28 Delicious Amaretto Cocktails

When it comes to a cocktail party, the sweet, nutty flavor of Amaretto is liqueur perfection.

This wonderfully versatile, yet bittersweet liqueur can be enjoyed on its own.

But, blending it with certain dark spirits, such as whiskey and brandy, and white spirits like vodka and gin, will bring out the complex flavors that Amaretto provides.

28 Delicious Amaretto Cocktails

This Italian liqueur is known for its nutty almond and sweet vanilla taste.

It is also renowned for going well in both cold and warm cocktails. Its versatility is no more evident than when you mix it with fruits or coffee. The world is your oyster with Amaretto!

Every bar should have a bottle of Amaretto, ready to go. So many mixed drink recipes include this liqueur, making it an essential ingredient for any cocktail enthusiast.

Amaretto can be found in standard lowballs (paired with rum, brandy, and vodka, etc.), but it’s also popular in certain desserts.

And, if you want a fruity cocktail, it tastes incredible with fruits such as oranges, pears, apples, cranberries, and so many more.

From sippers to martinis, Amaretto is a drink for all occasions. So, get your cocktail shaker and cocktail glasses ready as we guide you through our favorite Amaretto cocktail recipes (see also ‘20 St. Germain Cocktail Recipes You Need To Try‘). 

Classic Amaretto Cocktails To Make At Home

1.Toasted Almond

For the perfect combination, you can’t get much better than almond and coffee. And, when there is a cocktail involved, all the stars start to align.

The toasted almond cocktail sees a marriage of almond, coffee liqueur, and amaretto, resulting in perfect harmony. This is a perfect example of our mixable amaretto, especially when paired with coffee (it’s one of life’s delights).

2.Amaretto Sour

For lovers of sweet and sour balanced beverages, an amaretto sour is just the ticket they’ve been waiting for.

This classic cocktail should be in every cocktail connoisseur’s collection. And, best of all, it’s pretty easy to prepare and even easier to drink.

The traditional recipe for an amaretto sour tends to include a few basic ingredients.

However, there are so many variations you can try to spruce up your cocktail and give it a unique personality.

For instance, a simple example would be to use aquafaba in place of egg whites that most recipes usually call for in amaretto sours.

When it comes to amaretto cocktails, this sour example is one of the most popular and common.

Go to any cocktail bar, and this is the cocktail bartenders will make almost every day.

But, you don’t have to wait to head to a cocktail bar to enjoy an amaretto sour.

They are just as easy to make at home. Just follow the recipe above to enjoy an ideal balance of sweet and sour alongside a hint of bitter emanating from the almonds. 

3.Spiked Apple Cider 

Apple cider works so well in cocktails, especially as the weather turns colder.

If Autumn is setting in, try your hand at this spiked apple cider cocktail recipe.

For the best and boldest flavor profile, make this with unfiltered apple cider.

This is also a wonderful base for amaretto and aged rum. When topped off with caramelized oranges, you get yourself a very special cocktail.

4.Alabama Slammer

As the name suggests, the Alabama slammer was introduced in Alabama, the University of Alabama to be precise, back in the 1970s.

And, it didn’t take long for this smooth cocktail to spread throughout the country and become a hit with cocktail drinkers.

When you think of a classic Southern cocktail, the Alabama slammer has everything you should want from one.

It sports a smooth, whiskey-like taste to it, with boozy, yet fruity notes.

This “whiskey-style” liqueur is made with almonds and orange juice, which should not work together at all, but they do! Together, these ingredients result in a butty and buttery cocktail.

An Alabama slammer is perfect to get comfy with. And, if orange juice isn’t your “thing,” you can swap it out with something else, such as peach or a splash of cranberry juice.

Go a step further and pop some sloe gin in as well. One sip and you’ll realize how well amaretto goes with fruits.

5.Bocce Ball

A refreshing, tall juice highball, the Bocce ball has an easy-to-remember recipe that can be made quickly.

Although there are several methods to preparing one, at heart, it is quite a basic but flavorful mixed drink.

Amaretto and orange juice are the two key ingredients in any Bocce ball.

