13 Great Recipes For Rice Paper

Rice paper (not to be confused with the thin writing paper of the same name), is quite a delicate ingredient to use in many cooking recipes.

Traditionally made from some thin form of rice noodle, this ingredient is one of the most popular when it comes to wrapping your spring rolls in their classic crispy-thin outside.

13 Great Recipes For Rice Paper

And while many amazing spring roll recipes use this thin ingredient excellently (more on that later), there is also much else you can do with this recipe besides simply making a killer spring roll out of them.

However, this is where the problems start arising. With such a niche, and arguably rare, ingredient, it can be hard to find recipes that you can prepare with this recipe.

However, with this guide that we have put together here, you’ll have a plethora of recipes to try out with this delicate, yet delicious ingredient

1. Rice Paper Dumpling

Starting off this recipe list with the classic use of rice paper, we have these delicious dumplings that are great as both a side to the main soup dish or even just as a snack to keep you going between lunch and dinner!

As many of us likely already know, dumplings can be a very difficult recipe to get right, as well as including a lot of effort.

However, with these rice paper dumplings, the same doesn’t apply.

All you need to do is prepare the filling, wet the rice paper so that it is malleable, fill it up, then pan fry it.

Compared to many other recipes, that’s a cinch to do!

So, if you love crispy dumplings, this is a recipe to try for yourself.

2. Rice Paper Bourekas

While we tend to think of rice paper as an ingredient that is more or less exclusive to East and South East Asia, that is simply not the case.

Take, for example, these incredible rice paper dumplings that are a staple of Israeli cuisine!

This recipe is a great way of cutting down on the carbs that you can often find in other forms of dumplings.

The wafer-thin rice paper means that pretty much the only calories you’ll be eating are the ones that you add to the filling!

These are the perfect snack for any time of the year, walkthrough we think they’re extra nice at the height of summer!

3. Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Vietnamese rolls aren’t quite the same as their Chinese cuisine counterparts.

One of the things that you’ll see immediately is that these rolls are a little bigger than their Chinese equivalents, which helps them accommodate a whole range of new ingredients, including the whole prawns used inside that give these rolls a dash of bright color.

Other than being substantially bulkier, these rolls go perfectly with the Vietnamese peanut dipping sauce that these recipes include alongside the main rice paper dish.

4. Green Curry Rice Paper Samosas

Many of us are familiar with a good samosa. And these are some of the easiest recipes to make for newcomers, with rice paper as the outer shell.

This recipe however takes it to the next level!

Packed to the brim with tons of tasty vegetables, the diced goods inside are held together by a green curry paste as well as fiery chile, that helps the fillings keep their form as you bite into them.

Plus, the extra heat makes this more than just a cold veggie pastry.

5. Banana Spring Rolls

Okay, we have caved and brought you a classic spring roll recipe.

After all, it’s popular for a reason!

Plus, this banana version turns what is otherwise a wafer-thin packet of stringy vegetables into a gorgeous dessert dish that everyone will love!

Rolled in sugar, and drizzled with a beautiful caramel sauce, all while containing a soft sweet filling that is great to eat on its own, or with a scoop of ice cream.

What more could you ask for in a dessert like this?

6. Baked Gluten-Free Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are a treat across the world, in whatever shape they end up taking.

However, the fact that many types and recipes use puff pastry, means that people with gluten intolerance never really get the chance to enjoy them properly.

At least, not without a look at digestive issues align the way!

So, when you combine the filling of a sausage roll with the no-gluten rice paper as its out layer, you have a sausage roll recipe that is both novels

7. Crispy Rice Paper Spring Rolls

Yeah, we’ve got a classic take on spring rolls here! What are you going to do about it?

Well, ideally, we’d like you to try out this recipe.

Whilst I’m sure that many of us can find the classic spring roll recipe a little tired at this point (especially with cheaper store-bought versions), we think that fresh spring rolls are a delight to both make and eat.

Take this recipe for example.

This recipe is full of fresh ingredients that are both gluten and vegan-friendly, while still being THE go-to side dish for any Asian–themed meal you are preparing.

8. Baked Apple Pie Rice Paper Rolls

In the same way that a banana spring roll is a great dessert to put on the table.

This new spin on a classic apple pie is also the perfect sweet treat to present to your table, either as an end-of-dinner dessert or as a lunchtime treat!

With only 5 ingredients in this recipe, too, it’s also surprisingly simple to make for yourself.

All while being gluten-friendly too!

9. Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls

Rice paper rolls are a vegan’s best food friend, aren’t they?

With so many great vegan recipes to try with this ingredient, we can see how rice paper has taken the world by storm!

Plus, this spring roll recipe can be filled with pretty much any veggie your heart and stomach desires, from cabbage to bell peppers, to avocado, to even more rice noodles!

10. Baked Rice Paper Rolls With Meat Filling

However, as we’ve already seen with a few of these recipes, there is also plenty of opportunities for meat eaters to appreciate this particular fillable ingredient.

These particular rolls are packed to the brim with amazing flavors, including some beautifully soft and tender curry-flavored beef, plus tons of other great flavored fillings, such as zucchini and carrot.

Plus, this recipe is so simple to customize to your tastes. If you don’t want to use beef, simply replace it with pork, prawns, or whatever other meaty fillings you have in mind!

11. Shrimp Rice Paper Rolls With Peanut Dipping Sauce

Speaking of seafood, this next recipe makes great use of some top-quality shrimp that you may be wondering what to do with.

Shrimp feels like an ingredient that is primed for enjoying in the summer heat, thanks to its often cool presentation.

This recipe is itself the perfect appetizer to a summer Asian meal, so make sure you’ve got your creamy peanut sauce at the ready with this one!

12. Rice Paper Dumplings

Rice paper dumplings are just such a versatile dish to make.

While they maybe aren’t as ideal for soups and stews as other kinds of dumplings (unless you like to watch your dumpling filling spill out into your soup), they are a great appetizer dish to have before or alongside your main dish, and this recipe is no exception.

13. Fried Rice Paper Chips

Finally, on this list, we have a recipe that is a little more out of the left field!

While we’ve seen how great rice paper is as a way to old fillings, they make some excellent chips too!

Just sprinkle a little seasoning on these bad buoys, through them in the microwave, and hey presto! You have rice paper chips!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Side Of Rice Paper Do You Use In Cooking?

When holding and using rice paper in your cooking, you may have noticed that the two sides of the ingredient have different textures. 

This, if you are not familiar with the ingredient, can confuse people, as they are unsure as to which side they need to use to fill their paper with, and which side stays on the outside.

Make sure that the smooth side of the rice paper is always facing down when using this ingredient, and that you are adding your stuffing onto the more rough side of a sheet of rice paper.

Once your filling has been placed on the rough side, you usually need to wait until it gets somewhat thicker or stickier, then the paper can be rolled up as your recipes instruct.

How Do You Keep Rice Paper From Hardening?

One of the things that you’ll notice when holding a piece of prepared rice paper before using it is that it is flat, hard, and crispy.

Two of those qualities make it a pretty difficult ingredient to use as it is, and the same goes true if a piece of rice paper has dried out.

So, how do you soften up a piece of rice paper for use?

The best way to prepare a sheet of rice paper for use is to cover the sheet or sheets in a lightly damp towel.

This moisture will soften up the rice paper enough for it to be wrapped up and used to contain fillings.

This is also a great way to store them as well, so long as they are refrigerated.

Final Thoughts

Now, all you have to do is decide on just one of these recipes to try today!

13 Great Recipes For Rice Paper

13 Great Recipes For Rice Paper

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