16 Best And Refreshing Coke Cocktails

It is no surprise that Coke is often used as a refreshing way to liven up a cocktail. The soda is very invigorating and is often the go-to way to create a good mixer for a cocktail.

16 Best And Refreshing Coke Cocktails

It has a syrup-ike flavor that is fizzy. It can add in notes of vanilla alongside cinnamon which are often used in cocktail mixes. Not only that, it is popular for Coke to be paired with the likes of rum and whiskey.

If the above are your usual drink combinations with Coke, then prepare to have your eyes widened. In this article we shall take a look at 16 of the best ad refreshing Coke cocktails to try today. 

However, you will see some favorites within the list, as you cannot beat Coke with some rum. Delicious!

1. Rum And Coke

Rum and Coke is a classic and tastes wonderfully delicious together. It is also very simple to make as, well you might have guessed it, there are only two ingredients within the drink.

Add both the rum and Coke to a highball glass and enjoy. You can also be adventurous and use a spiced rum or another flavored rum.

This makes rum and Coke a fun alcoholic drink to enjoy – the flavor combos are endless!

2. Cherry Coke And Whiskey Smash

A smash is often used as a template for cocktails meaning it is super versatile. In fact, adding cherry Coke to it makes it really refreshing too.

For a unique finish, cherries are added as a garnish which float at the top end of the drink. You can eat them too which means you are getting health benefits as well – well, sort of. We like to think that.

If you cannot find cherries, go with maraschino cherries instead. However, they will be very sweet!

3. Dracula’s Kiss Cocktail

This cocktail isn’t just for Halloween! It includes black cherry Coke vodka, grenadine for the color and maraschino cherries to garnish.

It is super sweet and not for the faint hearted. Oh, well maybe it is just for Halloween then!

4. Raspberry Rum With Coke

Instead of using a simple white rum, why not use a flavored rum like raspberry? The fruity flavor pairs extremely well with Coke.

Something fun to add is ice cubes with raspberries frozen inside. When they melt they shall appear in the drink.

5. Whiskey And Coke

We could not add this classic to the list. When people often order a Coke-based alcoholic drink at the bar, more often than not it is a ‘Jack Daniel’s and Coke’.

It is really easy to make at home as well. All you need is Coke and either a bourbon or whiskey. For a stronger drink, add equal amounts. If you want it sweeter, add more Coke.

6. Dirty Pina Colada

This drink infuses the ‘Dirty Coke’ drink (coconut syrup and lime juice) with elements of the Pina Colada classic.

Add in some coconut rum, Dasani Drops and Coke and you have a delicious cocktail that is perfect for a summer evening.

You can even garnish it with a big wedge of pineapple too, ice and a straw. It will be a great cocktail to serve to family and friends during a warm afternoon of fun. 

7. Coke-Jito

A take on the classic mojito, the coke-jito consists of rum, Coke, agave syrup, mint, and lime. While the original uses club soda for a fizz, this one uses Coke instead.

You can also replace the agave syrup with sugar – it really is up to you!

8. Cherry Coke With Bourbon

If you have never tried cherry Coke along with bourbon, then you are seriously missing out. There is just something so delicious about this combination.

The great thing about this cocktail is muddling some sugar along with fresh cherries. You will need a shaker as the ingredients will have to be strained. 

Also, remember to get pitted cherries!

9. Crown Royal And Coke

The Canadian whiskey that is Crown Royal marries well with Coke. It adds an oak-like flavor to the caramel taste of the Coke.

You can keep it as is, or add some bitters or a citrus garnish to add some more oomph to the drink.

10. Classic Vodka And Coke

We could not complete this list without the classic vodka and Coke. Not only does it taste good, but it is easy to make too.

So long as you get the ratios correct and add some Angostura to help balance out all of the flavors, then you will have a delicious drink in your hands.

11. Bartender’s Root Beer

While the name suggests root beer, there is absolutely none in this cocktail, yet, you might think there is when you taste it.

It includes Kaluha mixed with the herbal liqueur Galliano, club soda and Coke. The overall notes are vanilla alongside a citrus infused wood.

It will become a firm favorite. 

12. Jack And Coke Classic

Another classic is the Jack Daniel’s and Coke drink. It is so easy to make and is very popular with whiskey drinkers.

