The Best 29 French Desserts

French patisserie has a reputation for intricate and difficult food creations but making your own delicious French desserts at home doesn’t have to be difficult.

The Best 29 French Desserts

We put together our top 29 French dessert recipes. Some are classic French desserts, while others have a modern twist.

But all of these desserts are easy to make, and they are guaranteed to impress the family.

1.Easy Crêpes

Nothing says France more than a classic crepes, and you will be surprised how quickly you can whisk them together.

All you have to do is mix the batter, let it rest in the fridge and then cook them in a pan. The extra resting time will make these crepes especially tender.

A perfect start to the day for breakfast, or you can even serve these tasty crepes as a dinner treat.

2.Cherry Clafoutis

Clafoutis is very popular around the French town of Limousin where cherries grow in abundance, so it is no surprise that cherry clafoutis has become one of France’s famous desserts.

But people all across the Mediterranean eat different kinds of clafoutis with different fruits, such as pears, apples or plums. Then, this dessert is usually called flaugnarde.

You can leave the cherries in this recipe unpitted as this usually creates a much stronger cherry flavor and it means the juices won’t leak out turning the cake red.

Just make sure that everyone knows that the cherry cores are still in!


Eclairs are a traditional French dessert but not many people choose to make them themselves, although everyone enjoys eating them.

It may come as a surprise but they are not so difficult to make, and you can whip up quite a few in the same time that it would take you to bake a cinnamon roll.

4.Lemon Tart

If you crave something not quite so sweet, then this tangy lemon tart is just the answer.

Lemons are a perfect summer dessert and the large size allows you to create a dessert for bigger groups.

The magic ingredient of this tart recipe is the well-balanced lemon custard that has just the right amount of butter.

You can also adapt the recipe a little by adding vanilla and toasted almonds to the crust. This complements the lemon flavor very nicely.


Fraisier is the French word for strawberries (see also ‘27 Sweet Treat Strawberry Desserts For You To Try‘), and this is what this super tasty dessert recipe is all about.

In the old days, this strawberry cake was made with wild strawberries, but today you can use any type of strawberries that are available at your local store.

You can even add different types of fruit, such as raspberries. It’s always a good idea to adjust the recipe a little bit to match to your tastes.

6.Apple Tarte Tatin

There is nothing more warming in autumn than a slice of this caramelized apple tarte tatin. 

You can use any type of apple for this tatin and it’s a great way to use any left over apples from the harvest.

While this traditional tatin does have a tarte flavor, there is plenty of apple coming through. For added sweetness, you can also sprinkle a little bit of sugar and cinnamon on top. 

Serve it with some ice cream or just whipped cream, and it makes a perfectly delicious dessert for all the family.

7.Easy French Macarons

A traditional dessert even served at royal parties, French macarons are some of the best sweet treats.

This easy recipe for French cookies is quick to make and the macarons turn out light, chewy and soft. You can make them in a range of your favorite colors, although creating a rainbow set is great fun.

And one of the best things about macarons is that you can add almost any color and flavor to them.

8.Coeur A La Creme

Coeur a la creme simply translates to “heart with cream”, and this is exactly what this super tasty dessert looks like.

This heart-shaped dessert cake with some bright red sauce and fruit on top make it ideal as a Valentine’s treat. Plus, it is big enough to share for two.

But it isn’t all about the looks with this dish. Coeur a la creme tastes a bit like a cheesecake with fresh fruit.

9.Charlotte Cake

Summer calls for a fresh dessert with plenty of fruit, and a Charlotte cake has exactly that.

This classic French cake has an outside lining of ladyfingers which helps to retain the delicious inside filling and the shape of the cake.

Once you have lined the cake with ladyfingers, you can fill the inside with different fillings, such as custard, mousse, fruit preserve or simply lots of fruit.

There are different variations of Charlotte cake but most include strawberries, raspberries or apples.


Although the name profiteroles does sound very fancy, there are surprisingly easy to make.

All you need is a few puffs and an ice cream (or whipped cream) filling.

Add a dash (or more!) of chocolate sauce on top and you are ready to enjoy this tasty French dessert.

