12 Best Olive Oil Subscriptions

Why invest in an olive oil subscription when there are so many different kinds of olive oil available at grocery shops around the nation? 

Olive oil subscriptions offer a world of fresh discoveries and experiences sent to your door, whether you’re dubious about the dependability of leading brands, want to go on a fun food journey, or want to directly support boutique producers and blenders. 

Olive oil is great for low-heat frying and all other forms of cookery. One of the most often used culinary ingredients and a standard in many households is olive oil. 

Olive Oil Subscriptions

But not all are created equal. High-quality olive oil, like fine wine, needs certain planting and harvesting techniques as well as precise handling and storage.

These memberships are a fantastic option for people who don’t have access to high-quality extra virgin olive oil in their neighborhood supermarkets or who just want to understand more about the subtle differences between various extra virgin olive oils. 

The top U.S. home delivery services for premium olive oil are listed here, ensuring that it is available in every state.

1. Olive Oil Lovers

Before choosing a preferred brand, are you interested in broadening your palette and testing a range of olive oils? You can subscribe to Olive Oil Lovers’ service, and they’ll ship you a different bottle of premium olive oil from a reputable source each month.

Oils may come from lesser-known manufacturers in Portugal, Africa, or California or from Mediterranean nations like Italy, Spain, and Greece. Oils may also differ by area, olive variety, or both.

You may be confident that in all cases, you will receive genuine extra virgin olive oil which has been examined by the staff, who only collaborate with producers who follow stringent quality standards and procedures.

Three, six, or twelve-month subscriptions are offered for about $32 a month; the lengthier the subscription, the cheaper the deal. Typically, bottles are 500 milliliters (or 17 ounces) in volume. Your initial bottle will come shortly after you place the order, followed by bottles every month until your plan ends.

The company’s website offers a variety of information on olive oil, including how it is made, why it is beneficial, and what you should look for on labels alongside its subscription service.

2. Brightland

Olives are obtained by Brightland from a family-run farm in California, and the oil is then packaged and delivered to customers. 

It was established in response to the abundance of contaminated blended oils available on the market, offering an olive oil that was more genuine, pure, and nutritious. Organic, heirloom olives are prepared in an organic mill before being bottled in order to enhance the polyphenol antioxidant content.

Between 307 and 381 milligrams of polyphenols per kilogram may be found in Brightland’s oil, which is significantly higher than the majority of other oils on the market. For comparison, anything over 250 milligrams is regarded as “high phenolic.”

The oil is packaged in UV-powder-covered glass to shield the liquid inside from damage, which causes the oil to deteriorate more quickly. Bottles are packaged in 100% reusable and plastic-free materials and adorned with environmentally friendly ink.

3. Fat Gold

Fat Gold is a unique, small-batch olive oil manufacturer and was started by a skilled olive miller. It provides an annual subscription to its distinctive bottles of California olive oil.

Customers will receive their oil in four deliveries during the year for a total of approximately $179 each year, as opposed to monthly delivery like many other subscriptions. 

Every 500-milliliter bottle of olive oil contains a unique single variety and includes a helpful Fat Gold Zine that tells the tale of its ingredients and suggests the greatest culinary applications.

Over the duration of your subscription, Fat Gold hopes that you will develop your own expertise in olive oils and grow to appreciate the subtle differences between every olive oil like you would a fine wine. 

Bonus: The tins include their own uniquely created, beautiful souvenir magnets as labels in place of stickers to make them more entertaining.

Subscriptions automatically renew, with the exception of those given as gifts, and delivery is accessible throughout the United States with USPS.

4. Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, California, is most renowned for its fruit orchards, but it also includes a flourishing olive orchard. 

The farm produces many varieties of Tuscan olives, which are hand-picked, cold-pressed into oil, and then combined with oil from the McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma.

Both completely ripened and green olives are utilized to make the olive oil; and green ones add elevated levels of polyphenol antioxidants, which are good for your health.

The olive oil has a fresh, green flavor that is great for both hot and cold dishes. Additionally, the oil has been given an organic certification and consistently obtains five-star ratings from customers.

The sizes of the olive oil subscription choices range from 375 milliliters to half-gallon jars, and they can be delivered weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. 

For individuals who require bulk purchases, cases of the 375- and 500-milliliter containers are also offered. Each 500-milliliter bottle costs $28.50 when all subscribers receive an average discount of 5% off the full price.

Additionally, Frog Hollow Farm promises to ship carbon neutrally, supporting initiatives to reduce the emissions associated with the cargo.