However, while simple, you will want to make sure your whiskey ratio to Coke ratio is just how you like it. You can add a lemon garnish to finish for a refreshing hit. 

It also balances out some of the flavor too. 

13. Lounge Lizard Cocktail

The Lounge Lizard cocktail is a take on rum and Coke but with a twist. It includes teaming Coke with both amaretto and a dark rum.

The amaretto gives the drink an almond hit.

Garnish the cocktail with a cherry and lemon wedge. You will not want to do anything but be a lounging lizard – whatever that actually means!

14. Jack’s Tennessee Sweet Tea

As usual with a lot of these tea-based alcoholic drinks, they do not contain one bit of tea. However, they do look like iced tea.

This drink is not as alcoholic as some cocktails. Coke is added along with lemon juice and honey. The last thing that gets added to the mix is a quick splash of the good stuff: Jack Daniel’s.

You could also not even include the Jack Daniel’s if you need a non-alcoholic version.

15. Vodka Paralyzer

Even though the name does sound scary, hear us out, it isn’t as frightening as you might think. In fact, it is super tasty.

It includes adding coffee liqueur with milk, vodka and Coke. It creates a creamy and indulgent cocktail.

It makes it a great cocktail to have as a dessert. You can also have it as a delicious treat late afternoon. Yummy!

16. Long Island Iced Tea With Coke

Often referred to as a party drink, the Long Island iced tea certainly packs an alcoholic punch despite its deceptive name. 

It includes gin, tequila, white rum and vodka. This is then followed by a simple syrup, triple sec and finished off with the sweetness of Coke.

If you are wondering why this very alcoholic beverage is considered an iced tea, it is all down to the color. Other than that, there are no similarities.

Are There Any Hot Cocktails That Include Coke as an Ingredient?

Looking for the best hot cocktails for winter? You might be surprised to learn that there are indeed cocktail recipes that incorporate Coke as an ingredient. While there are a few variations out there, one popular option is the Jack and Coke hot toddy. This winter warmer combines the warmth of whiskey, the sweetness of Coke, and the comforting spices of a traditional hot toddy. Cheers to staying cozy this winter with a unique twist on a classic cocktail.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen 16 of the best and refreshing cocktails that include Coke, are there any that you are hoping to try? 

From using different liqueurs and whiskey, to teaming Coke up with rum and bourbon, there are so many wonderful cocktails to try.

If you really enjoyed this article, why not take a look at the other cocktail recipes on the website? We have many from making green tea cocktails, to a plethora of margarita recipes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Alcohol Goes Well With Coke?

Coke is a really good soda to use with alcohol. More often than not it is mixed with the likes of rum and whiskey, however, it can do well alongside vodka, gin and even bourbon.

Basically, it pretty much goes with any spirit. Just give it a try!

What Is The Taste Of Vodka And Coke?

Cola always goes nicely with a liquor due to its sweet and smooth flavor. Mixing it with vodka is appealing because the crisp higher notes of the alcohol team up well with the sweetness of the soda.

While you can still taste the strength of the vodka, the Coke dampens it down a bit with its own flavors. 

What Is The Whiskey And Coke Drink Actually Called?

You may have heard of the term ‘Jack and Coke’ when people order a whiskey and coke drink at a bar. This refers to mixing Coke with Jack Daniels. Another term for it is ‘JD and Coke’.

Jack Daniel’s is actually a brand, rather than a type of whiskey. 

What Is Rum And Coke Often Referred To As?

If you hear somebody ordering a Cuba Libre at a bar, what they are hoping for is basically a rum and Coke. It is often served in a highball glass, and may come with added lime juice too. 

Does Vodka And Coke Get You Drunk Quicker?

You might be thinking that diluted vodka means you stay sober for longer, but that is not necessarily true. 

While mixing soda water and vodka together will get you drunk quicker, mixing both Coke and vodka together will keep you sober for longer.

This is because soda water and vodka together is low in sugar, therefore you have less sugar in the blood and more alcohol.

On the other hand, vodka and Coke includes a lot of sugar therefore more of it is in the bloodstream.
It will make you drunk, just not as quick as a low sugar drink, so keep that in mind!

16 Best And Refreshing Coke Cocktails

16 Best And Refreshing Coke Cocktails

Recipe by Jenna

In this guide we take a look at 15 of the best and refreshing Coke cocktails to make right now. They include rum, whiskey and the unexpected.

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