23 Delicious Low-Sodium Soup Recipes

Are you keeping an eye on your salt levels? Then with these low sodium soup recipes. You can still eat delicious meals that are also low on salt.

23 Delicious Low-Sodium Soup Recipes

For a dish to taste delicious, it doesn’t need to have a lot of salt. Instead, these soup recipes taste incredible due to the fresh ingredients and the array of flavors involved. 

In this article, we have gathered 23 delicious low sodium soup recipes that you need to try!

1. Tomato And Basil Soup

Making this healthy tomato basil soup with sweet and juicy tomatoes and basil adds extra flavor without adding too much salt.

Milk provides a small amount of protein, and the roasted red peppers offer a delightful touch of subtle sweetness.

Overall, this recipe will assist you in producing a dish that is lusciously silky and smooth.

2. Watermelon Soup

It may sound a little strange, but you must try this soup for the summer. This cooling bowl of deliciousness is bursting with vibrant and sweet flavors.

It is a great option for light meals or brunch in the summer. Fresh mint and watermelon and fresh mint are used in it, to create this dish. 

Before serving, stir in honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Pour this mixture into a hollowed-out watermelon skin and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint, if you really want to go all out.

Or you can simply serve it into a normal soup bowl.

3. Cabbage Soup

This vegetable-rich soup strikes the ideal balance between flavor and health. Cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini and carrots make up the bulk of the medley.

Everything is cooked in a rich beef broth. It is packed with minerals like manganese, folate, fiber as well as vitamins K and C. 

Yet more significantly, it’s just what you need to make gloomy days and cold evenings more bearable.

4. Cream Of Mushroom Soup

If you purchase mushroom soup in a can, it probably contains a lot of salt.  You won’t ever purchase it from the store again if you make your own using this recipe.

This earthy soup is created from a bunch of mushrooms, garlic, thyme, and stock.

Only a fraction of salt is used compared with other recipes. It is cooked until it is silky smooth and thickened with a flour roux.

For those who prepare meals in advance.  Make a large pot over the weekend and separate it out into individual servings for quick weekday meals.

5. Rhubarb Soup

This dessert-style sweetened soup is commonly seen in Norway. It is also typically served chilled. It is a striking dish of fruity delight that is bright red.

A thick purée of fresh rhubarb is made, then it is combined with vanilla and sugar. It’s a bright pink dish with a sour and tangy flavor.

Strawberries can be added to the meal to increase its overall sweetness and counteract the tartness of the rhubarb.

6. Creamy Cauliflower Soup

You won’t believe a velvety soup like this could be vegan. This filling bowl of soup is low in sodium and devoid of dairy and gluten.

Although, it has a lot of satisfying, velvety flavors. It is rich and fragrant and made with puréed cauliflower, fresh thyme, garlic and onion. 

This dish is good straight out of the pot, but if you’re serving it to guests, dress it up with some unique toppings.

For added texture and crunch, the recipe suggests adding roasted chickpeas on top.

7. Traditional New England Clam Chowder

In this recipe, you will quickly prepare a homemade clam stock to add all the fantastic flavor.

It also helps to reduce salt by more than half while retaining a significant amount of clam flavor profile from the shells.

The thickening ingredient and creamy basis in this recipe are potatoes.

Which also increases fiber and eliminates the demand for heavy cream. This traditional East Coast meal is made richer with just 1/2 cup of half-and-half.

8. Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

This creamy soup’s straightforward ingredients and abundant vegetable content, make it a nutritious option for relaxing days at home.

In this dish, the natural sweetness from the sweet potatoes is countered by a small amount of red bell pepper and cayenne powder. 

This soup has a velvety texture because of the coconut milk. Which also adds a tad of sweetness to counteract the spice from the other components.

9. Thai Chicken Broccoli Soup

Thailand is a soup expert and is known for its flavorful stews and hot broths.

With this simple but exotic recipe, you may enjoy all those outrageously delicious Thai flavors in the comfort of your own home.

It’s made with tender chicken, fresh vegetables, coconut milk, mushrooms and a variety of herbs and spices in a low-sodium broth.

10. Yellow Squash Soup

In the heat of summer, you may fancy a soup that isn’t heavy and much lighter to eat. This is where this yellow squash soup comes in. Sweet yellow squash pair nicely with large onions, leeks and herbs.

Yet, the star of this soup is the lemon. The lemon helps to lift the whole dish, which makes the ideal summer soup to try.

In under an hour, this soup is ready to be served with a sprinkle of more lemon zest and cheese. 

11. Leftover Turkey Noodle Soup

Nothing beats a warm cup of turkey noodle soup for lifting your spirits.

Rich stock, substantial pieces of white turkey breast, alongside soft egg noodles, and vegetables are all used in this warming dish.

One pot, quick and nutritious meal. Use leftover turkey to save costs even more, and add whatever wilted vegetables you have in the fridge.

12. Peach Soup

This appetizer’s delicate simplicity gives your supper a charming touch. All you need is a blender and a few basic ingredients.

This soup can be made with canned peaches, but if fresh peaches are available, use them instead.

The luscious fruit is simply fantastic in this summer soup. Which is puréed with a dash of cinnamon, vanilla yogurt and apple juice for a well-balanced dish. 

