28 Simple And Juicy Coulotte Steak Recipes For The Summer Cookout

Coulotte steak is the more inexpensive sister to the sirloin steak. While slightly more fatty, it is utterly delicious and can make a stunning dinner.

Not sure what to do with your coulotte steak? We have over 25 simple yet delicious recipes for you to try!

28 Simple And Juicy Coulotte Steak Recipes For The Summer Cookout

From grilling on the BBQ to braising on the stove, you will learn a multitude of ways to feed your guests and enjoy a coulotte steak.

You may even prefer it to a high end restaurant!

1. Cast Iron Spiced Coulotte Roast

It’s time to bust out the cast iron and make something incredible. Sear your coulotte on high heat then pop it in the oven until it is tender with a flaky crust.

The marinade for this dish is where the magic is. Simple yet full of so much flavor, you may have to make it again!

2. Coulotte Steak With Red Wine Sauce

Perfect for the holidays or as a weeknight treat, this Grilled Coulotte Steak Recipe is utterly divine.

Make your sauce of beef broth, wine, sugar, salt, and pepper. Simple yet it is sure to impress everyone at the table.

3. Coulotte Steak With Braised Onion & Horseradish Breadcrumbs

Want to cook something amazing for that special someone? This recipe is perfect.

Pair with a gorgeous red or white wine and enjoy as you bask in each other’s company. Or treat yourself to a table of 1.

4. Smoked Coulotte Roast

Go the whole 9 yards this family dinner with this Smoked Coulotte Roast.

Beef rubbed in a brown sugar bourbon seasoning and placed in the smoker. It will fall apart on your tongue.

Serve with potatoes and veggies for a hearty, filling meal.

5. Char Roasted Coulotte

This recipe is super simple. Rub your cut of beef, let it marinate for 30 minutes, place in the oven and let it cook.

As your coulotte roasts, prepare your sides. Don’t forget the collard greens!

6. Skillet Steak With Wild Mushrooms

In 30 minutes you can create a wonderful dish to serve your friends, family, or that special someone.

Serve with your favorite sides. We recommend creamy mashed potatoes and a glass of chilled white wine.

7. Gas Grilled Rotisserie Picanha

In contrast to quick-cooking ideal strip steaks, this grilled picanha is a meaty thick-cut that is cooked in a rotisserie method for an even finish, sliced, and served with a chimichurri that is packed with herbs for a feast that is international in flavor.

8. Clementine Picanha

Wait for your entire home to come to life with the scent of clementine as you make this recipe.

The secret to this recipe is scoring the fat cap and really rubbing in those spices. Plus using an orange liqueur to spice up your sauce.

9. Brazilian Garlic Picanha

This way of preparing coulotte can be seen at any Brazilian smokehouse or Churrascaria. Coulotte steaks are skewered, bbq’d and cut right at your table.

Do it at home with this fragrant Brazilian Garlic Picanha recipe.

10. Harissa Marinated Coulotte Steaks

This recipe is perfect for serving large crowds. However, it does take some preparation as the steaks need to marinate for 2 hours.

The Harrisa marinade gives a depth and heat to the marbled steak and is perfect summer cookouts.

11. Mongolian Beef

You can use any cut of beef for this recipe, however, the fat on the coulotte steak makes it perfect for getting that crispiness.

Make your sweet and sour sauce and you have a quick, simple meal for the family to enjoy.

12. Steak Frites With Au Poivre, Bearnaise And Bordelaise Sauces

Take your typical steak and fries up a notch with this Steak Frites recipe. Tender coulotte steak, crispy fries all paired with a creamy mushroom and white wine sauce.

Easy and delectable. Even the kids will love it!

13. Sear & Grill Coulotte Steak

Learn to cook your coulotte steak to perfection with this recipe. Simple ingredients and simple steps make for the best food.

Let the meat do the talking and you are sure to have an interesting conversation.

14. Grilled Coulotte With Caramelized Shallot And Blue Cheese Compound Butter

Who doesn’t love a tender steak marinated in delicious butter? This Grilled Coulotte recipe leaves you with a mouthwatering dish.

Topped with caramelized shallots and a blue cheese compound butter? Completely luxurious.

15. Sous Vide Picanha With Horseradish Dijon Sauce

Keep things light and juicy this summer with this Sous Vide Picanha recipe. Let the marble effects of this meat really come to life as it cooks throughout the day.

