17 Delicious Starbucks Refreshers When You Don’t Want To Drink Coffee

It is great when people decide to broaden their tasting knowledge of Starbucks, but most people stick to the coffee menu thinking that’s all the big chain has to offer to forget about the amazing refreshers they have to offer.

Considering that Starbucks is principally a coffee shop, you might anticipate an excess of commonly consumed drinks such as iced lattes, americanos, and the classic Starbucks Frappuccino.

18 Delicious Starbucks Refreshers When You Don’t Want To Drink Coffee

However, this is far from true. Starbucks (see also ‘11 Festive And Fantastic Starbucks Holiday Drinks‘) does not only offer amazing coffee options, but it also has a great range of some of the most delicious Starbucks Refreshers you can ever taste.

If you have never tried anything from the Starbucks Refreshers menu (see also ‘24 Healthier Drinks To Order From Starbucks‘), then it’s time to do so. And if you don’t know which ones are worth starting with, we have the 17 tastiest Starbucks refreshers in this article for you to discover (see also ‘14 Starbucks Orders That Are Perfect For Kids‘).

If you’ve never heard of or tried any of the Starbucks Refreshers, keep on reading below, choose the one that sounds better to you, and head to your local Starbucks to get a taste of its greatness!

1. Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

From its looks to its taste, the Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade is a great way to start our list! This vibrant magenta refresher is one of those cases where you can actually “judge a book by its cover”.

A Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade’s key ingredients are its mango dragon fruit base which is the same as that of the Very Berry Hibiscus Lemonade Refresher (we’ll talk about it in a bit), freeze-dried dragon fruit, and ice.

While it might sound simple, its taste is absolutely rewarding, and its freshness can easily quench your thirst or accompany you for a walk in the park.

2. Dragon Drink Refresher

Several people enjoy a heavier beverage than strawberry juice with water, and thus the Dragon Drink was born.

The Dragon Drink blends fruit juices with thick coconut milk to create a fantastic beverage of sweet and tangy tastes.

With a Mango Dragon fruit base and freeze-fried dragon fruit, what makes the Dragon Drink different from the other Dragon fruit drinks Starbucks offers is the addition of coconut milk.

Its taste will make you think you are enjoying a fruity latte, as the green coffee extract in combination with the milk and the fruit make this dairy-free drink exotic nectar.

3. Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher

You might think that we are writing the same thing twice, but we are not. The Mango Dragon fruit refresher is an extremely tasty drink, but if you want to make it more balanced, a Mango Dragon fruit lemonade should become your next order!

To make this refresher, all you need to do is answer yes when the barista asks you whether you want lemonade for your Mango Dragon fruit refresher. Add some lemonade to the mix, and you’ve got a Mango Dragon fruit lemonade!

You should not miss out on this caffeine-infused fruity drink; the lemonade complements the mango and dragon fruit combo perfectly.

The tropical fruitiness is perfectly balanced by the citrusy taste of the lemonade, making this a sweet refresher with a bonus!

4. Very Berry Hibiscus Lemonade Refresher

If you’re unfamiliar with the Starbucks refreshers, the Very Berry Hibiscus flavor is a great choice for induction.

When combined with Starbucks’ legendary lemonade, the floral and fruity mix used becomes the Very Berry Hibiscus Lemonade Refresher.

Essentially, this refresher is made with a base of Berry Refresher – which is a mix of white grape juice concentrate, water, green coffee extract, a sweetener, as well as other natural flavors –, blackberries, and lemonade.

The amount of caffeine in this refresher provides just enough of a kick to keep you going till the end of your shift without overwhelming you.

As for how great that berry taste goes with the lemonade, well, you can only try it to understand.

However, if you’ve ever tasted a blueberry and lemon cake or at least enjoyed your blueberry cake with some lemonade on the side, you know what we’re talking about!

All in all, this is a tried and tested flavorful Starbucks refresher (see also ‘The Best Drinks To Get At Starbucks This Fall‘).

5. Kiwi Star Fruit Refresher

The biggest surprise with this refresher’s list of ingredients is that real starfruit is not included, while kiwi is freeze-fried and in small amounts. The “starfruit” term refers to the star-sharped kiwi slices used to garnish the cup in the end.

Still, even without the Starfruit, this refresher tastes amazing. Made with freeze-dried kiwi, lemonade, and a base that includes a watermelon and a huito fruit juice, it is as unique in taste as it sounds.

Thanks to its ingredients, the Kiwi Star Fruit Refresher is healthy and quite filling. Made with water, freeze-dried kiwi, and the kiwi base, it is one of the lightest refreshers Starbucks offers.

