20 Delicious Sprite Cocktail Recipes

One of the most popular mixers of all time is Sprite, and it’s no surprise why. Sprite is a refreshing drink by itself, but when mixed with alcohol and other flavors, it turns into the perfect base for an array of cocktails. 

20 Delicious Sprite Cocktail Recipes

Sprite in cocktails is especially preferred by those who have a sweet tooth. Cocktails are fun to make, but they can be expensive, so what’s the point in buying new ingredients when you can use what you’ve already got at home?

Time to use that bottle of Sprite to use with these 20 delicious Sprite cocktail recipes!

1. Vodka Cranberry Cocktail

One of the most simple cocktails is the humble vodka cranberry cocktail (see also ‘23 Cranberry Cocktails For The Festive Season‘). However, contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just simply vodka with cranberry juice.

You need a sweet mixer to counteract the bitterness of the vodka and cranberry juice, which is where Sprite comes in. 

This cocktail consists of just three ingredients – vodka, cranberry juice, and sprite – along with lots of ice cubes.

You can adjust the amount of Sprite and cranberry juice to your liking. Serve with some mint. 

2. Classic Gin Fizz Cocktail

Gin fizz is a wonderfully refreshing cocktail that is sweet, citrusy, and suitably boozy.

This cocktail consists of your chosen gin (typically an unflavored gin, but you can opt for a flavored option if available), Sprite, lemon or lime juice, simple syrup, and a lemon peel garnish. 

While this recipe asks for soda, this can be easily substituted with Sprite, which is better for those with a sweet tooth.

You can also add an egg white to make the cocktail frothier, but this is optional. 

3. Dirty Shirley Cocktail

A Shirley Temple is a tasty non-alcoholic cocktail to drink in summer, but the alcoholic option is great for adults.

The dirty Shirley Temple cocktail consists of grenadine syrup (to make the wonderful red color), Sprite, and vodka of your choice. 

Traditionally, a Shirley Temple uses ginger beer or ginger ale, but Sprite is a good alternative if it’s all you have.

Garnish with a wedge of lemon or lime, or with raspberries or maraschino cherries to enhance the red color. 

4. Port Royal Punch Cocktail

Port royal punch is one of those drinks you make to try and emulate the feeling of being on vacation.

Sure, you’re not relaxing on a Caribbean beach, but the flavors of spiced rum, mango juice, pineapple juice, grenadine, and Sprite make for a tropical infusion of flavors. 

This drink is not for those without a sweet tooth, because it’s very sweet.

As it’s such a crowd pleaser, it’s best to make a big portion of this punch to serve at a grill, party, or evening get-together. 

5. Wisconsin Brandy Old-Fashioned

Brandy old-fashioned is Wisconsin’s most iconic cocktail (see also ‘20 Brandy Cocktails To Treat Yourself At Happy Hour‘), and it’s because of the unconventional recipe that the state boasts.

This brandy old-fashioned consists of brandy, cherry juice, maraschino cherries, an orange slice, Angostura bitters, and Sprite or soda poured over ice. 

Alternatively, you can replace the decorative maraschino cherries with olives (or even pickled mushrooms) if you don’t want a particularly sweet cocktail.

If you don’t have Angostura bitters, you can use another liquor like amaro or absinthe.

6. Cherry Crown Peach Royal Cocktail

Crown Peach Royal is a whiskey flavored with Georgian peaches, making for a satisfyingly sweeter whiskey compared to other brands.

While Crown Peach Royal is typically mixed with Coca-Cola, it also works beautifully with Sprite, making for a distinctly sweeter and refreshing cocktail!

All you need is Crown Peach Royal, a can of Sprite for two drinks, and maraschino cherries for both decoration and added flavor. Serve in highball glasses topped with ice.

7. Electric Lemonade

Let’s be honest, arguably the main reason why you should serve electric lemonade for your guests is because of the cocktail’s distinct bright blue coloring, achieved by blue Curaçao.

This is mixed with vodka, sour mix, Sprite, and lemon wedges for garnish. So, not only does this cocktail look good, but it tastes tangy and refreshing, too!

Serve in a tall glass with a straw and ice. 

8. Sex In The Driveway Cocktail

Another bright blue cocktail, sex in the driveway is essentially a blue variation of the popular sex on the beach cocktail.

This is a fruity and sweet vodka drink that is perfect to serve to your friends at a summer party, especially when decorated with a little umbrella!

A sex in the driveway cocktail consists of vodka, blue Curaçao, Sprite, and peach schnapps.

The peach works particularly well with the citrus flavors of the Sprite, making for a sweet and refreshing drink. 

9. Easy Sangria

Traditional sangria consists of quite a lot of ingredients and time, but the truth is, you can make a quick and easy version with just three ingredients – red wine, Sprite, and sliced fruit.

Sure, it’s not the most traditional version of the Spanish drink, but if it’s all you’ve got in your kitchen, it’ll do nicely! 

You can use whatever fruit you like for this cocktail, but we like sliced oranges, lemons, limes, and a mixture of berries. 

10. Tequila And Sprite

If you’ve only got tequila and Sprite in your kitchen, you’ll be pleased to know that you can make your own margarita with just these two ingredients.

A high-quality tequila works beautifully with Sprite thanks to the complimentary citrus flavors, making for a satisfying blend of sweet and tangy flavors. 

Make sure to rim the glass with a lime or lemon wedge to emulate a margarita. 

11. Sprite Royal

Another popular Crown Royal cocktail, a Sprite royal consists of just two ingredients – Sprite and apple whiskey.