The almond undertones complement the citrus notes beautifully, putting a unique take on the typical orange juice highball.

The Bocce ball is a nostalgic cocktail that will never go out of style.

It displays the excellent flavor experience of amaretto with orange juice, with many calling it “amaretto’s answer to the screwdriver.”

As for variations, you can make a Bocce ball into a harder drink by adding vodka.

Or, You can simply leave it out entirely. This is a terrific option at any time, especially for brunch with friends. Every hour is happy hour when you have a Bocce ball in your hands!


The Godmother is one of the best amaretto options for vodka drinkers. It’s a little milder without the whiskey backdrop, but just as enjoyable.

At its core, the Godmother is a simple, slow-sipping cocktail that’s ideal for winding down at the end of a busy day or night, particularly as the weather cools.

This is a wonderful mixed drink with a slightly sweet flavor. It is also surprisingly simple to make.

It’s a gentler variant of the Godfather (which we will look at next) and is made using vodka instead of scotch, coupled with amaretto.

The Godmother is sometimes referred to as a “Tawny Russian,” but it’s best to go with a “Godmother” at the bar, as this is its most common name.

Its Russian name alludes to its resemblance to the black Russian, a famous lowball of coffee liqueur mixed with vodka.

7.The Godfather

From the Godmother to the Godfather, we’re keeping things in the Amaretto family.

Popular since the 1970s, the Godfather is an easy-to-make mixed cocktail, combining amaretto and scotch.

And, that’s it. All it needs are these two ingredients, which are placed directly into a cocktail glass.

The result? A smooth, slow-sipping beverage to wind down with.

An ideal nightcap cocktail, the Godfather is also perfect for happy hours.

And, if you fancy a cocktail with a dessert, such as baklava, cheesecake, or tiramisu, then the Godfather is the way to go.

Simple but satisfying, the blend of amaretto and whiskey are divine in this traditional cocktail.

With every scotch you pour into this cocktail, the drink’s profile will change and become richer each time.

We recommend trying it with a semi-peaty malt or with a smooth blended whiskey. You won’t regret it.

8.Amaretto Cranberry Kiss

Love cranberries? If so, you’ll love the Amaretto cranberry kiss cocktail.

Bring a taste of your summer vacation to your home today by enjoying this classic beverage.

Popular in drinks such as the Cosmopolitan, the amaretto cranberry kiss is a versatile and tasty cocktail.

The only problem is trying to decide what to mix with this gem of a drink.

We highly recommend going for cranberry juice as your number one choice, especially if you want to make a simple highball.

Or, check out the recipe above for a more complex cocktail to help you get the party started. 

9.Italian Sunset

Imagine relaxing on a summer’s evening, watching the sunset with an Italian Sunset cocktail in your hands (see also ‘Famous Italian Cocktails: 20 Of The Best‘). Life doesn’t get much better than that!

This cocktail contains various, delicious layers, such as grenadine, almond, and orange.

Together, these create a perfect, refreshing combo for watching the sun slowly set below the hazy horizon. 

10.Disaronno Milkshake

When making any of our amaretto cocktails on this list, you can use any amaretto brand you like.

But, Disaronno have made their own drink recipes which are high-quality and super delicious.

This recipe includes Disaronno amaretto, which is both highly flavorful and decadent.

All you need to do is combine your Disaronno with milk and ice cream until you’re left with a smooth, sultry combo.

Then, pour into any tall glass you have before topping off with whipped cream and, to finish off, a maraschino cherry as garnish. Pure perfection. 

11.Triple Espresso Martini

If you want to spice your vodka martini up a bit, a triple espresso martini is a great option.

Packed with vodka, amaretto, and coconut, it’s impossible to only have one of these addictive cocktails.

And, that’s before adding a chocolate rim! Heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth!

So, forget about brewing coffee this evening. Opt for this classic amaretto cocktail instead.

This three-ingredient beverage is simple but powerful, and will be a welcome addition to any cocktail collection.


When you think of iconic pairs, pear vodka and amaretto may not be the first combo you think of.

But, once you make this Peartini, it will be one of the best duos you have ever encountered.

Also included in this cocktail is a spice syrup, made with seasonal spices and brown sugar.

