15 Smoothies That Don’t Include Bananas

Whether it be to make you feel alive in the morning, help you hit your five a day, or simply refresh you during the summer, smoothies are awesome.

Versatile, easy to make, and usually super sweet, we can make smoothies quickly.

15 Smoothies That Don’t Include Bananas

Probably the best thing about smoothies though is how many different options we have to choose from. We can make smoothies from almost any fruit or vegetable. Having said that, most smoothies start with a base of bananas. 

Whilst this isn’t a big deal for most people if you’re not a fan or have an allergy, making a delicious smoothie can be tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be.

There is a wide range of tasty smoothies we can make that don’t include bananas. Today, we want to show you them. To do so, we’ve listed 15 smoothies that don’t include bananas. In this post, we’ll show you each one.

Let’s begin!

1. Strawberry Smoothie

The first smoothie on our list will help you start your day perfectly. Super sweet, aromatic, and creamy, this strawberry smoothie recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie is delicious. 

There’s just something magical about how strawberries make us feel. Their warm colors and sweet flavors radiate through our bodies, making us feel alive. Katie’s smoothie recipe combines sweet strawberries with milk and honey.

This takes away some of the strawberry tartness, leaving us with a smoothie that is extremely sweet. The milk helps give the smoothie a more enjoyable creamy texture. You could always add a tablespoon of cocoa powder to this smoothie too. 

2. Berry Blast

Low in sugar, nutritious, and packed with antioxidants, this berry blast smoothie is one you have to try. Sweet and tangy, this smoothie is packed with flavor, making it a solid choice for anyone that seeks a refreshing boost.

One of the best things about this smoothie is that it’s vegan-friendly. Instead of using yogurt or milk to make the smoothie, this recipe calls for vegan yogurt.

To make this vibrant smoothie, you need mixed berries, strawberries, vegan yogurt, vanilla extract, and orange juice. The maple syrup is a great addition to this smoothie because it helps neutralize some of the tartness, giving the smoothie sweetness.

3. Heart Healthy Green Kale Smoothie

If you came here looking for a super healthy breakfast smoothie, you’ve found it. This heart healthy green kale smoothie is by far one of the best detox smoothies we’ve ever come across. 

Loaded with vitamins, fiber, minerals, and micronutrients, this smoothie will give you everything you need to boost your immune system. It will also help you start your day off on the right foot.

Green in color, this smoothie contains kale, celery, sweetener, ginger, coconut water, and green apple. 

Aside from offering more nutrients, the inclusion of ginger, apple, and coconut water in this recipe is key to adding flavor. Without them, this smoothie would taste far too earthy. 

4. Blueberry And Mango Smoothie

The next smoothie recipe on our list is thick, creamy, and ridiculously rich. To top things off, it looks awesome.

In this recipe, the mango and blueberry combine perfectly to create a concoction that is both sweet and tangy.

Whilst both fruits have a similar flavor profile and are equally sweet and juicy, they work together well to create a smoothie that isn’t too overpowering. 

The almond milk, maple syrup, and Greek yogurt help give the smoothie a thick, creamy texture that smoothies with no banana can occasionally lack. 

5. Coffee Smoothie

If you can’t go without your morning coffee fix but you want something a bit different, why don’t you give this coffee smoothie recipe a try?

Coffee is already naturally sweet so you don’t need to worry about that, but to give this smoothie a creamy texture you’ll want to add a couple of things. This recipe uses peanut butter, dates, and hemp seeds to create a creaminess. 

The beauty of using these ingredients is that they also offer extra flavor and texture. In particular, the peanut butter gives this smoothie a richer, more indulgent flavor that tastes delicious. 

6. Chocolate Smoothie

Next up, we have a chocolate smoothie recipe for you. Despite being a chocolate smoothie, this recipe isn’t actually that unhealthy. We have the inclusion of spinach, hemp seeds, and flax seeds to thank for that.

Super sweet and creamy just like a chocolate smoothie should be, you only need six ingredients to make this delicious smoothie. Those ingredients are flax seeds, cocoa powder, hemp seeds, dates, spinach, and almond butter.

It’s the almond butter in this recipe that gives the smoothie its thick, creamy texture, whilst the dates provide the sugary flavor. Using dates is a great way to add natural sweetness to a drink without using unhealthy sugars. 

7. Mango Tango

The next bananaless smoothie on our list is the mango tango. This smoothie is absolutely perfect for the summer as it is sweet, light, and refreshing. 

Thanks to the mango, pineapple juice, and orange, it also offers the most amazing tropical vibes. The only other ingredients you need to make this smoothie are honey and Greek yogurt. 

Once you have all the ingredients, simply blend them all together. That’s all you have to do to make this sweet drink. Aside from being vibrant, refreshing, and flavorful, this smoothie is also very healthy. 

The orange, pineapple juice, and frozen mangoes are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

8. Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

If you feel like trying something new, take a closer look at this cherry vanilla smoothie recipe from Simply Stacie. 

This cherry vanilla smoothie is a great way to kickstart your day. All you need is a handful of juicy cherries, milk, and vanilla yogurt. Surprisingly filling, this smoothie has a strong flavor and an impressive color.

You’d think the sharpness of the cherries would overpower the smoothie but the vanilla yogurt helps neutralize them perfectly. Of course, the yogurt and milk also help give the smoothie a creamier texture. 

Consider using frozen cherries if you want an ice-cold smoothie.

