.

1. Alien Sex Slush

To kick off this list, we have an unusual yet delicious frozen cocktail that will surely capture – or abduct – your attention.

Filled with the fruits flavors of raspberries, apples, and grapes, and the vibrant colors, this slush almost looks as great as it tastes. Almost.

2. Blackberry Moscato Slush

If you love blackberries, and you love wine, then you are going to love this Blackberry Moscato slush.

Compared to its inspiration – rich, deliciously tart blackberry wine – this delectable slush is way chiller, and prettier to look at. It will be sure to keep you cool while it is blazing hot outside.

3. Boozy Frozen Lemonade

You only need ice, vodka, lemonade, and fruity sorbet to prepare this delightful light-colored beverage.

Providing that you use a high-quality vodka that is easy to drink, you won’t really taste the alcohol because the other vibrant, tart, lemony flavors will completely mask it.

4. Bubble Gum Colada Slush

Hot girl summer incoming! This pretty-in-pink concoction tastes absolutely incredible, but looks so good that you’ll have no choice but to add it to your Insta feed.

You’ll need to infuse some rum with bubble gum the night before making this cocktail, so make sure you’ve prepared beforehand!

5. Caramel Apple Cider Vodka Slush

The icy, slushy nature of this fruity beverage makes it a wonderful pick for the summer, but the flavors of caramel apples and cinnamon also make it an autumn classic.

That implies that you can indulge in this delight all year round.

With only five minutes and three ingredients needed to prepare, you can create this treat in little to no time at all.

6. Cherry Bourbon Slush

Although the maraschino cherry juice and lemon-lime soda hide much of the whiskey’s flavor, this cherry bourbon smash almost seems smoky. But even so, you can feel it sinking because of how intense it is.

This slush is unquestionably the one for you if you like your beverages a little heavier with smoldering undertones.

7. Frozen Blue Hawaiian

Check out this Blue Hawaiian slush if you want a colorful beverage that will grab everyone’s interest.

You’d think anything that vibrant in color would be quite tangy, perhaps even sour, but it isn’t. This slush contains white rum, pineapples, and coconuts, making it very fruity and tasty.

8. Frozen Blue Raspberry

Blue raspberry is one of the most popular flavors for slushes, if not the most popular flavor. This alcoholic variation takes it to the next level!

If you want to go back to your childhood, but with an alcoholic twist, you should definitely consider making a load of these yummy cocktails.

9. Frozen Mango Margarita

This vivid orange slushie has two kinds of vodka, some lime juice, and a tiny bit of agave nectar for extra smoothness, yet it tastes entirely like mango. It tastes so good, you’ll forget that it is alcoholic!

A little spiciness is added by the sea salt and chili powder on the rim, giving the beverage a bit of a bite.

10. Frozen Margarita Slush

Even in slush form, this frozen margarita is among the finest and most luxurious drinks on this list.

It tastes exactly like a margarita: tangy and acidic, with lots and lots of lime. We wholeheartedly endorse this beverage if you’re seeking for the ideal Cinco de Mayo libation.

11. Frozen Strawberry Margarita

This beverage is almost exactly the same as the entry before it – the frozen margarita slush – but the seemingly small deviation makes all the difference.

Everyone knows that strawberry margaritas are elite, and are absolutely perfect for summer evenings. Use this recipe to make your own at home!

12. Jagerbomb Slush

So, the thought of this slush may make some people feel sick, but this cocktail is not for the weak-stomached.

If you are one of the 1% of people who love the taste of jager, you are going to love this jagerbomb-flavored slush!

13. Jolly Rancher Slush Shots

Did someone say ‘slush shots’?!

If you’re not turned off by the ideas of receiving an instant brain freeze, you should take a look at these Jolly Rancher shots in slush form.

These come in three different colors, and contain the all-familiar flavors of green apple, watermelon, and blue raspberry.

14. Key Lime Colada Slush

Key lime pies are some of the most popular desserts in the country. Whoever decides to turn this sweet treat into an alcoholic drink is, in our opinion, a genius.

This creamy, smooth, green-colored concoction is bursting with flavors of lime and coconut, topped with some whipped cream and Graham crackers. It’ll satisfy your thirst and your hunger all at the same time!

15. Orange Vodka Slush

This orange vodka slush is made by throwing together some orange juice, frozen lemonade, vodka, and green tea. It’s incredibly icy cold, fizzy, and so fruity and citrusy.

However, since the combination needs to freeze for an entire night, you should prepare it the day before. Plan ahead!

16. Peach Bourbon Slush

The right amount of sugary and tangy is present in this bourbon peach slush. You shouldn’t miss out on this Southern classic.

The harshest peaks of the bourbon will need to be softened with half a cup of sugar and some peach simple syrup, but you’ll still taste it.

17. Pineapple Rum Slush

This luscious, frosty slushie is the ideal beverage for a tropical vacation. This creamy, delectable rum slush is one of the best summertime drinks to make you feel like you’re lounging on the beach.

It’s loaded with coconut milk and frozen pineapples, and the rum adds a heck of a punch.

18. Pink Lemonade Vodka Slush

Another summertime staple, this perfect pink lemonade vodka slush combines the sharpness of lemonade with some underlying sweetness from the other ingredients.

