11 Best Candy Subscription Boxes

Who can resist some delicious candy? We most certainly can’t, and that is why we have put together a list of some of the best candy subscription boxes available in 2022.

While you could just head to the grocery store for your sugary fix, there is nothing more exciting than getting a treat at the door every month. Also, you will be guaranteed to not need to buy any extra candy for at least 4 weeks.

Candy Subscription Boxes

So with all this in mind, let’s take a look at candy subscription boxes (see also ‘8 Best Tea Subscription Boxes‘). We cannot be blamed if you find yourself drooling at the end…

1. Candy Club Box

If you want a candy subscription box that has bite-sized goodies in, then the Candy Club box is the one for you. What you will find in each box delivered to your door is a few plastic jars with candy you can pick at.

Think gummies, fruit slices, cookie dough bites, milk chocolate nuts, triple-dipped malt balls – you name it, they probably have it.

There are a couple of options when it comes to choosing which subscription you would like. There are the 13 ounce clear jars in the Party Box option, and then there are the six ounce clear jars in the Fun Box. Both subscription options have six jars included in the box.

Also, just after you select the size of the jars you would like, you then decide whether you would like to go down the ‘mostly sour’ route, or ‘mostly sweet’ route. The curators will then know what to send out to you. 

To give you peace of mind, Candy Club will replace any candy that you do not like for free. This makes the subscription prices of $30 to $40 completely worth it. 

2. Classic Candy Box

When it comes to nostalgia, nothing much beats eating the old candy you had as a child. The Classic Candy subscription box is just that. It includes a variety of sweet treats that you likely gnawed on as a kid.

Think Mr. Goodbar, the Charleston Chew, Reed’s, and Pop Rocks – it is all here. There are also plenty of other pieces of candy that you might not have even heard of before because they are so niche.

For example, some packages even include candy that was originally from the 1920s. While you very likely will not have had that the first time around, it is fun to try candy from yesteryear. 

The box itself is actually prized for including candy that is generally difficult to find these days because it is from a few decades ago. In fact they include candy all the way from the 1900s to 1980s.

This will sure cheer you or a friend up! Even if they do not remember the candy, or know what it is, the leaflet that comes with it will give all the information needed. 

One box will cost just under $30. There are 3 other subscription options, with the cheapest being just under $25 a month for a whole year. 

3. British Candy Box

Some people say that British candy is one of the best, and it is easy to see why with this candy subscription box. If you have ever been to England, then you will know that they have a lot to offer when it comes to quality candy and chocolate.

For example, in this subscription box there are plenty of England’s most well-known sugary treats. You will find the Curly Wurly, Flake, Lion Bar, Galaxy Caramel, and so on. 

If you are a big fan of Nestle and Cadbury, then you will feel right at home with this delicious box. 

While you might be hoping for more than just chocolate – well, you will be happy to know that other candy is on offer too. There are lollipops, gummies, and the odd snack that isn’t candy too.

For the most part, plenty of these items in this subscription box are not available outside of the United Kingdom. So, if you are craving some British candy and chocolate, this is the one for you.

There are two different types of subscription: one is priced at $26 for the basic British box, while you can pay $37 a month for the Ultimate British Box. You can also send it as a gift, because the company ships globally. 

4. Treatsbox

Based in Canada, Treatsbox is a candy subscription box that provides both Canadians and those in the USA popular treats and snacks from North America. It has a lot of familiar candy that most people will know, rather than niche items.

They are based around five different themes: Wonka, retro, chocolate, original, and sour. This helps you to know what kind of box you have even before you open it. For example, the sour box only contains sour items, while the original box contains a variety of candy. 

You may also find limited edition candy that you might not find elsewhere which makes it quite exciting, though this is not something you can expect all the time. 

The candy box itself is normally sent out on the fifth of the month, no matter when you have subscribed to the box. This is also something to be aware of when you cancel your subscription because if you do it on the sixth of the month, your box will have already been shipped out.

There are a few different price categories depending on the type of box you go for and for how long. The price also depends on how many pieces of candy you get as well. The cheapest box is $25 and you will receive up to ten items. 

5. The KIDS Munchie Box

The Kids Munchie Box is aimed at children, though there is no reason why you cannot treat yourself too. However, it will make a great gift for the kid you have no idea what to buy when it comes to their birthday.

The subscription box includes familiar candy, as well as classic favorites such as gumballs, Hostess cupcakes, and Pop Rocks. It also includes savory-based snacks too such as Ritz crackers and items that are a little more expensive, such as Nutella. 

While the monthly cost is around $35 if you subscribe for a full year, or $37.99 for a one-off, it is one of the best boxes in terms of how much candy you get. You will find over 50 items per box. 

This makes receiving the box quite exciting, for you and a child, as you never quite know what is going to be included. It is also really fun to sift through the candy. However, do keep in mind that the candy is on the small side, so do not expect a big bar of chocolate. 

Even so, you will be enjoying this box for days. 

6. Universal Yums

While you could just get a regular candy subscription box, you could also find something that is a little more exciting. Universal Yums provides subscribers with candy and snacks each month that come from different parts of the world. 

When you first sign up for a long subscription, you can choose four countries you would like to receive candy from. After that, it will be chosen by Universal Yums for you. In a way, that kind of makes it even more interesting!

