The Greatest Chain Restaurant Desserts You Need To Try! 

There is really no better feeling than discovering a great local or independent restaurant that serves delicious food and provides excellent service.

However, the problem is that you’ll quite often have to go through a whole load of different restaurants before you find the one that is right for you.

Chain Restaurant Desserts

On the other hand, going to your favorite chain restaurant is a much more safe option, you know exactly what sort of quality food and service you’re going to get, no matter where you are. 

When you do go out to eat, finishing your meal with a delicious dessert is an absolute must, and whilst they might not have the homemade feeling that you would get from a local restaurant, even your favorite chain restaurants will carry some incredible dessert options! 

So, if you’re looking for some of the greatest chain restaurant desserts, then here are some that you need to try! 

Greatest Desserts At Chain Restaurants:

So, it doesn’t matter whether you choose to eat in or take it away, the next time you find yourself craving something super sweet, or you’re looking for a tasty treat to top off a delicious meal, here are the desserts at chain restaurants that you need to try! 

Outback Steakhouse – Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet

Anyone who frequents Outback Steakhouse will agree with us here, the salted caramel cookie skillet is one of the best desserts they serve, in fact, it’s probably one of the best desserts ever. 

The reasoning for this is simple, it strikes the perfect balance between saltiness and sweetness and is a great way of rounding off any savory meal. 

Underneath the delicious ice cream is the main attraction, the gorgeous salted caramel cookie that lines the skillet, which is just so gooey and warm.

Inside of the cookie, you’ll find almond toffee, white choc chips, and salted pretzels. 

So whether you decide to share this dessert, or keep it all to yourself (we certainly wouldn’t blame you at all!), it is most definitely a dessert to add to your list of things to try! 

P.F. Chang’s – Banana Spring Rolls

Typically spring rolls are filled with delicious meat or tasty vegetables, and are served as a starter or a side with our favorite Asian dishes. However, these delicious spring rolls are filled with banana!

We do understand that some people might not like fruit in their desserts, but we certainly think you need to at least try these before you write them off!

These spring rolls start by being wrapped in the traditional spring roll paper, before the chefs drop them into the fryer in order to create that super crispy outer layer that they are so well known for.

This crispiness is contradicted perfectly with the soft banana inside, which makes this dessert option so delicious. 

Before serving, a thick layer of caramel is drizzled over each of the spring rolls to really bring a whole new level of sweetness to your dessert. 

The spring rolls are then served alongside pineapple and coconut ice cream scoops for that finishing touch, and the decadence of this dessert will certainly make you forget that it all comes from a chain restaurant!

So for the perfect ending to your meal, opt for these the next time you find yourself at P.F. Chang’s!

Olive Garden – Chocolate Brownie Lasagna

If you’re someone who often finds themselves at Olive Garden, and you’re still yet to try the chocolate brownie lasagna, then what have you been doing?

This is the ultimate dessert for those who consider themselves chocolate lovers, so if you’re something of a chocoholic, then this dessert is definitely the way to go when it comes to Olive Garden desserts!

It’s not unusual to feel a bit full after the wide array of options at Olive Gardens, from the salads to the pasta, there’s certainly plenty of things to enjoy at Olive Garden, but we recommend that you begin to make some space ready for this delicious dessert when you next find yourself at Olive Garden!

Despite the name, this dessert doesn’t actually have any lasagna noodles in it, so don’t worry about it tasting weird, this dessert is pure chocolate!

This dessert is so big that you might initially be tempted to share it amongst a few friends, however we promise that once you’ve taken your first bite, that you’d soon change your mind! 

So if layer upon layer of chocolate brownie topped with super sweet vanilla cream cheese frosting and extra chocolate drizzled over it is something that gets your tastebuds excited, then make your way to the nearest Olive Garden as soon as possible! 

