23 Amazing Low Carb Carbquik Recipes That Are Really Worth Trying Out!

With so much in the media about watching your carb intake and blood sugar levels, you could be forgiven for thinking that this means scrapping making any baked goods until future notice…

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However, I’m very pleased to report that with Carbquik, you get to have your cake and eat it, too, literally. And a great many other baked goods besides, including a wide range of both sweet and savory options. 

What’s more, I can confirm that Carbquik is suitable for those with diabetes, and for those following low-carb ketogenic diets, like the Atkins diet.

23 Amazing Low Carb Carbquik Recipes That Are Really Worth Trying Out!

I have been busy scouring the net for the absolute best Carbquik recipes out there. And now I get to share my findings with you!

In my shortlist of recipes that follows, these treats could easily fool those enjoying them into thinking that eating the usual higher carb versions.

Then, I’m going to top that off with a section where I answer your most frequently asked questions on the subject.

So, get those taste buds ready, because here we go!

1. Soft & Fluffy 30 Minute Keto Cinnamon Rolls Recipe From Gimmie Delicious

Let’s kick things off with a banger – this treat is just to die for!

These rolls come out buttery, soft and sweet, with glorious ground cinnamon, and a delicious cream cheese frosting.

They’re ready to eat in just 20 minutes, and are only 116 calories each.

You can make different variations by adding sugar-free melted chocolate, crushed nuts, or freshly squeezed orange juice.

2. Gluten-Free Carbquik Chocolate Brownies Recipe From Low Carb Yum

OMG, these chocolate brownies are amazing! A welcome treat for any chocolate lover, and they are so rich, indulgent and fudgy, guests will never believe they’re not the real thing.

Better yet, you only need a handful of ingredients to make it, including the likes of egg, butter, cocoa powder, chopped pecans, sugar-free chocolate chips, and of course Carbquik.

They’re ready to eat in as little as half an hour, and come in at just 115 calories per serving.

3. Low Carb Banana Bread With Carbquik Recipe From The Foodie Affair

This is such a healthy recipe! It’s got ingredients such as ripe bananas, loaded with potassium, healthy Greek yogurt, eggs, artificial sweetener, almond milk, and vanilla extract. But what really makes it for me is the addition of ground cinnamon.

If you wish, you can also add sugar-free chocolate chips, nuts, or coconut flakes. The recipe yields 16 servings, at just 68 calories each.

4. Easy Keto Chicken Pot Pie Recipe From Castle In The Mountains

Now, how about a nice, savory dish? This delicious chicken pot pie dish is comfort food at its best!

It features such ingredients as chicken thighs, chicken stock, cream cheese, heavy cream, and vegetables such as onion, celery, cauliflower, and herbs and spices such as sage (or thyme) and paprika.

If you wish, you can swap out the cauliflower for broccoli or carrots, or anything else you might prefer.  

5. Focaccia Carbquik Recipe From Resolution Eats

I just love this recipe! Focaccia is such a soft and doughy Italian bread, and this particular recipe is really herby and delicious, thanks to ingredients such as tomatoes, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, black pepper, and Parmesan cheese.

One slice is just 127 calories. It does take a while to make, but I can promise you it’s absolutely worth the wait!

6. Low Carb Everything Bagels Recipe From The Sugar-Free Diva

This super simple recipe only requires 5 ingredients, which are Carbquik (obvs), baking powder, low fat Greek yogurt, a pinch of salt, and plenty of yummy bagel seasoning. 

It’s not only low-carb, but also keto-friendly, and Weight Watcher diet friendly to boot. It only takes 35 minutes to make, and is just 56 calories per bagel. 

7. Keto Bacon Cheeseburger Pie With Carbquik Recipe From Linney Ville

This fun recipe is quite the crowd pleaser, and a family favorite!

It doesn’t require many ingredients, and it features cheeseburger flavors through ingredients such as ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, cooked bacon, and chopped onions.

