8 Substitutes For Goat Cheese

Goat cheese (also known as chèvre) is a wonderful addition to any recipe.

It is rich, creamy, and adds a tangy taste that enhances every dish.

It is one of the most popular types of cheese, and for good reason.

8 Substitutes For Goat Cheese

While we adore this popular cheese (see also our favorite Gruyère cheese substitutes), not everyone enjoys it. Either they believe the taste is too strong, or they don’t like the idea of it.

If you do enjoy it, you may find it difficult to find when compared to cow milk cheese.

You would think a cheese that has been made since 5000 BC would be easier to find.

So we have compiled a list of some of the best goat cheese substitutes (see also ‘8 Of The Very Best Substitutes For Emmental Cheese‘), so you can still enjoy the recipe with its desired flavor or texture.

1. Cream Cheese

As the name suggests, cream cheese provides the same soft texture as goat cheese.

You are able to spread it on your toast or use it in baking products.

For any recipe that calls for the same texture as goat cheese, cream cheese can be used instead.

Of course, cream cheese has a subtler taste than goat cheese.

For some, this may be desirable, but if you want your substitute to be as close as possible then you can mix in some greek yogurt to achieve a similar taste.

2. Fromage Blanc

This cheese is often confused with cream cheese, but it has a completely different flavor profile.

It is very similar to goat cheese in taste, having a distinct tanginess to it which compliments its slightly sweet taste.

The sweet taste that fromage blanc provides makes it the perfect substitution to use in any baking recipe.

Unfortunately, this cheese is relatively hard to find.  However, it is definitely worth a try when you manage to get your hands on it.

3. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is similar to cream cheese in that it is spreadable, but it is slightly firmer in consistency.

Unlike other cheese, ricotta (see also ‘5 Substitutes For Ricotta Cheese‘) isn’t too fatty and tastes fresh, like goat cheese.

In taste, it is similar to goat cheese if a bit milder.

So it is recommended to mix in a bit of salt to get an almost exact flavor profile. It goes perfectly on pizza or in pasta dishes.

4. Feta

If a recipe calls for crumbly mature goat cheese, then feta is a good substitute.

While it is usually made only from sheep milk, some are made from half sheep milk and half goat milk.

So you get a subtle hint of that signature tangy taste.

Feta does generally have a saltier flavor than goat cheese. Perfect for your favorite salads.

5. Blue Cheese

If you can’t find goat cheese in your local supermarket, then blue cheese is a close second in taste. It is extremely rich and tangy and goes perfectly with crackers.

While it is not very spreadable, it still tastes incredibly creamy. It can crumble similar to mature goat cheese and also add a bit of color to a dish.

6. Labneh

This Mediterranean spread resembles a thick yogurt more than cheese, but that doesn’t make it any less a great substitute for goat cheese.

It is rich, tangy, and spreadable. Everything a great goat cheese should be. 

Some people mistake labneh for greek yogurt, but labneh is actually thicker in consistency which is why it works as a substitute.

7. Cashew Cheese

For those who want a dairy-free or vegan version, then cashew cheese is the substitution for you.

While you can buy it from stores, we recommend making it at home.

Not only is it super easy to make, but you can add extra salt to make it resemble goat cheese closer.

Cashew cheese is naturally spreadable but can be made into a sliceable block.

8. Tofu

Another dairy-free and vegan variety, tofu is commonly used as a meat replacement, but can also be used as a goat cheese substitute.

You are able to get tofu in different levels of firmness, so you can replicate differently matured goat cheese.

You are also able to crumble it like mature goat cheese. While the taste isn’t the same, you are able to marinate tofu to your liking.


Hopefully, you have found some ideas on how to substitute goat cheese in certain recipes.

All these substitutes offer different tastes, textures, and strengths in order to replicate goat cheese.

If you enjoy goat cheese but are looking for substitutes because you can’t find it at the store, we recommend stocking up the next time you see it.

You can freeze goat cheese for up to 6 months, so you will never find yourself in the same disastrous situation again.

8 Substitutes For Goat Cheese

8 Substitutes For Goat Cheese

Recipe by Jenna

Goat cheese is a popular addition to many courses. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys it or can find it. Here are some substitutes for this polarizing cheese.

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  • Cream Cheese

  • Fromage Blanc

  • Ricotta Cheese

  • Feta

  • Blue Cheese

  • Labneh

  • Cashew Cheese

  • Tofu


  • Decided on what substitute you need
  • Pick a substitute from the list above
  • Read what you need to substitute with
  • Create the recipe and enjoy

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