The Cheesecake Factory – Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake

When looking for the best desserts at chain restaurants, of course we had to include some of the desserts found at The Cheesecake Factory, who are so well known for their wide variety of desserts. 

The name might be a bit of a mouthful, but with just one bite of this delicious cheesecake, and there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love instantly.

And whilst there are so many other amazing dessert options available at The Cheesecake Factory (see also ‘17 Indulgent Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes You Need To Try‘), there is no doubt that this is easily one of the best ones you can get. 

This recipe makes use of the famous classic cheesecake recipe that everyone knows and loves, and adds in butterfinger, peanut butter, and caramel to create a cheesecake that tastes like no other! 

So if you’ve yet to try this dessert, and you’re a fan of cheesecakes, then this is certainly on to try when you get the chance. 

Bonefish Grill – Key Lime Pie

When On the hunt for some of the greatest chain restaurant desserts to try, a popular seafood chain like Bonefish Grill probably isn’t the first place that you would think of.

Known for their incredible seafood offerings, Bonefish Grill is a popular place to visit, so it’s good to know that they also have some great dessert options too! 

Yes, there are a whole bunch of chocolate options on the menu for those amongst us who have a sweet tooth, but we actually believe that Bonefish Grill’s best option lies elsewhere… 

For us, the Key Lime Pie is by far the best dessert option available at Bonefish Grill, this tangy yet sweet pie has everything you could want from a dessert and provides a great alternative to the usual dessert options.

Plus it’s a lot lighter than the other options available, so you should have no problem squeezing it in after a big meal! 

Chili’s – Molten Chocolate Cake

A list of the greatest chain restaurant desserts without the inclusion of Chili’s molten chocolate cake would be almost criminal.

This dessert is easily one of the best options to go for at Chili’s, and even if you don’t have enough room for it directly after your main meal, you can always opt to take it home with you for later. 

This dessert initially looks just like any other chocolate cake, however on the inside is a delicious molten chocolate center, which is then served alongside their classic vanilla ice cream, which compliments it beautifully, especially as the cake is served warm!

BJ’s Brewhouse – Pizookies

Everyone is aware of just how good BJ’s Brewhouse is, with good beer and delicious food, it’s really not hard to understand why it is as popular as it is.

However, did you know that BJ’s Brewhouse also has some super tasty desserts on offer too? 

In fact, their Pizookie is world famous, and is a must try for any dessert lover out there, so if you’re close to a BJ’s Brewhouse at any time, make sure to try one. 

If you’ve never heard of a Pizookie, and are wondering what the hell one is, allow us to explain. 

Essentially, it’s a pizza meets cook scenario, but don’t worry, you won’t have any tomatoes or mozzarella on your cookie anytime soon.

Instead, the cookie lines the bottom of a small skillet, and from there you can choose the toppings! 

There are quite a few options available, but our favorites are the strawberry shortcake or the churro pizookie options! 

It really is worth trying all of the different options available for this dish, so rather than ordering one larger one, why not order 3 or 4 small ones!

Carrabba’s – Sogno Di Cioccolata

Trying to save room for dessert at a place like Carrabba’s can feel almost impossible, however, we promise you that it is definitely worth doing! 

For those who do manage to make it to dessert, then you will be rewarded handsomely with Carrabba’s wide variety of options.

However, for us, there is one dessert that we always end up coming back to, and that’s the Sogno Di Cioccolata!

For the dessert lover, this has everything you could possibly want, vanilla, chocolate, cake, and brownie.

You might be wondering how all these different elements come together, but in reality it’s simple, it uses a delicious fudge brownie mix with chocolate mousse layered on top as well as coffee flavored frosting, and an extra chocolate drizzle. 

Be warned though, this dessert is huge, and it might require you to enlist the help of your friends or family members if you want to tackle it! 

Don’t worry if you can’t finish it however, as it keeps pretty well in your fridge at home for a couple of days after too.

