35 Delicious Winter Stews And Soups To Warm Your Insides On A Cold Day

On a cold winter’s day, one of the best meals that you can eat is stew, or soup. These meals are generally easy to prepare, and don’t require too much effort.

You simply prepare your ingredients, and leave them to cook until they are ready to eat.

35 Delicious Winter Stews And Soups To Warm Your Insides On A Cold Day

Then, when you eat the meal, it will literally warm up your insides and protect you from the cold weather.

There are a ton of different stews and soups out there, but if you are looking for a recipe to enjoy during the winter, you are in the right place.

Keep on reading to find the perfect winter stew or soup for you!

1. Creamy Tomato Soup

First up, we have the absolute classic that is creamy tomato soup. If there is one company that is responsible for how widely popular this type of soup is, it is Heinz.

But, you can make delicious creamy tomato soup at home, and we’d even go as far as to say that this homemade version tastes better than Heinz.

No matter whether you are serving this as a starter for a 3-course meal, or a winter warmer while it snows outside, this recipe will be a hit!

2. Creamy Pumpkin Soup

When the fall days start getting cooler, around the time of spooky season, there is no better soup to make than creamy Pumpkin soup.

When you first see a pumpkin, you automatically think of Halloween, rather than the things that you can do with these magnificent vegetables.

This creamy pumpkin soup is smooth and delicious with a range of different flavors in each bite. So, we would definitely recommend giving it a try in the winter months!

3. Roasted Carrot And Ginger Soup

Another delicious soup that is orange in color is roasted carrot and ginger soup. If you love carrots (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), you will adore this soup.

The leading flavor in this recipe is the carrots, and they are simply complemented by the small amount of ginger that is added to the mix.

It is the perfect soup for those who love carrots, and great for warming your insides up before you head out into the cold too!

4. Stuffed Cabbage Soup

As you will notice throughout this guide, quite a lot of the soup recipes included take quite a while to prepare.

This is particularly true of the recipes that include meat which we will look at a little later on. That is why we love this stuffed cabbage soup.

This recipe is super quick to prepare, packed with flavor, and ready to enjoy in just 30 minutes. So, if you want something quick and easy, look no further than this recipe.

5. Irish Parsnip Soup

A lot of Americans have family roots that lead back to Ireland, and this is partly why Irish Parsnip soup is so widely enjoyed.

Parsnips are incredibly popular in Ireland, and because there are a lot of them grown in this country, they are readily available.

Hence why Irish parsnip soup is so common. We know it doesn’t sound like the most interesting soup out there, but don’t knock it till you try it because it is actually really yummy!

6. Thai Coconut Soup

Moving to another part of the world entirely, next we have Thai Coconut Soup.

Thai coconut soup is completely different to all the other soups that we have looked at so far, and this is mainly due to the coconut in the recipe.

Coconut is an acquired taste, but if you like it, you will love this Thai coconut soup!

7. Lancashire Hotpot

Moving back toward the United Kingdom, Lancashire Hotpot is a firm favorite, and this recipe is super traditional.

Traditional Lancashire hotpot uses lamb, meaty gravy and potatoes to create a full meal that has stew at its heart.

This Lancashire hotpot recipe is guaranteed to fill you up, while simultaneously leaving you wanting more. It really is perfect for a winter’s day.

8. Spanish Bean Soup

If you have ever visited Spain or any Latin American country, you may have tried Spanish bean soup. Spanish bean soup is made using garbanzo beans, spicy sausage, and potatoes.

It is incredibly flavorful and also has undertones of chicken from the sauce. It is easy to make, and just like Lancashire hotpot, it is guaranteed to fill you up!

9. Black Bean Soup

Another bean-based soup that we think you’ll love is black bean soup. Black bean soup is quite different from Spanish bean soup with the only similarity being the use of beans.

In particular, we like this black bean soup recipe because it is vegan. So if you are catering for people with different dietary needs, it is the perfect recipe to make.

10. Corn Chowder

For a truly hearty meal, we would recommend making this simple corn chowder. There is nothing more cozy than a nice big bowl of corn chowder enjoyed in front of the fire on a cold winter’s day.

So what are you waiting for? This recipe is quick and easy to prepare, and utterly delicious. There really is nothing to lose with this recipe.

11. Broccoli And Cheese Soup

Another delicious and warming soup to consider making is broccoli and cheese soup. This BBC Good Food recipe is immensely popular because it is straightforward and simple to make.

We love this recipe as a starter, and even as a main meal when served alongside a nice piece of bread and butter.

