26 Incredible Wagyu Beef Recipes To Try

If we’re talking about high-grade meats, then nothing even comes close to the pristine quality of wagyu beef, perhaps the greatest of all kinds of beef out there.

And, just like with many other kinds of beef, there are a ton of recipes that wagyu can be used in, from stews to burgers to good old-fashioned steaks.

26 Incredible Wagyu Beef Recipes To Try

There’s almost too much variety when it comes to wagyu beef recipes (almost)!

In this guide, we are going to show you some of the best wagyu beef recipes that you can try cooking next time you’re lucky enough to have some high-quality wagyu in your pantry.

Some are simple, some are extravagant, but all will melt in your mouth with juicy meaty goodness!

1. Wagyu Steak

Starting us off with a classic dish, we have a prime specimen of a wagyu steak recipe for you to try out.

Cooked to perfection, and seared in a way that locks in all the best flavors, this is a classic example of wagyu beef steak, and a perfect recipe to get started with if you have never cooked with wagyu before, and want some practice before jumping in the deep end.

2. Wagyu Beef Burger With Caramelized Onions

Where beef mince is turned into a tasty beef burger, wagyu beef is turned into a burger patty that is unrivaled in tenderness and juicy flavors.

Through in some caramelized onions for extra flavor, the right melty cheese, and some Garlic aioli for the perfect sauce, you have what might be the best burger on the planet!

3. Pristine Wagyu Steak

Just as there are plenty of different recipes for cooking normal steaks, wagyu has plenty of different recipes for making a stellar steak dish.

If you’re a fan of Japanese cooking and cuisines and want to see a steak recipe directly inspired by this type of meat’s homeland, this is a recipe that you should follow for your next wagyu meal!

4. Wagyu Katsu Sandwich

Not quite a burger, but every bit as tasty, wagyu sandwiches are perhaps the greatest of sandwich dishes out there.

Make sure that you’re using a pristine, high-quality loaf when making this sandwich recipe. After all, the best beef deserves the best bread!

5. Garlic Butter Wagyu Beef

Garlic butter is already an amazing ingredient to use in normal steak recipes, so why wouldn’t it be great with wagyu meat too?

Just make sure that the butter is melted, but not burned when you throw your steak into the pan or skillet!

6. Wagyu Beef Katsu Sando

Katsu is a very popular flavor/sauce to use in Japanese and other East Asian cuisines, so you’d better believe that it’s being used for a good wagyu steak too!

7. Wagyu Burger

Why stop at one burger recipe, when two give you so many other options for flavors and ingredients?

Make sure that you have some crispy fries to serve with this jaw-dropping, mouth-watering burger!

8. Classic Wagyu Beef & Vegetable Soup

Beef is a staple of soup recipes across the world, so wagyu is bound to make for an even better soup recipe!

And as you’ll find in this dish, that is certainly the case, especially with plenty of fresh vegetables to boot!

9. Wagyu Beef Rib-Eye With White Truffle Butter

Truffle butter has to be one of the most exquisite ingredients that you can cook with, so it needs an equally incredible slice of meat to be prepared with.

Fortunately, we have just the slice to go with it! Have fun with this incredible rib-eye recipe!

10. Smoked Wagyu Brisket

So many people love steak, that they often seem to forget what they’re missing out on with brisket.

It just makes you wonder how good a wagyu beef brisket would be…

Well, wonder no more with this recipe!

The best results for this dish come with an appropriately hefty smoker to bring out that buttery smooth tender meat when you cut into it while getting an unparalleled smoky flavor on the outside too!

11. American Wagyu Beef Chili

Beef chili is a staple dish of many households up and down the country. This might make it seem a little strange for many people to use a pristine wagyu beef steak in such a mundane dish.

However, as you’re hopefully starting to understand, a well-prepared wagyu steak isn’t brought down by a normal recipe.

In fact, with the right instructions, everyday meals are elevated to incredible heights with wagyu meat!

12. Fullblood Wagyu Beef Tequila Tacos

Tacos and beef go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s practically THE staple dish of Mexican and Tex-Mex meals for many people.

So, one has to wonder what wagyu can bring to an already delicious dish.

Well, with a little tequila marinade, quite a lot, it turns out!

13. Mouth-Watering Corned Beef Braised With Guinness

Guinness is a rather unexpected cooking ingredient for some people, especially when most prefer to drink it instead (forgetting conveniently about wine, it seems…).

However, when you’re preparing corned beef for a recipe, there’s not a better flavor to braise your wagyu steak with!

Just keep an eye on it, and avoid the heat getting too high too quickly. Burned Guinness is not a smell that goes away easily!

14. Wagyu Katsu Sando

Look, we love a good katsu sandwich, what can we say besides that?

Juicy wagyu meat packed between two soft slices, it’s a simple dish that is elevated by the katsu sauce.

15. Wagyu Beef Dumplings

If you love gyoza dumplings as much as we do, you owe it to yourself to check out this recipe.

A soft and tender dish like this only complements that soft, tender feel that wagyu steak is known and loved for.

16. Wagyu Meatloaf

Again, it can feel like normal dishes are a waste to use wagyu meat in.

But make sure you try this wagyu meatloaf recipe first, before telling us how wrong that idea is!

17. Grilled Wagyu Beef Ribs

Beef ribs are a classic item for grills across the country, so you’d have to assume that wagyu is only going to be better.

For the best results, a mix of olive oil and a BBQ glaze will get you unparalleled results in the flavor department!