5. Grove And Vine

Grove and Vine is a custom, full-service olive oil supplier that caters to both customers and restaurants. It was co-founded by Nicholas Coleman, a renowned international expert in the field of olive oil. There are various tiers of membership at Grove and Vine. 

A unique bottle of fresh harvest olive oil is included in each shipment. A 375-milliliter bottle membership costs roughly $195 per year, while a 1.5-liter bottle subscription costs $419 per year. Subscriptions renew on their own. 

Each delivery includes a signed, original photo of the particular location where the olives were cultivated, taste comments, harvest information, a local recipe, and harvest information.

Olive oils can come in single varieties or blends; the company’s website provides full information on the current blend. 

Members also receive savings on extra bottles with exclusive access to limited-edition, handcrafted olive oils from this company as they become available, as well as an annual subscription. Shipping inside the contiguous United States is free.

6. The Olive Press 

The Olive Press is dedicated to eco-friendly olive farming and traditional milling methods. It has won more than 1,000 honors since 2001, making it one of the most prestigious olive oil producers.

The Olive Press offers tasting events in its sampling rooms for people who live nearby or are traveling through wine regions and reservations. 

For those who want to try the company’s award-winning olive oil at home, being a yearly Club Member entitles you to quarterly shipments of the freshest oil, personally chosen by the miller, throughout the year.

Before the shipment is sent out, members will be informed of what will be in their forthcoming delivery and can make any changes or additions they would like. 

Each shipment costs on average about $65 plus shipping and normally includes three bottles with sizes ranging from 100 milliliters to 500 milliliters.

Try The Olive Press’ distinctive flavored oils including Jalapeno Oil, Blood Orange Oil, and Lime Olive Oil, along with the collection of infused herb oils.

7. Kosterina

One of the earliest kinds of olive trees throughout Greece, the Koroneiki olive, recognized for its powerful, rich flavor, is the source of Kosterina’s extra virgin olive oil, which was introduced in 2016.

Attaining a high polyphenol antioxidant concentration in each bottle of oil is one of Kosterina’s top aims.

Every bottle of Kosterina olive oil consistently has approximately 400 milligrams of polyphenols per kilogram due to a meticulous procedure of harvest, milling, and storage, making this oil one of the richest in polyphenols relative to many other olive oils available. 

The discounted subscription choices from Kosterina are available for deliveries of three or six bottles every month, every two months, or every three months. 

(Note: Prices for 500-milliliter bottles start at around $25 per bottle for subscriptions of three bottles, and they go even cheaper for packages of six bottles.)

Are you thinking about getting a subscription to one of the filtered flavored oils, such as Garlic Oil? You may even include a bottle of the company’s Fig Balsamic Vinegar when you design your own personalized box.

8. Especially Puglia

Through its Adopt-a-Tree membership, Especially Puglia has teamed up with Food52 to create a CSA-style buying program that helps regional producers in Puglia. 

The finest olive oil across the globe is produced in Puglia on small-scale, sustainably run, organic family farms where the olives are manually harvested and quickly pressed.

Selecting to sponsor a tree from among the four groves managed by Especially Puglia entitles you to a 3-liter bottle of authentic, single-harvest olive oil as well as an adoption certificate outlining specifics about your tree. 

What’s the best part? You have the option of having it presented in a custom-made wooden gift box or a fusti. While not all of the three liters of olive oil that you obtain comes from your particular tree, it undoubtedly played a part.

The cost of a subscription is approximately $447 for the box and $537 for the fusti each year.

9. Oleamea

Extra virgin olive oil from sustainably derived sources is offered by Oleamea, a Turkish company, and can be ordered singly or as part of a subscription. 

Oleamea’s business strategy is centered on sustainability, and as a result, all facility operations, including production, are powered entirely by solar energy. 

And in 2019, the business started construction on a brand-new manufacturing facility that will use regenerative agriculture—a cutting-edge technique that combines traditional practices to lower carbon emissions and guarantee completely traceable products. 

Each bottle is constructed of opaque UV-resistant glass and sealed with nitrogen in a special way to retain the high polyphenol content of the oil extracted from early harvest olives. All bottles are completely recyclable.

Three subscription plans are available from Oleamea: the entire case, the bundle, and the organic classic every day. For cooks and professional chefs who use olive oil in bigger quantities, organic classic every day comes in a large, 3-liter tin. 

This oil is excellent as all-purpose, multipurpose olive oil because it has been properly filtered to maximize shelf stability. 

The set comes with a 500-milliliter bottle of each of the two single-blend organic oils—organic private select and organic premium every day—made from Memecik olives harvested early and cold-pressed within 2 to 4 hours. 

Six 500ml containers of the premium daily or exclusive select olive oil are included in the full case.

