12 Best Sonic Menu Items To Eat & Drink

Even though there are a ton of different fast food restaurants across the world, the USA is by far one of the top spots for fast food chains and restaurants.

From places such as Mcondlas to Burger King, all the way to Denny’s and Popeyes – the USA is full of countless fast food places.

In this article, though, we are going to be taking a closer look at a lesser known but just as delicious fast food place: Sonic! Otherwise known as Sonic Drive In.

12 Best Sonic Menu Items To Eat & Drink

This fast food restaurant is the 11th most popular fast food place in the country and currently has over thirty-five hundred franchises across 46 states. Impressive or what?

Sonic is best known for its iconic men items such as its toaster sandwiches and extra long cheese coneys.

As well as a carhop service (along with a drive thru, of course) including a variety of other freshly made meals that set it distinctly apart from other fast food chains in the country.

If you’re interested in trying out Sonic for the first time or you simply want some recommendations to try instead of your typical order – you’re in the right place.

In this post, we are going to be taking a closer look at the best sonic menu items that you can enjoy – including both food and refreshments. 

Whenever you’re ready, just read on!

The Best Sonic Menu Items To Eat And Drink!

1. The Cherry Limeade Drink!

Kicking our list off, we simply had to share this Sonic classic – the cherry limeade drink!

By far one of the most popular and iconic items currently offered on Sonic’s menu, the cherry limeade drink is totally unique to this fast food chain and is absolutely delicious, too.

Now, before we get going – it’s worth noting that Sonic offers a huge variety of refreshments to choose from, including slushies, teas, sodas, water and more.

However, out of all the various refreshment options that Sonic offers, Cherry Limeade is by far the most popular…and the most delicious! 

Absolutely guaranteed to hit the spot, the cherry limeade drink is super refreshing and absolutely perfect for enjoying all throughout the year.

However, thanks to how cooling it is, it should come as no surprise to hear that this drink is most commonly ordered during the hot summer months.

As for the taste? If you’ve never tried this drink before, trust us when we say that you’re going to be in for a treat.

Offering the perfect balance between zesty and sweet, the cherry limeade drink is super refreshing and is sure to revitalize your senses after just a few sips. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Sonic itself has listed this drink as being “iconic” on its website…and it’s certainly easy enough to see why.

Unlike pump sodas offered at most fast food places across the country, Sonic prepares its cherry limeade by using freshly squeezed lime juice and cherry syrup, before generously pouring it over Sonic’s famous nugget ice.

Simply delicious! If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

2. Cheesy Mozzarella Sticks

Along with offering a ton of different delicious drinks, Sonic is also famous for its food! One of the most popular snack items offered by Sonic are cheesy mozzarella sticks, let’s take a closer look at them below:

Not just any old mozzarella stick, these cheesy mozzarella sticks from Sonic come in a variety of different portion sizes which will allow you to pick the amount that you would like depending on how hungry you are. 

Not just that, but these cheesy mozzarella sticks from Sonic are made with only the finest ingredients and fried to perfection.

In other words, each time that you take a bite into one of these cheesy sticks, you’re going to be able to enjoy that satisfying crunch. 

Not to mention, these cheesy mozzarella sticks have been elevated with a variety of different seasonings to really enhance the flavor of the cheese and the breadcrumbs, including herbs and garlic. Is your mouth water yet? Ours certainly is. 

If you would like to try Sonic’s mozzarella cheese sticks next time that you pay a visit to one of their franchises, we recommend that you pair the sticks with either ranch or marinara sauce. 

Both taste great with these cheesy mozzarella sticks and pair very well, although as they taste quite different – you might want to test them both out separately before settling on one. These sticks are perfect as a snack or as a side to your main!

3. The Sonic Blast Drink!

When you’re in need of a drink that’s going to satisfy all of your sugar cravings, look no further than the Sonic Blast.

