26 Delicious Tequila Cocktail Recipes

More than probably any other spirit, Tequila has a distinctly Mexican spirit, pardon the pun, to it.

Considering that it was first distilled and developed in the country, this probably isn’t too surprising.

Whilst the exact timeline of when and how tequila was first brewed and distilled is still somewhat vague, we do know that it was first distilled in the city of Tequilas in Mexico in the 16th century.

And since its introduction in the 16th century, it has found fans across the world.

26 Delicious Tequila Cocktail Recipes

Tequila is consumed in a lot of ways. Whilst it is popular to drink by itself in a concentrated shot, it is becoming more and more popular to include this staple Mexican spirit (see also ‘Traditional Mexican Drinks: 20 Of The Best‘) in cocktails as well, as more and more people have found ways to make use of its strong flavor and aroma with other ingredients.

And with more than a couple of centuries of being used and drunk, there are quite a few recipes for good tequila cocktails out there (see also ‘20 St. Germain Cocktail Recipes You Need To Try‘).

This guide that we have compiled contains some of the best recipes for excellent tequila-based cocktails that we could find out there for all difficulty levels!

1. Watermelon Cooler

Starting this list with a refreshing and cooling bang, we have a fantastic recipe for making a killer watermelon cooler.

The perfect drink to make for a hot summer grill out, this is a drink recipe that makes use of plenty of watermelons, obviously, as well as tons of lime and grapefruit juice for that extra hint of sourness. 

Plus, the recipe itself is incredibly easy to make. All it entails is blending the ingredients, sieving the pulp from the juice into a jug, and you’re ready to start serving this amazing cocktail to others!

If you are looking for a simple cocktail with a short ingredients list, we would wholeheartedly recommend this one!

2. Tequila Sunrise

Be prepared to start seeing this drink a lot on this list!

Whilst the base sunrise is a relatively easy drink to make, there are also plenty of variations on it that allow anyone to leave their culinary mark o the drink.

This recipe is just one example of that.

With its bright mix of colors that slowly fade into one another, this is a drink that is a feast for both your mouth and your eyes!

The cherry juice extract and the orange juice create a vibrant array of colors that are loved for their looks and their taste around the world.

3. Cherry Lime Tequila Cocktail

This cheery and lime blended cocktail is the perfect drink for any social situation, whether it is a packed party or club, or just a quiet night in with a close few friends.

Combining the sourness of the lime and the heat of the tequila with the sweetness of the cherries and sprite soda, this is a combination of flavors that allows all of its ingredients to be tasted.

It is a classic greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts scenario with this drink, and we love it all the more for it!

If you love sweetness and sourness in your cocktails, this is the drink for you to try and make for yourself!

4. Simple Tequila Sunrise

Time for us to take another look at another excellent sunrise recipe!

We’ve already mentioned how sunrises are popular for their simplicity, and the same is true for this recipe, with the main ingredients being a healthy amount of orange juice, a decent amount of tequila, and plenty of grenadine syrup to go with it!

This recipe recommends using a Blanco or Silver tequila over other types, as the concentration of agave gives it the smoothness this drink needs.

If you are looking for a simple sunrise cocktail to add to your repertoire, this is a good drink to try for yourself!

5. Paloma Fizz

Of course, whilst a sunrise is a beautiful drink to have in pretty much any scenario, sometimes you want a cocktail with a little more fizz to perk you up.

If this sounds like you, the Paloma fizz drink is a cocktail that you should try for yourself!

Alongside the tequila, the main draw of this recipe is a good grapefruit juice, that balances its sweetness with the citrus sourness that this fruit is known for.

It is the perfect celebratory cocktail for any occasion, with its refreshing texture and tastes that it leaves in your mouth long after you’ve drunk this drink dry, leaving you wanting more (responsibly, of course).

This is an absolute must-try for tequila lovers.

6. Tequila Sunrise

Back at it again with another excellent tequila sunrise recipe!

Like many of the best recipes for good sunrises, this recipe makes full use of the sweetness of its ingredients.

While people may have feelings about how early an alcoholic beverage should be drunk, we can’t deny that this sunrise certainly has a kick to it that you may need on a lazy, sunny morning!

Plus, this recipe also recommends a little extra lime juice, to cement that punchy flavor in your mouth with a little extra sourness to boot.

Another stellar recipe that anyone can try for themselves, and with relatively few ingredients too!

7. Roasted Strawberry Margarita

Time for the first of many amazing margarita recipes to make themselves known in this list!

The strawberries used for this recipe are blended to create a super sweet purée that is then combined with a fine balance of both lime juice and classic tequila, making the perfectly tangy and sweet recipe that just sits in your mouth as you drink it.

Plus, if you’re looking to give yourself or your kids a tasty fruit drink, this recipe is also very nice without any tequila either.

It is an excellent drink either way that you choose to take it.

8. Jalapeño Margarita

For another excellent margarita recipe that you’ll be wanting seconds of, we have this amazing jalapeños margarita drink for those alcohol lovers that want a little something extra than just sweet and sourness in their cocktails.

One of the things that stands out about this recipe is the touch of spiciness that the jalapeños bring, which isn’t exactly surprising.

Still, you’ll be surprised just how much it adds to your experience, especially when it also adds a little savory flavor to it.

9. Raspberry Mint Tequila Smash

We love how this cocktail, with a well-sliced lime piece and its bright red color, looks just like a drinkable giant raspberry!

10. Tequila Sunrise Spritz

Time for another sunrise to hit our taste buds!

Considering the popularity of Mexican flavors in many places across the southern United States, it should not be a surprise that the culture of Tex-Mex food and drink would also produce its special variety of sunrises. 

