33 Mind-Blowing Recipes To Make With Spam!

Spam is a brand of canned pork that has been insanely popular since the 1930s. It gained popularity during World War II and hasn’t lost traction since. By 2003, Spam was sold in 41 countries across six continents!

33 Mind-Blowing Recipes To Make With Spam!

But when you bring a can of Spam home, you might wonder what you can actually do with this big hunk of meat. Today we’re looking at 33 recipes for you to make to fall in love with Spam.

1. Spam Fried Rice

This Asian-inspired meal is perfect for those days where you need to clean out your fridge and cook everything left over quickly.

You can put whatever you find in your Spam fried rice, but the recipe calls for things like eggs, peas, fish sauce, and much more.

Make this recipe whenever you’re in the mood for some delicious fried rice with all the trimmings. The Spam adds a nice meaty flavor, too!

2. Caramelized Spam And Eggs Recipe

Spam is the ideal breakfast food, so why not wake up excited for this e inside – in our opinion, one of the best ways to serve it!

This will be complemented by the fluffiness of the eggs and the soft vegetables.

3. Spam And Chili Oil Fried Egg

Like a fiery kick with your spam? These chili oil fried eggs are the perfect pairing with spam thanks to the spiciness.

To get this recipe right, you’ll need to perfect your egg frying to make sure that they’re crispy on the outside with a runny yolk.

This recipe calls for your spam to be caramelized, which automatically takes it to a whole new level too. This is another perfect meal if you’re running low on time.

4. Crispy Spam Steak Recipe

Pork steaks are delicious, so why shouldn’t we turn spam into the same thing? For this recipe you’re going to fry the spam slices, so make sure you have a deep cooking pan.

Before cooking the spam, you need to dip the slices into garlic powder and eggs, then cornstarch and flour. This coating will make sure that your spam steaks are amazingly crispy once they’ve been fried.

5. Filipino Style Spam Garlic Fried Rice

This recipe allows you to make a fun fried rice dish – Filipino style. Eating this dish gives you flavor explosions in your mouth over and over, thanks to the copious amounts of garlic, herbs, spices, and more that are added!

This recipe also teaches you how to make a vinegar sauce to compliment the sweetness with something more acidic. This just adds even more dimension to the flavors already dancing around your mouth!

6. Glazed Baked Spam Recipe

Anything is better with glaze, right?

Spam is absolutely no exception, and this recipe tells you how to make a delicious glaze of yellow mustard and brown sugar. The sweetness of the sugar is divine with the spice of the mustard.

Baking spam is also one of the healthier ways to cook this meat, too, so you can enjoy this recipe guilt-free.

7. Sweet, Spicy, And Sticky Spam

Do we need to say any more? Who doesn’t love some sweet and sticky spam with some spice thrown in there too?

Honey pairs perfectly with spam, and we love this recipe for including it.

Don’t worry though – the savory flavors from the soy sauce, garlic, and hot sauce make sure that it’s not too sweet of a dish. Add as much or as little spice as you want and enjoy!

8. Spam Fried Rice

You can’t get much more simple than this spam fried rice recipe, but who says the best meals have to be the most intricate recipes?

All you need for this recipe is a few vegetables, some flavorings, and a can of spam, and you’re away.

In total, this recipe takes only 30 minutes to make, which is excellent for busy people always on the go.

9. Barter-Worthy Spam Musubi

Grilled and crispy spam caramelized with sugar and soy sauce, on a bed of sushi rice and wrapped in sushi seaweed. Doesn’t that sound perfect for every occasion?

Spam musubi is ideal for appetizers, lunchboxes, and snacks – you’ll want to make this recipe everyday!

The seasoning creates an addictive flavor that will have you wishing you could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

10. Spam And Eggs

Simple yet so yummy, this spam and eggs recipe is a great one to try if you’re just getting into the world of spam.

Eat it on its own for breakfast, or add some rice to the mix to make a more filling meal for lunch or dinner.

The marinade for the spam is the ideal balance of sweet and salty thanks to the sugar and soy sauce. The eggs are soft and creamy, and the spring onion garnish is a nice fresh addition to this meal.

11. Spam Fried Rice Recipe

Want a takeaway without paying for a takeaway? Then this spam fried rice recipe is perfect for you.

It tastes just like you’d get at your local takeout place, but you can use ingredients right from your fridge without the high markup.