Alternatively, you can also add some powdered sugar for a more airy texture.

11.French Madeleines

While French madeleines are often referred to as a cookie, they are much more similar to small butter cakes.

This recipe is for more advanced bakers as you will need a little bit of experience to get them right, but as long as you follow each step of the recipe carefully, you should be able to make these super tasty madeleines yourself.

Although this madeleine recipe uses a hint of lemon, you can also add any other flavors, such as orange, vanilla, chocolate and even lavender.

You can even sprinkle a few chocolate chips in for added sweetness.

12.Lemon Meringue Pie

If you are familiar with lemon tart, then this lemon meringue pie shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

The delicious lemon filling is packed with lemon flavors from the lemon zest and lemon juice.

The best is that the filling is so thick and creamy that it holds its shape very well when baking.

The meringue is also relatively quick to make. You do not even need to bake it for too long as you want to keep it airy and soft with a crispy texture.

The fluffiness of the meringue, together with the zesty lemon makes this pie the ideal sweet treat for a summer party.

13.Easy Palmiers

Best known in English-speaking countries as elephant ears, this recipe for palmies is so simple and delicious that you can make them almost anytime.

Just sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top of the puff pastry and roll them into a heart-shape. This also makes them perfect as little treats for Valentine’s.

14.Crème Brulé

Crème Brulé is usually what you would expect to see in a fancy French restaurant but you don’t need to go anywhere for making this easy recipe.

With a creamy custard base and caramelized sugar, it may sound difficult to make this dessert, but there are only fur ingredients you need: vanilla, cream, sugar and eggs.

The best way to get the crispy crust on top is with a Brulé torch but your oven broiler will also do the job.

15.Galette De Rois

Made with a fluffy puff pastry (see also ‘28 Savory Puff Pastry Recipes That Are Simple To Make‘) and almond frangipane and jam, galette de rois is similar to Mardi Gras king cake.

Although this sounds difficult, it’s quite easy when you follow the recipe. Make sure that the puff pastry is egg washed and scored before baking.

This will give it a beautifully golden color on the top making it so beautiful to look at.

16.Tarte Tatin

A list of French desserts wouldn’t be complete without a tarte tatin. What makes this recipe for tarte tatin so unique is that it will always turn out super delicious.

Caramelized sugar sauce and tender apples add plenty of flavor to this deliciously rustic dessert, and there is plenty for all the family to go round.

17.Parisian Flan

While it does have the word flan in the name, this French dessert resembles more a pie, hence the acquisition of its English name “French custard pie”.

The pie shape is due to the vanilla custard filling which is surprisingly creamy.

On the outside, this Parisian flan recipe has a flaky tart shell with a gently burnt top that adds plenty of crunchy texture and flavor.

And the best thing about this French-style custard pie is that you can serve it hot or cold.

You can make it in advance for a party, and then serve it with some delicious banilla ice cream.

18.Cream Puffs

The traditional way of making cream puffs is with a sweet cream filling and French choux pastry.

This may sound fancy and complicated but you will only need eggs, flour, water, salt and butter which can be turned into an airy pastry.

The tasty, moist filling with pastry cream or whipped cream can also be swapped for cream cheese, ice cream, pudding or custard.

19.Poached Pears

The magical ingredient in this recipe for poached pears is saffron. This adds a stunning color to the pears and the poaching liquid.

You can even use ground turmeric powder as alternative but whatever you use, this French dish is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher for your next family occasion.

20.Pate Sablee

When you think of fruit tart, you almost expect it to be velvety and soft. This pâte sablée absolutely fits the bill. It has a tender crust with a buttery and rich filling. 

Pâte sablée translates into “sandy bread” but it is much more similar to shortbread. 

The shortcrust pastry dough is only baked once, and you can use as a base for almost any type of topping.

21.Homemade Croissants

If there is one thing, beside the baguette, that everyone in the world associates with France, then it is a croissant.

Croissants aren’t usually quick to make but this homemade croissant recipe is almost as fast as possible.

The dough is similar to borrowed pie crust. You just need to cut it large chunks of butter into flour, and bake them.

While croissants do take a little longer than some of our other French desserts, they are well worth the extra time and effort.

