11 Of The Best Sonic Slush Flavors To Order

You cannot honestly say you have visited America’s finest drive-in unless you have had a Sonic slush.

Their range of slush flavors includes classics like Frozen Cherry Lemonade, Limeade, Frozen Peach Tea, and some new ones you may want to try like Powerade Mountain Berry Blast or perhaps one with sippable candy.

Even if you work out your favorite flavor, you may want to mix in another flavor or try some new add-ins. With so many flavors to choose from, you may even find that your unique favorite flavor is a combination of a few.

11 Of The Best Sonic Slush Flavors To Order

In this guide we will break down the slush flavors you can order from Sonic (see also ‘10 Diet-Friendly Foods Sonic Menu Food Items‘) and provide a rundown of the 11 best flavors. We will also mention which beverages you may be able to order from Sonic’s secret menu and their healthy drink options. 

The Slush Combinations

To keep you cool on a hot summer’s day, or even during a drive, try a combination of flavors in a slush. These come in several flavor mixes with the most well-known being Watermelon Lime, Cherry Limeade, and Lemon Berry.

The Tea Combinations

If you want to go with something a bit more adventurous then try one of their tea combinations as a slush. These typically include Frozen Peach Tea and Frozen Sweet Tea and are best enjoyed on a hot summer’s day. 

The Limeade Combinations

Their limeade offerings are essentially lemonade made with limes for a sweet and sour mixture. The list of limeade combinations is extensive but should include Frozen Cherry Limeade, Watermelon Limeade, and Strawberry Limeade

The Real Fruit Slushes

For that thick texture that is closer to a smoothie, there are several slushes that use real fruit. Some would argue that you cannot beat the tropical flavor of a Pineapple Real Fruit Slush but there is also the subtlety of a Strawberry Real Fruit Slush.

Other available flavors are Cherry (which should come with a fresh cherry on the top), Limeade, and Lemonade.

The Regular Slushes

Though these are the regular slushes that should be available quite easily, they are far from regular.

From Cherry Burst to Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Blue Coconut (also known as Ocean Water), Grape, Cranberry, Mango, and Peach. The Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Slush is also worth seeking out. 

The Candy Slushes

For that little bit extra, try a Candy Slush which is typically bright and comes with a healthy serving of Nerds candy. The two flavors to look out for are Blue Raspberry and Grape Slush and both come with sippable candy. 

The 11 Best Sonic Slush Flavors To Order

  • Green Apple
  • Blue Coconut (Also Known As Ocean Water)
  • Powerade Mountain Berry Blast
  • Frozen Sweet Tea
  • Watermelon Lime
  • Frozen Peach Tea
  • Frozen Cherry Limeade
  • Frozen Classic Limeade
  • Frozen Cherry Lemonade
  • Pineapple Real Fruit
  • Strawberry Real Fruit

1. Green Apple

Let’s start with one of the tartest flavors for a Sonic slush; the Green Apple.

Remember those green lollipops you used to get as a kid, the bright tart ones that were so sour you could only manage a few licks at a time? Relive that mouth-puckering sensation with a slush that you will want to savor for quite some time. 

Stick to the original slush ice and just add some green apple flavor though other add-ins can make it even more tart. Nerd candy helps but the tartness can be balanced out by those sweet flavors like blackberry or cranberry.

That might be a good idea as Green Apple can be kinda intense. However, if you need a slush to make you think of a Jolly Rancher then few come close. 

2. Blue Coconut (Also Known As Ocean Water)

Yes, coconuts are not meant to be blue but as a slush, Blue Coconut works incredibly well. This is effectively coconut syrup mixed with Sprite for an exotic concoction.

Plus you get a rewardingly blue tongue which may be the entire point of ordering one. Shut your eyes and you can imagine yourself on a tropical, deserted island. 

Even more sweet than the Pineapple Real Fruit slush (more about that later) and saccharine blue syrup sets it all off. For an even more flavorful slush, throw in some lime slices or mix it half and half with a Frozen Classic Limeade.

3. Powerade Mountain Berry Blast

For another blue slush to get your taste buds tingling, try the Powerade Mountain Berry Blast flavor. Sure, it may be just Powerade poured over some ice yet sometimes the simplest things are the most effective.