Add in whatever you have in the pantry to customize it to your family’s taste. This recipe calls for day-old rice, so it’s ideal for using your leftover rice without having to waste it.

12. Fried Spam And Potatoes Recipe

Another quick and simple recipe to follow, you can fry these diced potatoes and spam up within a matter of minutes.

Both prep and cook time amass to only 35 minutes, so it’s ideal for rushed dinner times.

You’ll also only need five ingredients, as well as cheese and jalapenos if you want a stronger flavor. This meal is so easy that you’ll be surprised you’ve never thought of making it before!

13. Hawaiian Fried Rice With SPAM

Another popular Hawaiian dish, this fried rice will have you believing that you’re on vacation to the sunny island.

Just like the other fried rice recipes we’ve looked at today, this one is full of veggies that you can find in your pantry or fridge.

However, it also includes the likes of cashews and curry to make it even more flavorful and more-ish.

The pineapple juice also makes it fruity, working wonders against the spice of the curry powder.

14. Fried Spam And Egg On Rice Recipe

This recipe is inspired by China and is beloved in countries all over Asia. And now you can make it yourself, at home! All you need is three ingredients, as well as roasted sesame oil or chili oil to taste if you want some more flavor.

This recipe is a great lunch or dinner meal and you can even fit it in a lunchbox for when you’re on the go.

15. Spam Kimbap

Kimbap is a Korean dish of cooked rice, fish, and vegetables wrapped in gim, which is dried sheets of seaweed. This type of sushi is incredibly popular, and this recipe tells you how to make it with spam.

These sushi rolls are full of veggies, pickled radish, rice, and spam all rolled and sliced into bite sized pieces.

Don’t forget to lay out some soy sauce or wasabi to eat with your spam kimbap, as these will take the flavor to another level.

16. Spam Musubi Recipe

If you’re in the mood for sushi rice and spam, look no further than this recipe for spam musubi. It only takes 20 minutes to make these rolls, and it makes eight rolls in total.

The spam is flavored with a sugar and soy sauce marinade, making the spam mind-blowingly flavorful.

Compared to the mellowness of the rice and seaweed, the spam will be the star of the show in these sushi rolls.

17. Chilli SPAM & Eggs

Since spam is simply canned ham, it makes sense that it pairs amazingly with eggs. But add some chili to the mix and you have an otherworldly taste that you’ll want to make again and again.

Cook it all in one pan and serve in bowls to your entire family – we bet they’ll be begging for seconds!

18. Bacon-Wrapped Spam Bites Recipe

What’s better than one type of pork meat? One pork meat wrapped in another type of pork meat! That’s what this recipe is all about – spam wrapped in bacon. Is your mouth watering too?

Thes cute bites are served on cocktail sticks and are perfect appetizers for parties, gatherings, or lunch boxes. The mustard and maple syrup counteract each other in the best way possible.

19. Spam Fritter And Colcannon Recipe

This recipe gives you the choice of whether to shallow fry or deep fry your spam, although we think deep frying tastes better for fritters.

The batter is simple to make yet creamy and crunchy, complimenting the soft spam inside.

This simple dish can be served with anything you desire, although the recipe offers to teach you how to make bubbles and squeak as an ideal side.

20. Chicken Fried Spam Recipe

This fried spam recipe utilizes the creaminess of the batter with a spicy kick from the hot sauce.

You can use whatever hot sauce you like the most, allowing you to tailor this recipe to your family’s taste buds. Don’t use any at all if you’re not a fan of spice!

You might be wondering where the chicken comes from. That is the chicken gravy that the recipe calls for you to serve these fried spam pieces with. Who doesn’t like two meat flavors rather than one?

21. Spam Musubi Recipe

As soon as we saw this recipe, we knew that we had to give it a go. It did not disappoint! The recipe nailed the perfect blend of sweet and salty thanks to the soy sauce and sugar, giving the spam an unreal glaze.

The rice and seaweed complete the musubi, but don’t take away from the flavor of the spam, which is definitely the star of the show.

22. Foundational Fried SPAM

This foundational fried spam is inspired by The Walking Dead, so if you’re a fan of the show or just like to see if you could survive a zombie apocalypse, then why not try this recipe for size?

All you’ll need is a few seasonings and spices to flavor your spam. The maple syrup is sweet enough to counteract the spice from the cayenne pepper, although not too much that you won’t enjoy the kick.

