16 Best WingStop Menu Items

The popularity of fast food restaurants has been growing ever since they were first created.

They are popular because of their low prices, large menus, and because you can get your food quickly and conveniently. 

The issue with fast food though is that many of the restaurants sell many of the same things.

16 Best WingStop Menu Items

So where can you go when you want something different? 

WingStop is one of the lesser visited fast food places, but that might just be because people don’t know about the many delicious foods on their menus. 

Quick-service restaurants like WingStop have upped their game by adding new items to the cuisine they provide on their menus, so you have a large selection of foods to choose from. 

Because of this, WingStop has become a fan favorite, particularly among people who are interested in sampling a variety of sauces for their chicken wings.

But just because the place is called WingStop, doesn’t mean that they only sell wings!

WingStop has a large menu that sells many different meals, so no matter what you’re craving, you can find it in this restaurant. 

With so many options to choose from, you may be wondering where to start.

That is why we have made this list of the top 16 best menu items you should order the next time you visit WingStop. 

Keep reading to find your next favorite WingStop meal!

1. Garlic Parmesan Wings

Garlic Parmesan Wings from WingStop are famous for having a very unique traditional old mild wings taste. 

While these wings are some of the tastiest foods sold by WingStop, you should perhaps avoid them if you are not a big fan of garlic.

Also if you love hot wings, then you might be a bit disappointed by these, as there is very little heat.

When it comes to heat, the wings don’t have much going on in that department.

The flavor more than makes up for this though.

You won’t even realize that the wings don’t have a spicy flavor because the predominant flavor is that of garlic, which contributes to the richness of the dish.

The wings are seasoned with a dry rub that also includes Parmesan cheese.

It has a flavor that is a little bit salty, but this will only make you want more wings.

Even if the flavors are nothing more than simple and traditional, the one that is created by the blend is just incredible.

2. Cajun Fried Corn

As a lot of the food served by fast food restaurants is similar, you may be craving something new and different.

If that’s the case, we can’t recommend the cajun fried corn enough!

This side dish might very well be at the top of the list of foods that could replace fries in your order. 

This very simple side dish is essentially just corn that has been fried.

After frying, the cooks at WingStop add an additional layer of flavor by sprinkling on Cajun and fried spices.

Cajun fried corn is not the best choice if you are looking for something that will make you feel really full as the portion size is quite small, but it complements your wings perfectly.

The seasoning makes an already great dish even more delicious!

3. Lemon Pepper Wings

You can’t talk about succulent and juicy mild wings without mentioning these lemon pepper wings from WingStop. 

The lemon pepper wings are a customer favorite, and everyone who has tried them has expressed their love of the wing’s flavor and texture.

The Lemon Pepper Wings from WingStop are easily among the greatest chicken wings you will have ever tasted.

There is a flavor that will remind you of citrus, and it’s not completely overpowered by the pepper.

Instead, both flavors balance each other perfectly. 

Even though it contains pepper, you should not anticipate the dinner to be very spicy.

They have a level of heat that can be tolerated by virtually everyone, making these a dish that can be enjoyed by all. 

4. Louisiana Voodoo Fries

The decision of which item to order as a side for your wings might be difficult because there is such a broad variety of options available.

At WingStop, the Louisiana Voodoo fries are, in many people’s view, one of the nicest accompaniments you can have for your wings.

These fries really do live up to their reputation as one of the nicest sides that you can order.

These WingStop’s Louisiana Voodoo Fries are topped with both ranch dressing and a wonderful cheesy jalapeño sauce.

If you want to add even more flavor to your fries, then you can add a dash of Cajun seasoning. 

Although the flavor is more robust than that of most fries on WingStop’s menu, this might be exactly what you are looking for in your side dish. 

5. Seasoned Fries

Like a lot of fast food restaurants, WingStop serves some basic seasoned fries as a side dish to all of their meals. 

These fries are the most basic ones that you can get at WingStop, especially compared to the Voodoo fries or other side foods.

There are other items on the WingStop menu that are superior then the fries, but this does not mean that the fries do not taste delicious.

The WingStop Seasoned Fries use a special blend of herbs and spices that give them their signature flavor.

Because these seasonings don’t generate a lot of overpowering flavors, they are the best choice for anyone who wants their fries to have a traditional flavor.

They pair rather nicely with a variety of the wing varieties that are available at WingStop.

However, you might find that there is not enough salt on the fries, though you can easily add some more before you eat. 

If you don’t want your side dish to overpower your main wings, then these fries are the perfect choice for you. 

6. Veggie Sticks

When you go to a fast food place, the last thing you are probably thinking of is vegetables.

