28 Venison Recipes You Need To Try

Whether you are somebody who is new to the deliciously rich and flavorful meat that is venison, or you’ve been enjoying it for a while, it can be difficult to find some new and interesting recipes involving this meat. 

28 Venison Recipes You Need To Try

Whether you’re looking for something for breakfast (that’s right), lunch, or dinner, we’ve got a whole host of delicious and mouth watering venison recipes listed below. Keep reading to discover something new to make for your next meal. 

1. Grilled Backstrap 

Why not start off our list with perhaps the most delicious cut of venison that you’ll ever try – the backstrap.

This tender and succulent meat will fill your craving for the meat, and this recipe tells you how to grill it to a state of absolute perfection. 

2. BBQ Venison Burger

Those who have tried venison before know that it makes for some incredible burgers. Juicy, meaty, tender, there is truly nothing better.

This recipe uses BBQ sauce to uplift the flavors beautifully, whilst also adding some bacon and cheese for the ultimate venison burger experience. 

3. Venison Wellington

We have all heard of a beef wellington, the delicious meat filled pastry dish originating from England.

This recipe, however, replaces the traditional beef with venison instead, and the result is a robust and flavorful dinner meal.

Deliciously luxurious in taste, it encases the meat in a mushroom duxelle which is super rich. This is a great meal to make when you have dinner guests over (see also ‘39 Birthday Dinner Meals To Wow Your Guests‘). 

4. Venison Pie

We all love a hearty and warming pie for dinner, especially as the weather grows colder.

This venison pie recipe is sure to keep you nice and toasty, as it’s filled with chunks of the delicious meat, as well as some large, juicy, chestnut mushrooms, and some red wine. Comfort food at its absolute best.

5. Venison Casserole 

Another dish for when the weather is cold outside and you need a heartwarming dish to fill your stomach.

This casserole is incredibly easy to make too, with very little prep time. Enjoy the comfort of eating this dish, the enjoyment of which will be heightened by the fact that it only contains 300 calories per serving.

6. Venison Carpaccio With Pickled Red Cabbage

Why not put a super fancy recipe on the list to try? This one is a favorite in many restaurants, and if you decide to make it, will surely ‘wow’ your guests the next time you host a dinner party.

The venison is marinaded tenderly with herbs, before being served alongside a salad of cabbage, olive oil, and lemon juices. Your starter will be the talk of the town!

7. Bacon Wrapped Venison Bites

Looking for a venison recipe that would work as a starter? Look no further than these little morsels of deliciousness.

These bacon wrapped venison bites taste just as good as they sound, and have a gorgeously smoky taste that hits the spot. 

8. Venison Albondigas Soup 

Perfect for your next lunchtime meal, this venison soup is truly scrumptious. It has all of the delicious nutrients that you need to warm you up if the weather is unforgiving outside.

With lots of Mexican spices, if you’re a fan of all things hot, then you have to try this recipe.

9. Venison Sliders

Once you taste this delicious meat within a sandwich, you’ll never turn back. Move over, beef! Venison sliders are in town (see also ‘23 Foods That Begin With V‘).

These sliders are deliciously tasty and tender, and as you take each bite, you’ll feel the savory juices flowing in your mouth. 

10. Venison Tamale Pie

Another pie recipe on our list that is absolutely to die for. Venison is such a deliciously rich and hearty meat that it’s perfect for these sorts of dishes, and this tamale recipe is no exception.

It has lots of green chilies to give it a kick, but also contains sweet corn to balance it out. With lots of gorgeously crispy biscuits piled on top, it’s incredibly filling and delicious. 

11. Chicken Fried Venison Waffles

Our fried venison has been crisped up in the same manner that you would expect fried chicken to be, but it’s actually got lots more flavor.

Spicy, sweet, and tasty, this waffle recipe makes an excellent luxury lunch idea for when you’re feeling hungry. 

12. Venison Dogs With Pickled Beet Slaw And Cheat’s Brioche Buns

Lets face it, venison just makes everything fancier. Take these dogs for example, they feel as though they could be served in a fancy restaurant and wouldn’t seem out of place.

Meaty and rich, with a punchy and zany vinegar based coleslaw, paired with a sweet and tender brioche bun, this recipe could elevate any family barbeque. 

13. Pesto Mozzarella Stuffed Venison Meatballs 

Why make regular venison meatballs when you can make these elevated, intricate meatballs instead.

They are inspired by Italian recipes, and have lots of ooey gooey mozzarella cheese inside. Along with the delicious nutty taste from the pesto, this meal would make a perfect date night dinner. 

14. Venison Satay With Peanut Sauce

You can make this recipe either as a starter for your meal, or as a component in a barbeque.

They’re full of fresh Thai flavors which work beautifully with the peanut sauce accompaniment outlined in the recipe.

If making this as a starter, it looks really well presented on a simple bed of lettuce. Full of gorgeous flavors, you’ll struggle not to eat them all! 

15. The Best Venison Stew

This venison stew recipe has everything that you could possibly want from such a recipe.

Rich, comforting, and incredibly warming, this dish is made with sloe gin that will make you tingle inside.

Along with the sauce, the cheesy polenta is the perfect accompaniment, and will surely become a staple in your weekly meals this winter. 

