Stuffed Pepper Serving Suggestions: 20 Sensational Side Dishes

Stuffed peppers make for delicious meals. After all, you are taking tasty bell peppers and stuffing them with over tasty treats, such as rice, chicken, and vegetables.

Yet, it can be hard to know what to serve with stuffed peppers. They almost feel like an entire meal just by themselves, since they contain a lot of sustenance.

Stuffed Pepper Serving Suggestions: 20 Sensational Side Dishes

Yet, most people will not find stuffed peppers alone to be sufficiently filling.

To help you decide what to serve with your stuffed peppers, here are 20 tremendous side dishes that perfectly complement stuffed peppers.

1. Roast Potatoes

The perfect roast potato is crispy on the outside while being soft and fluffy on the inside. With the help of this recipe, you will be able to achieve this ideal roast potato texture.

This recipe also ensures that the potatoes have tons of flavor thanks to the garlic powder and rosemary sprigs.

The great thing about roast potatoes is that they’re starchy carbohydrates, meaning that they’re sure to fill you up. This makes them amazing if you don’t find stuffed peppers very filling.

2. Bread Rolls

Homemade bread rolls are divine. This bread roll recipe is incredibly easy. It creates light and fluffy rolls that everyone will tuck into.

They have a mild taste that makes them incredibly versatile as side dishes

Bread will work particularly well with saucy stuffed peppers, as they can absorb these mouth-watering sauces. Not to mention, everyone loves the smell of freshly baked bread!

3. Cauliflower Cheese

If you find cauliflower a bit dull, cauliflower cheese is a great way of making it more exciting. This amazing recipe covers cauliflower in a luxurious creamy cheese sauce.

This side dish feels a little naughty, so be sure to pair it with a healthier stuffed pepper recipe.

Unless you are a lover of cheese, it might be a good idea to refrain from stuffing your peppers with cheese when serving them with this side dish.

4. Cheese Board

Do you love cheese? If so, this cheese board is the perfect side dish for your stuffed peppers. 

If you’ve never made a cheese board before, this helpful recipe gives some useful suggestions about what to include.

This includes not only the cheeses themselves but also the dips and accompaniments.

The great thing about cheese boards is that you can help yourself as much as you want. Plus, it’s a great way of tasting some types of cheese that you have never tried before.

5. Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob has an indulgent buttery taste. If you aren’t afraid to eat with your hands, it is a brilliant side dish, especially when coupled with stuffed peppers. 

One of the reasons why we appreciate this recipe is that it can be ready in just 20 minutes. Consequently, this corn on the cob recipe is suitable for weeknight dinners.

In addition, you will only need 2 ingredients, making it simple and convenient.

6. Green Salad

If you’re looking for a healthy accompaniment to your stuffed peppers, you cannot go wrong with salad. Green salads are loaded with nutrients and have a mild flavor, meaning that they pair well with a spectrum of dishes.

This super easy green salad recipe takes only 10 minutes to create and will contain just 92 calories. Thus, you should consider having this green salad alongside your stuffed peppers if you’re on a diet.

7. Zucchini

If you crave chips but want something a bit healthier, these zucchini chunks are a great option. They’re an amazing low-carbohydrate alternative to fries. 

Roasted in garlic, thyme, olive oil, black pepper, and salt, this roasted zucchini recipe has a dynamic taste.

Simply put a handful of these roasted zucchini on your plate alongside your stuffed peppers for a simple yet tasty meal.

8. Roast Carrots

Roasted vegetables are effective side dishes for stuffed peppers. In particular, carrots go well with them due to their mild taste, which will not distract too much from the main dish.

Basted in garlic and honey, nobody could accuse this roasted carrot recipe of being bland. This recipe takes roast carrots to the next level, creating a lovely side dish that you will want to make again and again.

9. Sweet Potato Fries

French fries are healthier than standard fries and tend to have more flavor. Moreover, everyone loves their bright orange color.

Sweet potato fries are stunning side dishes because they taste scrumptious and salty without being unhealthy (find more salty potato recipes here).

This recipe generously coats the fries in black pepper and salt for even more fantastic flavors. They also have the ideal texture, being soft on the inside and slightly caramelized at the edges.

10. Couscous

If you want a fresh and healthy side dish for your stuffed peppers that is a little more filling than salad, you should consider making couscous.

This is one of our favorite couscous recipes, taking a tantalizing Mediterranean twist on the dish. It’s an incredibly vibrant dish, containing bright vegetables that not only give the dish plenty of colors but also provide deep flavors. 

We particularly like the use of feta cheese, giving this dish a cheesy undertone.

11. Mushrooms

Mushrooms and peppers are regularly used together in cooking. This is because they taste tremendous together. 