But any dish that contains vegetables will automatically become more nutritious and wholesome, and as a result, everyone ought to make an effort to consume them more frequently as part of their diet. 

Many fast food restaurants are beginning to add healthier options to their menu as people become more health conscious.

Because of this, veggie sticks are a wonderful addition to your meal. 

The flavor of the WingStop Veggie Sticks is intense, and they are crisp and fresh.

They also contain very few ingredients or preservatives, as they are basically just celery and carrots, which makes them a bit boring. 

The big issue with this side is that WingStop has not yet introduced a unique sauce that may be used to dip the veggies in.

At this time, they only provide the traditional dipping sauce that is served with WingStop wings.

By bringing out a special sauce to be used to dip these veggie sticks in, they would be able to boost their flavor of them, which would probably make them more popular. 

But if you want to add a healthy touch to your WingStop meal, then these veggie sticks are one of your best options. 

7. Fresh Baked Rolls

When you go to WingStop, most of your meals will likely be meat-based because of the wings.

But what if you are craving some carbs with your meal? 

If that is the case, then these freshly made buns are a fantastic alternative for you to consider.

You should be aware, however, that these rolls do not have a particularly robust flavor or taste.

They have a flavor that is almost exactly the same as that of regular bread or dinner rolls, but they make an unexpectedly good pairing with hot wings. 

A lot of the sides at WingStop pair well with certain wings, like how the voodoo fries complement the lemon pepper wings. 

As hot wings are (unsurprisingly) hot, you may want some neutral bread to balance out this heat and get your mouth ready for the next big dose of heat from the next hot wing. 

8. Mango Habanero Wings

When combining sweet and spicy flavors, the most important thing to do right is to find the correct balance between the two.

WingStop has strict this balance perfectly in their Mango Habanero Wings.

Be warned though, these wings are very hot because habanero is notorious for its high level of heat.

The wings are primarily characterized by the flavor of mango, but the addition of habanero takes it to an even higher level.

It makes it quite hot, yet at a level that can be comfortably handled, so it perfectly balances the flavor of the sweet mango.

These wings are one of the most popular wings that this fast food restaurant sells. 

The tastes of sweet, syrupy, and fiery habanero will create a flavor that you may never have experienced before.

The mix of these flavors will have you wishing that you ordered even more. 

After trying the Mango Habanero wings, many customers say that they are the go-to order. 

When you first take a taste, the rich flavor of the mango immediately draws your attention to its sweetness.

As you continue to eat from your wings, the flavor of habanero will eventually make its way to your mouth.

Because of the way all of these elements work together to create the ideal harmony and equilibrium, you are certain to appreciate the dish and will always be wanting more.

9. Atomic Wings

To begin, if you are unable to tolerate hot and spicy flavors, you should steer clear of atomic wings at all costs.

These wings have a delicious layer of taste behind the layer of heat that they pack.

At WingStop, these are the wings with the highest level of heat that you may order.

The presence of various flavors means that you won’t have to concentrate just on the spicy flavor though. 

Those who enjoy a fiery kick in their wings will really adore this meal.

The sauce could be spicy, but even if it is, it won’t be the spiciest thing you’ve ever tasted.

While you need to like spicy food to enjoy this order, those who are not that familiar with spices may still like them. 

10. Original Hot Wings

While WingStop is obviously very good at preparing a wide variety of wings with different and unique tasty flavors, they are still able to make simple products for those who want wings without all of the extras. 

If you are someone who likes the simple things in life, then the Original Hot Wings from WingStop is the ideal dish for you. 

These are wings that are made in their most fundamental form but are nonetheless cooked to perfection.

WingStop has honed the art of producing such fundamental and straightforward dishes to the highest possible standard.

The chicken wings may be spicy and tasty, but they do not have any toppings that are really out of the usual.

The original hot wings with WingStop’s signature original hot flavor are a classic.

This flavor was one of the first varieties to find its way into WingStop’s menu when the fast food restaurant originally opened. 

There must be something very remarkable about this pairing for it to be able to withstand the passage of time.

It has a spiciness to it, but it is only mildly hot.

Even if you cannot tolerate a huge amount of heat, you will easily be able to enjoy these wings. 

11. Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings

On the menu at WingStop, the Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings are some of the chicken wings with the most subdued flavors. 

Fans of barbecue wings are well aware that proper preparation is the key to producing great smoked wings.

You do not need to be concerned about these BBQ wings that come from WingStop though.

These wings have been cooked properly and perfectly, and are served with a barbecue sauce of the highest possible quality.