Serve with a selection of your favorite sides and let everyone be wowed by your Sous Vide Picanha.

16. Picanha Garlic Butter

Placing garlic butter on anything is a sure way to make it better, but on a coulotte steak? It is out of this world.

Thinly slice your steak and dip into the garlic butter for something magical. Pair with a glass of white wine for the full effect.

17. Pan-Seared Coulotte Steak With Herbed Butter Sauce

Preparing a stunning steak dish in under 30 minutes may seem impossible. But this Pan-Seared Coulotte Steak recipe makes it possible.

Prepare your sides and enjoy!

18. Coulotte Steak With Chimichurri

This simple yet delicious recipe is one you are going to make time and time again.

A simple marinade of salt, pepper, and garlic powder keeps your steak flavorful and light. Paired with a dazzling chimichurri and it will be smiling faces all round.

19. Coulotte Steak With Smoked Mashed Potatoes

This recipe is for those looking to create a dish that is sure to impress even the toughest of chefs.

Cook your coulotte steaks in the smoker, grill, or oven to achieve your desired doneness and serve with your smoked mashed potatoes and delicata squash.

20. Smoked Picanha Steak

Have you recently purchased a smoker and have no idea what to make first? This Smoked Picanha Steak recipe should be at the top of your list.

Make sure your fat cap is facing up when smoking your picanha steak to let all of those flavors seep through the meat.

21. Reverse Seared Picanha Steak

Learn to perfect this reverse seared and smoked picanha dish to bring the Brazilian steakhouse to your own kitchen!

Serve with smoked garlic confit and some garlic roasted potatoes.

22. Smoked Flat Iron Steak With Herbed Ghee

This delicious and rather healthy dish is the perfect way to enjoy a fabulous cut of beef throughout the week.

As long as you marinate the coulotte and let the ghee soften, your dish will be divine.

23. Picanha Cooked Like A Brisket

Brisket is perfect as it falls apart on the fork and is served on a bun with slaw and pickles. You can do the same with picanha.

You can consistently produce succulent, juicy, and tender picanha using this simple smoking technique.

24. Exceptional Picanha Steaks

Throughout this recipe you will learn how to prepare, marinade and cook your picanha steaks to perfection.


25. Fried Coulotte Steak

Now we are not talking about deep frying this delicious cut of meat. But frying it off in a pan.

This searing technique may take some time to master but once you have, it makes the most tender steaks with a crispy skin.

26. Crispy Coulotte Steak

This recipe involves letting your coulotte steaks cook in the oven until they are juicy, tender, and crispy.

Letting you get started on those tasty sides.

27. Sichuan Spiced Coulotte Steak

Bring some Asian flavors to your coulotte steak with this Sichuan Spice Coulotte Steak recipe.

A succulent steak with a little bit of heat.

28. Pepper & Tomato Beef Coulotte

This bold, tangy recipe is an excellent addition to your weekly rotation. Slice your steaks and place on top of a flavorsome tomato and mixed pepper sauce.

Serve with a side of potatoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Coulotte steaks tender?

The boneless, flavorful Coulotte Steak is a tender cut with a lot of flavor.

When properly prepared, the coulotte steak is a wonderful and delectable cut of meat. We advise not overcooking the steak and dry-seasoning the cut.

Is Coulotte The Same As Tri Tip?

No, the coulotte cut of beef and tri tip come from different areas of the beef. However, coulotte and picanha are the same.

What Is Coulotte Steak Used For?

Culotte steaks can be used for broiling, pan-searing, smoking and most commonly, grilling. The fat cap provides excellent flavor and keeps the meat tender during grilling.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a cut of coulotte beef is a great way to save some cash without sacrificing quality and flavor.

Perfect for searing, broling, roasting, and grilling meaning that you can prepare in a range of ways for a delectable result.

The marbling on this cut of beef keeps the meat tender and juicy. Wonderful for date nights and summer cookouts.

Take your pick from the recipes above and discover a new way to enjoy your coulotte steak. Serve with a range of side dishes and sauces to keep things interesting.

You can have a new dish every week!

28 Simple And Juicy Coulotte Steak Recipes For The Summer Cookout

28 Simple And Juicy Coulotte Steak Recipes For The Summer Cookout

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