Maggiano’s Little Italy – Gigi’s Butter Cake

You can’t have a list like this without mentioning at least one of the desserts available at Maggiano’s Little Italy, and with so many great ones available, it was an incredibly hard decision trying to pick just one to talk about. 

Eventually, we decided to shine the spotlight on the extra special Gigi’s Butter Cake, which is considered by many to be the best dessert that they offer at Maggiano’s Little Italy! 

This dessert is great for those looking to finish off their food with a simple dessert.

This dish consists of a small round vanilla cake served alongside a selection of fresh fruit and amazing vanilla ice cream.

Although it might seem a bit basic in comparison to some of the desserts we’ve talked about on this list, we still think it’s delicious!

If you are too full from your main dishes though, you can always order it to go so you can eat it later! 

P.F. Chang’s – Great Wall Of Chocolate

If the banana spring rolls from P.F. Chang’s that we mentioned earlier weren’t really to your taste, then there is always this great cake for a more traditional option of dessert (see also ‘21 Birthday Dessert Options‘). 

This dessert is perfect for anyone who enjoys chocolate, but you might find it slightly too big to eat it all by yourself, so if you’re feeling unselfish you could easily share it.

However, if you fancy taking on the challenge of eating it all by yourself, who’s going to stop you?  

This massive dessert features 6 whole layers of thick chocolate cake, held together by even more chocolate frosting.

The outside of this giant is then decorated with chocolate chips, and is served with some fresh fruit for a nice color contrast on the plate.

Cracker Barrel – Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake

As you can tell from this list, we’re somewhat susceptible to chocolate cake, but aren’t most people?

Anyways, this offering from Cracker Barrel is really one to marvel at, and also features some strange ingredients…

That’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this cake really does include Coca-Cola, straight from the can too!

Whilst it might initially sound gross, it works surprisingly well, and gives this cake a much more unique taste than some of the other chocolate cakes out there. 

Plus the delicious fudge frosting and contrast of the cold vanilla ice cream make this cake a decadent option that is sure to be the perfect ending to any meal!

Denny’s – Frothy Milkshakes

Whilst not technically a dessert, ordering yourself a deliciously frothy milkshake from Denny’s is a great way to honor the tradition of the American Diner that Denny’s keeps up so well! 

What’s so great about these milkshakes is the variety of flavors available!

So whether you choose to opt for the chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, peanut butter banana, cake batter, chocolate peanut butter or horchata option, then you can be sure that you’ll enjoy it!

So if you want that delicious dessert taste without taking up too much space in your stomach, then opt for one of these milkshakes. 

Buffalo Wild Wings – Cheesecake Bites

If you’ve somehow managed to finish your order at Buffalo Wild Wings without feeling full, then firstly, congratulations.

Secondly, since you have some room left to spare, why not finish off your meal with some of their delicious cheesecake bites?

These bite sized desserts are a great way of enjoying a cheesecake without committing to a full slice, and feature cheesecake pieces coated in graham crackers, all prepared for you to dunk into your choosing of either caramel or chocolate sauce! 

So whilst they might be slightly less decadent than other options, they’re a sweet treat in a small package that are still just as enjoyable. 

Applebee’s – Chocolate Chip Sundae

Applebee’s might be a surprising inclusion on this list, as they’re not usually associated with great dessert options, however we’re still going to make a case for this dessert option as one of the greatest chain restaurants desserts you should try! 

This dessert is simple, and features a deliciously gooey and warm cookie as the base, before being topped with fresh vanilla ice cream, crumbled oreo pieces, hot fudge, and even some whipped cream just to top it all off. 

So whilst you might be better acquainted with some of Applebee’s more popular food items, you should definitely check this tasty dessert out sometime soon! 

Final Words

We hope you’ve enjoyed having a look through what we consider as some of the greatest chain restaurant dessert options that you should try, and with any luck, perhaps you’ll find yourself trying one of these delicious dessert items sometime soon!

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