It’s super simple to make, and it’s just a case of browning the beef, mixing it with the other ingredients, adding a sprinkling of shredded cheese, and setting it to bake for just 25 minutes.

8. Keto Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes Recipe From Resolution Eats

This delicious treat is super low-carb and healthy – each donut hole has just 1 gram of net carbs. You can make them in the air fryer, and they have an amazing cinnamon sugar coating. 

You only need 6 ingredients to make it, and they are water, artificial sweetener, melted unsalted butter, active dry yeast, ground cinnamon, and of course, Carbquick baking mix.

9. Low Carb Carbquik Scuffins Recipe From Two Sleevers

In case you’re wondering what a scuffin is, it’s basically a cross between a low-carb scone, or biscuit, and a low-carb muffin. And I can tell you, they taste amazing! 

You don’t need a whole lot of ingredients, just Carbquick baking mix, butter, heavy whipping cream, eggs, artificial sweetener. But what really makes it for me is the addition of flavorful almond extract.

And you can also throw in some dried fruit that’s been left to soak, or some fresh mixed berries.

10. Keto Low Carb Waffles Recipe From The Sugar-Free Diva

This recipe is super simple to make, and they make an excellent option for hungry appetites at breakfast time.

What’s more, there’s no added sugar, and you only need a total of 5 ingredients to make it, namely almond flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, artificial sweetener, and butter.

These waffles are so low-carb that you can enjoy them on a ketogenic diet. And, better yet, they’re ready to eat in as little as 15 minutes!

11. Keto Deep Dish Pizza Recipe From Resolution Eats

I absolutely adore this recipe! It’s got a nice, thick pizza crust, thanks to the Carbquik baking mix, and on top you’ve got such ingredients as sugar-free tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, flavorful pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

The recipe yields 6 slices, with only 5 grams of net carbs per slice, and is suitable for diabetics. It does take a while to make, but I can promise you, it’s worth the wait!

12. Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe From It’s Simple

OMG, these chocolate chip cookies are SO close to the real thing! Absolutely delicious!

But I must point out that there are 3 different chocolate chip cookies recipes on the link, and only one of them features Carbquik. 

The ingredients include unsalted butter, artificial sweetener, eggs, vanilla extract, baking powder, sour cream, and of course Carbquik baking mix, and sugar-free chocolate chips.

They’re just 117 calories per cookie, and they’re ready to eat in as little as 20 minutes.

13. Low Carb Crock Pot Coffee Cake Recipe From Recipes That Crock

If, like me, you’re a coffee lover, you will really go for this lovely coffee cake! It’s tender, soft and sweet, and is a lower carb alternative to your regular coffee cake. And it’s entirely caffeine-free to boot!

The ingredients include Carbquik baking mix, water, melted butter, sugar substitutes, a pinch of salt, egg, and ground cinnamon.

The recipe yields 8 servings, at just 279 calories per slice, and is ready to eat in just 45 minutes.

14. Easy Sugar Free Strawberry Shortcake Recipe From The Sugar-Free Diva

Why not treat yourself to this delicious sugar-free strawberry shortbread dish?

It’s based on a traditional strawberry shortbread dessert, but it’s low-carb because it has no added sugar. 

First, you make homemade low-carb biscuits using Carbquik baking mix, then you layer them with sugar-free whipped cream, and then top with slices of delicious fresh strawberries.

The recipe yields 16 servings, and what’s more, each serving is a mere 36 calories.

15. Low Carb Fried Chicken Breading Recipe From Recipes That Crock

Who doesn’t love fried chicken, am I right?

With this recipe you get an excellent, healthier, lower carb alternative. What’s more, it features a wonderful combination of herbs and spices. And unlike the popular KFC variety, the ingredients are no secret…

There’s mustard powder, garlic powder, onion powder, dill, paprika, cumin, and more. And the recipe yields several batches that you can seal and save for future kid-friendly meals.

