23 Classic Ice Cream Cocktails To Try Today

If you are looking for an indulgent adult version of an ice cream beverage, then look no further than these delicious classic ice cream cocktails.

23 Classic Ice Cream Cocktails To Try Today

You might be thinking that they are for summer only, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can enjoy these sweet treat drinks no matter the time of year.

Having said that, they are great as an alcoholic dessert, or for when it is somebody’s birthday or an event. 

One thing is for sure though, you will be making these delicious cocktails no matter what the reason is. So, if this sounds like something you are curious about, then read on to find 23 classic ice cream cocktails to try right now.

1. Mudslide Dessert Cocktail

This drink is full of indulgent chocolatey goodness. It is not called a mudslide for no reason after all! 

This particular recipe asks for both Baileys and Kahlua, meaning it is very creamy – and that is before you even add the vanilla ice cream.

With the addition of vodka, it packs a punch with the booze. Add some chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream for decoration too.

2. Snowdrift Cocktail

This cocktail is perfect for the holiday season. It looks like snow inside a glass, but it is actually rum, RumChata and vanilla flavored ice cream.

The RumChata is what creates the magic of this cocktail, so do not skip this ingredient!

3. Manhattan Cocktail Ice Cream

While the Manhattan cocktail is usually saved for winter time, this ice cream version is perfect for the summer season.

The recipe includes making your own ice cream and infusing it with some delicious sweet vermouth and whiskey, along with bitters. 

The result is ice cream that tastes just like the cocktail. Place it in a glass and use a spoon to eat it. 

4. Pumpkin Inspired Float

If you are stuck for Halloween or Thanksgiving inspired drinks, then you will love this pumpkin float. 

It includes mixing bourbon with chocolate based bitters, and then adding apple cider over pumpkin flavored ice cream. 

You can also blend it for a thick cocktail. 

5. Coke And Kahlua Float

If you do not like root beer, then coke is another option. It is a sweet alternative that along with the Kahlua blends nicely with the coffee cream flavor.

You will also need to add coffee and coffee flavored ice cream. It may be one that you drink earlier in the evening to stay awake!

6. Mexican Spiked Milkshake

This delicious and chocolatey alcoholic treat consists of tequila, Mexican mocha ice cream, milk, and then whipped cream and chocolate syrup to finish.

It truly is indulgent and tasty. You also might not know whether to call it a milkshake or a cocktail.

7. Grasshopper Cocktail

If you are a huge fan of the mint and chocolate ice cream combo, then this cocktail is most definitely for you.

Founded in New Orleans, this cocktail is named after the color of the drink which marries nicely with the use of creme de menthe.

It is a classic recipe that usually uses heavy cream, however this recipe swaps it out for vanilla ice cream. Add chocolate syrup to the glass and whipped cream for an eye-catching finish. 

8. Gin And Tonic Float

If you are a fan of gin and tonic, then you will be pleased to know that it makes a delicious float as well.

It includes the wonderfully fresh and floral flavors of lime, tonic water and gin. While you might want to go ‘out there’ with the ice cream flavor, it is best to use vanilla as to not dampen any other tastes. 

9. Buttery Nipple Boozy Milkshake

This delicious buttery nipple boozy milkshake is both a cocktail and a dessert. Irish cream is blended with butterscotch schnapps to create a creamy drink.

To make it like a milkshake, both milk and vanilla ice cream are blended together and added to the mix.

For a fun touch, especially if serving at a party, add some colored sprinkles as a garnish. 

10. Bushwacker Tropical Cocktail

This weird sounding cocktail might remind you more of a milkshake than a cocktail. It tastes like a tropical beach with a burst of chocolate – perfect for those warmer summer months.

The recipe calls for delicious coconut rum alongside a lighter rum, as well as Bacardi 151.

Now for the milkshake part. The recipe also needs milk, vanilla ice cream and Kahlua. You can then add chocolate sprinkles over whipped cream.

11. S’Mores Boozy Milkshake

If you love S’Mores, then this cocktail is for you. 

The indulgent recipe includes chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, milk, coffee liqueur, toasted marshmallows, and graham crackers all topped with lashings of chocolate fudge sauce.

For even more fun, add some whipped cream to the top and add extra fudge sauce.

It is super delicious and something that can be eaten as a dessert or made for a party. Remove the coffee liqueur for a non-alcoholic treat. 

12. Banana Split And Vodka Milkshake

This cocktail is perfect for parties. It includes frozen bananas, strawberry ice cream, banana flavored yogurt and vodka.

You can skip the vodka to create a mocktail. Finish with sprinkles, whipped cream and a slice of banana. 

13. Pretty In Pink Squirrel Ice Cream

If you are a fan of pink, then you will love this cocktail.

Often it is referred to as a brandy Alexander which has been frozen, except it uses creme de noyaux instead which is an almond-based liqueur.

This is what gives the cocktail its wonderfully pink color. Think about adding strawberry ice cream too, or pistachio.  

14. Boozy Butterscotch Cocktail

If you have not tried butterscotch schnapps before, then now is your chance. You will love it in this boozy cocktail.