16. Venison Thai Salad

If it’s something more light and summery that you’re after, then look no further than this Thai inspired venison salad.

It’s a truly fresh and tasty dish that can be made with the simplest of ingredients. Green herbs, peppers and fresh leaves, this one is tasty and forgiving on the waistline. 

17. Venison Curry With Rice 

If you’re a lover of curry, but haven’t branched out and tried a venison one before, then this is your sign to branch out and try something new.

With lots of tender chunks of venison, this curry has a rich, savory sauce that is tempered by the apple slices packed inside.

This recipe works really well when it is served simply with some plain white rice. Absolutely delicious! 

18. Venison Goulash

We all know that goulash is the ultimate heartwarming comfort food that we need sometimes. This venison goulash recipe is no expectation.

The rich sauce has an incredibly deep flavor that is sure to leave you salivating!

19. Teriyaki Meatballs With Venison

Another venison recipe for meatballs? Yes please! These Asian style meatballs are super delicious, with lots of green onions, garlic and ginger that give them a super punchy flavor.

Great as appetizers, or as a main course, the choice is yours. 

20. Homemade Venison Jerky

Store bought jerky is okay, but have you ever tried making your own, homemade version? We promise you that the difference is immense.

Homemade is just far better in every way, with more flavor, texture, and tastiness, you’ll want to make this recipe again and again. 

21. Venison Backstrap And Caramelized Onion Canapes

Remember before when we said that the backstrap was the best part of the meat? These canapes prove that point.

Super tasty and delicious, these little morsels are a great treat for serving up to guests at a dinner party. With some sweet caramelized onions and a spicy venison marinade, they’re absolutely divine. 

22. Venison Poutine 

Bursting with umami richness, this poutine recipe really packs a punch! If you want to make something that’s bursting at the seams with flavor, then give this recipe a try.

With lots of golden cheese curds, we promise that you’ll be impressed by this one. 

23. Smoked Venison Salad With Pears, Walnuts, And Blue Cheese

This salad is so flavorful, tangy and fresh at the same time, that you won’t feel like you’re eating a calorie restricted meal in the slightest.

It’s packed full of walnuts, pears, and blue cheese, along with perfectly smoked venison, that give it a gorgeously distinctive flavor. 

24. Venison Sausage With Bay And Garlic 

These sausages are absolutely delicious, and perfect to have as a breakfast meal with some fried eggs.

They can be smoked, or unsmoked, depending on your liking, and taste beautiful when they’re placed under the grill (see also ‘27 Grill Recipe That Will Melt In Your Mouth‘). 

25. Mexican Venison And Eggs Breakfast Skillet 

We promised that we’d give you a few breakfast ideas at the beginning of the article, so here you go, another delicious venison based breakfast idea.

This skillet is made with a delicious adobo sauce and runny eggs, and goes perfectly with some crispy bread. 

26. Venison Biscuits And Gravy 

If you’re a fan of traditional biscuits and gravy as a part of your regular weeknight meals (who isn’t?), then you’ve come to the right place.

This recipe has gorgeous homemade smooth gravy, tender biscuits and ground venison. It’s so yummy that you’ll want to make it again. 

27. Venison Spinach And Egg Casserole 

This dish is super versatile, and can be made either for breakfast, lunch or dinner! It’s easy, simple, and great for when you have extended family over for the holidays (see also ‘28 Easy New Year’s Dinner Recipes‘) that you need to cater for. Thank us later!

28. Venison Fried Rice 

Let’s finish off our list with another easy, yet super delicious recipe that you can whip up for the family of a weeknight.

Simply use any leftover rice and vegetables that you have for this dish, along with some pieces of venison, and you’re good to go! Tasty, savory, and filling, this recipe has all of the good things. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Flavors Go Best With Venison? 

If you’re somebody who is new to cooking venison, you might be curious about which flavors go well with this gamey meat.

As you can see from the list we’ve compiled above, it actually goes with a whole host of flavors. Some popular ones include fruits, spices, alcohol (red wine specifically), and an array of different herbs.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with this tender meat. 

What Is The Best Way To Cook Venison? 

There is no set way that you have to cook this meat, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you are making a dish involving venison.

Firstly, make sure that you don’t overcook it, it’s a meat that is incredibly low in fat, and so it is best served medium rare. If overcooked, it can become hard and dry. 

Secondly, a good tip is to oil the meat instead of the pan when cooking this meat, so that it is spread evenly everywhere. 

Thirdly, make sure that if you are cooking venison meat in a stir fry or a similar dish, that you constantly keep the pan moving. This will stop the venison meat from sticking or drying out. 

What is best to soak venison in before cooking? 

If you want to soak your venison meat before cooking to make it even more tender, then there are a few different ways of doing this.

You can either use lemon or lime juice, vinegar, buttermilk, or even plain saltwater. Whatever liquid you choose to soak it in can contribute to the flavor of the meat, so choose accordingly. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many delicious recipes for venison, that there is sure to be something out there that you will enjoy.

Whether you have been eating the meat for a while and are looking for some new recipes, or are just trying it for the first time and are looking for a starting point, simply take a look at the list above and choose something that appeals to you. 

28 Venison Recipes You Need To Try

28 Venison Recipes You Need To Try

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This article looks at some delicious recipes that involve venison meat.

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