The Best Wendy’s Sauces To Try With Your Meal

International fast food restaurant Wendy’s is known worldwide for its delicious square burgers, its tasty sea-salted fries, as well as the Frosty desserts that they have to offer.

If you’re an early riser or simply love breakfast at any time of day, be sure to explore Wendy’s breakfast menu items.

What’s also great about Wendy’s is the vast variety of dipping sauces that they have for you to choose from to go with your meal. 

The Best Wendy's Sauces To Try With Your Meal

A common misconception is that the sauces stay the same, no matter what fast food restaurant you choose to order from, but in reality, there is often a vast difference in the taste and quality of sauces between restaurants.

Plus, it’s not like all restaurants have the same sauces on offer, and Wendy’s is known for the plentiful amount of options available! 

So, whether it’s for dipping your chicken nuggets or your fries, here are some of the best Wendy’s sauces to try with your meal the next time you find yourself in their drive thru! 

The Best Sauces To Try

Here are some of our favorite sauces for you to try the next time you’re at Wendy’s (see also ‘All Items You Can Get On The 4 for $4 Menu At Wendy’s‘)!


1. BBQ

We’re not quite sure what it is, but there’s definitely something special about Wendy’s BBQ sauce, it’s an absolute classic of course, but it just seems to beat so many of the BBQ sauces you might find at other fast food restaurants! 

The BBQ sauce at Wendy’s makes for the perfect dipping sauce for their iconic chicken nuggets, but it also tastes great when you dip your salty fries into it also, as the sweetness of the sauce will help to balance the saltiness of the fries. 

We love this sauce thanks to its all-encompassing taste, it’s a tangy and sweet sauce, with just enough smokiness throughout too, so you can be sure that it will go along with anything on Wendy’s menu.

You could even add it to some of the burgers that don’t have sauce if you wanted to upgrade them yourself!

So, if you’re looking for a versatile sauce to become your go-to at Wendy’s, you definitely can’t ignore the BBQ sauce! 

Buttermilk Ranch

2. Buttermilk Ranch

Another sauce option that never fails to partner your food is Wendy’s buttermilk ranch, so if you’re looking for an all-purpose sauce to go with your meal, it’s certainly one worth checking out. 

This sauce might be vastly different to the BBQ sauce we previously discussed, it’s much richer in flavor, and is also creamier too, but this means that if you’re slightly put off by the sweetness of the BBQ sauce that Wendy’s offers, then this might just make the perfect alternative. 

Similarly to the BBQ sauce, the buttermilk ranch sauce is an excellent accompaniment for Wendy’s salted fries, and the creamy nature of the sauce means that once you dip just one fry in, you won’t be able to stop yourself from dipping the rest in, the combo is just that irresistible! 

The buttermilk ranch is certainly the more sophisticated of the options you can pick from Wendy’s, but if you’re willing to ignore all of that, you can always open up your sausage egg and cheese breakfast biscuit in order to add some of the creamy buttermilk ranch inside for a truly unique tasting breakfast, just thank us later! 

Honey Mustard

3. Honey Mustard

Not a fan of BBQ sauce but still craving a rich and smoky flavor?

Then you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Wendy’s delicious honey mustard sauce, it even has that tanginess that pairs so well with plenty of the options that Wendy’s has on offer. 

In fact, it pairs so well with the chicken sandwiches that you can get from Wendy’s that we regarded it as a “must have”,  so that you can slather the inside of your sandwich with this delicious sauce, which will turn up the flavor in your sandwich to the max. 

Of course though, its main intention is a dipping sauce for the chicken nuggets, which is a tasty and addictive combination, but you can also work it into a whole host of items on the Wendy’s menu, whether it’s your fries, your breakfast potatoes, or even your burgers, it pairs well with so many different things that it’s hard to ignore! 

If you’re not a fan of the sweeter sauces, this might be one you want to avoid, however if you’re someone who has a sweet tooth when it comes to their food, then this might just be the perfect sauce for you! 

Sweet And Sour

4. Sweet And Sour

Sweet by name, sweet by nature, but this sauce also packs that tangy kick that comes from the sourness found in the sauce.

This Asian-inspired flavoring makes for such a great sauce to dip your nuggets and fries into, and if you sit back and really revel in the combination of the flavors, you’ll find that the clash of flavors is something that is too good to miss out on! 

This sauce, as always, works well as a dipping sauce with your usual fries and nuggets, but you can make use of it with some of the options on the menu that you wouldn’t expect it to go well with, including the plain baked potato!

