6 Substitutes For Dill

Dill is a very popular herb that is used in cooking as it is very aromatic, so it is perfect to use for marinating and seasoning.

It has a very distinctive taste, so if you are looking to substitute dill for a different herb, you need to make sure that it replicates the same strength of flavor. 

Substituting dill for any other herb cannot be done as you want to replicate the same strong flavors.

6 Substitutes For Dill

To make sure that you are using a good substitute, you need to find herbs that have similar flavor notes and appearance to make the alternative authentic. 

This article will take you through 6 substitutes for dill that you can use in your dishes to create the same bold flavors as you would with dill.

Find out more below to try other herbs and find ones that you enjoy!

Substitutes For Dill

1. Basil 

Fresh basil is very useful to use as a substitute for other herbs as it complements various foods, so it can be used in almost any dish.

It is great to use in salads, sauces, pizzas, and even in marinades for tofu, vegetables, or vegan meats. 

If you dislike the flavor of dill, you should try using basil as many prefer the flavor profile.

It has a pleasant taste that adds sweetness and freshness to your dishes, so use it as a replacement for dill to continue having strong flavors.

2. Fennel

Fennel has a slightly different taste from dill, but it still has a strong flavor profile that makes it a great substitute.

Dill has a licorice flavor that makes it very recognizable, and even though they are different, you get the same licorice flavor with fennel.

As well as having similar flavors, the fennel looks very similar to dill, making it an authentic substitute.

You can use it as garnish and still convey the same appearance as dill, making you none the wiser that it is missing.

3. Tarragon

If dill is too mild for you, tarragon may be more to your taste.

It has a stronger flavor profile than dill, giving your dishes a more intense flavor.

If you struggle to notice dill in your dishes, tarragon will give them more of a punch. 

Tarragon has a similar taste to dill, but it can be found in different varieties.

French and Mexican dill varieties are very commonly found in supermarkets, but you are most likely to find French dill at the store.

4. Bay Leaves

You might be unfamiliar with using bay leaves in your meals, but they can provide you with a great flavor, as well as lots of essential nutrients.

They are full of iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and also vitamin A, which are all needed to keep your body healthy. 

When you use bay leaves, they are placed in your simmering sauces and removed before eating them, but they still provide you with essential flavor and nutrients.

Food is very good at absorbing bay leaves as they have a strong flavor that isn’t too overpowering.

5. Thyme

Thyme is a herb that is widely used when marinating or seasoning food, so it is very similar to dill.

Although it has a stronger flavor than dill, it can still be used as a substitute, especially if you are looking for a more intense flavor for your meals. 

As thyme is stronger than dill, you should use half of the amount of dill that a recipe calls for.

If a recipe asks for 2 tablespoons of dill, you should only use 1 tablespoon of thyme to make sure that the flavors are not too overpowering.

6. Parsley

Parsley is another great substitute for dill as it looks very similar.

If you want an authentic substitute, it is recommended that you use flat-leaf parsley, but curly parsley can work just as well if that is all that is available to you. 

The flavor of parsley is different from dill, so if you dislike the flavor of dill, using parsley can improve your dishes.

It has a milder flavor that complements food instead of overpowering it, so it is perfect for people who find dill too strong.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are multiple substitutes for dill, giving you a wide range of choices when you are choosing what herbs to use instead.

If you want a more intense flavor, you can find stronger herbs, but if dill is too strong, you can also find milder herbs to use instead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Most Herbs Be Used As Substitutes For Dill?

Most herbs can be used as dill substitutes, but some herbs taste and look similar, making them more authentic. 

Should You Eat Bay Leaves?

When bay leaves are added to food when cooking, they should be removed before eating. 

Does Dill Have A Strong Taste?

Some people find dill too strong, so require milder substitutes. Others want to use herbs that are stronger than dill for more flavor.

6 Substitutes For Dill

6 Substitutes For Dill

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Find out 6 substitutes for dill that can be used in cooking so that you can experience the flavors that you want without them being too mild or too strong.

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