23. Classic Spam Fritters Recipe

These spam fritters are bitesize and yummy, and no cutlery is needed! The recipe calls for beer for the batter, and has the option to add cheese and dijon mustard to the fritters, too.

You don’t have to add these optional ingredients in, but we highly recommend it. Stringy cheese coming from the spam fritters is what heaven tastes like – trust us on this one.

24. Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず

Spam Onigirazu is another wonderful sushi recipe using spam that is ideal for snacks and lunch boxes. It features fried egg, sushi rice, and spam wrapped in a crunchy layer of nori.

It takes a while to get to grips with the method of rolling these wraps, but once you do there’ll be no stopping you!

25. Spam Squares Recipe

Why bother cutting your spam when you could simply cook it as one large square?

This recipe is just about as simple as it gets for spam, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious! Looking at this meal, you might not think it’s much – but the flavors you’re about to taste are surprisingly great.

The surprise comes from the rice and veg mix that is hiding inside of the spam square! Fun, right?

26. SPAM Fries

Step aside regular fries – Spam fries are here. Yep, that’s right – spam cut into small strips and battered before being fried to a perfect golden brown.

These fries only take 20 minutes to make and can be an ideal finger food for any gathering.

Add some grated mozzarella cheese on top and pair with your favorite dipping sauce to complete this amazing spam dish!

27. Spam Fritters In Beer Batter

Beer batter is always better than regular batter, right? Plus, these fritters also contain mustard which adds a lovely kick to each bite. The beer is enough to flavor the spam fritters without overpowering the pork flavor.

Serve with chunky fries, mushy peas, and your favorite dipping sauce to have a great comfort meal that will instantly improve your mood.

28. Spam Brunch Hash Recipe

When in doubt, hash meals are quick and easy to cook up. So, why would a spam hash be any different?

Full of potatoes, vegetables, and spices, this hash is sure to go down a treat with whoever you serve it to.

Serve with a fried but runny egg on top to add another dimension to the flavor. Alternatively, pair with some gravy or a great dipping sauce.

29. Spam Pizza

Yep, you read that right… Spam pizza! This recipe walks you through how to make your own pizza from scratch (well, you can buy the dough premade).

This pizza is super easy to make and can be customized with any ingredient that you want to try.

This recipe provides the best of both worlds for lovers of both pizza and spam, and it’s also fun for everyone to make!

30. Air Fryer Spam And Potatoes

Everyone loves an air fryer meal, especially one that you can make in 20 minutes!

The air fryer turns the potatoes and spam crispy yet soft on the inside, and makes for a healthier meal than if you were to shallow fry it!

31. Hawaiian Spam Fried Rice With Kimchi

Another fried rice recipe that is Asian-inspiredf and delicious. This recipe includes veggies, spam, and fresh kimchi to add a powerful flavor to the fried rice. What’s not to love?

32. Yummy Caramelized Spam Recipe

Want some caramelized spam to serve on the side of other dishes, or perhaps as a nice appetizer?

Then this is the recipe for you. All you need is spam and brown sugar, with a little oil for frying. You’ll be left with a deliciously sweet glaze to counteract the salty spam.

33. Smoked Spam With Beer Barbecue Sauce

This recipe changes the game when it comes to cooking spam as a whole cube. Smoking makes everything taste better, and this is also true for spam! Serve with a smoky barbecue sauce to complete the smokehouse flavor.

Can I Use Cornflour in the Recipes to Make with Spam?

Yes, you can use cornflour in easy recipes made with Spam. Cornflour can be used as a thickening agent in dishes like Spam stir-fry or Spam fritters. It adds a crispy texture and helps bind the ingredients together. Experimenting with easy cornflour recipes can elevate the taste and presentation of your Spam dishes.


Thanks for reading our article on the best 33 spam recipes. With so much choice, which will you try first? Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spam Good Fried?

Yes! Spam is delicious when fried. In fact, it’s probably one of the most popular ways of cooking canned meat. Although we think spam tastes great, no matter how it’s cooked.

Can I Eat Spam Raw?

Yes, spam is cooked already in the can so you can eat it as soon as you open it. Although, it’s not technically raw in the first place!

What Do They Call Spam In Hawaii?

Spam is referred to as the Hawaiian Steak in Hawaii.

33 Mind-Blowing Recipes To Make With Spam!

33 Mind-Blowing Recipes To Make With Spam!

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Struggling to find creative ways to use your spam? We have 33 recipes for you to try that will make you fall in love with canned meat.

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