13 Best Recipes For Your Traeger Grill

Fans of Traeger pellet smokers or even other pellet smoker enthusiasts are well aware of the incredible tastes that result from smoking food outside. On a Traeger, you can cook anything! 

There’s nothing this magic smoker can’t handle, from hunks of meat for appetizers to hefty chops for main dishes to sweets! 

New to smoking pellets? No issue; this list has plenty of beginner-friendly recipes. You’ll also be motivated if you’re a smoke-master! The Traeger grill is a powerful appliance with a solid design and high-quality components. 

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Additionally, the Traeger will maintain a constant flow of pellets fed into the appliance to maintain your desired temperature thanks to tried-and-true auger technology.

There is fast food and home-smoked food, which is the pinnacle of slow eating. The sweet smokey flavor of food that has been cooked to perfection over a smoker is one part of life which is worth waiting for. 

Many smokers work nicely, but the Traeger imparts such lovely flavor over a long period of time. Many pitmasters start the meat in the oven and finish it in the smoker.

A Traeger appears to be capable of combining the functions of a grill, air fryer, and smoker. 

Here are a few Traeger recipes produced by renowned Traeger owners who are building a name for themselves online. These recipes are the most delicious dishes you can rustle up on a Traeger grill!

1. Bacon Wrapped Oreos 

You’ll be stopped in your steps and forced to take a second look when you combine Oreo cookies with bacon. However, you did get that right.

Smoked bacon, as we well know, is a God-given gift. But smoked bacon wrapped oreos?   How on earth could that taste?

Think of some of the most delicious fair food you have ever enjoyed. Then combine cream and chocolate with the smoky taste.

You simply must give this a try. Pick up a box of Oreos and a portion of bacon to get started. Each cookie should have a slice around it. Place them on your Traeger after coating them with your preferred barbecue sauce.

2. Meatloaf

Making this recipe is quite simple. Just add your meat, binder, seasonings, onion, and cheese. This meatloaf is easy to make and bursting with smoky flavor if you’ve never used an electric smoker before.

A mouthwatering recipe for smoked meatloaf loaded with cheese and smoked flavor! This meatloaf is fantastic and is smoked on your pellet grill.

You’ll always make your meatloaf on your electric grill after trying this entertaining twist on the classic recipe! 

After trying it, you won’t wish for it in any other manner. Simply wonderful and easy. Even seasoned pros will enjoy this recipe because it’s so tasty and simple for beginners.

3. Vegetables

How can you prepare vegetables in a way that is both obscenely delicious and unusual? You should definitely consider smoking your vegetables in your Traeger. 

With the vegetables, it’s “choose your own taste adventure” time. Use whatever is available at your store and in season.

This dish mixes sea salt, garlic, and the tartness of balsamic vinegar. All you have to do is cut up your vegetables, season them, then toss them in some oil and spice. You then smoke them.

Lastly, savor each bite. The ideal quick and simple side dish for your smoker are these quick and simple smoked vegetables!

Balsamic vinegar and herbs provide a tonne of flavor, and the food is then expertly smoked for a delightful taste.

4. Choc Chip Cookies

Consider a smoke-flavored, warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie. There is gooey chocolate. The cookies are amazingly tender. The perfect cookie! Traeger grill cookies are deliciously soft and chewy with a hint of smokiness.

5. Brisket

You’ll really need to cook some brisket the first time you purchase a Traeger. The brisket is flavorful, aromatic, and richly smoked.

If done properly, none of the flavors will be overpowering. They will combine into a seamless culinary symphony.

Although smoking a brisket requires patience, the perfect recipe may make the process very simple. We adore smoked brisket because it is soft meat that is excellent for slicing immediately after cooking for sandwiches.

The leftovers are fantastic!

6. Salmon

Try this fantastic and really simple recipe of smoked salmon. This hot smoking technique for salmon can be applied to any electric smoker, such as a Traeger or Masterbuilt.

The components for this straightforward recipe for hot smoked salmon are few. The sugar and salt give out a pleasant scent.

It is better to leave your salmon in some brine overnight for the finest flavor. It ought to take around 3 hours to get it ready to smoke. This fish should be smoked using apple wood chips for the best flavor.

7. Deviled Eggs

Are you trying to find a special appetizer you can cook on your smoker? These dainty canapés have a little smoky flavor and a touch of tanginess.

By adding a jalapeno slice on the top of each serving, you can quickly give this meal a Southern touch.

