28 Of The Best Pork Legs Recipes That You Can Try RIGHT NOW!

We all like to treat ourselves every once in a while, and if you are a meat eater, you’ll certainly like to look for pork leg. If you can splash out the necessary cash, this pork cut will certainly fill a hole in your belly.

28 Of The Best Pork Legs Recipes That You Can Try RIGHT NOW!

This cut of pork comes with a lot of fat that is layered through the meat. This is called marbling and it will help the meat to stay moist even when you are cooking it at an intense heat. It will also help the meat to retain its flavor.

So, what are the best pork leg recipes that you can try straight away? Well, you won’t have to trawl through the internet yourself, as we’ve done it for you. Take a look at our 25 best pork leg recipes so that you can decide for yourself.

Pork Leg Recipes:

1. Roast Leg Of Pork With Glazed Dry Fruits

This meat dish is really one for people who like to combine fruits with meat, featuring glazed apples, apricots and other fruit. If you want to eat like a king or queen, then this is the dish for you.

This is another great dish to serve to a medium-sized party of people. This comes with rice and pecans, meaning that you’ll hit all the food groups.

2. Smith & Ellis Roast Pork Leg With Crackling

If you like your pork leg with that added crunchy layer on the top, then you can’t go wrong with this delicious pork leg recipe. This comes with a thick layer on the top that will really boost the flavor of your dish.

This recipe is also very simple to make, all you’ll need is a pinch of salt and some water. Then you need to cook it at a very high heat.

3. Roast Leg Of Pork With Sweet Onions And Sage

If you are looking to elevate your Sunday roast game, then you can’t go wrong with onions and sage. This classic pork leg meal is great with gravy, giving you everything that you’ll need for a delicious stomach filler.

This is a meal for any cook who would consider themselves a medium-level, with plenty of ingredients and elements to keep you busy throughout the day.

4. Pork Leg With Chilies And Chocolate

Now for something a little different. If you’ve ever wondered about pairing pork with something sweet and maybe something hot, then this recipe is the one for you.

It requires a lot of ingredients and a little bit of patience, but once you have mastered it, you’ll have a dish that will get tongues wagging.

5. Braised Pork Leg

If you are more of a fan of something simple yet slightly off the beaten track when it comes to serving, then you can’t go wrong with a simple braised pork recipe. This is described as a recipe just like the one your momma used to make.

6. Pan-fried Pork Steak With Aubergine, Chorizo And Fennel

One of the best vegetables to pair with cooked pork is aubergine, mainly because it will add that extra tang as well as a decent contrast in terms of texture.

Adding chorizo will also give it that additional smoky flavor, with the fennel giving it that earthy punch.

7. Roasted Leg Of Pork With Pear And Sausage Stuffing Balls

Next up, if you like mixed meats with a little touch of fruit, then this pork leg recipe is simply great. This only requires 9 ingredients, which is comparatively little when you look at other pork leg recipes.

The pear gives this dish that bitter taste, combining dessert with your main course.

8. Roasted Pork Leg – Hornado De Chancho

If you want to infuse your pork leg with a wide variety of different flavors, then this recipe is great. It comes with beer and garlic that combine to make a very earthy flavor combination. This will elevate your pork leg to the next level.

9. Slow Braised Pork Leg And White Bean-Onion Stew with Spiced Pear Roast

Now we have a pork leg dish that is perfect for the adventurous chef, coming with 22 ingredients, you’ll have plenty to keep yourself busy.

This comes with spiced pear, which is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone who likes those sweet and spicy notes.

10. Pork Stew With Saurkraut

If you like things done the German way, then we would certainly recommend that you try this German-infused sour sauce. This pork is very well cooked, practically melting off the bone once it is finished.

11. Greek Style Roast Pork With Honey Sauce

Another one for the sweet and savory fans, this one is dripping with great textures that combine to make an out-of-this-world dish. You can cook this one to feed your whole family and we guarantee that nobody will be left wanting.

12. Mojito Pork Roast

Next up, we have a pork roast that contains fresh cilantro, lime juice and orange juice for that extra exotic touch. If you like your pork roast bursting with flavor, then you can’t go wrong with this amazing recipe.

13. Chicken And Pork Adobo

If mixing meats is your thing, then why not try this sumptuous recipe? With soy and brown sugar sauce, this is a sweet and tasty, sweet treat.

14. Almond And Herb Stuffed Leg of Pork With Confit Potatoes, Apples, And Madeira 

If you like a little nutty aftertaste to your pork leg dish, then why not try this one? It comes with confit potatoes and apples, which combine to make delicious sides.

15. Tuscan Roast Leg Of Pork

This comes topped with mouth-watering non-smoked bacon, giving you that rich Italian flavor that you won’t find outside of Tuscany.

16. Roasted Leg Of Pork With Shallots

Another dish that is cooked to within an inch of perfection, ensuring that your final meat is tender and delicate. This comes with all the classic trimmings of onions, garlic and shallots.

17. Keto-Friendly Pork Leg

If you are looking to cut all carbs from your diet, then we recommend that you try this sumptuous keto dish. No carbs guaranteed!

18. Crispy Roast Pork With Garlic, Mash and Beans

Now we have something that fuses the traditional with the unique. The garlic packs a punch to what otherwise might be a very bland dish.

19. Roast Leg Of Pork With Herb Stuffing Balls

Next up, we have something for the traditionalists. This comes with herby stuffing balls that are very easy to make, making this the perfect recipe for the novice chef.

20. Roasted Pork With Mulled Cherries

This is one for the more skilled chefs amongst you, with the website itself rating the difficulty level of this dish as ‘hard’. With fruity cherries, this is a perfect Christmas pork dish.

21. Thai Braised Pork Leg

Do you fancy inflicting a little bit of the Asian persuasion on your pork leg? Then why not give your classic pork recipe that added touch of Thai spice?

22. Roast Pork With Salsa Verde

Featuring excellent sauerkraut and some beetroot that will really make this recipe pop, you can enjoy all the original flavors of pork with a little European sophistication.

23. Pierna Del Puerco Al Horno

Next up, we have a dish that not only tastes amazing but is probably the best-looking pork dish that we have on this list.

24. Roasted Pork With Maple And Mustard Peaches

This comes with mustard peaches, which you might not have any idea what they are, but they are worth trying on your pork dish.

25. Herb-Crusted Leg Of Pork

Taking a little bit of meat off the bone, you can be sure that this leg of crusted pork is dripping with flavor. This is a good one to slice up and put in your sandwich.

26. Peach And Bourbon Glazed Leg Of Pork

If you fancy a boozy tinge to your meat meal, why not sweeten it up with some peach and bourbon flavors?

27. African Spiced Roast Leg Of Pork

Sometimes you want something that is going to blow the roof of your mouth off with flavor. If that is the case, then why not try this multi-spice-infused pork leg dish?

28. Roasted Pork Leg With Honey And Ginger Sauce

Finally, another sweet and spicy one, this pork leg dish is great to have during the fall, especially over the Halloween period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Pork Leg Taste Dry?

You don’t want to cook this leg too long. This is because it has plenty of fat all the way through to keep the meat moist.

What’s The Best Method Of Cooking Pork Leg?

Ideally, you can place this one on the barbeque or roast it in the oven. You can also fry pork leg in a pan.


We hope that our guide to pork leg has helped you to decide which is the best recipe for you. Bon appetite!

28 Of The Best Pork Legs Recipes That You Can Try RIGHT NOW!

28 Of The Best Pork Legs Recipes That You Can Try RIGHT NOW!

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