13 Party Perfect Turkey Wing Recipes

Are you planning a party for your family and friends? Bored of making the same old chicken wings? Why not turn to turkey wings instead?

Yes, chicken wings are great, but changing things up now and again is a great way to impress friends and family and try new things.

13 Party Perfect Turkey Wing Recipes

Turkey wings are a great place to start. Tender, meaty, and utterly delicious, turkey wings are versatile just like chicken wings.

We can bake or fry them, serve them with a wide range of side dishes, and smother them with a vast array of herbs, spices, and marinades.

As a result, you simply have to serve them at your next party. In today’s post, we have a list of 13 party-perfect turkey wing recipes to show you.

If you’re in need of a flavorful turkey wing recipe, make sure you stick around.

Let’s get started!

1. Cajun Baked Turkey Wings

We’ll kick start this list with a mouth wateringly good recipe that shows you how to make the very best cajun-baked turkey wings. 

Producing succulent, tender turkey wings, this recipe helps you make a powerful cajun seasoning. Packing a punch, you can make the seasoning using cayenne pepper, garlic, paprika, salt, and pepper.

You’ll find that your guests will constantly come back for more, whilst demanding the recipe to make their own. Our taste buds tingle just thinking about this recipe.

2. Southern Smothered Turkey Wings

If you love all things Southern cooking, you have to try these delicious southern smothered turkey wings. Ready to eat in just over 1 hour, these wings are full of authentic flavor.

The recipe does call for a wide range of ingredients but you’ll find that you have most of them in your cupboards at home already.

If you like things extra spicy, consider adding cayenne pepper to the seasoning mix too.

3. French Turkey Wings

If you really want to impress your guests at your next party, make a batch of these French turkey wings from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. 

This is a unique recipe and a one-pot wonder that keeps things nice and simple, whilst still creating a batch of juicy, tender, and well-seasoned turkey wings.

The key to making the best French turkey wings is to make the best dressing.

This recipe uses olives, thyme, tomatoes, and rosemary to make the most amazing French dressing. The rich, flavorful dressing takes the wings to a new level.

4. Crispy Turkey Wings

The next turkey wing recipe on this list is perfect for anyone that’s looking for a straightforward recipe.

This recipe shows you how to make the best no-nonsense turkey wings using just 10 ingredients.

The end result is a batch of crispy golden-brown baked turkey wings that are succulent and tender under the crispy skin. 

In fact, the meat is so tender it falls off the bone in your mouth.

5. Air Fryer Turkey Wings

If you’re pushed for time and still need to whip up some tasty turkey wings, use this air fryer turkey wing recipe to make a batch of wings in less than 30 minutes.

These air fryer wings are coated in herbs, spices, and olive oil before being fried until they are golden brown.

Despite being quick and easy to make, the best thing about this recipe is how much healthier they are. Frying your turkey wings in an air fryer is much healthier than using another type of fryer.

6. Smothered Turkey Wings

Smothered turkey wings are perfect for Thanksgiving. They are a lot like biscuits and gravy, with some people actually combining the two to create a truly unique dish.

Slow-roasted, smothered turkey wings are smothered in a gravy made from a simple homemade stock. They are flavorful, smooth, rich, succulent, and of course, addictive. 

We personally love the creaminess of the gravy as it goes well with the savory flavors of the turkey.

7. Honey Garlic Turkey Wings

If you prefer your turkey wings with a sweeter flavor, you will love this honey garlic turkey wings recipe.

Honey and garlic are a great combination as the sweet and savory flavors of both complements each other beautifully.

The key to getting this turkey wing recipe right is to cook the wings low and slow, giving the honey glaze a chance to caramelize. The meat will also start to fall off the bone. 

Combine the wings with some veggies or salad for a hearty dinner.

8. Vietnamese Turkey Wings

If you’ve never tried Vietnamese wings before you’re seriously missing out. They are unbelievably tasty thanks to the spicy spice blend used to coat the wings.