16. Low Carb Carbquik Pancakes Recipe From The Fork Bite

I bet you thought you couldn’t enjoy fluffy American pancakes when you’re watching your carb intake. Well, the good news is that you can, with recipes like this one.

It features easy to source ingredients like egg, water, butter and heavy cream, and is only 2 net carbs per serving.

17. Paula’s Cheese And Onion Bread Recipe From Genaw

This savory Carbquik recipe is just delicious! It’s got flavorful ingredients like butter, heavy cream, shredded cheddar cheese, onion powder, and chives. 

It comes out golden, and makes for excellent finger food for a buffet.

18. Carbquik Jello Cake Recipe From Tova Industries

This fun and festive dessert has an unexpected twist, instead of white cake mix on the bottom you use a creation made with low-carb Carbquik, Splenda, and lemon juice. It’s really simple to make, too.

19. Carbquik Lemon Blueberry Muffins Recipe From Low Carb Inspirations

You can even make yummy lemon and blueberry muffins with Carbquick, and this recipe will explain just how. It’s also got ingredients like vanilla extract, coconut flour, artificial sweetener, lemon juice and zest, and more.

20. Low Carb Drop Biscuits (That Don’t Taste Low Carb) Recipe From Grill Girl

For those who don’t already know, drop biscuits are made by dropping baking powder biscuit dough from a spoon onto a pan for baking. But in this recipe, what you use is just Carbquik mix and water.

21. Low Carb Pizza-Flavored Carbquik Breadsticks Recipe From Tova Industries

This delicious dish is just one net carb per serving, and has flavorful ingredients like low carb pizza sauce, finely chopped pepperoni, and Parmesan cheese. And you can make loads of tasty variations.

22. Cheddar Carbquik Biscuits Recipe From Lazy Keto App

If you fancy low-carb biscuits that offer more flavor than standard drop biscuits, then check this recipe out! It’s got better, cheddar cheese, heavy cream and garlic powder – yum!

23. Low Carb Chicken And Dumplings Recipe From Just A Pinch

And now we’ll go out with a bang!

This dish is excellent comfort food, and is a great way of using up leftover chicken. It has ingredients like cream of chicken soup that are easy to source. And if you wish to add some heat, you can add some optional hot sauce!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Healthy Is Carbquik?

Carbquik is a whopping 90% lower in carbs than a standard baking mix. And it’s also high in healthy protein and fiber, and is low in salt. Which is all good news.

However, it’s important to note at this point that like regular flour, it is made with wheat.

This means that it may not be suitable for celiacs, or those with gluten intolerance, because of the included gluten which would trigger an immune response in those with celiac disease.

It can also cause problems for people with irritable bowel syndrome.

Is Carbquik OK For Diabetics?

I did mention this in the introduction, but it bears repeating here. Carbquik is perfectly fine for diabetics.

Will Carbquik Kick You Out Of Ketosis?

Strictly speaking, despite Carbquik being so low in carbs, it could put a pause on your ketosis because of certain ingredients contained within.

For reference, the keto diet carb limit is 35 grams of total carbs per day or between 15 and 30 grams of net carbs; and Carbquick contains 16 grams of total carbs, and just 2 grams of net carbs.

What’s The Difference Between Carbquik And Bisquick?

Carbquik is kinda like a lower carb version of Bisquik, and you can use it in much the same way. If you have a recipe calling for Bisquick, you should be able to just replace the regular baking mix with Carbquik to significantly reduce carbs.

Wrap Up

Well, I hope that you’ve enjoyed browsing through my shortlist of Carbquik recipes, and that you spot one or two that not only you want to try out, but that you also like the taste of them as much as I do. Enjoy!

23 Amazing Low Carb Carbquik Recipes That Are Really Worth Trying Out!

23 Amazing Low Carb Carbquik Recipes That Are Really Worth Trying Out!

Recipe by Jenna

A hand-picked shortlist of the tastiest, most amazing Carbquik recipes on the net, including both sweet and savory options, complete with an FAQ section

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