It is vegetarian-friendly, and guaranteed to be enjoyed by meat eaters too. You really cannot go wrong with a soup recipe that includes cheese!

12. Cheesy Potato Soup

Speaking of cheesy soups, next up we have this cheesy potato soup.

Cheese and potatoes are two ingredients that work incredibly well together, so it goes without saying that they work well served together in soup too.

This soup is quick and easy to make, and surprisingly smooth too. If you need to prepare a quick and easy soup in a rush, this is the perfect option to warm your insides up.

13. Creamy Chicken Soup

Now let’s move onto chicken based soups. In the US, we enjoy chicken noodle soup when we are feeling under the weather (we’ll get onto that next), across the pond in the UK, they eat creamy chicken soup instead.

Creamy chicken soup is another smooth and delicious soup that has mainly been made popular by Heinz.

However, this homemade chicken soup is just as satisfying and really easy to make too!

14. Chicken Noodle Soup

Or, if you want to stick with our American classic, then this chicken noodle soup is perfect.

No matter whether you are making this for somebody who has been unwell, or if you simply want to make yourself a nice homely meal, this recipe will be perfect.

It is healthy and satisfying, and it tastes out of this world.

This recipe is amazing, and we would definitely recommend giving it a taste.

15. Chicken Gnocchi Soup

If you’ve ever tried Olive Garden’s Chicken Gnocchi Soup, then you will know that it is out of this world.

This copycat recipe is perfect if you are craving Olive Garden’s soup, but don’t want to eat out to have it.

This recipe tastes every bit as creamy as the soup that you get at Olive Garden, and it is surprisingly easy to make too. Don’t believe us? Just give it a try!

16. Chicken Enchilada Soup

Or, if you prefer your soup to have a bit of a kick, then you should check out this chicken enchilada soup.

This is an innovative soup, and definitely not one that you would immediately consider on a cold day.

However, once you give this recipe a try, you definitely will be converted.

If you love enchiladas, then you will adore this recipe. This soup tastes exactly like enchiladas, which we know sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.

17. Mexican Chicken Stew

On the topic of spicy soups, next up we have this Mexican chicken stew. Just like the chicken enchilada soup, this stew packs a punch.

It is chunky and packed with all sorts of different ingredients that you would normally associate with Mexican cuisine, so it is the perfect choice for any lover of Mexican food.

It won’t be for everyone, but if you like spicy food and foods such as avocados, you will probably love this stew.

18. Chunky Winter Vegetable And Chicken Soup

Some vegetables are known as “winter vegetables”, so it makes sense that the perfect soup for a winter’s day will utilize these vegetables.

This soup is perfect for anybody who loves chunky stews and soups. The veg is cut into chunks and so is the soup, but by the time you eat it, these chunks will melt in your mouth.

With cheesy croutons on top, this soup creates a true chef kiss moment, and we think you’ll love it!

19. Sausage And Vegetable Stew

This sausage and vegetable stew is definitely one of the fancier options out there, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

We love this Hairy Biker’s sausage and vegetable stew because it uses a variety of different ingredients to create a full taste experience.

From hoppy ale to flavorful sausages and chunky vegetables, there is something for everyone in this stew. This is definitely one that we would recommend serving if you want to impress your guests.

20. Guinness Beef Beer Soup

Another soup that uses beer in the recipe is this Guinness beef beer soup. Guinness is a beer that is made in Ireland, and it is popular all across the world.

While it tastes great when drunk, it also tastes great when used to cook meat, and when you taste this soup you will really understand what we mean.

While it is listed as a soup, this recipe is actually more of a stew because of the chunkiness of the ingredients. But no matter what you want to call it, it tastes delicious.

21. Cheeseburger Soup

If you liked the idea of the unique enchilada soup we looked at earlier, then this cheeseburger soup will be right up your street.

This is one of the stranger recipes on this list, but don’t knock it till you try it! If you love cheeseburgers, then we’d bet that you’ll love this soup.

22. Beef Taco Soup

Sticking to the topic of weird and wonderful soup recipes, next we have this beef taco soup.

This recipe incorporates every taste that you would expect in a beef taco, and puts it in soup form instead.

It is a chunky soup that packs a fair kick, but it is hearty and wholesome, and guaranteed to fill you up – exactly what you want on a cold day.

23. Slow Cooker Beef Soup

We’ve spoken quite a lot about beef soups by now, so we won’t go into much detail here. This beef soup is perfect if you want a low maintenance meal that you can prepare in advance.