13. Low Sodium Black Bean Soup

This soup is a winner since it is rich, creamy, and loaded with protein. Time can be saved by prepping ahead of time.

You only need to take a can of black beans out of the pantry and put it in the slow cooker. Low-sodium broth, diced bell peppers, onion, and garlic should all be added before setting the dish aside. 

Everything will be delightfully smooth and combined within a few hours later.

Just before serving, garnish with a squeeze of tangy lime juice and fresh cilantro to truly amaze your family or guests.

14. Pineapple Soup

Serving cold soup on hot days and using the freshest fruits you can acquire are the keys to making this soup delicious (see also ‘28 Easy And Delicious Cold Soup Recipes‘).

Fresh basil, guava juice, and chunks of ripe pineapple are used to make this delectable dish.  Coconut cream, banana, cotija cheese and dates are used to thicken it until it is smooth. 

Basically, this is a thick, decadent milkshake with tropical flavors!

15. Pressure-Cooker Lentil Stew

You can skip the meat for a while with this delectable vegetarian stew. The final addition of the cream gives the dish a wonderful, smoother texture.

To make the lentils taste incredible, a wide range of spices are used to suit your taste. You’ll be surprised how hassle-free and delicious lentils can be after trying this recipe. 

16. Carrot Ginger Soup

Ginger and carrots make a delicious meal combination. In the same pot, ginger and carrots, both of which are sharp, spicy flavors, get along great.

You will love this acidic, spicy, sweet blend. This thick soup becomes even more deep and dreamy with the addition of a little cream. 

17. Parsnip Soup

This delicious soup is thick and packed with robust root veggies. It’s a warm bowl of vegan deliciousness that is creamy, nutty, and silky smooth.

To fully intensify the flavor, roast the parsnips beforehand. Or you can use leftover parsnips from your evening dinner. Don’t forget the secret ingredient of an apple, either.

18. Vegan Pear Soup

This chilled soup makes the ideal summer hors d’oeuvre or chic dessert. Pears are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, so this dessert is healthy as well as tasty.

It is also vegan and sugar-free. A couple of spoonfuls of maple syrup provide the sweetness, while almond or soy milk adds a creamy, smooth texture.

19. Low Sodium French Onion Soup

Thanks to this heart-healthy recipe, you don’t have to renounce French onion soup if you’re managing your salt intake.

This hearty soup, which is ideal for the winter, has velvety, rich onions in a hearty broth.

You won’t even miss the salt with the rich, scrumptious tastes of Worcestershire sauce, garlic and thyme. Add melted, warm Gruyère or Swiss cheese on top for added flavor.

20. Cold Cucumber Soup

This chilled cucumber soup is both incredibly adaptable and a welcome change. This dish works well as a light main course, side dish, or as a cold appetizer.

It’s a refreshing soup that, thanks to its aromatic flavors and fresh ingredients, helps to temper scorching days. 

Additionally, it is incredibly simple to make as well.  Simply combine cucumbers, yogurt, dill, cumin, lime and shallot in a blender.

No cooking is necessary, and the most you will have to do is chill this soup before serving. 

21. Strawberry Soup

This 5-ingredient soup is a simple but satisfying dessert. It is an incredibly sweet and flavorful concoction of yogurt, sugar, strawberries and orange juice.

For a vibrant summer sundae, serve in a tall glass with fresh mint.

22. Green Bean Casserole Soup

Thanksgiving’s greatest dish is the green bean casserole. Thanks to this inventive recipe, you can now experience that vegetable filled, creamy and creamy, dish in soup form.

Green beans, mushrooms, onions, thyme, and nutmeg are combined in a hearty soup. Cashew milk is used for a decadent dairy-free soup alternative.

23. Raspberry Soup

This special recipe, which combines berries and cream in a vibrant way. It shows that soup isn’t merely a savory dish. It has lemon, fresh mint and sour cream flavors.

Which makes it delightfully tart and sweet at the same time. For a beautiful dessert, spoon into cocktail glasses; for a family-friendly snack, pile into bowls.


There you have it, 23 delicious low sodium soup recipes that you need to try. No matter the time of year, there is a soup to suit your needs and tastes.

In addition to that, soup doesn’t have to be hot, there are also some cold alternatives as well.  

We hope this article has helped you find a low sodium soup recipe to try today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Sodium Should You Consume A Day?

Adults should consume no more than 6g or around 1 teaspoon of salt (2.4g sodium) per day. No more than 2 grams (0.8g sodium)  of salt should be consumed daily by children ages 1 to 3. 

What Can You Add To Soup Instead Of Salt?

Our tongues are actually fooled by lemon, lime, and vinegar into believing there is more salt in the dish, which changes the flavors.

Consequently, use less salt when cooking and then squeeze some lemon or lime juice just before serving a steaming bowl of soup. You may also use citrus zest to add some salt-free zing!

What Substitutes Taste Like Salt But Contain No Sodium?

Potassium chloride alone is used to create salt substitutes that resemble ordinary salt. It can taste salty, but contains no sodium.

However, as mentioned above, you can use lemon and limes to add a tang to your dish without having to add salt as well.

23 Delicious Low-Sodium Soup Recipes

23 Delicious Low-Sodium Soup Recipes

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Are you looking for soup recipes that are low in sodium? Keep reading to find 23 delicious low sodium recipes that you must try for yourself.

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