The sauce also has a sort of fruitiness to it as well, so if you like to get fruit with your Wendy’s order, then you could also dip it into the sauce as well! We think it partners well with some apple slices. 

Overall this sweet and tangy sauce makes for a great choice when it comes to sauces at Wendy’s, so try it out if you haven’t already! 

Ghost Pepper Ranch

5. Ghost Pepper Ranch

Certainly not a sauce for the faint-hearted, this sauce packs a whole load of spice, so if you find that you’re not able to withstand a bit of heat in your sauces, then this is certainly one to steer clear of! 

But this isn’t just any old spicy sauce, because it uses ghost peppers, which have a Scoville scale rating between 600,000 – 1,041,427 SHU, which means that this is by far and away one of the hottest sauces on offer at any fast food restaurant, so it should be reserved purely for those who like their sauces to have a kick. 

The ghost pepper gets infused with the classic buttermilk ranch sauce, so you still have that delicious creamy texture, but this time it heats things up rather than cools them down!

As a result of the spiciness though, it means that this sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a whole host of the meaty items you can find at Wendy’s, so from the breakfast baconator to the bacon cheeseburger, this sauce will help to elevate the juicy meaty flavors even more! 

So, if you’re brave enough to try this sauce, then go for it! Maybe just have a cup of water nearby though… 

Hot Honey Sauce

6. Hot Honey Sauce

Want some spice without going overboard?

Then we think you’ll love this sauce, which features the combination of super sweet natural honey, as well as hot habanero peppers, which creates a sweet yet spicy fusion that is sure to pique the interest of your taste buds no matter what you eat it with. 

Similarly to the other spice sauce we mentioned, we find this sauce is best paired with the more savory items on the Wendy’s menu, and if you’re really a spice fanatic, you can go ahead and pair it with the spicy chicken sandwich, or use it as a dipping sauce for the spicy chicken nuggets!

It also pairs well with some of the breakfast items too, especially on something like the breakfast sausage sandwich, as the sweetness of the sauce will combine perfectly with the spicy sausage! 

This is also a great alternative to the honey mustard if you want a sweet sauce that isn’t too overpowering. 

Creamy Sriracha

7. Creamy Sriracha

Whilst it certainly isn’t as hot as the hot honey sauce, and nowhere near as hot as the ghost pepper ranch sauce, this creamy sriracha sauce still contains a mild heat that will appeal to all fans of spicy sauces.

So if you want some heat without burning your tongue, or at least needing a soda nearby to help cool your mouth down, then the creamy sriracha sauce will make for an excellent choice. 

It’s certainly a unique and interesting combination created by Wendy’s and it’s one that has gone down extremely well with both avid customers and the occasional visitors too.

Its creamy texture and mild spiciness make it perfect for dipping into, and whilst it isn’t too spicy really, the sriracha flavoring ensures that the sauce isn’t too bland either, which fans of hot sauces will be thankful for! 

So no matter what you pair it with, we’re sure that this sauce will go down a treat. 

Cheddar Cheese

8. Cheddar Cheese

Want some cheesiness to dip into? Then this is the way to go, this cheese is super melty and is made with real cheddar cheese and whole milk, so you can be sure this will partner any fries or potatoes perfectly!

9. Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Whilst only available in order to top your salads, this pomegranate vinaigrette makes for an interesting dressing that will be sure to bring out the super fresh taste of your salad even more. 

The taste of this vinaigrette is particularly unique too, and has a delicious combination of both sweet and tangy tastes that will fit perfectly with any of the different salads that Wendy’s has to offer!

Caesar Sauce

10. Caesar Sauce

Nothing beats a caesar salad dressing, and a Wendy’s caesar salad dressing is one of the best.

This delicious dressing features real parmesan and Romano cheeses inside the sauce, which means that you can be sure that this tastes exactly how it would in a real Italian bistro. 

As anyone who regularly eats caesar sauce will tell you, this sauce can absolutely revolutionize the taste of your salad, and paired with the freshest vegetables, is sure to provide you with the best tasting salad possible! 

Southwest Ranch

11. Southwest Ranch

If you want a little bit of heat on your salad, then you most certainly need to add some of Wendy’s gorgeous southwest ranch to your salad, which most certainly brings a whole load of heat to your cold fresh vegetables! 

If you’re having a chicken salad, then this dressing is going to make an excellent addition to your salad, and will really help to elevate the taste of your chicken too! 

Final Words

As you can see, Wendy’s has a whole host of sauces available for you to choose from, and all of them are going to help make your food even better! 

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