8 Best Tea Subscription Boxes

It is not surprising that a cup of tea is a delicious go-to drink. Not only is it warming and relaxing after a hard day of work, but tea leaves can have multiple health benefits too. 

Another point to make is that you can also drink it hot or cold. A fruitier flavored tea can make a delicious summer drink without the need of consuming a sugary beverage. Just allow the tea to cool, add some ice, and it is good to go.

Even so, tea can be a little intimidating. If you have no idea about the different types and flavors, then often it is natural to shy away from even trying it. Lapsang souchong, anyone?

Tea Subscription Boxes

It is said that 75 percent of British people drink at least one cup of tea a day, but despite the boom in coffee consumption over the last decade, at least 159 million people in America are choosing tea leaves over beans too. 

If you are looking to broaden your tea horizons, or you just want to buy a loved one a delicious gift, then look no further. We have put together a list of tea subscription boxes (see also ‘11 Best Candy Subscription Boxes‘) that will help you to taste the different teas that are available around the world. 

1. Dollar Tea Club Box

Just because you are on a budget, does not mean that you cannot enjoy a good cup of hot tea. The Dollar Tea Club offers its subscribers easy and simple subscription plans for no-fuss tea drinking.

The cheapest option is at $3 with around $4 shipping every month. This will give you three blends of tea that you have not tried before, making sure that you receive a new selection every single month.

The amount you get will allow for around two to three cups of tea, which isn’t too bad for a budget subscription. You can also add-on items such as HoneyStix and so on, but it is still at a cheaper price.

If you would prefer a different package, then you can pay more (around $15 every month) to receive a big pouch of tea (up to 25 cups), samples, filters, HoneySticks, and an infuser thrown in for free. 

The company itself has an ethical outlook on its tea, with every cup being a part of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). This means all the farmers who gather the tea leaves for them are paid decent wages. 

Not only that, the tea leaves are sourced in a variety of locations to allow them to naturally be in season. This means that the tea is fresh and delicious. 

2. Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company Box

If you are looking for a loose leaf tea subscription box that will send you different teas from around the world, then look no further. Simple Loose Leaf is based in Arkansas and provides subscribers with delicious tea each month to make around 28 cups.

You get hand-sewn tea filters made from linen within the box that are constructed using old American sewing machines. They have been designed to only be used once. 

The great thing about this subscription box is you get to choose what kind of tea you would like. The options are: herbal, green tea, black tea, or a sampler. 

The teas are chosen depending on the season, and you get information on each tea so you can find out where it comes from. 

If you opt to receive four different teas every month, it will cost around $25. However doing so will help to support those with developmental disabilities find work, due to Simple Loose Leaf being a part of the Non-profit Bost program. 

3. Tea Drops Box

While Tea Drops are fairly new having only been founded in Los Angeles less than ten years ago, they are an innovative company that specializes in tea.

They provide their subscribers with delicious ethically sourced and organic high-quality teas alongside their modern packaging and branding.

Their USP comes from the fact they press the tea into a teardrop shape, or tea drop as the company is called. This means they can be packaged without the use of bags, which in turn helps them to reduce unnecessary waste.

You put them into hot water and they dissolve. This is even cooler when the tea is colorful!

You can choose from a selection of 25 teas each month, with a general subscription costing around $25 per month. 

You can also buy specialized gift boxes too!

4. Republic Of Tea Box

While Republic of Tea does sell its famous tea tins, they offer subscription services so you can keep on receiving the loose leaf and bagged tea straight to your door every single month. 

The two subscription ‘boxes’ include what they call the ‘Sip by Sip Auto Ship’ or the ‘Tea of the Month Club’. The former means signing up for a particular tea to be sent out on a scheduled date. 

The latter is a long-term subscription for a whole year and is priced at a hefty $190. You can also do six months for $109. While it might sound a little expensive, it does make a great unique gift.

This is because you can select the theme of each box to make sure that the person is happy with the tea that they receive. Some of the themes include green tea, wellness teas, and so on. 

You will also receive up to 42 tea bags. The tins and the tea are very premium and high-quality, so you will certainly know what you are getting with this subscription box. 

5. Respyre Box

If you love tea and wellness, then Respyre has it all. The brand believes that relaxation and wellness begins with a cup of tea. We couldn’t agree more.

The teas Respyre has available focus on inner calm and invigoration – think chamomile and yerba mate. Often they theme the boxes too, such as sleep and stress. 

You will receive enough tea to make around 30 cups, and subscription prices range from $12 to $15 a month depending on the length. 

If you would like more than just a cup of delicious tea, then the Respyre subscription box is it. 

6. Sips By Box

Sips By offers premium tea from more than 150 different brands from across the globe. The teas that are chosen to be sent out in your box are specifically for you. This is because on the initial sign up, you fill out a quiz.

This helps Sips By understanding the type of flavors you like, your drinking tea habits, how you like to brew, and so on. This will then hopefully mean that you receive tea that you genuinely enjoy drinking and will want again. 

You also may receive loose leaf and bagged tea, or sometimes just the former or the latter. At $16, you will receive 4 boxes of teas every single month. However, there are options to take out a three months, 6 months, or even a 12 months subscription. 

Once you are subscribed, you can also access the Sips By learning page which has recipes that have been created specifically for the tea that you receive every month. 

7. Tea Runners Box

Tea Runners offer their subscribers award-winning rarer teas that are produced by those who work on a small scale to create tea from around the world.

You can either let the company hand-pick four teas for you, or you can pick your own in a selection of around 15 different teas. The teas are often packaged in an ounce portion which makes up to 40 cups worth of tea.

Along with the tea you also receive notes of what the flavors are and where it comes from, as well as how long to steep it for. 

The subscription prices range from around $21 up to $30 every single month, but you can opt to have it delivered monthly, every other month, or every three months.

You will also not get any repeats in at least eight months. This means you can find new tea flavors for a long time!


8. Tekuno Box

If green tea is your go-to, then the Tekuno subscription box is going to be your thing. Founded by Catherine Jue in San Francisco, it has become the subscription box for green tea and matcha that has been sourced straight from Japan.

Some of the teas are also rare due to coming from small farms within Japan. The only place for that outside of the country to get the tea from these artisan farms is to sign up for a Tekuno subscription box. 

The tea is loose leaf and put into curated collections inspired by Japanese flavors such as floral, bitter, umami, sweet, and earthy. 

There are two different types of subscription, with the only difference being for how long. One is for three months and the other is for six. You get two tea types a month that will make around 18 cups each.

You also get a leaflet with all the information you need, including the origin of where the tea came from. 

If you want to gift this tea box, then you can also pay extra for a note handwritten by Catherine Jue. While it is a little pricey at $79 and $159 respectively, it is worth it just for the indulgent feel of it all. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, some of the best and most exciting tea subscription boxes to indulge in. Whether that is on a Sunday afternoon snuggled up on the couch in front of Netflix, or on-the-go as you head out to work.

There are so many different types of tea to choose from. The subscription boxes above will help you to discover new brews, as well as drink the delicious tea that you know and love.

Hopefully we have helped you to find an interesting tea subscription box that will either make a great gift, or a present to yourself. 

Happy tea drinking!

8 Best Tea Subscription Boxes

8 Best Tea Subscription Boxes

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In this article we take a look at the best tea subscription boxes that are available in 2022

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