The taste of the sauce enhances the subtlety of the wings’ flavor, which makes the wings even more delicious.

If you pay great attention, you will pick up on the smokey undertones that are present throughout the meal.

An extra sweet flavor is there as well, which helps to enrich the taste in a very modest way.

12. Louisiana Rub Wings

People who don’t want their wings very hot but also won’t settle for them being plain will find that the Louisiana seasoning on these chicken wings is the perfect compromise for them.

Foodies will recognize the signature Cajun flavor immediately upon taking their first bite.

It gives the chicken a flavor that can’t be found in any of the other wings, and it’s a flavor that really stands out.

These wings have a rub on them rather than a sauce covering them.

If you like the texture of crispy chicken skin, you should put wings seasoned with Louisiana Rub at the top of your to-eat list.

On the other hand, in comparison to the other available choices, the chicken is unfortunately quite dry.

However, those who favor crispy chicken are likely to gloss over this aspect of the dish.

13. Mild Wings

When considering the boneless wing alternatives available from WingStop, these mild wings are often forgotten about by customers. 

Despite this, they continue to be a fan favorite among those who like chicken wings with an additional kick of flavor.

Although these wings are not particularly hot, they have a taste that more than makes up for the lack of heat.

These wings have a deliciously sweet and savory flavor, and they have been cooked to perfection.

You will crave more of these as soon as you have finished your first portion.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking pleasure in a wide variety of flavors while avoiding richness.

But for those who love a bit of a spicy kick, these wings may be a bit disappointing. 

14. Spicy Korean Q Wings

The majority of customers who have sampled WingStop’s authentic and original Korean taste have given the restaurant’s Spicy Korean Q wings a good rating (see also ‘17 Korean Restaurants You NEED To Try in the United States‘).

The flavor is fully developed and possesses pretty much the best qualities of everything, including both sweet and spicy flavors.

The sauce is produced using a variety of distinct tastes, which elevates it to the position of a top option.

However, the tastes of ginger and garlic are more prominent than those of the other ingredients.

In light of the absence of a strong foundation in the other tastes, the sauce is an excellent choice for the wings.

Other seasonings such as crushed red pepper, Sriracha, and other similar condiments are also included in the sauce.

15. Buffalo Ranch Fries

You might have heard about the debate that has been going on around ranch dressing.

While many adore it and sprinkle it over chicken wings, veggies, and a wide variety of other foods, some hate it in every way.  

The Buffalo Ranch Fries at WingStop unsurprisingly come covered in ranch dressing.

But WingStop also adds something a bit different to traditional ranch fries. 

They also add hot sauce to the fries, which creates the ideal balance of savory and fiery sensations in each bite.

WingStop pours a significant amount of sauce over their french fries.

While this overpowers the flavor of the fries, this is needed as the fries in their most basic form are just seasoned with salt.

You will be happy with the additional flavor. 

In addition, these fries are typically a good complement as a side dish to practically all of the many kinds of wings that are offered at WingStop, making them a very versatile dish. 

16. Hawaiian Wings

Anyone familiar with the background of Hawaiian pizza has probably heard about the debate that surrounds the delicious treat.

Different people will have different reactions to the taste combination of sweet and savory.

Fans of Hawaiian Wings often express a preference for the dish when it is prepared with a combination of sweet and savory ingredients.

WingStop fans who want a sweeter flavor in their wing sauce will enjoy Hawaiian Wings.

If you are one of the few people who enjoy wings with a very rich flavor, you should make this dish your next go-to choice. 

Asian cuisine provides a rich source of inspiration for the flavors that go into making Hawaiian wings.

The chicken is juicy and flavorful, and it has a kick to it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is WingStops Most Popular Sauce?

The Original Hot is WingStops’s most popular and well-loved sauce.

Although there is nothing about this sauce that can be considered especially innovative, it is still a good option to go with. 

This is the one that got Wingstop’s business off the ground.

You’ve probably found that Original Hot is fairly similar to other hot wing sauces you’ve tasted in the past.

While it is nothing new, you will still enjoy it. 

What Are The Most Popular Wings At WingStop?

Across the USA, Buffalo Wings are the most popular ones that WingStop sells. 

On the East Coast, WingStop fans chose the Honey Garlic Wings as the most popular, but people in the rest of the USA just can’t get enough of the Buffalo Wings, meaning that the Honey Garlic Wings got bumped to second place overall. 

What Is WingStop’s Hottest Food?

The Atomic Wings are the hottest ones that you can order at WingStop.

For those who love heat and a bit of a challenge, the Atomic Wings are a perfect choice. 

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