It also creates a flavor unique to Sonic and there are no finer ways to enjoy some electrolytes. This is a sweet, occasionally salty slush that you will want to go back to over and over again.

4. Frozen Sweet Tea

No matter what the season, sweet tea is pretty much perfect and considered highly sophisticated. Made into a Sonic slush, Frozen Sweet Tea is pretty much perfect whatever the weather.

If you want to make it even more timeless, add some mixed-in flavors like peach, cherry, or mango. Even with a few lemon slices, you can create a Southern delight that can be a fruity and refreshing treat.  

5. Watermelon Lime

Just like sweet tea, the taste of watermelon should be strictly reserved for summer yet feel free to enjoy it all year round. Occasionally, the watermelon-flavored syrup can be a little too sweet for many people’s liking when they try the slush from Sonic.

However, add in some lime and you have a rounded off slush that works irresistibly well. The acidity of the lime marries up the subtle sweetness of the watermelon for a combination of flavors you cannot resist.

6. Frozen Peach Tea

Similar to the Frozen Sweet Tea, Frozen Peach Tea is also well worth an investment even if you have little association with the South, or even peaches.

Whenever you think of Frozen Peach Tea, you should be imagining Independence Day, picking peaches in the sunshine and drinking sweet tea on the porch.

Frozen Peach Tea can take you there and take you even further with even more peach flavor. You can even turn down the sweetness with some fresh cherries or bring in summer with strawberry pieces or lemon slices.

7. Cherry Limeade

Yes, you may opt for the Frozen Cherry Limeade but the simple Cherry Limeade slush is arguably superior. If anything, the subtle tartness of the cherries is brought to the fore for a more potent mix with the sour lemons.

Go even further with some real lemon slices to create more zing with the limeade though blackberry can work really well too. Add in some real cherries and you have a taste sensation right there.

This slush is both sweet and tart which is largely why it ranks so highly as the flavors complement each other instead of rivaling for your taste buds.

You can take a squeeze of the lime slices to ramp up the sourness or enjoy snacking on a leftover cherry once you have finished.  

8. Classic Limeade

Sure, Cherry Limeade is great and all but Classic Limeade is a classic for a reason. Tangy, on point, and without that sweetness where it tastes far too indulgent.

If you like to take your sweet time with a slush then this is the one, you can even enhance the lime taste by squeezing some fresh lime squeezes. Classic Limeade is not for the faint of heart, but for Sonic slush purists, it remains a stable offering.

And when you visit Sonic to enjoy your Classic Limeade, you can explore their diverse sonic menu items to complete your meal.

9. Frozen Cherry Lemonade

Ok, the Frozen Cherry Lemonade proved too difficult not to include. Cherries and lemons may seem like an odd combination but the rich cherry flavor goes so well in lemonade.

The Frozen Cherry Lemonade is undoubtedly one of the most refreshing slushies available at Sonic and could even customize it even more.

Add extra cherries to have that moreishness upped a few levels or add in some lime slices for more acidity, then again coconut can be added for a tropical twist.

10. Pineapple Real Fruit

To eat a ripe pineapple is to delve into one of the sweetest fruits available on Planet Earth. Here, the pineapple becomes a little more subtle but is still enough to transport you to bright and tropical climes.

The real fruit helps as pineapple chunks will swirl around and are typically just the right size to get through a straw but can always be scooped up after. 

If you want to go even further into tropical climes then add in a dash of that coconut flavor for a slush you can imagine sipping on the beach. The great thing about trying a real fruit slush is that you know that the sweetness is natural too. 

11. Strawberry Real Fruit

The final entry on the list is certainly worthy as it provides a welcome change up from those limeades and lemonades.

For a truly indulgent slush, try Strawberry Real Fruit which uses fresh fruit as opposed to that sickly syrup you can find elsewhere in other fast food restaurants. That blitzed fruit creates a welcome soft texture which is a departure

 from many other slushes and works well for pretty much anyone. 