It looks as good as it tastes, thanks to the lemons’ vivid yellow bursts and the drink’s overall delicate pink hue.

19. Rainbow Rum Slush

All you need is 20 minutes and 2 ingredients to create this vibrantly colored, delicious slush. Grab some freezer pops, and start snapping to create these colorful treats.

This is a great drink to celebrate pride month, or for any other occasion throughout the year. It is never a wrong time to show your true colors!

20. Raspberry Vodka Slush

If you prefer your slushies a little more acidic and tangy, this five-minute beverage is a great option. It has hints of vodka, along with plentiful flavors of raspberries and citrus.

Additionally, it is a great source of vitamin C. Who said you can’t be healthy while you get boozy?

21. Sex On The Beach Slush

Another classic throughout the summer is the six-ingredient Sex on the Beach, which is even more delicious when made into a slush.

Although it has the same sugary, tart flavor as the regular, it is significantly colder, and will help you chill out (literally) much more quickly.

22. Strawberry Peach Wine Slush

You only need your favourite white wine, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, ice, and simple syrup to make this delectable strawberry wine slush.

Since the strawberries and peaches are so sweet on their own, you might not need to add the syrup.

23. Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Slush

When it comes to traditional summertime beverages, strawberry lemonade is hard to top, which is why these vodka slushies are perfect for the season.

For that vibrant, refreshing strawberry lemonade flavor, combine frozen strawberries with gently squeezed lemon juice. You won’t be able to taste the alcohol because it is so syrupy and sweet.

24. Strawberry Wine Slush

This alcoholic, energizing strawberry wine slushie is something you’re going to love, we’re sure of it.

Only three ingredients required, including frozen strawberries, Moscato, and simple syrup, as well as five minutes of your time, you can sip this delightful drink in no time. It comes together very easily!

25. Sweet Tea And Bourbon Slush

This is a slush that is ideal for those who are not huge fans of fruity drinks, and would rather something with a more required taste.

Grab some bourbon, sugar, and black tea bags to create this unusual cocktail in slush form.

26. Tequila Sunrise Slush

We’ve already seen Sex on the Beach and Blue Hawaiian slushes on this list, so now it’s time for our third popular cocktail variation!

Along with its signature red-to-yellow ombre appearance, it tastes so great, packed with flavors of oranges and cherries.

27. Tropical Peach Pineapple Alcoholic Slush

These lovely yellow beverages are made with Malibu rum, pineapple vodka, peaches, pineapples, and a dash of Peach Schnapps.

You can also add some maraschino cherries and grenadine for a cool, tropical delight.

But, don’t be deceived by the subtle tropical flavor! They are very powerful drinks since they contain three different types of booze.

28. Drunken Vodka Popsicle Slush

If it’s not colorful, we don’t want it! This vodka popsicle slush looks so vibrant and creative, you may not want to drink it at first.

At least, we recommend getting a picture taken before you take a sip.

There are three layers, colored blue, red, and orange, and each contains separate fruity flavors that you are going to love.

29. Vodka Watermelon Slush

This slush is light and simple to create, and it has that unique flavor that you can only get with watermelon.

Four cups of seedless watermelon, sugar, vodka, lemon juice, and your preference of fruity embellishments are all you’ll require to make this watermelon-flavored treat.

30. Watermelon Grapefruit Wine Slush

This watermelon and grapefruit flavored slushie is rather intense due to the watermelon and the Reisling, but the lemon, grapefruit, and mint juices greatly reduce the sweetness.

If it’s still too sweet for you, add a little more grapefruit juice, but be careful not to add too much or it will become overly acidic. Make it the way that you desire!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make A Vodka Slush?

The quickest, easiest way to make a vodka slush, or any type of alcoholic slush, is to use a blender.

Simply blend your chosen beverage in the blender with a load of ice to achieve that thick, slushie texture, and then pour into a cup. Simple!

How Do You Thicken A Slushie?

If you need to thicken a slush, you could always blend the beverage with some ice in a blender.

If the slush is dairy-based, you could always add some ice cream or heavy cream to thicken the texture. This will give the slush more of a milkshake-type consistency.

Does Alcohol Freeze?

All alcohol will freeze when the temperature is low enough, but alcohol with a proof more than 50 will not solidify in a regular freezer, e.g., the one you probably have in your kitchen.

Most stronger spirits you can purchase, like vodka and gin, fall within this category. However, if left long enough in the freezer, beers, wines, and liqueurs will eventually freeze and harden.

Can You Put Alcohol In A Slush Machine?

Yes, you can add alcohol to most slush machines without an issue. However, to save time, you would probably be better off creating the slush in your machine first, and then stirring the alcohol separately.

This is because alcohol takes a longer time to freeze, so it will slow down the time that the slush takes to freeze overall.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it. Those were our top picks for tasty, grown-up slushies to enjoy during the upcoming summer.

Whether you prefer cocktails, punches, or a simple, cold beer, there is something for everybody (over the age of 21) here in this list.

If you have a slush machine, or a blender, you have no excuses. Make some delicious slushie drinks right this second! What are you waiting for?

We hope you found this article helpful.

Happy boozing!

30 Boozy Slushes For The Summer

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Fruity alcoholic slushes are the perfect drinks for the hot summer. We’ve rounded up 30 boozy slushes that are perfect for the beach or a hot summer day.

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