Truly needing no introduction, the Sonic Blast is not only one of the most iconic drinks offered by  Sonic, but also one of the most popular for those who happen to have a sweet tooth. 

A creamy concoction that you won’t be able to get enough of, the Sonic Blast drink is basically a milkshake that is made out of rich vanilla ice cream – but it doesn’t end there. 

On top of that, you will be able to choose your own choice of toppings including candy, cookies, and more for the perfect finishing touch.

For your convenience, the Sonic Blast comes in a cup with an additional spoon to make it easier to eat – so many people like to order this as a dessert.

It’s absolutely perfect for hot summer days and those moments when you want something comforting, alike. It’s sure to become a favorite!

4. The Soft Pretzel Twist

Looking for the perfect snack to enjoy next time that you pay a trip down to Sonic? Well, if you are – look no further than this next food item off Sonic’s menu: the soft pretzel twist!

Sometimes, you might not be hungry enough to tuck into a full meal.

Or, perhaps you’re too busy running around completing errands to order a big meal – and this is where the magic of snacks such as the soft pretzel twist comes into the picture.

Perfect for those times when you’re on the go, the soft pretzel twist is filling without being too heavy – so it’s perfect for enjoying as a yummy snack.

Even though there are a variety of classics on the menu like corndogs and toasties – sometimes less is more, and soft pretzel shows that.

For the perfect finishing touch, these pretzels contain big chunks of delicious salt pieces that will help to elevate the flavor, while the soft, fluffy inside of the pretzel will leave you wanting more, bite after bite.

If you’re thinking about trying the soft pretzel twist, we recommend that you try it with some classic cheese sauce that Sonic offers. Trust us, it’s absolutely delicious and the best part? The two paired together make the perfect snack! Yum.

5. Tater Tots

Whether you’re familiar with Sonic’s menu or not, we’re sure that you’ll already be familiar with the tater tots! 

Sure, even though Sonic offers a variety of potato snacks – the tater tots are by far one of the best.

So much so, that many people believe these snacks to be way better than their fries! While that might sound like a big statement to make, we’re sure that you’ll agree with us after you’ve tried them.

Perfect as a snack on as part of a bigger meal, Sonic’s tater tots are a delicious blend of golden crunchiness, a fluffy texture and the perfect touch of saltiness without being too much.

Not just that, but the tater tots made by Sonic also pair well with a variety of different sauces. If you want, you can order tater tots with a chili and cheese sauce.

However, these tater tots are just as perfect on their own – or can be paired with a variety of other sauces that are offered by Sonic including ranch dressing, tomato sauce, bbq sauce or even cheese sauce.

6. Ched “R” Peppers

As we’re sure you might have already guessed by now, Sonic isn’t particularly known for making the best fries!

Even though they aren’t bad, there are a variety of other snacks offered by Sonic that are much more popular – and the Ched “R” Peppers just so happen to be one of them.

Containing cheese and peppers, these innovative snacks consist of peppers that have been loaded to the brim with melted cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers.

Then, to make them absolutely perfect and delicious – they are deep fried to give them a golden, crispy coating that you absolutely won’t be able to get enough of.

To really make for an unforgettable experience, the Ched “R” Peppers are then dipped in a ranch dressing – it’s no wonder these are a favorite on the menu!

Don’t be scared of the jalapeno peppers, either – the ranch dressing and cheddar cheese help to balance out the fierceness of the jalapenos, so you shouldn’t find them to be too sizzling!

7. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

We told you that no place does sandwiches quite like Sonic can – and this grilled cheese sandwich demonstrates this claim perfectly! 

A true classic and described by Sonic as being a “nation’s favorite sandwich” this classic grilled cheese sandwich is perfect on its own or as part of a bigger meal.

If you’re interested in trying this, you can either enjoy it as it is (toasted bread and cheese) or elevate it with a variety of different toppings including things such as jalapenos, diced onions, bacon, tomato, pickles or even lettuce.

