28 Easy Mexican Ground Beef Recipes

Believe us when we say that you’ll want to be sure to save these wonderful Mexican ground beef recipes in your bookmarks.

Because it is so vivid and savory, Mexican food is practically tailor-made for the richness that can only be provided by beef.

28 Easy Mexican Ground Beef Recipes

The use of ground beef will not only help you save a few cents, but it will also help you save a lot of time, and makes the recipes easier to make as well.

Because of this, you don’t need to be concerned about the lengthy cooking process required for a huge piece of meat.

If you are looking for Mexican beef recipes, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will show you quick and easy recipes for you to try out the next time you have a Mexican food craving. 

Most of the recipes on this can be made in half an hour or less, so keep reading to find your next favorite and quick and easy-to-make dinner!

1. Mexican Picadillo

Picadillo is a ground beef dish with raisins, olives, and tomatoes. It’s a popular dish in Latin America, and this Mexican rendition is guaranteed to please.

This variation of the classic supper will be more filling and this full feeling should last longer because of the addition of potatoes.

Of course, it means you can all eat some the next day for lunch or dinner!

2. Mexican Ground Beef Tacos

If you have the time to prepare them, carnitas are delicious, and shrimp are juicy and delicate despite being a bit pricey.

But if you’re looking for a quick and easy Taco Tuesday dinner, this classic cannot be beaten.

Children and adults alike love tacos made with ground beef, and the best part is that they can be assembled in minutes.

Simply keep the primary filling light and provide an abundance of crunchy, flavorful, and spicy toppings so that everyone may create their unique tacos. 

3. Cheesy Ground Beef Empanadas

These are little pastry pockets of deliciousness. With fillings ranging from chicken, guava jelly, and beef, they make excellent snacks or light lunches when paired with a salad.

If you can locate empanada pastry from a local shop, the flavor and texture will be more genuine. However, any flaky pie crust will work just as well.

Avoid using pizza dough though as would result in these delicious ground beef calzones (unless this is what you want then go ahead!).

4. Easy Ground Beef Enchiladas

Enchiladas are typically messy, which is exactly how people like them. The filling should be soft and gooey since they are covered with tomato sauce and cheese.

If you created the previous recipe, you may use it as a filling for this one.

But if you want something even quicker, you may add cheese and steak to the tortillas.

5. Beef Chimichangas Recipe

While burritos and tacos are the most popular Mexican dish in the USA, chimichangas can’t, and shouldn’t be, left out. 

The addition of texture brings an already wonderful dish near to perfection.

Chimichangas are roughly equivalent to fried burritos. After stuffing a tortilla with meat, tomatoes, cheese, and beans, you will roll it and cook it till golden and crisp.

6. Ground Beef Tamales (Tamales De Picadillo)

As much as you may enjoy the flavor and texture of tamales, you may lack the skill to prepare them.

But with this easy recipe, they will be ready in no time!

To prepare tamales, you must cook the filling, prepare the masa, and also clean the corn husks.

But if you have a spare few hours and are looking for something new and tasty, we strongly suggest you give this recipe a shot!

7. Walking Taco Casserole Recipe

For many people, tacos are already a portable food option.

But when you add ingredients to a bag of Fritos, you’ve reached an entirely new level of on-the-go meals.

This casserole version has the same tastes as regular tacos but is easier to serve to a family.

The essential component is, of course, Frito chips, which are sprinkled on top for a crunchy, cheesy finish.

8. Easy Frito Pie

Try your hand at making this scrumptious Frito pie if you’re searching for a dinner that’s ready in a flash and can be put together in a matter of minutes.

You may prepare everything in the same skillet, and then serve it straight from the skillet as well. Make sure the dinner stays warm by using cast iron.

9. Mexican Meatballs

These meatballs are made like most others, except the combination of spices and sauces are slightly different. 

This dish requires chipotles in adobo since they offer such a depth of smoky and spicy flavor. This cannot be gotten with any other ingredients so try to use this exactly. 

10. Taco Egg Rolls

These taco egg rolls are precisely what you would expect. Half chimichanga and half taquito, they are just bite-sized so super easy to eat. 

With the meat, pico de gallo, and cilantro dip, they are bursting with flavor.

11. Cheesy Ground Beef Quesadillas

You may make quesadillas with Taco Tuesday leftovers. This often means that the dish will be full of peppers, rice, and chicken.

However, you can easily make this dish from scratch if you want to. To get the right texture, fry everything over medium heat in a pan.

12. Mexican Goulash

If you love pasta and Mexican food, have you ever thought about combining these flavors? 

You will enjoy how the Tex-Mex spices permeate the pasta and how satisfying and filling this meal will make you feel. 

13. Mexican Ground Beef Skillet

Using beans, pork, tomatoes, and peppers, this dish looks and tastes like chili. Add a generous amount of melted cheese on top to complete this recipe. 

If you don’t want a chili-type dish, then you could instead make extra-rich nachos. For the ultimate Tex-Mex dish, serve it over baked nacho chips covered melted cheese.

14. Ground Beef And Rice

This dish is far lighter than those listed above, although it still contains cheese.

The cheese gives the dish a considerably creamier texture and tempers the heat so that even children will enjoy it. 

15. Mexican Ground Beef Casserole

When it comes to feeding a large group, casseroles are a lifesaver, and this Mexican-style ground beef casserole is the best of the best.

This dish, which contains corn, onions, and green chilies, may be made as mild or as spicy as desired.

If you’re a huge admirer of heat, you may choose hot salsa and top it with jalapenos. However, with mild salsa and cheese, this will be just as good.