Deviled eggs with smoked bacon make classy, inexpensive appetizers. As an appetizer dish, they pair well with meat like trout, bacon, or salmon. 

Even your outdoor barbecue grill can be employed to smoke eggs; it’s a thoroughly enjoyable project that will wow all of your guests.

8. Smoked Queso Dip

This smoky queso dip is the perfect option if you’re searching for a dip idea to create on your smoker. A little smoked beef is required for this queso recipe. Smoked brisket or perhaps even smoked chicken can be used.

Then again, you can omit the meat entirely and allow the cheese to steal the show. You’ll be amazed by this incredible dip. It is the ideal cheesy dip for your upcoming party, BBQ, or game day!

The finest variation of your favorite cheese dip is smoked queso!

Each cheese nibble gains more flavor from the process of grilling on the charcoal or pellet grill. It’s also so simple to create! 

9. Cinnamon Rolls 

It is challenging to find a greater delicacy than a freshly baked breakfast roll that is soft, chewy, and covered with cream cheese. Before now!

Now picture your cinnamon roll dessert being perfectly smoked and the cream cheese being infused with bourbon.

For the ideal breakfast, make cinnamon rolls on your smoker that are soft and delicate. Due to pecan wood pellets, they have a little pecan flavor. 

Add a bourbon-flavored cream cheese icing on top. There is also a choice to cook these in the oven! The ideal delicious treat for dessert or breakfast.

10. Chicken Thighs Wrapped With Bacon

Bacon-wrapped anything is superior, including chicken. Because it’s a chicken thigh loaded with cheese that’s been wrapped with bacon and smoked, this dish is the epitome of smokey perfection.

The only uncertainty is whether you will have enough since everyone will be clamoring for seconds. Add some smokiness to the already juicy and tender boneless chicken thighs, and you’re in for a treat!

11. Candied Bourbon Bacon

Essentially, this dish consists of bacon, bourbon, brown sugar, and maple syrup.

This bacon has some very strong flavors going on, and when you blend those qualities with the flavor from smoking it, you might just have the ideal dish.

12. Double Smoked Candied Bacon Ham

This ham is candied bacon-wrapped and smoked. Is it possible to put into words how amazing this food is? The ham is coated in a glaze made of a Maple Dijon blend that joyfully combines the flavors of savory and sweet.

All the senses are stimulated by this smoked ham. Since it is wrapped with tasty bacon, it is gorgeous. It has that distinctively smoky scent that usually draws a crowd. The flavor is the ideal balance of acidic, sweet, and smokey.

13. Smoked Turkey Wrapped With Bacon

An herb-butter marinade is first injected into the turkey. It is then smoked after being covered in bacon.

Not your typical turkey breast. Fresh rosemary, sage, honey, lemon, Worcestershire sauce, and other delectable ingredients are all included in the flavor profile. This smoky turkey will be flavorful to the brim.

How Do You Control The Traeger Temperature?

Precise temperature control is essential whether you’re grilling, smoking, or using a Traeger like an oven. We adore Traeger’s digital temperature control and setting because of this. 

To grill similarly to a BBQ, turn the heat up high, bake and cook at a moderate temperature, or go low and slow (about 180°F) for the greatest smoky taste.

Should You Use Pellets Or Wood In Your Traeger?

We’ll confess that real wood has the best flavor while smoking. However, wood-burning grills are not practicable for the majority of us. 

They also require constant attention and are not as simple to use. In contrast, wood pellet smokers use these, which can be found in most hardware retailers. These pellets have 

several “flavors” to offer the smoke character. All of them are open to experimentation!

Final Thoughts

A whole new frontier of cooking becomes available when you own a Traeger. It’s a wonderful way to add a tasty twist to traditional foods.

You’re going to enjoy the simplicity and control of using your Traeger to cook when you get the swing of it. 

You might end up being the family’s go-to chef for all gatherings and barbecues. There is a good reason why Traeger barbecues are becoming more and more well-liked. 

These are a few of the tastiest Traeger dishes that you will adore, ranging from hot and rapid grilled items to low and slow cuisine.

13 Best Recipes For Your Traeger Grill

13 Best Recipes For Your Traeger Grill

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If you have a Traeger grill, or you plan to invest in one, you’ll want to find the best recipes you can cook on it. Look no further, here we’ve got the 10 best recipes for your Traeger grill.

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