Along with this, you can even opt to add your own sauce of choice, including ketchup, mayo or mustard.

If you don’t fancy any of those, though, you can also opt to include a variety of additional condiments that Sonic offers including their signature sauce, honey mustard, bbq sauce, ranch dressing or even relish. 

Regardless of how you choose to customize your grilled cheese sandwich though, we highly recommend that you opt to pair your sandwich with Sonic’s yummy tater tots – many people find that these two pair perfectly together and make the perfect meal for those who are in the mood for a bigger meal. 

Of course, you can opt to simply enjoy this grilled cheese sandwich on its own – it’s entirely up to you! Either way, we highly recommend you try it out next time you visit Sonic.

8. Corn Dogs!

What would a Sonic food roundup be without the inclusion of a corn dog? Simple but delicious, the corn dog is  a classic American food – and Sonic’s version of this delicious snack is nothing short of delicious. 

Sure, even though there are a variety of different corn dogs out there to choose from, one of the very best kinds is one that you can get yourself from Sonic!

Solidifying itself as offering one of the best corn dogs money can buy, Sonic prepares their corn dogs with a hot dog that gets wrapped in sweet corn batter and then deep fried until it’s a crispy golden brown. How delicious does that sound?

Just like with most of the other food items that Sonic offers on their menu, most of their success comes from the fact that they don’t overthink things.

When it comes to Sonic and the food that they make – you might have noticed that the majority of their recipes are simple and easy to make, and this is what makes them so delicious.

You might also be pleased to hear that the corn dogs that Sonic offers are also a whole lot more affordable than some of the other places you can buy corn dogs in states.

So if you happen to be in the mood for corn dogs and you’re not too sure where you can go and get them from, you;ll be making a great choice to buy them from Sonic!

9. Jumbo Popcorn Chicken

Another favorite, if you’re in the mood for some chicken then we highly recommend that you give these Jumbo Popcorn Chicken bites a go next time you decide to pay a visit to your local Sonic!

These popcorn chicken nuggets have been made with 100% all-white meat chicken that is then breaded and fried to perfection.

Offering the ability to customize your order as you see fit, Sonic also provides you with the ability to customize your popcorn chicken nuggets with Honey BBq, Buffalo sauce and just about any other topping you can think of. 

10. Burgers

So, even though Sonic offers a variety of different snacks and fun drinks – one of their classic (and staple) menu items is the humble burger/ Let’s take a look at why Sonic’s burgers are so great!

When we’re in the mood for fast food – nothing seems to satisfy our cravings than a yummy burger can – and Sonic makes some of the best in the business. Boasting a huge menu of delicious burgers to choose from, Sonic cater to just about everyone.

From a classic hamburger all the way to a double bacon cheeseburger – Sonic has something for everyone. In recent times, they have even introduced a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to their men, including a vegetarian burger. 

Besides being totally delicious, one thing that we love about Sonic is how affordable their menu is.

Unlike some other fast food places that can charge upwards of 10 dollars for a burger meal, Sonic has maintained their affordable prices since the moment that they opened, and we think this is awesome. 

If you’re planning on trying out a burger at Sonic next time you decide to pay a visit there, we highly recommend that you consider trying out one with tater tots or fries!

Along with that, don’t forget to make sure that you pair your burger with the vast variety of tasty sauces that Sonic offers – we love their ranch dressing!

11. Onion Rings

If you’ve made it this far in our list, we think that you might have already been able to guess that Sonic isn’t necessarily known for its meals but rather, its snacks! Onion rings just so happen to be one of the most popular snacks that they offer.

Regardless of whether you’re in the mood for a tasty (and slightly unhealthy) snack – then Sonic’s onion rings are just what you’re looking for to satisfy your cravings.

Besides being a delicious snack to enjoy every once in a while, these tasty onion rings are also perfect for enjoying as a side to your main meal.

Sure, even though onion rings aren’t exactly the most exciting of side dishes and you can just about get them in every restaurant across the country – no one does onion rings quite like Sonic can.