18. Wagyu Sukiyaki

Being a staple part of Japanese cuisine, it is no surprise that some of the best wagyu recipes are tailor-made Japanese dishes.

Take this sukiyaki dish, for example. Slowly cooked and thinly sliced, whilst mixed and marinated with sugar, soy sauce, and mirin, there’s no other recipe on this list quite like it.

19. Beef Stroganoff

Of course, beef stroganoff is s staple European dish that is popular around the world, so it too can only be improved by adding the finest beef to the finest creamy stew!

And, of course, you can’t forget about the meaty, earthy flavor of the mushrooms in a good stroganoff, can you?

20. Wagyu Steak With Creamy French Onion Mushrooms

Wow, wagyu goes well with mushrooms, doesn’t it?

Grass-fed and green pasture-grown wagyu has a delightfully buttery and creamy feel to it when cooked right, making it the perfect main meat to be complemented by an equally earth-grown mushroom side like this!

21. Grilled Wagyu Rib-Eye With Roasted Fig Miso

While many different things, one of the flavors that wagyu beef very rarely seems to have on its own is sweet.

So if you want to prepare a wagyu beef dish unlike any other you’ve made, then this fig-infused dish will be a great test of your cooking skills!

22. Wagyu Rib-Eye

Of course, if you prefer the classic flavor of old-fashioned steak rib-eye, you’ll find plenty to love in this particular recipe!

23. Smoky Cheese Wagyu Meatballs

If you love your meatballs packed with plenty of flavor and extras, you’ve come to the right place with this recipe!

Make sure you’re using a cast-iron skillet when you’re cooking these particular meatballs. 

24. Smoked Wagyu Brisket

Once again, we return to that classic beef dish that you just can’t get enough of, a good old-fashioned brisket.

Once again, the key to getting the flavors right in this particular dish is down to the smoker that you’re cooking it in.

That, and making sure that you have plenty f time on your hands to cook your wagyu with!

25. Wagyu Steak Don

Here, you’ll find that the wagyu steak, seared and glazed to perfection, rests beautifully on a bed of fluffy rice for an amazing meal.

Make sure to give the rice a moment or two to fully absorb the flavor of that perfectly cooked wagyu steak on top!

26. Wagyu French Beef Sandwich With Au Jus

Finally, we finish this list with a recipe that we (almost) started with, a delicious wagyu steak sandwich!

Make sure that your French dip is ready with this particular dish.

While the steak itself is fantastic (as always), the sauce is what brings the beef and cheese together into an unbeatable recipe (at least, in our eyes anyway).

Are there any Alaskan Pollock recipes that can be substituted with Wagyu beef?

Looking for a unique twist in your culinary adventures? We understand your curiosity about the possibility of substituting Alaskan Pollock with Wagyu beef in certain recipes. While Alaskan Pollock and Wagyu beef have very distinct flavors and textures, you can explore a wide array of delightful options within the extensive alaskan pollock recipe collection that showcase the exceptional qualities of this exquisite fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Wagyu Beef?

We’ve talked A LOT about wagyu beef in this guide, so it’s probably worth clarifying what exactly wagyu beef is in the first place.

There are a surprising amount of people who assume that wagyu beef is simply a type of cut of beef, as opposed to what it is.

Wagyu beef originally referred to a breed of cattle that were exclusively bred and reared in Japan, that is now raised across the world. The name itself pretty much translates as ‘Japanese cow’.

Wagyu beef was and still is renowned for its astounding quality, both regarding its texture and taste, with a fine marbling effect that is unrivaled by virtually any other type of beef.

This is in part due to the higher amount of care put into the cattle and their older age than standard beef is cut at.
This also explains the higher price tag that most wagyu beef has as well!

Is Wagyu Beef Healthy?

With many kinds of beef, there is often a concern that they are going to be unhealthy, given that a lot of beef can contain lots of saturated fats and other less-than-healthy substances.

Certainly, the marbling that wagyu beef making up anywhere from 8% to 12% might make it seem like an unhealthy cut.

However, because the types of fat that you’ll find in wagyu beef are primarily monounsaturated fats, the number of unhealthy aspects of fat such as cholesterol are surprisingly low.

In fact, wagyu beef is so low in cholesterol and high in healthier Omega-3 acids, it is noticeably healthier than many other types of meat like fish and chicken that are often toted as healthier meats.

So, not only will you be eating well with wagyu beef, you’ll be eating healthier too!

How Can You Tell That A Wagyu Beef Is Legitimate?

So, how exactly can you spot wagyu beef among other types of beef when you are out hunting for this elusive meat?

Well, the easiest way is to look for the certification on the meat. Wagyu beef has an incredibly high standard of quality, so any beef claiming to be wagyu has to meet or exceed that standard.

So, any wagyu beef that is the real deal will come with some kind of certificate of authenticity.

Should You Cook Wagyu Beef With Oil Or Butter?

Generally speaking, when cooking normal beef, it is often standard cooking practice to cook the meat in oil or butter to lock in the flavor and moisture of your cut.

However, wagyu beef contains plenty of natural oils in the meat itself, so will generate its own oil once thrown in a hot pan.

Because of this, when picking an oil to cook your food with, you’ll want to look for ingredients that will accentuate or add extra flavor to your wagyu.

Butter is popular for this reason because the salts found in butter will help emphasize the beef’s flavor. Olive oil is also a popular cooking oil of choice if you’re looking for a more herbal or wine-like flavor to your wagyu.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it?

Which of these recipes do you plan on making first?

26 Incredible Wagyu Beef Recipes To Try

26 Incredible Wagyu Beef Recipes To Try

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