The result is a cozy, inviting cocktail with fruity notes, thanks to the vodka.

When Autumn is creeping up on you, prepare this Peartini for relaxing nights in and dinner parties with friends and family. 

13.Amaretto Sidecar 

If you’re looking for a strong, potent cocktail, look no further than the Amaretto sidecar.

This absolute classic is made with orange liqueur, lemon juice, and cognac to create a strong, punchy flavor.

The recipe above is a little milder than many amaretto sidecar recipes, but you can make it stronger if you prefer.

Instead of using cognac, amaretto is used as a substitute, thus giving this cocktail a milder and very delicious nutty flavorful twist.

14.Wedding cake Cocktail

Your summer festivities merit a one-of-a-kind beverage. That special drink is the Wedding Cake cocktail.

Anyone who drinks this will be left astounded by its creamy, yet frozen combination. 

Made with amaretto, gin, pineapple juices, and orange, the wedding cake cocktail is best characterized as a tropical gin smoothie.

Try this and it’ll undoubtedly become a new favorite of yours very quickly.

15.Amaretto and Coke

Fancy a cocktail that is quick and easy to make? Amaretto and Coke is a fantastic alternative if you want an alcoholic mixed beverage, but with little to no liquor flavor.

This is a delightful and distinctive cocktail, sporting a sweet and smooth flavor profile.

Somehow, it is also low in alcohol, making it a perfect choice for quiet occasions and nights on the couch.

16.The Orgasm 

With a name like that, it’s no wonder this cocktail has become so popular over the years!

As well as its “eye-catching” name, the Orgasm amaretto cocktail contains a mixture of vodka, amaretto, orange liqueur, heavy cream, and crème de cacao.

As soon as this touches your lips, you will experience one of the creamiest and smoothest amaretto-based drinks out there.

So, if you have a sweet tooth, get ready for this bombardment of deliciousness! 

17.Red Snapper Shooter

Like whiskey? Like amaretto? Then, you’ll love a Red Snapper Shooter.

This is one of the most famous cocktail recipes to feature Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, and although it is often mistaken for a Bloody-Mary, the base of whiskey is different to that of a classic Bloody-Mary, which has gin.

However, a Bloody-Mary is often referred to as a Red Snapper Shooter, too.

This popular shooter has a very sweet touch to it, but remains very tasty.

A classic and simple cocktail, we are sure this is another that will soon become a favorite of yours.


This Snowball cocktail recipe is absolutely perfect for when the colder months start to creep in, and you need something charming and flavorful to keep you feeling cozy. 

We love the slightly bitter flavor of a Snowball cocktail, thanks to its almond amaretto notes, alongside the sweet taste of ice cream.

Best of all, this is so easy to make, with only a few ingredients needed.

If you love desserts and amaretto, a Snowball is made for you. We suggest topping it off with a torched marshmallow. Creamy and thick – it’s a glorious “adult” milkshake to enjoy! 

19.Lounge Lizard

Simple to make, with just a small pour of cola and amaretto, and a shot of dark rum, the Lounge Lizard cocktail is a truly interesting beverage. It is as easy to drink as it is to make, too. 

If you love a basic rum and coke, then you should go one step further with this Lounge Lizard recipe.

Just by adding liqueur and a shot of dark rum, the flavor profile becomes more complex.

But, it still goes down easily and is a refreshing drink for any time of the year. 

20.Blueberry Tea

Some cocktails are similar to those chemistry experiments you did at school (just with less…well…chemicals).

Many cocktails are made by accident, and this Blueberry Tea is a prime example.

This blueberry tea recipe actually contains no blueberries, and the ingredients should not work at all.

But they do, so well. This is a warm cocktail with hints of sweet blueberries.

Amaretto, richly flavored orange liqueur, and orange pekoe tea are combined to make an extraordinary amaretto cocktail.

21.White Christmas Dream

Eggnog isn’t to everyone’s taste. So, when eggnog seems to be everywhere at Christmastime, alternatives need to be sought after. Luckily, the White Christmas Dream is a great option. 

This drink comes with the vodka-amaretto base of an eggnog martini, but also comes with heavy cream.