Unlike other places that will often order their onion rings in and then simply deep fry them once they have arrived – Sonic does things old school.

In fact, it is a well known fact that there is always at least one Sonic employee that will be given the task of slicing up fresh onions ready to be put in the batter, as well as preparing Sonic’s unique and delicious batter from scratch.

The secret to the recipe? Well, interestingly enough, Sonic includes a little dash of vanilla into all of their onion ring batter.

Which gives the onion rings a subtle hint of sweetness that goes very well with the crunchiness of the batter and the bitterness of hte onions.

12. French Toast Sticks!

In the mood for breakfast? If you answered yes to that question, then you’ll be making a great choice to try out Sonic’s French Toast Sticks! These are yummy, delicious and offer just the right amount of sweetness without being too much.

Offering incredible value for your money, Sonic’s French toast sticks come complete with a hearty helping of maple syrup that has been perfectly warmed and is ideal for dipping your stocks into.

Offering plenty of options, Sonic’s French toast sticks come in two different options: classic or coated – so you can choose which type that you would like in accordance with your preferences.

In particular, we happen to love the coated sticks because they’re a lot easier and offer more of a “crunch” each time that you bite into them – but both are delicious.

Not just that, but Sonic offers these delicious sweet treats all throughout the day, so you can choose to have them whenever you would like, not just at breakfast.

13. Hot Dogs

Last but certainly not least, the final food item that we have to recommend to you today is Sonic’s classic hot dogs! 

What would a fast food roundup be without the inclusion of at least one hot dog? Exactly! We love Sonic’s hot dogs because they are flavorful, affordable and come in a variety of different styles.

They are made using 100% beef and are cooked to perfection before being placed into the fresh buns. From there, they can then be topped with a variety of different delicious toppings including cheese, mustard, onions, jalapenos and so much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sonic’s Most Popular Food Item?

Even though there are a variety of different popular food items on Sonic’s menu, by far one of the most popular is the cherry limeade which is what Sonic is famous for!

If you’ve never visited Sonic then we’re sure that you’ll have already heard of how delicious this drink is – it’s truly one of a kind and you can’t get it in any other fast food chain in the world.

If you’ve never been and you’re thinking of stopping there to try out some food, we highly recommend that you pick this drink to go with it.

What Is Sonic Best Known For?

Like we’ve already mentioned above, Sonic is known for offering one of the most famous and iconic drinks in the country – the cherry limeade!

We highly recommend that you try it if you are planning on paying a visit to this fast food place.

Besides that, though, you might also be interested to learn that Sonic is also famous for its extra long cheese cones (trust us when say that they’re delicious) as well as its lineup of delicious toaster sandwiches just perfect for busy weekday meals and comforting snacks alike.

What Is The Healthiest Item On Sonic’s Menu?

This is a great question! As we have already mentioned in some previous points of this post, Sonic, despite being a fast food restaurant, is known for offering a variety of different freshly prepared meals that are often made to restaurant standard quality.

With that being said, Sonic is also known for offering a variety of healthier meal options on its menu.

If you’re interested in learning more about what the healthiest meal on Sonic’s menu is, though, at the time of writing it is the grilled chicken sandwich.

The current recipe used by Sonic totals it to 480 calories and it contains 32 grams of protein! It’s also served on a whole-grain ciabatta bun which is a little healthier than white bread is.

The Bottom Line

Feeling hungry yet? Now that you’ve taken the time to read through our top recommendations – we’re sure that you’re in the mood for Sonic drive thru now more than ever.

The only question is, which food item off Sonic’s list are you going to try out first? Perhaps you could visit with friends and order a variety of items off this list to share and taste test together!

Whatever you do, though, just make sure that you try out that delicious (and totally famous, might we add) cherry limeade to accompany the food that you order! Trust us, you’re sure to love it. Thanks for reading! 

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