Simply chuck the ingredients in the slow cooker, then in a few hours, you will have succulent beef soup ready to enjoy.

24. Pork And Root Vegetable Soup

In terms of pork soups, this Asian pork and root vegetable soup is by far one of the best.

It is packed with lots of different staple ingredients of Asian cuisine, so if you like this style of food, you will adore this soup.

It isn’t a smooth soup, so if you like chunky soups with lots of ingredients, it is perfect for you!

25. Smoky Bacon And Cheddar Soup

Cheddar cheese is a real comfort food, and so is smoky bacon. That is why this soup is one of the best recipes out there if you are looking for a comforting food.

This soup is creamy and cheesy and thick, and we love it! It is packed with flavor without having to use too many ingredients, so it is perfect for any fussy eaters out there.

26. White Bean And Bacon Soup

Another great recipe that uses bacon is this white bean and bacon soup. This soup is bursting with flavor because of the wide range of ingredients that are used in it.

With a range of fresh vegetables, white beans and bacon, there are lots of different aspects to this soup’s flavor which makes it so popular.

27. Beetroot Soup

Moving away from meat-based soups briefly, we have beetroot soup. If you love colorful, Instagrammable food, then this beetroot soup is perfect for you.

It has a rich beetroot flavor, but a super smooth consistency that most soups are unable to achieve.

Something else that is great about this soup is that it is delicious served hot in the winter, but also delicious cold in the summer. It really is a soup for all weathers.

28. Egg Drop Soup

If you love Chinese food, then there is a good chance that egg drop soup is one of your go-to dishes.

We love this soup, and have searched high and low for a recipe that comes close to our local Chinese restaurants. This recipe isn’t perfect, but it is close – so you have to give it a try.

29. Tortellini Soup

Or, if you prefer Italian cuisine, check out this tortellini soup! With Italian sausage and kale, there are all sorts of flavors in this soup, and it is jam-packed with goodness.

Italian cuisine-lovers, this is for you!

30. French Onion Soup

In contrast, if French food is more your cup of tea, then this French Onion Soup is perfect for a cold day.

With caramelized onions, cheese, and garlic, this soup is truly delicious. But you already know that, so why not give this recipe a whirl?

31. Clam Chowder

Seafood based soup isn’t for everybody, but clam chowder is still pretty popular.

You might find yourself put off preparing this soup because you expect it to be difficult to prepare, but this recipe explains why you are wrong.

So, if you want a simple yet delicious clam chowder recipe, check out this one.

32. Fish Stew

Alternatively, if you are happy with just a standard fish stew – check out this recipe.

It is jam-packed with fish, and perfect for warming you up on a cold day, while also ensuring that you feel full. If you dislike fish, then avoid this soup, but if you love fish, it is pretty much made for you!

33. Jamaican Brown Stew

Jamaican brown stew is a staple in Jamaica, so if you have ever tried it on your travels, this is the recipe for you.

It is a little more complex than some of the other recipes on this list, but the hard work is totally worth it when you taste that first spoonful!

34. Borscht

Ukraine’s most famous soup has to be Borscht, and if you have tried it, you will understand why.

This rich meat-based broth-style soup is made for cold weather, so it is the perfect winter soup to warm you up. It is packed with flavor, and pretty too, so we would definitely recommend trying it!

35. A Provençal Winter Stew

Finally, let’s wrap this up with a Provençal Winter Stew. Of all the soups on this list, this is the one that is best suited to a cold winter’s day.

It will give you memories of hot summer days that are guaranteed to make you feel warmer, and it tastes amazing too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Stew And A Soup?

The key difference between a stew and a soup is the preparation of the ingredients. While the end result can be very similar, a stew is prepared by stewing the ingredients in the broth.

In contrast, a soup is usually prepared before, and then it becomes liquid during the cooking process.

What Is Good Meat For A Stew?

There are lots of different meat that you can put in a stew, as you can see in this guide.

One of the best options is beef, however pretty much any meat that you have at home will be suitable.

Is Stew/Soup A Good Meal For The Winter?

Yes, stew or soup are both brilliant meals for the cold winter months. These dishes are designed to warm you up, and they are often easy to make too.

If you want something nice and easy to prepare on a cold winter’s day, look no further than a stew or a soup.


In this guide we have taken a look at 35 different delicious winter stews and soups.

So if you are looking for a nice warm soup or stew to warm your insides on a cold winter’s day, check out this guide!

35 Delicious Winter Stews And Soups To Warm Your Insides On A Cold Day

35 Delicious Winter Stews And Soups To Warm Your Insides On A Cold Day

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