There are even rumors that the Strawberry Real Fruit slush is an elixir to cure hangovers. That may be simply hearsay but it truly has a wonderful, true strawberry taste. The texture of blended fruit and slush works remarkably well too.

What Other Drinks Can You Get On Sonic’s Secret Menu?

What Other Drinks Can You Get On Sonic’s Secret Menu

A lot of fast food restaurants have, what is known as, a secret menu. These are menu items that are not advertised widely yet if you request them at the counter you may be rewarded for your curiosity.

At Sonic, that includes some drinks that you will not see on their typical menus.

Sunshine Smoothie

The Sunshine Smoothie looks to have been discontinued around 2014 yet some servers may still know how to make one. If they do, you should be rewarded with a drink made from orange juice, strawberries, and bananas.

The smoothie may even include ice cream but might be made with frozen yogurt. Just look out for a server who has the appearance of having worked at Sonic for a few years. 

Slap Yo Mama

Be careful while ordering this one as you should make it clear that you are trying to order a specific item off Sonic’s secret menu.

The Slap Yo Mama should be a tart soda blend of lemonade, Powerade, and raspberry. Though if the server has no idea what you are ordering you may want to back off slowly. 

Pink Flamingo

If you have not noticed, Sonic really do like their cherry-based beverages and the Pink Flamingo is no exception, if you can find one.

It should be Sprite-infused and include orange juice, pineapple juice, and that crucial addition of cherry juice. When it arrives, it should look decidedly pink and be a taste sensation.

Pink Lady

Another pink-colored drink that you may be able to find is the Pink Lady. This one might be easier to find due to how recently it was discontinued but still try to find a server who looks experienced.

This should be sweet and creamy as it includes Sprite, cherry juice, and vanilla cream. 

Sonic Sunrise

If you enjoy an Orange slush or quite fancy a Cherry Limeade then mix them up for a Sonic Sunrise.

Do not worry, this is not a breakfast item that you have to order in the morning but a truly sensational blend of two well-known flavors. It may be a little more expensive but it should be worth it.

Dr. Pepper Orgasm

This is another secret menu item that you should be careful while ordering. Hopefully at least one Sonic server knows what you are referring to. If they are struggling then just remind them that it is a mix of Powerade, Dr. Pepper, and lemonade.

What Are The Healthy Drink Options Available At Sonic?

If you are worried about the sugar content in your favorite slushies then there are some healthy drink options. Simple plain milk can be a good and nutritious option.

There are also Diet Limeades, Bottled or Tap Water. There is also their hot coffee and the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters are an excellent choice for a pick me up. Should you still want a tea then opt for the Unsweetened Ice Tea,

Frequently Asked Questions

What Flavor Is The Blue Coconut Slush From Sonic?

Understandably, coconuts are not blue so the Blue Coconut flavor may be a little perplexing.

Typically, Blue Coconut syrup uses coconut extract yet has the pop of bright blue in its coloring. If you ever want to present a surprise mystery flavor then turning up with a blue slush that actually tastes of coconut is some excellent deception. 

What Is Known About The ‘Purple O’ Slush At Sonic?

Little is known about the ‘Purple O’ slush as it seems to only exist on a secret menu at Sonic. Some stores may not even know what it is or state that they do not know how to make it.

Those who have managed to try the slush have confirmed that it should be a bright purple color.

The ingredients are reported to include Mountain Berry Powerade, Sprite, cranberry juice, lemonade, and occasionally vanilla though it may not be called the ‘Purple O’ but a ‘Purple Passion’ or simply ‘Purple Sprite’.

Final Thoughts

If you have an idea of your favorite fruit flavors then finding a slush that you really like at Sonic should not be a problem. Granted, there are some that seem more suited to summer such as Green Apple, Frozen Sweet Tea, and Frozen Peach Tea. 

However, their limeade combinations are really the stand-out menu options as few fast food restaurants have quite nailed down that mix of sweet and sour.

From Classic to Cherry Limeade, they really are worth trying to see how the humble lime can be elevated so highly.

Some people simply prefer the texture of their cold beverage to be closer to that of a smoothie. At Sonic that’s possible with their Real Fruit options that work stupendously well with either Pineapple or Strawberry. 

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