Rather than using grenadine as a normal Tequila sunrise would, Aperol is used instead, giving this drink a distinct orange vibrancy that sets it apart from the classic orange/yellow and red.

Plus, the hint of bitterness also means that you won’t be easily tempted to simply chug the drink, giving you a chance to fully appreciate its flavors.

11. Skinny Jalapeño Watermelon Margaritas

Sticking with the extra spiciness that we established in the last margarita recipe, we have another margarita that complements the new spices with the subtle sweetness of watermelon!

The refreshing watery flavors of the watermelon mean help to temper the spice that comes from the hotter jalapeños and the more sour taste of the lime juice.

Plus, just a little hint of agave nectar helps make sure that there is at least a little hint of sweetness to help boost the flavor of the watermelon.

12. Paloma

We just can’t get away from these Paloma fizz recipes, can we?

Then again, with flavors like these, why would we want to?

After all, when you love citrus as much as we do, how can you resist the allure of lime and grapefruit mixed with the heat of a little tequila?

We’ve certainly yet to find something that does quite as well as recipes like these for scratching that taste bud itch!

Don’t forget to add plenty of ice to your glass, and make sure to salt the rim of your glass to get the full palette of flavors that come with this drink!

13. El Diablo

A popular cocktail to mix tequila with in bars, this recipe is known for its delightful pink color, fresh fruity flavors, and just a hint of sourness with that heat.

14. Tequila Sour

This is a fun refreshing cocktail that is perfect for festivals, parties, and nights in alike!

The creamy froth that sits on top of the sour of this recipe makes it stand out from the rest of the recipes that we have covered so far.

Plus, the foam acts as a tasty buffer from its more subtle flavors, compared to the sweeter and sour flavors that hide just underneath it!

Just make sure that all the ingredients are shaken well in a cocktail mixer, and you’ll be good to start tasting!

15. Classic Margaritas

Of course, whilst the more exotic flavor of the margaritas we have covered so far are all well and good, it is also pretty hard to beat the classic take on this drink.

Fortunately, this recipe is a perfect solution for those who want a taste of the original variety! You’ll only need a few ingredients to make this one!

16. Spicy Paloma

Plenty of Palomas are deliciously sweet, but how many can claim to be on the spicier side of drinks too?

If you love the heat and Palomas in general, this is a delicious and logical next step for you to try in your quest to find the best Palomas out there!

Plus, with the syrup added for a good sweet flavor, you won’t be missing out on the classic elements of this drink either!

17. Pineapple Tequila Sunrise

Whilst the name is nice and ambiguous, you are looking at yet another sunrise cocktail recipe.

This time, this sunrise is made just a little more fruity, thanks to the inclusion of some perfectly juicy pineapple in this recipe.

Plus, there are plenty of extra fruit slices that you can add to the recipe to get the feeling of a tropical drink in your mouth, from orange to grapefruit to, of course, more pineapple!

18. Texas Ranch Water

Now, for something a little simpler, but just as tasty, to try out with tequila.

Ranch water is a very simple cocktail that can be made with just a few ingredients: mineral water, lime juice, and tequila.

The best ranch water cocktails are made using Topo Chico, but you can still make excellent drinks with any high-quality mineral water as well.

Plus, it is a low-calorie cocktail for you to try.

19. Cantaloupe Fiesta Cocktail

We’ve had quite a few different fruits come up in the tequila cocktails we have shown you so far.

However, this fiesta cocktail is the first so far to make use of melon to get a smooth sweet flavor with the heat of your tequila.

With the amount of yield that a good melon can have, you’ll have plenty of this cocktail to share around at parties!

Just make sure that it is being served quickly after you have gotten the melon, No one wants an overripe melon in their drinks after all!

20. The Passion Cocktail

Very similar to another classic cocktail, the cosmopolitan, this tequila-based cocktail is a delicious blend of lime, cranberry and spirits.

21. Cantarito

This somewhat lesser-known cocktail is the perfect drink to add that bottle of tequila you’ve been saving too.

Full of vibrant citrus flavors, this is a recipe that is made beautifully sweet, sour, and bitter, thanks to the orange and grapefruit juice inside.

22. Siesta Cocktail

Like the rest part of the day it is named after, this is a cocktail that is made to have as part of a well-earned period of relaxation, preferably under a sun lounger!

23. Watermelon Mint Margaritas

You may not expect the flavors of mint and watermelon to go together so well.

And yet, as we can see in this delicious cocktail, they are made only better by adding them to the same drink!

24. Pineapple, Coconut & Tequila Slushy

Time to experience an ice-cold refreshing drink that satisfies both your inner child, and your tequila-loving adult-self!

25. Bloody Maria

You’ve heard of the Bloody Mary cocktail, now it’s time to hear about it’s tequila-using counterpart, the Bloody Maria!

All the flavor of a classic Bloody Mary, plus a little extra spice!

26. Tequila & Ginger Ale

Who doesn’t love a little ginger ale in their tequila-based cocktail? It’s practically an age-old tradition at this point!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gives Tequila Its Distinct Flavor?

Tequila is made from Agave, which has been allowed to grow, ripen and ferment, to create a beautifully smooth flavor.

There are many varieties of flavors found in tequila, but aged tequila tends to have more pronounced flavors, as the enzymes have been allowed to react more to other compounds.

Why Are There So Many Tequila Cocktails?

The smooth flavor that most tequilas have makes them very versatile and usable in many drinks.

Plus, the subtler flavors in stronger tequila can add excellent new flavors to other beverages.

Final Thoughts

The only thing left for you is to make these cocktails for yourself and your party!

26 Delicious Tequila Cocktail Recipes

26 Delicious Tequila Cocktail Recipes

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