It appeases your sweet fruit cravings while avoiding the stronger flavors of mango or strawberry. So, if you are looking for something light but don’t want to drink plain water, this is a great choice!

6. Kiwi Star Fruit Lemonade Refresher

Kiwi’s pleasant, tropical taste blends beautifully with lemonade, and the green coffee extract helps make this drink a refreshing and energizing one.

With the upgrade of the Kiwi Star Fruit Refresher, this drink replaces water with lemonade for a fizzy drink that will please your palate and hydrate you when you need it the most.

This drink has a distinct and noticeable flavor without being overpowering, which is perfect for those who like to keep things simple.

With these ingredients and lots of ice, this refresher is a smooth, fruity, great option for those warm summer days.

7. Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher

Fans of pineapple know that there’s no other choice but to order the Pineapple Passionfruit refresher. However, if you are not a fan but do not hate it too, let us tell you why you should at least try this tasty refresher.

To skip the extra sugar, you should stick to this version of the drink and when asked, have it made with water. We will explain the rest of the alternatives below.

It’s light, not sickly sweet, and extremely delightful. If you enjoy pineapple, we believe you will love it. It tastes like those flavorful pineapple cocktails or mocktails you have all summer long!

8. Paradise Drink Refresher

As you can tell by now and from all the Starbucks drinks and coffees you’ve had in the past, they are eager to please everyone and make their drinks suitable for all people, diets, and tastes.

Their Refreshers menu was, of course, made to meet those expectations, which is why the Pineapple Passionfruit refresher can be enjoyed in three different ways.

The first one was with water, and now we have the milky version of it. Yes, you read that right. There is a dairy-free, milky alternative to the Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher.

The Paradise Drink Starbucks Refresher combines coconut milk with the Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher to create a creamy, delightful, tropical beverage. If you enjoy drinking coconut milk, the Paradise Refresher is the drink for you.

This dairy-free milk offers the Paradise Drink an extra flair, making it taste like a tropical cocktail. A few sips and you might even find some similarities to the classic Pina Colada cocktail.

But even if you can tell the difference because clearly there is no alcohol in this Starbucks drink, you won’t mind it that much. The taste is unbeatable!

With the flavor profiles of pineapple, passionfruit, and coconut, we must admit that the pineapple is the one the star of this drink and the one that ends up stealing the show. 

So, if you are up for a fuller taste and a smoother, creamier feeling, and enjoy the rich taste of coconut milk, then this is your go-to drink!

9. Pineapple Passionfruit Lemonade Refresher

As we said, Starbucks has three alternatives, and the third one could not be the lemonade one.

Tropical fruity aromas and small pineapple chunks can make you feel like you are on a holiday cruise or enjoying the summer sun and the sea on a chaise-longue.

The replacement of water with lemonade gives a funky fizz to this beverage, making it even more refreshing and easier to drink. Plus, the citrus flavor is balancing out the sweetness of pineapple and passionfruit in a remarkable way!

10. Strawberry Acai Refresher

Those who cannot get enough of strawberries will certainly love this Starbucks refresher!

The Strawberry Acai refresher has a very strong strawberry taste, and its sweetness is so indulging yet refreshing.

With 32 grams of sugar, it is a sweet treat like most of the other refreshers on this list, so we can guarantee that it will satisfy your sweet cravings.

With a Strawberry base made with real strawberry juice and the rest of the ingredients a Starbucks refresher typically has, it is a great alternative to the pink drink if color-matching is what you are going for with your best friend!

11. Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher

Just like most of the drinks on this list, the Strawberry Acai Refresher has its lemonade alternative. The recipe here is no different; the strawberry base and freeze-dried strawberries are mixed with lemonade to make this fruity refresher.

The lemonade does add a fizziness to the drink which does, however, make it even more refreshing. While the Strawberry Acai refresher is great for a spring day, this lemonade mix is exactly what you need on a hot summer day.

So, when the sun comes out and you want to spend the day in the park soaking under it, go get a Starbucks lemonade like this one to keep yourself hydrated.

12. Pink Drink Refresher

Do you remember the pink popsicles we used to have when we were kids? If you do, then imagine those turning into a drink that you can enjoy as an adult!

The Pink Drink refresher was initially a common custom-made order, but it became so famous that Starbucks decided to add it to their refreshers’ menu for good.

On a first look, it will remind you of the Strawberry Acai refresher, but then you’ll realize that it’s a bit ‘pale.’ You will be right for thinking that, as the Pink Drink is based on the Strawberry Acai refresher.

What is the difference? Instead of adding water to make it – or lemonade to make the Strawberry Acai Lemonade – the Pink Drink contains coconut milk!