Sauteed to perfection, this recipe combines mushrooms with garlic, soy sauce, and thyme. You can even add a little white wine if you crave a boozy twist.

Despite the complexity of the flavors, this dish can be finished in just 13 minutes. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about spending loads of time in the kitchen.

12. Garlic Bread

Why not elevate your bread rolls and make garlic bread instead? Homemade garlic bread is superior to shop-bought varieties, so you should certainly give this recipe a try.

It uses fresh garlic to ensure that the bread has a strong and sharp taste.

Pepper and garlic are a popular flavor combination, so this garlic bread should complement your stuffed peppers fabulously.

13. Broccoli

Broccoli is a healthy side dish for your stuffed peppers, providing a herbaceous taste to the meal.

Sadly, boiled broccoli can be somewhat bland. To make things a little more interesting, why not try this roasted broccoli recipe?

It makes crispy broccoli pieces that are perfect as side dishes.

You can even add some red pepper flakes to this dish for a spicy kick. 

14. Green Beans

Green beans are yet another healthy option. That doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. 

Take this green bean recipe as an example. They are flavored with garlic, giving the green beans a sharper taste.

They are then topped with parmesan, which will gorgeously melt onto these vegetables. 

This green bean recipe should be done in around 15 minutes and will only require a handful of ingredients, meaning that it’s super straightforward.

15. Mashed Potatoes

This mashed potato recipe is extremely popular and for good reason. It manages to be creamy and buttery, which is exactly what you want with mashed potatoes.

When garnished with parsley or chives, this mashed potato will look almost too good to eat.

The creaminess of this mashed potato will balance out the harder texture of the stuffed peppers.

Plus, mashed potatoes tend to be quite filling, so you won’t have to worry about wanting more food afterward.

16. Mac And Cheese

If you’re looking for a filling side dish, mac and cheese is an amazing route to go down.

This is one of our favorite mac and cheese recipes because it is brimming with complex flavors. This is partially due to the use of paprika, giving the dish a subtle earthy taste.

Another reason to give mac and cheese a try is that it can be customized, with bacon being a popular addition. Therefore, you can alter it to better match the stuffed peppers.

17. Sauteed Onions

Sauteed onions are stunning. They’ve been fried to provide a slightly caramelized taste. 

Despite how delicious sauteed onions are, they are quick and easy. For example, this glorious recipe requires just 10 minutes of cooking time. 

What’s more, they need just 3 ingredients, namely onions, kosher salt, and olive oil. Therefore, you won’t have to waste money on loads of ingredients to make this sensational side dish.

18. Coleslaw

Homemade coleslaw is much more appealing than ready-made varieties.

One of the advantages of homemade coleslaw is that you can customize the ingredients, allowing you to include whatever vegetables you fancy.

The main reason why we chose this recipe is because of how customizable it is. For instance, you can choose between different coleslaw dressings, such as buttermilk, mayonnaise, or sour cream.

19. Artichokes

Artichokes have an earthy and nutty taste that works best when complemented with lemon and black pepper, which this recipe uses.

In our opinion, these vegetables are often overlooked. 

If you want a healthy accompaniment to your stuffed peppers, artichokes are an extraordinary option. They’re high in vitamin C, folate, and potassium.

Not to mention, artichokes have an amazingly unique taste.

20. Ratatouille

Finally, ratatouille is a vibrant and appetizing side dish with sharp flavors that blend beautifully with stuffed peppers. 

This ratatouille recipe contains lots of tasty ingredients, such as eggplant, tomatoes, and zucchinis.

These vegetables have complementary flavors, resulting in a dish that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also tastes marvelous. 

It requires minimal preparation, though you should bear in mind that the cooking time is quite lengthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Eat The Pepper With Stuffed Peppers?

Yes! You should also eat the pepper itself. Some people prefer to eat the contents first and then move on to the pepper shell.

However, other people prefer to consume chunks of the pepper alongside the filling, thus diversifying the flavors. Simply do what works best for you.

Are Stuffed Peppers Healthy?

Generally, stuffed peppers are healthy. They’re high in several nutrients, primarily vitamins C and A. However, the nutritional value will depend on the recipe.

This is because there are a wide variety of fillings that you can use to make stuffed peppers. Some fillings will be healthier than others.

Final Thoughts

Stuffed peppers are unique dishes that are filled with delectable flavors. As demonstrated, they pair brilliantly with a wide assortment of side dishes.

This allows you to combine them with whatever you fancy. Feel free to experiment with some of the above suggestions so that you can find the side dish that best suits your stuffed peppers!

Stuffed Pepper Serving Suggestions: 20 Sensational Side Dishes

Stuffed Pepper Serving Suggestions: 20 Sensational Side Dishes

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Are you unsure of what to serve with your delicious roast peppers? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 20 terrific side dish suggestions.

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