9. Green Smoothie

The general rule of thumb with smoothies is the greener they are, the healthier they are. This green smoothie shows this clearly. Bright green in color, this nutritious smoothie is loaded with goodness.

Admittedly, it isn’t the tastiest of smoothies but it is certainly one of the healthiest. Made with kale, spinach, water, and mango, the green smoothie is very leafy. Having said that, the mango does go someway to reducing the bitterness of the smoothie.

If you really want to eliminate the bitterness though, you’ll have to add fruit like peach to the ingredient list. This should help tip the balance in sweetness’ favor.

10. Avocado Smoothie

Another very healthy smoothie is this avocado smoothie. Avocado is a green superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

It is also high in antioxidants. This makes it a solid smoothie ingredient on its own or mixed with other healthy foods.

Thanks to the extremely creamy and rich flavor of the avocado, your smoothie will taste more like a vanilla milkshake than a green smoothie. As if that wasn’t enough, the texture of the avocado will produce an ultra-thick, super-satisfying smoothie.

You can add other fruits to this smoothie but the recipe calls for just the avocado. Other ingredients include sweetener, milk, and vanilla extract.

11. Greena Colada

This next smoothie offers you everything you love about a pina colada in a healthy smoothie

The only thing missing is the rum. However, we won’t tell anyone if you want to add a dash.

Sweet, tropical, and healthy, this smoothie is packed with delightful flavors. Easily one of the most refreshing smoothies on this list, it fits in perfectly with a summer brunch or lazy afternoon by the pool.

If you want to make a greena colada, you’ll need coconut milk, shredded coconut, pineapple, spinach, vanilla extract, agave nectar, and lime. Adding spinach gives us that nice boost in nutrients and vitamins.

12. Mango Chili Smoothie

Next, we have an interesting smoothie that packs a punch. If you love all things spice, this smoothie might be for you. Unlike any other smoothie on this list, this mango smoothie calls for chili powder.

Using chili powder in a smoothie may sound crazy but it totally works. The subtle hint of spice gives the smoothie an added kick. It also helps balance out the sweet and tart flavors of the fruit. 

Other ingredients needed to make this smoothie include apple juice, hemp seeds, mango chunks, goji berries, water, and lime juice.

13. Pineapple Smoothie

As far as we’re concerned, this pineapple smoothie recipe is the best on this list. If, like us, you love tropical-flavored smoothies, you’ll probably agree. 

Transporting us to a tropical paradise, this smoothie is sweet, refreshing, and light.

To create this smoothie a wonderful combination of coconut water and pineapple is used. This not only gives the smoothie plenty of sweetness but also a lush creaminess. 

A lot of people would compare this smoothie to a Dole Whip. This smoothie receives extra bonus points for also being vegan. This is a smoothie anyone can enjoy.

14. Cucumber Ginger Smoothie

The penultimate smoothie on this list is a cucumber ginger smoothie from Veggie Primer. Free from bananas, this plant-based smoothie contains hemp seeds, spinach, cucumber, and avocado. It also contains flavorful ingredients like ginger.

This mixture of healthy ingredients creates a nutritious smoothie that is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. In terms of texture, the smoothie is light but creamy. This makes it a very satisfying smoothie to drink. 

Despite containing avocado and spinach, cucumber is one of the main ingredients in this recipe. This is because it is refreshing, healthy, and light. It’s also known for its cancer-fighting properties. 

15. Blueberry And Almond Smoothie

The final smoothie recipe on our list is a delicious blueberry and almond smoothie. All you need to make this refreshing smoothie is almond milk, sweetener, blueberries, and ice cubes. 

Super refreshing and impressively vibrant, this smoothie is ridiculously rich and fruity. If it wasn’t for the almond milk, we’d actually find the smoothie too fruity and tart.

Thankfully though, the almond milk is there to offer some creaminess and sweetness.

If you want to make a stunning smoothie that your guests will love, give this one a go. It’s almost too pretty to drink. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ingredients Can Replace Banana In Smoothies?

There are hundreds of great substitutions we can make for bananas in our smoothies. However, the best would have to be the likes of cashews, avocado, yogurt, mangoes, chia seeds, and flax seeds. Peanut butter is another good option.

What Can I Use To Thicken My Smoothie?

One of the best ingredients you can use to thicken your smoothie is chia seeds. Adding just one tablespoon of chia seeds to your blender is all it takes to thicken a smoothie.

What Fruits Are Equal To Bananas?

If you hate bananas but your smoothie recipe calls for them, consider using mangoes or cantaloupes instead. Both of these fruits contain similar nutrients to bananas. They taste great too.

Can You Lose Weight By Drinking Smoothies?

In the long run, drinking smoothies won’t help you lose weight. Swapping out your meals in the short term might see you lose some weight, but in the long term, your body won’t agree with it and you’ll stop losing weight.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t like or simply can’t eat or drink bananas, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to our list of smoothie recipes, you will now be able to make a wide range of delicious smoothies that don’t contain bananas.

Despite most smoothies using bananas as a base, we’ve shown you that it isn’t always needed. We’ve looked at detox smoothies, fruit smoothies, coffee smoothies, and chocolate smoothies, and none of them contain bananas.

Now you have our list, why don’t you take some time to decide which smoothie you want to try first? We’re sure you’ll enjoy whichever recipe you pick.

15 Smoothies That Don’t Include Bananas

15 Smoothies That Don’t Include Bananas

Recipe by Jenna

Not all smoothies have to be made with bananas. There are plenty of smoothies we can make without it. In this post, we show you 15 smoothies without bananas.

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