The blend used to make these wings is perfectly sweet and spicy, offering us the best of both worlds. It’s also incredibly sticky.

We love this because it makes the wings so much more satisfying to eat. 

Some of the ingredients used to spice up these wings include paprika, chili, pepper, and lime juice.

9. BBQ Turkey Wings

Sometimes the classic recipes are all we need to keep party guests happy. With that in mind, you could keep things classic with this simple BBQ turkey wings recipe from Yummly.

Ready to enjoy in less than two hours, this BBQ turkey wing recipe is incredibly simple. In fact, all you need to make the wings is BBQ sauce, your favorite dry rub, and your turkey wings.

After that, it’s all about grilling them until they have that delightfully crisp texture and tender flesh. 

10. Slow Cooker Turkey Wings

One of, if not the best ways to achieve melt-in-your-mouth, fall-off-the-bone wings is to cook them low and slow in a crockpot. 

This recipe shows you how to do it perfectly. Using this recipe, you can make a batch of juicy, tender wings whilst going about the rest of your day.

Simply throw all the ingredients in your slow cooker and leave the wings to cook for 8 hours.

To give the wings the best flavors, use chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, sugar, pepper, and chicken broth.

11. Deep Fried Turkey Wings

They might not be the healthiest turkey wings on our list but they might be the best. Crunchy, delicious, juicy, and tender, deep-fried turkey wings are great.

They are first soaked in a brine before being deep-fried.

This gives the wings more crunch and flavor. To bring out the best flavors, marinate the wings in the brine for at least four hours before frying.

Adding some chili flakes into the marinade will add an extra kick of spice for those that like their wings hot.

12. Roasted Turkey Wings And Creamy Marsala Gravy

If you love having turkey at Christmas but can’t be bothered with the hassle of preparing a large bird, you could try something new.

In our opinion, these roasted turkey wings with creamy marsala gravy are perfect.

The fall-off-the-bone wings are succulent, tender, and beautifully seasoned, whilst the creamy marsala gravy gives the dish a creamier texture and a more hearty feel.

You could throw this recipe together quickly and leave it to roast for four hours whilst you enjoy the rest of your Christmas day.

13. Baked Turkey Wings

We’ll end this list with another simple turkey wings recipe that will help you make a large batch of turkey wings in very little time. 

Easy to follow, this recipe gets you to bake your wings in the oven. Before baking, the wings are coated with salt, poultry seasoning, black pepper, garlic, water, and cream of mushroom soup. 

The end result is a batch of juicy, tender, creamy turkey wings that can be enjoyed on their own or over mashed potatoes.

Can I Use Rotisserie Chicken for the Party Perfect Turkey Wing Recipes?

Using rotisserie recipes for a tasty meal at your party? Consider using rotisserie chicken to make party perfect turkey wing recipes. The flavorful and juicy meat from the rotisserie chicken can be a delicious alternative, providing a convenient and time-saving option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Bake Turkey Wings?

Generally speaking, it takes approximately 45 to 50 minutes to bake turkey wings. However, the time it takes for your wings to bake will vary depending on their size.

How Can You Tell When Turkey Wings Are Ready?

The best, and safest way to check that your turkey wings are ready is to check their internal temperature.

Using a food thermometer, check the thickest part of the meat. The temperature should be 165°F when cooked.

Should You Wash Your Turkey Wings First?

The only time you should wash a raw turkey is after brining it. Other than that, you never need to wash turkey wings before cooking.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 13 party-perfect turkey wing recipes that will impress your guests.

On our list, we included everything from quick and easy baked and fried turkey wing recipes to more unique and exciting wings with complex flavors.

We’ve even given you a variety of classic wing recipes that can be made in a pinch. 

Now you have our list of turkey wing recipes at your fingertips, you should experiment with the different flavors.

The recipes we’ve listed are all very easy to make so there’s no reason you can’t give two or three of them a try right now!     

13 Party Perfect Turkey Wing Recipes

13 Party Perfect Turkey Wing Recipes

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