22.Chocolate Mousse

Mousse is another classic French dessert that has spread around the world in so many variations.

From mousse with fruit to the traditional chocolate mousse, this dessert allows for some interesting texture while being thick, creamy and airy.

The best way to serve this delicious mousse is straight out of the fridge. The extra chilling time will help the mousse to settle making it denser.

If you want to add a little extra sweetness, then you can easily top this chocolate dessert with your favorite fruit.

23.Canneles De Bordeaux

There are almost as many names for this dessert as there are variations. Sometimes it is called Cannelés, while others call it canales.

Although the name varies, there is always one constant with this dessert: its smaller cylinder shape. 

This means you will need to get a special mold to make this French dessert but they shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Just take a look online for canneles molds.

The crunchy caramelized crust and a sweet soft custard interior make this dessert almost irresistible.

You can serve canneles with delicious French drinks or just your favorite red wine. 

24.Chocolate Souffle

Souffle is one of these recipes that you should try at least once in your life, and when it’s as tasty as this chocolate souffle then it’s well worth having a go.

While this chocolate souffle isn’t as easy as French madeleines or a lemon tart, it makes up for it with the delicious, chocolaty taste.

You will need some small souffle cups which can be found online or in your local hardware store. 

The cups allow you to portion the souffle perfectly, and you can even choose to make more as they keep well in the fridge.

25.Easy Beignets

Made with French pâte à choux, these beignets from New Orleans taste delicious, and they are one of the fastest French desserts that you can possibly make.

The fried pastry dough is typically used to make eclairs and profiteroles, so you could make a large batch of dough and try your hand on a few different French desserts at the same time.

The added bonus with this recipe is that it can be fried up in just a few minutes thanks to the unyeasted dough.


Truffles are one of the best known dessert recipes for elegant and luxurious French cuisine.

Many of us stop in front of a chocolate store and admire the admire truffles stacked up to a pyramid in the window.

But you do not just have to look at them, and they are surprisingly not as difficult as you may expect.

All you need is a chocolate ganache which needs to be rolled into a ball shape.

Just make sure they don’t melt in your hand before you add a topping of cocoa powder.

Plus, these are also a very special, handmade Valentine’s Day treat!

27.Baked Brie

This isn’t brie (see also ‘10 Delicious Replacements For Brie‘) as you know it. While cheese is typically a savory treat, this combination of brie cheese and jam goes surprisingly well with French wine.

You can use any of your favorite jam, or just make your own. Serve it warm with fresh fruit, such as grapes.


To be fair, this may not be the easiest French dessert recipe but it is undoubtedly the most impressive, and it is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher at every party.

This giant tower of choux pastry puffs which is held together with intricate caramel threads can be a centerpiece at a wedding, anniversary or a very special occasion.

And the best thing about it is that there is plenty for everyone. You can just break some of the pastry out with a fork and swirl some caramel on top.

But you do not have to make a giant tower. You can also make it much smaller and serve it as an extra special weekend dessert.

29.Galette De Brittany

As its name suggests, this tasty French dessert originates from Brittany in the North West of France.

Galette de Brittany is a type of shortbread cookie but it uses cultured butter for an extra special flavor that makes this shortbread melt in your mouth.

While you can also add other ingredients, it doesn’t take much more than a really good-quality butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is France’s Most Famous Food?

The French food that is most famous around the world is the baguette. 

Although they can look different in different countries, France has very strict rules when it comes to making the traditional baguette.

Is French Food Popular In The US?

French cuisine stands for a range of elegant and decadent dishes that do not just taste great but also please the eye.

This combination has made French food famous all around the world, including in the USA.

There are also a number of French-trained chefs in the US who create traditional French comfort foods and recipes making them part of American cuisine.

What Do French People Eat For Breakfast?

There are a range of tasty dishes that the French have for breakfast, from yogurt and pastries to bread and eggs.

Also pain au chocolate, croissants, crepes and omelettes are some very popular breakfast foods in France.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing better that says France than a traditional French dessert. You do not need any special equipment or ingredients to recreate this special French flavor in your own home.

The Best 29 French Desserts

The Best 29 French Desserts

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