It’s not the fanciest drink by any means, but its simplicity is what makes it such a refreshing and moreish cocktail. 

When served in the right glass with a lemon or lime wedge for a garnish, you can easily turn this simple cocktail into a fancy beverage. Pour over ice and serve cold. 

12. Pink Lemonade Vodka Slush

If you allow a little more time ahead of a get-together to prepare your drinks, you can make some seriously unique cocktails.

Nothing is more cooling than a glass of slush, so why not treat your friends with a boozy alternative to the beloved kid’s drink? 

This pink lemonade vodka slush recipe takes a little longer to prepare than the other cocktails on our list, as it involves a freezing and thawing process to make the slush.

You can also tint Sprite with food coloring. 

13. Tom Collins

A Tom Collins is a ridiculously easy cocktail to make, consisting of gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, and traditionally club soda (in this case, Sprite).

It’s refreshing, tangy, and sweet – no surprise that it’s one of the world’s most beloved classic cocktails. 

This recipe is particularly easy to follow, because it’s shortened the original recipe to just two key ingredients – gin and lemon soda.

We recommend adding a dash of lemon juice to the Sprite and serving with lemon wedges. 

14. Summertime Cocktail

A summertime cocktail is very similar to a vodka cranberry cocktail, except it’s slightly more citrusy thanks to the inclusion of lemon juice.

The reason for the name is that it reminds the drinker of summer flavors, which is why it’s the perfect drink to serve at a summer party. 

This cocktail consists of just four ingredients – vodka, lemons, Sprite, and cranberry juice. It is best served over a tall glass filled with crushed ice.

Adjust the flavors to your liking and garnish with a lemon wedge. 

15. White Strawberry-Lemon Sangria

Some would argue that sangria has to be made with red wine, but it’s not always the case.

You can make a delicious sangria with white wine, just like this white strawberry-lemon sangria.

This recipe consists of white wine, strawberries, lemons, apples, light rum, and Sprite. 

These cocktails are as beautiful as they are delicious. As with any sangria, it’s important to allow the drink to rest for 4-5 hours in the refrigerator before serving to allow the flavors to enhance. 

16. Traditional British Shandy

Britain is known for endless types of lager, all of which can be turned into a shandy.

Contrary to popular belief, a shandy is technically a cocktail, as it is a mixture of drinks.

A shandy consists of two ingredients – a lager of your choice and Sprite – making for a light and refreshing drink that is enjoyed in a pub garden. 

An American shandy, however, is slightly different to a British shandy, as it’s not so commonly made here.

So, make sure you know what you’re asking for at the bar!

17. Orange Crush

An orange crush is a simple yet effective cocktail that is refreshing, sweet, and with a satisfying tang of sour vodka.

This cocktail consists of vodka, orange juice, and Sprite, which is one of the easiest cocktails to make at home with ingredients you probably already have. 

If you really think about it, this cocktail actually brings some vitamin C into your diet thanks to the orange juice.

So, it’s actually a very important drink to have regularly. Minus the vodka and Sprite, maybe. 

18. Blue Island Cocktail

Teleport yourself to a tropical island with this deliciously moreish blue island cocktail! A blue island cocktail consists of coconut rum (specifically Malibu), white rum, pineapple juice, blue Curaçao, Sprite, and maraschino cherries. 

This is an incredibly easy cocktail to make – simply throw all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake away, and pour into glasses filled with Sprite and ice. 

19. Giggle Juice Cocktail

It’s no surprise that the reason for this cocktail’s adorable name is that it is filled with sweet, tangy, bubbly joy! A giggle juice cocktail consists of pink lemonade, Sprite, citrus vodka, Moscato wine, and a range of fresh fruit. 

It’s light, refreshing, and perfect to serve in summer. Another reason for the name is that it’s surprisingly boozy, so drink sensibly! 

20. Watermelon Crush 

Nothing screams “summer” quite like watermelon. This gorgeous cocktail will cure all summertime blues with its mixture of watermelon juice, vodka, simple syrup, Sprite, lime juice, and crushed ice. 

Serve with a slice of watermelon on each glass. 


So, there you have it! If you have a bottle or cans of Sprite lurking around your kitchen, it’s time to use them in a myriad of cocktails. Happy bartending!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Alcohol Mixes Best With Sprite?

Sprite is a versatile mixer that goes well with virtually any alcohol. In fact, it often helps to enhance hidden citrus flavors inside the drink. Here are the best alcohols that mix with Sprite:

  • Vodka
  • Tequila
  • White rum
  • Gin
  • White wine
  • Red wine 
  • Whiskey 

Is Sprite And Whiskey A Good Mix?

Whiskey and Sprite is a surprisingly good combination if you want the bitterness of whiskey mixed with a hint of sweetness. The Sprite helps to make the whiskey more bearable for those who don’t like the drink, too!

Can I Use Chocolate in Sprite Cocktail Recipes?

Absolutely! You can indulge in chocolate-based cocktail concoctions. Experiment with the fusion of rich chocolate flavors and the refreshing zest of Sprite, and you’ll unlock a world of delectable delights. Elevate your mixology game by adding a touch of sweetness and complexity with this unique combination.

20 Delicious Sprite Cocktail Recipes

20 Delicious Sprite Cocktail Recipes

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Sprite is a popular mixer with most alcoholic beverages, but can it go in a cocktail? Here are the top 20 delicious Sprite cocktail recipes to make at home!

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