18 Sausage Appetizers Everyone Will Love

Appetizers are a super important part of any gathering or dinner party.  They are the food that will set the tone for the rest of the dishes and they can make or break your evening. 

18 Sausage Appetizers Everyone Will Love

That’s a lot of pressure to put on such a small dish, but it is possible to make incredible sausage appetizers that all of your guests will love. 

In this article, we will look at some of the most flavorful and delicious sausage-based appetizers that you can incorporate into your next get-together or dinner party. 

1. Easy Make-Ahead Sausage Pin Wheels

We love a recipe that has the word “easy” in the title. 

These delicious sausage pin wheels are not only super easy and quick to make, but they can also be made ahead of time and simply heated up when you need them. 

Perfect for a busy party or get-together.  Best of all, these are perfect finger food so you can avoid making lots of extra dishes to wash afterward.

2. Cajun Sausage Bites With Spicy Dip

If you prefer your food to have a bit of spice to it, these cajun sausage bites with a spicy dipping sauce could be just what you need. 

The best thing about this appetizer is that it is super easy to make and you can impress your friends and family by telling them that you made the dip as well. 

Thanks to the spicy dip on the side, your guests can control just how spicy their bite is. 

3. Sausage Cream Cheese Dip

This is a slightly different sausage appetizer compared to the others on the list but it is just so delicious that we couldn’t leave it out. 

This sausage cream cheese dip is a perfect appetizer for a casual get-together.  It will look like a basic dip for chips or raw vegetables, however, when your guests dig in, they will be met by a flavor explosion. 

The combination of sausage and cream cheese creates a decadent dish. 

4. Italian Sausage Appetizer Bread

This is a slightly more complicated appetizer to make but the flavors are just so delicious and layered that it will be worth it. 

This dish also works really well as a finger food appetizer and as an appetizer for a sit-down dinner party. 

The flavors from the olives, roasted peppers, and Italian sausage will instantly transport your guests to the Mediterranean. 

5. Sausage-Stuffed Sweet Mini Peppers

This is another dish that works just as well for a buffet-style gathering and a more formal dinner party. 

These sausage-stuffed sweet mini peppers are bursting with delicious flavors that create the perfect balance between savory and sweet. 

Best of all, the peppers are naturally small which makes them the perfect size for a light appetizer. 

6. Spicy Italian Sausage Crostini

There is something so flavorful about Italian sausage that means that it is going to feature a lot on this list.  Crostini is a classic appetizer that works for almost any type of social gathering. 

The slight kick that the spicy Italian sausage gives this appetizer is sure to get your guests’ tastebuds going, ready for the main course.  

7. Easy Sausage Cream Cheese Bites

Sausage and cream cheese is a combination that just works together.  The delicious little cups are bursting with flavor and they look appealing too. 

Serving these on a platter will allow your guests to indulge as much as they like and we can guarantee that you won’t have any leftovers before dinner is served. 

8. Kielbasa Appetizers

These Kielbasa appetizers are absolutely bursting with flavor. 

They are cooked in a mixture of beer and rich barbeque sauce which complements the distinctive flavor of the Polish sausage perfectly. 

The use of Dijon mustard gives and extra little kick of flavor to really round off this dish.  This is sure to be a hit with your guests. 

9. Spicy Italian Cresent Ring

Not only is this spicy Italian cresent ring a delicious option for an appetizer, but it also looks stunning on your table.  This dish can actually work as a temporary centerpiece as well as an appetizer. 

The filling for this ring is absolutely packed with flavor that will get the juices flowing for the main course.  

10. Yummy Sausage Cups

Another great finger food option are these adorable sausage cups.  We love an appetizer that is as visually appealing as it is delicious and this dish fits the bill perfectly. 

Your guests are sure to go back for seconds and even thirds of these delicious and decadent appetizers.  Just remember not to make too many or they won’t have room for the main course. 

11. Classic Bisquick Sausage Balls

If you are a fan of super quick and simple appetizers that taste like you put in hours of effort, this is the recipe for you. 

These classic Bisquick sasuage balls are the ultimate in convenience when you are short on time.  Best of all, they taste amazing and will have your guests asking for the recipe for sure. 

Whether you want to give up your secrets is up to you. 

12. Mini Cresent Dogs

These mini cresent dog appetizers are a super fun addition to any gathering or dinner party. 

They look super adorable on a platter and can bring a lightness to a dinner party that you don’t want to be too formal. 

What’s more is this is a super easy recipe that can be prepped ahead of time and baked just before you serve them.

13. Sausage Bites With Mustard Dipping Sauce

Sometimes, it is the simple things in life that are the best.  This appetizer is super quick and simple to make but it really packs a punch in terms of flavor. 

All you need to do is cook some sausages, slice them, and pan fry them to get them crispy.  Then serve them on a plate with cocktail sticks and the delicious mustard dipping sauce. 

14. Sausage-Stuffed Jalapenos

If the stuffed mini peppers sounded nice but you like your food to have more of a kick, these sausage-stuffed jalapenos could be just what you are looking for. 

For an even better spread for your guests, you could serve these jalapenos alongside the mini peppers for a range of flavors to suit every spice preference. 

15. Keto Sausage And Bacon Appetizers

Sometimes, it is nice to be able to cater to different dietary requirements and it often doesn’t take a lot of extra effort.  These sausage and bacon appetizers are keto-friendly and super delicious. 

If you have a keto guest coming or are keto yourself, you can serve this appetizer to all of your guests and they will all be satisfied. 

16. Sausage Cheddar Bites

There is no denying that sausage and cheese are a winner combination every time.  The flavors of the pork and the richness of the cheese just work together. 

These sausage cheddar bites are perfect to get your guests appetite up and offer a delicious appetizer that will set a high bar for the rest of the dishes. 

17. Mini Sausage Roll Bites

Classics are always a winner at any gathering.  These mini sausage roll bites might not seem like much, but sometimtes less is more. 

The main trick to getting these appetizer bites just right is to perfect your seasoning.  It’s the seasoning that can make or break a sausage roll but this recipe will help you out. 

18. Smoked Sausage Appetizer

These smoked sausage appetizers look super simple but the combination of the smoked sausage, cheese, and peppers provide a taste explosion for your guests. 

The best thing about this appetizer is that it is the perfect balance between decadence and a light appetizer that leaves room for the main event.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Sausage Is Best For Appetizers?

The answer to this question really depends on what sort of appetizer you are making and who you are making it for. 

If you want a sausage that is flavorful but isn’t going to overpower other ingredients, Italian or smoked sausage is a safe bet. 

Also, these are types of sausage that most people like and will enjoy. 

If you want to make an appetizer that has a bit more of a kick or spice to it, using a spicy sausage such as chorizo or spicy italian sausage can help to add more flavor to the dish. 

This is a better option than just adding spices to a more plain-tasting sausage. 

Because a lot of these appetizers are in the form of finger food or individual portions, it is possible to make a few of your appetizers with a plain sausage and some with a spicy sausage to help cater to more people. 

Can You Make Sausage Appetizers In Advance?

The short answer is, yes.  Most sausage appetizers can be made in advance and then heated up when you are ready to serve them. 

This can take a lot of the stress out of hosting a dinner party or other event at your house and allow more time for socializing with your friends and family. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many different ways to make delicious and easy sausage appetizers that are sure to be a hit with all of your guests.  Whether you want something that is full of spice or prefer to focus on more delicate flavors and seasoning. 

There is sure to be something for you and your guests on this list.  

18 Sausage Appetizers Everyone Will Love

18 Sausage Appetizers Everyone Will Love

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