This is another dairy-free option Starbucks offers for those who want to level up their non-alcoholic drinking game.

And even though the combination of strawberries with coconut milk may sound absurdly simple, it is also absurdly delicious.

13. Blueberry Açaí Refresher

The blueberry acai refresher comes in a convenient takeaway can, which makes it the ideal drink to buy when you want something light and fresh to drink on the go.

Made with a Blueberry Acai refresher base, it is the only refresher in this list that is not made with plain water.

On the contrary, the Blueberry Acai refresher contains sparkling water, which gives it the fizziness of lemonade by skipping on the extra calories!

14. Violet Drink

We have already mentioned the Pink Drink, so it is not time to introduce you to another colored drink on this list: the Violet Drink.

Pink’s Drink little or older sister, this eye-catching refreshment has an unusual drink color that will catch your attention right away.

Made with a berry base instead of a strawberry base like Pink Drink, it is equally tasty and all you will want to do after tasting it is buy some more.

Other than its berry base, it has freeze-dried blackberries and coconut milk. The combination of all these ingredients makes it a silky, sweet, and fruity drink that definitely belongs on this list.

Most of these Starbucks drinks started as simple, casual orders that gained more and more reputation to the point where the company decided to add them to their menu.

That is enough to persuade you into trying it, and we’re certain that it won’t be the last time you order it!

15. Star Drink

The Star Drink is among the more recent variations on the coconut milk and refresher combo, and it is for anyone who likes the idea of the Pink Drink but wants something less sweet.

The Star Drink is made with a Kiwi Star Fruit refresher base, freeze-dried kiwi slices, and coconut milk.

Just like the difference between tasting fresh kiwis in comparison to strawberries, the Kiwi Star Fruit base is rather average when compared to the much sweeter Strawberry Acai base used for the Pink Drink.

However, both these drinks are extremely tasty and if you are open to new tastes, you should try them both to choose the best one according to your preference.

So, for an extra kick during a long day at work and when you can’t stand the idea of having another coffee, try the Star Drink to get you going!

16. Pink And Purple Drink

While you will not find it on Starbucks’ official refreshers menu, the Pink and Purple Drink is one of those customized orders that could soon become the newest addition to the menu.

But now that it’s not there, how can you order it?

If the sound of it sounds like something you would love to try (or hold for an Insta moment!) then we cannot but let you in on all the details.

The Pink and Purple Drink is a mix of the refreshers’ Strawberry Acai base and Passion Iced Tea. But that’s not all.

The Strawberry Acai base is mixed with some coconut milk, while the Passion Iced Tea is mixed with soy milk. When combined, these two mixes create a beautiful pink frothy drink.

With some vanilla syrup and freeze-dried blackberries that are floating on top, the pink drink meets the purple blackberry chunks to create the iconic Pink and Purple Drink so many people order.

One thing you must keep in mind is that this is a difficult drink to make, so avoid ordering it when Starbucks is crowded.

As an extra tip – even though we are quite certain that it’s unnecessary –, whenever you choose to order this beverage, you should be extremely polite to the barista that serves you.

Of course, this is something you should always do, but in this case, it might also be the first time they are ever asked to make this drink, so be patient with them.

17. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pink Drink

Another one on this list of Starbucks refreshers that you cannot find on the official menu is the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pink Drink.

As the name suggests, this drink has a special added flavor. Made as a special on Valentine’s Day but available on request any other day (so long as you know how to order it), this drink is the classic Pink Drink topped with a mocha cold foam.

Those who love the combination of strawberry and chocolate will appreciate the ingenuity of this order.

While the first sip tastes like mocha and the second one might be more strawberry-ish, once the mocha foam ‘sits’ and the drink’s ingredients come together, we’re talking about love in a cup!

The Bottom Line

These 17 Refreshers are some of the best drinks Starbucks has to offer. While not all of them can be found on the official menu, Starbucks baristas are known for their flexibility and willingness to make customers any drink they desire.

So, even if that Pink and Purple Drink is what you liked most or the idea of a Chocolate Covered Pink Drink excites you, you can always ask your barista to make you one.

But, as we said, try to ask for drinks that are not on the menu when it’s less busy so that they can have the time to make you exactly what you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ingredients Are In Starbucks Refreshers?

Starbucks Refreshers are ice-cold beverages with green coffee extract and fruit juices that contain a little bit of caffeine. The production of this coffee extract is from arabica beans that have not been previously roasted.

With the taste of fruit being the star of these drinks, they are suitable for anyone who desires an iced caffeinated beverage but does not want that strong coffee taste they would get with a regular coffee.

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