16. Ground Beef Burritos

Burritos are fantastic dishes that can be prepared and frozen in advance. If you want to freeze them though, do not include fresh salsa or sour cream, as they do not freeze well.

Once you have unfrozen the burritos, then these final ingredients can be added. 

If you intend to have them immediately, heat the tortillas before wrapping. This will prevent the delicious filling from escaping via a gap in the side.

Rice and maize, as well as beans and cheese, work nicely in these. And don’t forget a generous serving of tangy guacamole.

17. Ground Beef Fajitas Recipe

If you love texture in your fajitas, then you have probably tried filling them with shrimp or chicken before to balance out the soft texture of the tortillas and veggies. While these are nice, having beef fajitas are a whole new experience. 

The addition of mushrooms imparts a beautiful earthy flavor and adds a little heft. And if you’re craving crunch, try adding a layer of crispy onions or crisp, fresh slaw.

18. Ground Beef Tostadas

Tostadas are tacos with the shell removed. It begins with a maize or wheat tortilla that is cooked until crisp. Then, you will layer on your preferred fillings.

Every meal begins with a scoop of refried beans. They are delicious, high in fiber, and help keep everything else in place.

19. Easy Healthy Taco Salad Recipe With Ground Beef

Salads that consist of just lettuce and tomatoes are super boring. 

You protein, fiber, and other delicious extras; otherwise, you’ll be hungry within an hour.

This dish is the ideal combination of hot and cold, with the lettuce providing a delightful crunch and the taco-seasoned beef adding just the proper amount of spice.

20. Paula Deen’s Taco Soup

In the winter months, you crave foods that will keep you wrm, cozy, and satisfied. If this is how you’re feeling right now, then you’ll enjoy this delicious and comforting soup.

For this, you need to turn on your slow cooker. In fact, if you don’t like that texture, you don’t even need to brown the meat.

The soup takes 6 to 8 hours to cook, meaning the meat will be perfectly cooked once the timer goes off.

21. Mexican Pizza

This is the perfect food to make when you have late-night cravings.

Between the tortillas is a layer of refried beans and ground beef, followed by a layer of melted cheese.

Customize it to your desire by adding everything from onions and peppers to sour cream.

22. One-Pot Burrito Bowl Recipe

Burrito bowls are often more nutritious than traditional burritos, and they’re ideal for making ahead.

Instead of serving the steak and vegetables over rice, try serving them over quinoa. It cooks more quickly and is filled with protein.

23. Ground Beef Queso Dip

Queso is a wildly popular hot dip loaded with cheesy creaminess.

You won’t have to worry about what to do with the leftovers because this dish is a surefire crowd-pleaser. 

But when you add beef that has been seasoned it gets taken to a whole new level, and you won’t be able to keep up with demand!

24. Beefy Mexican Rice Soup

Because beans, rice, and corn are three very affordable ingredients, many of these dishes are quite wallet-friendly.

This soup is no exception, and it can easily serve an entire family for only a few dollars per meal. 

25. Spiced Chili

When you pull out the slow cooker, the first thing you make in it is chili. A perfect and comforting meal all year round, you probably think you have tried every chili out there. 

Well, we’re here to show you one more!

This is the type of recipe that can be thrown together with just a few cans and packets, and then you can come home to a pot of goodness that is boiling away all day in the slow cooker.

You may adjust the level of heat to your preference, and rice should be served alongside it.

26. Burrito Egg Rolls

Like with chili, you probably think that you have made every time of egg dish that has ever been invented.

From savory egg rolls modeled after Reuben sandwiches to sweet variations like egg rolls filled with cheesecake, you might think that there’s nothing left to try!

But you’re in luck because these burrito egg rolls are the best ones that you will try so far. 

They are guaranteed to be a favorite at any party, and they pair especially well with guacamole and Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce, which are perfect complements to their flavor profile.

27. Chili Cheese Crunchwrap

Making crunch wraps is one of the best ways to combine all of your favorite Mexcian flavors into one easy-to-make and eat meal.  

This crunchwrap incorporates all of your favorite South-of-the-Boarder flavors.

While you can make it from scratch, it is also the ideal dinner to make if you have any leftovers from Taco Tuesday or if you made a lot of food for a big event and you want to use up the last of it. 

28. Zucchini Lasagna

This recipe may seem a bit odd, as there are no noodles, despite it being called a lasagna. This is because the typical pasta has been replaced with shredded or sliced zucchini.

This makes the dish a lot healthier and removes some of the carbohydrates from the dish. 

Don’t worry though, this is still a delicious meal that is filled with the classic Mexican food flavor. This comes mainly from the ground beef, which is covered in spices and mixed into the dish. 


Mexican food is some of the most popular take-out dishes in the USA. From burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and everything in between, we are spoilt for choice as to what to get.

But ordering take-out or going to a Mexican restaurant whenever you get a craving for spice can get very expensive after a while. That’s why you should give some of the above recipes a try!

Many people think that Mexican food is hard to make, as the amount of meat, vegetables, and spices that are included can be pretty overwhelming to an amateur cook. 

But the above recipes show that it is very easy to make copycat meals of your favorite Mexican dishes that you can get from places like Taco Bell. 

Gove some of the ground beef recipes a try the next time you are hit with a Mexican food craving to see if you can find your new favorite dinner!

28 Easy Mexican Ground Beef Recipes

28 Easy Mexican Ground Beef Recipes

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Do you love Mexican food but don’t want to keep ordering take-out? Try these easy Mexican ground beef recipes for a quick and delicious dinner.

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