From $37.99 per delivery (for the 3-liter classic daily) to $113.94 per delivery, all subscriptions provide 15% off the cost of single orders. Delivery appointments can be made monthly, bimonthly, or yearly. Anytime can be used to pause, skip, or cancel subscriptions.

Oleamea is dedicated to giving back in a variety of ways; in addition to helping out the farmers in its area, it also collaborates with The Conscious Kid, a group that supports young people’s good racial identity development.

10. Nudo

By letting you pick one of six little Italian groves to “adopt” a tree, Nudo elevates the idea of olive oil subscription. You can read about the producer, grove, and particular flavor profiles of oils in the farmer profiles on the website. 

With your Adopt a Tree membership, you get a tin from the grove of your choice in addition to blends or monovarietal tins, giving you a wide variety of flavors while also helping the growers keep employing sustainable agricultural practices.

For the continuous Adopt a Tree membership, deliveries of three, 500ml bottles come once every three to six months. Gift memberships vary between one and four deliveries. You can even go see your olive tree if you’re a really dedicated adoptive parent.

11. Fresh Pressed Olive Oil 

This olive oil club, founded by chef and culinary writer T.J. Robinson, delivers the tastiest, healthiest olive oil available right to your door. 

The founder of this club is also an expert in his field; he was one of just a few Americans chosen to serve as judges for several Italian olive oil tasting events. It is quite reasonably priced when compared to other olive oil clubs. 

Additionally, both programs include free shipping. The company claims that all of its olive oils go by plane to the US, guaranteeing the product’s maximum freshness.

You’ll receive a fun, educational newsletter with every delivery that provides information about the farmers, olive types, and specifics of the harvest for every bottle in your order. 

Every delivery is covered by an unwavering 100% satisfaction guarantee if you elect to keep up your subscription; you don’t even have to send the item back to get a refund or a replacement. 

12. Zingerman’s

Zingerman’s understands fine dining. This Ann Arbor, Michigan-based business has been producing delectable breads, sweets, country cheeses (see also ‘7 Best Cheese Subscription Boxes‘), and numerous other items for decades. 

Fortunately, the majority of it is accessible for home delivery. You can get what Zingerman’s refers to as “rare” variations from them. 

Despite possible variations in their product offerings, they typically offer a full bottle from these international suppliers. A set of custom, olive oil dip plates worth $30 is also included with your initial delivery and is not an additional cost. 

In addition to an educational email on how every oil was manufactured and ideas for delectable uses, all shipments come with free shipping (though there is a $10/delivery fee if you’re shipping goods to Alaska or Hawaii).

While exploring the Zingerman’s website, we discovered another interesting fact: they taste each and every olive oil they sell to ensure that the quality is still high. 

With very few exceptions, all olive oils are procured directly from producers who manufacture the goods using ingredients from their own estates, frequently making only a small number of bottles each year. 

You won’t find any fillers or dilution in the olive oil you purchase from Zingerman’s because it is genuinely hand-crafted, unique, and produced on a small scale.

If you’re seeking for the highest-quality olive oils currently on the market, Zingerman’s is worth taking into account even if their subscription is more costly than most and has fewer delivery/subscription choices. 

Every bottle you choose will guarantee that your dining experience will be outstanding, or Zingerman’s will make it right.

Who Should Purchase A Subscription For Olive Oil?

Olive oil memberships are fantastic for people who want to always have high-quality olive oil on hand and who care about the product’s origin. 

Since many manufacturers give their customers discounts, subscriptions are generally cheaper than purchasing the same oil at the store. A few memberships may also be a wonderful way to explore various olive oils and their variations.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil The Best Kind?

Because of its high polyphenol content, extra virgin olive oil has a number of health advantages. Polyphenols are organic plant-based substances that work as potent antioxidants in the body. 

Extra virgin oil’s polyphenol content varies widely and is often not noted on the bottle. Extra virgin oils with lower levels of polyphenols tend to be older, made from overripe olives, badly processed, poorly stored, and exposed to excessive heat and light.

Final Thoughts

The olive oils on this list are produced by reliable businesses that take pleasure in good olive oil production from “orchard to bottle,” including correct harvesting, processing, and bottling.

In addition to selling high-quality olive oil, the businesses have vowed to inform consumers about the subtle differences between various oils and how to tell one high-quality oil from another. 

Be cautious of some of the best-selling, mainstream brands even though you might be able to acquire high-quality olive oils from some of these or other sources in your neighborhood grocery store.

12 Best Olive Oil Subscriptions

12 Best Olive Oil Subscriptions

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Keep reading to find out about the top olive oil subscriptions to level up your meals.

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