You do not get the biggest variety, only receiving around 7 treats per box, but it also does not cost that much either. The smallest box is only $15, but then you can pay up to $38 to receive up to 20 snacks and candy.

The smaller sized boxes have a booklet that provides some games, while the larger sized boxes include a bigger booklet with recipes included. This makes it a little more fun!

Universal Yums can be shipped for free across the U.S., and the boxes are normally sent out on the 15th of the month. Because the subscription has an automatic renewal, you will want to be aware of the date when you cancel. 

7. Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Box

A subscription box should be a treat. Perhaps it is something that you do not often eat, and that is what makes the subscription box so special. This is where the Gourmet Chocolate of the Month box comes in. 

It is brought to you by award-winning chocolatiers who send out a pound worth of chocolate each month. This is often bark, truffles, or bars. 

Because the chocolate is so high-end, the price reflects it too. For $44.95 (and the $14 paid for shipping), you can get this wonderful chocolate every month. The price stays the same too no matter what subscription package you decide to get.

However, you do not get a lot in one batch, though you will find the chocolates themselves are delish and moreish. You will also get chocolate inspired from outside of America too, and flavors that you perhaps have not tasted before when it comes to chocolate. 

The company also offers other high-end subscription packages too, from wine and cigars, to cheese and flowers. This also makes it a wonderful gift for a loved one. 

The Bar and Cocoa Club Box

8. The Bar and Cocoa Club Box

If you are a fan of the humble chocolate bar, then The Bar and Cocoa Club subscription box will be of interest to you, especially if you are looking for an indulgent, ethical, and premium treat every month. 

Created by award-winning chocolatiers, the bars are inspired by chocolate from around the world. They are also all dark chocolate, meaning that they are dairy free.

However, this awesomeness comes at a price. For $135 you can get a three month subscription, and for $499 you can get a whole year’s worth of delicious and unique chocolate.

Like we said, it is an indulgent and premium treat!

Retro Candy of the Month Box

9. Retro Candy of the Month Box

We get it, sometimes you just crave some retro sweets. Are you thinking of Mary Janes? Maybe it is those peppermint puffs your grandma used to give you. Whatever it is, no doubt the Retro Candy subscription box will have it available. 

When you receive your package during the first month of the three month subscription (just under $97) you will get a half a gallon plastic jar full of candy. 

By the second month, you will receive more candy (with no jar) to put into the plastic jar. And this happens again in the third month. There are options for a six months and 12 months subscription too.

You will have no idea what candy you will receive, which makes it exciting. However, you can not return any candy if you receive something you do not like. 

You can also add-on whether you want ice packs, rushed shipping, and so on for a few extra dollars if the weather is particularly hot, or you would like the candy faster. 

For those who love retro candy, this is certainly for you!

10. Japan Candy Box

Japanese candy is something to be marveled at. Not only do some of the flavors seem strange, but the packaging gets the curiosity flowing. 

If you have never sampled Japanese candy before, then you are in for a real treat. From cute characters and licensed candy, to never tasted before flavors and odd textures, Japanese candy has it all.

The box includes seasonal items and candy that cannot be sourced anywhere but Japan, among other favorites such as Kit Kats. 

The box also contains a lot of top brands too, so you will never be disappointed with the hand-picked selection. Oh, and all of the packaging is very instagrammable (if that is your thing). 

Just like it says, all of the candy is straight from Tokyo. This box is not to be missed if you love all things Asian, or want to try something completely different to the usual candy you eat.

At just under $30 for a month it will make a great gift, but you can also pay $27.90 to enjoy the Japanese candy and snacks arriving at your door for six months. Shipping is free, too. 

11. Mexicrate Candy Box

Whether you have been eating Mexican candy for years, or it is something you would like to try, then the Mexicrate candy box is for you. 

An easy way to receive a sample of delicious Mexican treats is to have them posted to your door every single month. And there is a really good selection too, as the box includes chocolate, candy and snacks.

If you are not a big fan of spicy food, then you may find that you are giving away some of the treats. If you really do not like spicy or peppery flavors, then you may find that this box is not suitable for you. However, if that does not bother you, then enjoy!

You can opt for the ‘grande’ size too which is an even bigger box full of Mexican candy and snacks. There will be so many, that no doubt you will be sharing it with your familia. 

Each month a hand-picked selection of Mexican goodies will arrive at your door. Be prepared to be wowed with this one. 

If you want to try this subscription box, it will cost just less than $27 for a whole 6 months. 

Final Thoughts

Candy is a delicious treat which can also remind us of our childhood. What better way to indulge ourselves into nostalgia than by investing in a candy subscription box?

Even if it is just a hit of tasty sugar that you are after, a candy subscription box can keep you going for an entire month, as well as help you to not keep buying candy at Walmart (we see you).

Not only that, a candy subscription box can make a wonderful gift for a loved one, as well as be a mid-month treat to yourself. 

Whatever reason you want to invest in a candy subscription box, just know that it is a guilty pleasure we can get behind!

11 Best Candy Subscription Boxes

11 Best Candy Subscription Boxes

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In this article we take a look at the best candy subscription boxes of 2022

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