It tastes amazing with the likes of vanilla ice cream and Kahlua. To top it off, drizzle some butterscotch syrup over the top and place a cherry to complete its look.

15. Ice Cream Martini

This ice cream martini is all about the strawberry ice cream. In fact, if you love the flavor of strawberry, then this is for you.

Along with the strawberry ice cream scoops are white chocolate liqueur, vodka, and strawberry liqueur. The vodka helps to cut through some of that sweetness. 

If you prefer, you can swap the vodka for gin instead.

16. Brandy Alexander But Frozen

This classic has been upgraded to a delicious and refreshing frozen version. 

While this recipe calls for vanilla ice cream along with creme de cacao, you could just swap them out for chocolate ice cream instead. 

It looks sophisticated in a cocktail glass with no garnishes needing to be added.

17. Shamrock Shake With Booze

Not only does this look appealing, but it tastes great too. If you are celebrating St. Patrick’s day, then you are going to need a drink.

This minty drink is made from ice cream, creme de menthe and vanilla vodka. You will need food coloring to make it vibrant green. 

You can also use peppermint extract for a mocktail version.

18. Strawberry Party Cocktail

If you are in need of a fun party cocktail for the besties, then look no further. This is the cocktail that you will want to create.

Not only does it look fun, but it tastes great too. It includes strawberry flavored ice cream along with cake vodka and vodka.

If you do not like the flavor of sweet strawberries, you might want to skip this one.

19. Spiked Ice Cream Lime Soda

This ice cream cocktail is perfect to drink during those warm summer months. Imagine yourself sitting on the beach, cocktail in hand while feeling the hot breeze on your skin.

It is a zingy cocktail with lots of citrus oomph. Both limeade and lime soda are mixed together along with Pinnacle citrus vodka for a sharp kick. 

Add vanilla ice cream to top it off.

20. Pink Colored Mudslide

We gave you the mudslide further up the list, and now here is the pink version. You can’t deny how pretty it looks.

This includes vodka, Baileys and Kahlua, making it quite a boozy treat. You can also be quite versatile with the ice cream that you add.

For example, it can be strawberry or chocolate, or even Neapolitan or coffee. 

21. Grinch Ice Cream Float

This cocktail is something that the whole family can enjoy at Christmas and here is why. The main ingredients consist of lemon-lime soda, lime sherbet and an Hawaiian punch.

To make it an adult version, also include a good shot of vodka. Also, you will want to add green food coloring to make it look vibrant.

22. Orange Creamsicle Boozy Float

This simple tropical tasting float is easy to whip up. All you will need is vanilla ice cream, orange soda, and whipped cream vodka.

It really does taste like an orange creamsicle. Also, the good thing about this drink is that you can leave out the vodka and just add whipped cream instead to create a mocktail.

23. Root Beer Float With Vodka

This boozy and adult root beer float is a fun drink to have at a party or as a treat. The recipe follows the regular ingredients for a root beer float, but a splash or two of vodka is added into the mix.

However, if you do not want to add vodka, fortunately this drink is very versatile. You can add a liqueur instead. 

Also, if it is a party, you can make alcohol free versions too for the younger people. 

Is Coke a Common Ingredient in Ice Cream Cocktails?

Looking to elevate your ice cream game? Try mixing it up with the best coke cocktails to try. Whether you prefer a classic float or a boozy milkshake, incorporating Coke into your ice cream concoctions adds a delightful fizz and depth of flavor. Transform your treat into an indulgent adult dessert with these creative recipes.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen all 23 classic ice cream cocktails, have you found one (or a few) that you would love to try?

We don’t blame you either. These indulgent alcoholic-based drinks will delight all the senses. Some even double up as a dessert too, which makes an evening meal a right hoot!

If you loved this article, why not take a look at our other cocktail recipes? We have everything from green tea beverages to Coke cocktails.

You will not be disappointed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Eating Dairy Ice Cream With Alcohol Make You Sick?

Eating dairy alongside alcohol will not make you sick. The only time you should avoid an ice cream cocktail is if you are lactose intolerant. Otherwise, it makes a delicious combination.

Is It Okay To Add Whiskey And Ice Cream?

Who doesn’t love spiked ice cream? Yes, you can add whiskey to ice cream. In fact, it is really fun to play around with different flavor combinations.

For example, adding a flavored whiskey to mint, vanilla or chocolate can be tremendously delicious. 

Or try adding a spiced whiskey with cherry flavored ice cream, or a butterscotch ice cream with Irish whisky. 
You won’t want plain ice cream again. 

How Can You Add Ice Cream And Alcohol Together?

Adding alcohol into ice cream is delicious, and makes ice cream a grown up treat. If you find adding alcohol with ice cream daunting, then begin with a simple vanilla flavor of the latter.

The usual rule is to add one and a half tablespoons worth of 80-proof alcoholic beverage for every single quart of the ice cream used as a base.

What Is Alcoholic Ice Cream?

Alcoholic ice cream is basically alcohol and ice cream mixed together. It often contains a harder spirit such as tequila, whiskey or vodka. The result is a delicious and soft creamy mixture.

23 Classic Ice Cream Cocktails To Try Today

23 Classic Ice Cream Cocktails To Try Today

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