Dark Rum Cocktails: 16 Of The Best

Known for its sweet, spicy, and warming taste, rum is a popular alcoholic drink enjoyed by many, and famed for its relationship to the Caribbean and nautical history. 

Dark Rum Cocktails: 16 Of The Best

Versatile and delicious, dark rum in particular is the key ingredient in many well known cocktails, and continues to play a popular role in the repertoire of mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best dark rum cocktail recipes out there!

1. The Dark & Stormy

Perhaps the most famous dark rum cocktail on this list, the dark and stormy takes its name from its dark color, and the complex combination of spices and flavors, created by the taste of the rum, the sharpness of fresh limes, and the spiciness of the ginger ale mixer. 

A perfect sipper on those sunny evenings with friends and family, or for something dark and stylish on a night on the town, the dark and stormy perfectly exemplifies the versatility and mystique that the rum cocktail has come to represent. 

2. The Zombie

Another classic dark rum cocktail, and one that has found infamy and popularity on the clubbing scene, the zombie draws on its Caribbean heritage, offering a fruity, refreshing drink that makes you want to dance the night away. 

Don’t let the scary name dissuade you, this cocktail classic is a sweetheart under the surface, but should always be treated with the respect it deserves. 

3. Pineapple Rum Punch

Another Caribbean classic, pineapple rum punch offers the fruity, refreshing flavor palette that has become synonymous with the region, and combines it with the rich, complex spices of dark rum to create something truly unforgettable. 

Perfect for evenings in the sun with friends, or for a late night treat on a romantic night for two. Whenever you choose to enjoy it, this will quickly become one of your all time favorites. 

4. The Rum Sour

A different take on the classic New York cocktail, the whiskey sour, the rum takes the simplicity and the mystique of this historical drink, and injects it with the spice and sweetness of dark rum to create something else entirely. 

The combination of the mixed spices, and the sourness of the citrus juices creates the perfect taste balance, and sets this drink up as a modern classic in its own right.

5. The Mai Tai

In many ways, the Mai Tai is synonymous with summer fun, and the very idea of this drink conjures up warm evenings, crystal blue waters, and the fruity indulgence of a good rum cocktail. 

But it’s not just the image of this drink that makes it so popular.

With a long history, and a delicious flavor palette, this cocktail remains a firm favorite amongst mixologists and customers alike, and can be found on most cocktail menus around the world. 

6. Dark Rum Mojito

While the mojito classically uses white rum, dark rum equivalents are becoming increasingly popular, and there has been a lot of experimentation on this front to see if this really can work as well as the original. 

Luckily, the answer was an astounding yes, and the usual mintiness of the traditional cocktail pair surprisingly well with the botanical spiciness of the dark rum, meaning that those with a distaste for white rum can still enjoy this classic drink. 

7. Rum Old Fashioned

Another classic New York whiskey cocktail, the original Old Fashioned has become an institution around the world.

However, experimentation with dark rum opened up a whole new world of flavor, cementing this concoction as a strong contender in its own right. 

The rum Old Fashioned takes the simple mystique of the classic, and adds just a hint of wildness, with the spices and rich, brown sugar taste of the dark rum creating something strong, dark, and oh so very handsome. 

8. Hurricane Rum Cocktail

For a drink that screams summer, why not try this recipe for hurricane rum cocktails?

Taking the botanical spices of the dark rum, and combining it with crushed ice and grenadine syrup, this drink literally looks like it belongs in a beach resort. 

The perfect sharing cocktail with friends, this drink is light, playful, and most importantly, refreshing. 

9. The Eye Of The Storm

Adding a spooky take on the traditional Dark and Stormy, the Eye of the Storm takes cherry juice and grenadine syrup to take an already dark and mysterious cocktail and take it one step further.

Perfect for Halloween punch, or as a seasonal fall drink around the end of October, the Eye of the Storm is the perfect cocktail for adult get-togethers with a spooky twist.  

10. Maple Rum Hot Toddy

For something entirely different, why not try this seasonal winter warmer?

Perfect for the holidays, and taking inspiration from the traditional Scottish whisky hot toddy, the spices of the dark rum work wonders with the heat of the drink, the sweetness of the maple, and the citrus juices. 

This really does taste like winter time in a mug, and is the perfect twist on a classic that can be enjoyed with friends and family. 

11. The Cuba Libre 

Also known as a rum and cola, the Cuba Libre is perhaps the most famed rum cocktail in the world, and has become a staple of any bar and pub menu. 

There are endless possibilities with this drink, as the simplicity of the ingredients allows experimentation with different types and brands of rum, different flavors of mixers, and different accompaniments, such as lime juice, lemon wedges, and various herbal additives. 

The chances are, you have heard someone order this drink, and for good reason.

The simplicity, the effectiveness, and the delicious taste are what make this drink a long lasting classic amongst customers and mixologists alike. 

12. The Black Pearl

Taking its name from the dark color of the finished article, The Black Pearl is as delicious as it is mysterious, and while it might instantly make you think of the famous ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, there is much more to this drink than an association with pirates. 

Featuring a dark, bitter Italian amaro known as Fernet-Branca, The Black Pearl boasts a strong flavor palette and complex flavor combinations that will leave you enthralled and enamored by this drink for years to come. 

13. The Rum Manhattan

Another fresh take on a classic New York cocktail, the rum Manhattan takes the subtly, bitterness, and intrigue of the original, and turns it on its head. 

Using rich, botanical dark rum, the rum Manhattan adds new life to this party, turning it from a brooding, dark, and mysterious cocktail, into a warm, flavorful concoction that feels a long way from its New York roots. 

14. Dark Rum Southsides 

The complex flavor palette of this drink is achieved thanks to the rich spiciness of the dark rum, combined with the freshness of mint leaves, the sour tang of lime juice, and the sticky sweetness of simple syrup. 

If this drink represents one thing, it is balance, something it has in spades, boasting a clean finish, an attractive pale coloring, and a taste that will leave you refreshed, satisfied, and wanting more. 

This is a perfect all year round drink that can be enjoyed time and time again with friends and family.  

15. The Black Daiquiri

While strawberry daiquiris might be considered a summer favorite, the black daiquiri feels like it could be consumed all year round. 

This drink really strips down some of the showiness of the original, taking cocktails back to their roots, while offering a drink that is steeped in the flavors of the original, albeit with a dark, smoldering aura that feels a million miles away from the cheerful innocence of the original. 

16. The Rum Negroni

While the classic negroni is a combination of gin and vermouth, the rum negroni switches out the gin for rich, dark rum, enriching the once subtle flavor palette with a newfound sense of zest, life, and excitement. 

The negroni is a cocktail that has consistently been experimented with over the years, with whiskey and tequila variants being incredibly popular, but none of them quite stand out on their own as much as this instant classic, which takes a much loved drink and turns it into something else entirely. 

One might even forget that this isn’t the original. It’s that good. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, our rundown of some of the best dark rum cocktail recipes on the market.

One thing that’s clear about dark rum is just how versatile a drink it can be, allowing for endless experimentation and innovation.

With such a wealth of possibilities, it is easy to see why rum cocktails remain firm favorites for both mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike. 

Why not try one for yourself? Something tells me you won’t regret it!

Dark Rum Cocktails: 16 Of The Best

Dark Rum Cocktails: 16 Of The Best

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