If you have a party coming up, make both this and eggnog, so everyone is happy.

22.Almond Joy

If you love candy, then you will adore an Almond Joy cocktail.

This combines coconut rum, crème de cacao, and amaretto, to create a drink that is more like a candy bar, rather than an alcoholic beverage. 

There is a wonderful hint of almond, chocolate and coconut in this drink.

And, with the addition of flavored rum (as with the recipe above), the cocktail becomes unique with a powerful explosion of coconut flavors. 

23.Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

We all love to see a flaming cocktail get served at the bar. Even better is when that flaming cocktail is yours.

And, EVEN BETTER than that, is when you can make one at home!

The Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot is one of the most popular flaming cocktail shots out there.

And, despite the Dr. Pepper namesake, this soda is not actually required.

The taste of Dr. Pepper is actually created because of the flame, when the drink is lit on fire, the mixture of amaretto, rum, and beer mimics the popular soda’s taste. Try it and you’ll see! 

24.Fireball Eggnog

We’re sticking with the fiery theme for this popular, seasonal cocktail.

A twist on the traditional spiked eggnog, this fireball eggnog recipe sees amaretto make an appearance alongside cinnamon spiced whiskey. What you end up with is a drink perfect for any festive occasion.

All you need to do is shake the ingredients with eggnog and ice, before serving in a glass with a cinnamon-sugar rim. Divine.

25.M&M Shooter

We’ll make this one short and sweet. Why? Because making it takes a very short time and the flavor is wonderfully sweet.

All you need is a blend of amaretto and coffee liqueur. You could opt for chocolate vodka or hazelnut liqueur instead, if you wanted to.

Whatever ingredients you use, an M&M Shooter is simple to make, and even easier to drink.

26.DIY Amaretto

We all know how good amaretto is in cocktails, but it’s just as delicious on its own, especially when using the expensive brands. If you’re on a budget, though, try this simple recipe at home.

This DIY amaretto makes for an excellent after-dinner cocktail. We recommend pouring it into a retro cocktail glass for a relaxing drink.

Or, you can simply sip it leisurely with a dessert of your choice from a delicate cordial glass.

27.White Rabbit

A White Rabbit is perfect for enjoying a slight twist on a Brandy Alexander. Its refreshing flavor is perfect for springtime and that first drink of the year in your backyard.

With a mixture of Garstang gin, Amaretto, cream, vanilla, and lemon curd, we will be very surprised if you can stop at one. This is certainly one of our favorite amaretto cocktails on this list. 

28.Santa’s Whiskey Flip

We finish with a holiday classic! Taking inspiration from the famous whiskey flip cocktail, Santa’s whiskey flip contains cinnamon whiskey and amaretto.

Head into any cocktail bar during the Christmas season, and this will get you in the festive mood immediately!

When shaken with heavy cream and one large egg, it results in an amazing, irresistible, foamy cocktail. Merry Amaretto times!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tends To Mix Well With Amaretto?

One of the best ingredients to compliment amaretto is fresh citrus.

Whether you use lemon juice, lime, orange juice, or pineapple, amaretto always works well with the zest of citrus fruits. 

Does Amaretto And Coke Taste Good? And What Does It Taste Like?

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love amaretto and coke. It has a distinct, yet only slight nutty flavor profile, which stems from the almond flavor of amaretto liqueur.

Amaretto and coke is also relatively low in terms of alcohol content, making it a perfect slow-sipping beverage for relaxing evenings in. 

What Is The Best Method To Drink Amaretto?

As you can see above, there are almost countless ways to enjoy amaretto cocktails.

But, some of our favorites are mixing amaretto with coca-cola, to make an alcoholic beverage similar in taste to Dr. Pepper, mixing it with black coffee, making an amaretto sour with 1 part sour mix and 3 parts amaretto, and adding amaretto to fresh orange juice to produce a long cocktail. 

In Summary

Amaretto seems to go with just about anything! Try out our selection of our favorite refreshing amaretto cocktail recipes above and see which ones you love the most!


28 Delicious Amaretto Cocktails

28 Delicious Amaretto Cocktails

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