25 Delicious Pistachio Desserts

Pistachios are one of those flavors that you can enjoy year-round. They are perfect in summer and winter.

25 Delicious Pistachio Desserts

The flavor they provide is sweet and mildly nutty. They go beautifully with fruit, chocolate, and pastries.

Below we have compiled 25 amazing pistachio desserts that you can make at home.

1. Baklava

Baklava is a delicious layered pastry of honey, pistachios, and cinnamon. The layers of pastry are thin and flakey, making them melt in your mouth with every bite.

This recipe is especially nutty with walnuts and hazelnuts included in the layers.

2. Pistachio Bundt Cake

This pistachio bundt cake is fluffy and delicious. The cake has been colored green so that it looks just as it tastes.

The pistachios give a nice crunch to the cake so that you have a texture difference.

The whole cake is topped with some green candy melts and crushed pistachios which makes it look elegant.

3. Pistachio Wedding Cookies

Wedding cookies are very morish and simple to make. You only need 6 ingredients to make the perfect crumbly cookie.

The whole cookie is rolled in powdered sugar, so they are quite messy to eat but that is half the fun of wedding cookies.

Pistachio mix is used to give the cookies a mild but sweet flavor.

4. Cannolis

Cannolis are the perfect finger dessert. They are citrus-flavored cookies that have been rolled and filled with delicious pistachio cream.

Marsala wine has been added to the cookie so that they are sweet, but have a slightly tart flavor.

This tart flavor goes well with the citrus of the cookie.

5. Ruby Chocolate Rocky Road

These rocky road bites are perfect for Valentine’s Day because they are bright pink and very chocolatey.

This recipe uses ruby chocolate, which is pink in color. To enhance the color, raspberries are also added to the bars. These bars also have cookies, marshmallows, almonds, coconut, and pistachios.

They are bursting with flavor and have a variety of different textures.

6. Chocolate And Pistachio Brownies

The only thing better than brownies are pistachio brownies. Dark chocolate has been used to give the brownies a deep and rich flavor.

The pistachios give a slight crunch to the brownies that pair amazingly with the gooey centers.

7. Roasted Plum And Pistachio Custard Pastries

These desserts look like a work of art with their bright colors and the pastry that mimics a frame.

They are filled with a pistachio custard that is super creamy and then topped with plums. The plums have been baked in sugar and vanilla so that they have an almost caramelized taste.

8. Blood Orange And Pistachio Pots

These pots are creamy, flavorful, and completely vegan.

This recipe is layers of vegan cream, blood orange curd, cookies, and pistachios.

The deep orange color of the blood orange makes the dish look great when layered with white cream.

The bright flavors of this dish work great in the summer.

9. Pistachio Macarons

Macarons aren’t the easiest dessert to master, but fortunately, you get delicious test desserts while you are perfecting your craft.

These are fancy and light making them perfect for an elegant party.

They are packed full of pistachio flavor with the macarons and the cream between them being filled with crushed pistachios. Green food coloring is also used to make them look cute and colorful.

10. Apricot, Honey, And Pistachio Tart

These tarts are crispy but have a sweet and creamy filling. The pastry is dripping with honey so they are sticky and indulgent.

The use of fresh apricots enhances the natural sweetness of the pistachios.

11. Pistachio St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

The quintessential green desserts are pistachio flavored, and perfect for St. Patricks Day.

These cupcakes are green throughout with pistachio pudding in the cupcake batter. This keeps the cupcakes super moist and has a mild nutty flavor.

The cupcakes are topped with delicious cream cheese frosting and also shamrock sprinkles. They will go perfectly on a St. Patrick’s Day buffet table.

12. Dark Chocolate Pistachio Slice And Bake Cookies

Slice and bake cookies involve you rolling your dough into a tube and cutting disks out of it. It is an easy way to get perfectly circular cookies without a cookie cutter.

These cookies are sweet and buttery and filled with crunchy pistachios.

Half of them are dipped in dark chocolate which gives them a slight bitterness that pairs great with the sweet biscuit.

13. Sticky Buns With Apricot And Pistachio

These are sweet rolled buns that are filled with apricot puree, cardamom butter, and pistachios.

This recipe involves you making your own bread dough so you get a sense of satisfaction that you made every part of your dessert.

While these bake the delicious smell of bread and apricots will fill your home.

14. Flourless Pistachio Cookies

You can’t get simpler than these 4 ingredient cookies. All you need is powdered pistachios, powdered sugar, grated coconut, and an egg white.

You simply combine all of the ingredients and then bake them. They are flourless, which means they are gluten-free and are perfect to bring to a party.

Since they are small, they make the perfect bite-sized snacks throughout the day.

15. Mafroukeh Pistachio Dessert With Cream

This is a simple no-bake dessert that involves a creamy topping that is spread on a semolina base.

The semolina base is crispy and filled with delicious pistachios.

It is topped with a sweet simple syrup that has been flavored with orange blossom water and lemon juice.

16. Strawberry, Cardamom, And Pistachio Pavlova Bites

These pavlova bites are cute and very elegant. They are small swirls of meringue that have been topped with ground cardamom, strawberries, and pistachios.

Many people are off-put by meringue believing them to be hard.

The trick is to whisk them until they can hold peaks when you pull the whisk away. It may take a bit of whisking but trust us it is worth it to get a melt-in-your-mouth meringue.

17. Cranberry Pistachio Fudge

Fudge is the perfect dessert to make and hand out to friends, you are able to make large batches of it with minimal effort.

This fudge recipe combines the flavors of cranberry and pistachio, which is perfect for the holiday season.

They also give the white fudge pops of red and green color that is also very festive.

The fudge itself is a white chocolate flavored one so the sweetness of it pairs great with the usually tart cranberries.

18. Blackberry And Coconut Macaroon Tart

Blackberries and coconut is an underappreciated combination and the pistachio brings the whole dessert together.

This tart is made with a coconut crust that is flakey and buttery.

It is then topped with a custard-like filling that has extra coconut in it, blackberries, and pistachios. The dark purple of the blackberries complements the green of the pistachios.

19. Pistachio Drop Cookies

These pistachio cookies are soft and very crumbly. They are then coated in brown butter icing.

Browning the butter in the icing helps to bring out the rich caramel-like flavors in it. This makes the cookies even sweeter and can help to keep them moist.

These cookies are incredibly morish so it is recommended that you make a large batch of them.

20. Milk Bar Pistachio Cake

This is a small, layered cake that is ridiculously elegant and looks too good to eat.

The layers are of pistachio cake, lemon curd, and pistachio frosting. This makes the cake have a nutty but citrus flavor throughout which makes it perfect for the summertime.

The cakes are brushed with pistachio oil to keep them really moist and to give them a deeper pistachio flavor.

21. Swedish Cardamom Pistachio Buns

These pastries are sweet and flakey. They are stuffed with a cardamom filling and topped with honey and pistachios.

They are perfect for both dessert and a sweet breakfast.

22. Vegan Pistachio Pudding

This vegan pudding is made with vegan white chocolate, pistachios, and dairy-free milk. It is slightly sweet and very creamy.

Spinach is used to give a bright green color. It can easily be made in a blender in a couple of minutes.

23. Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti

These biscottis go perfectly with a cup of coffee. They are sweet pistachio cookies that have been topped with dark chocolate that slightly melts as you dip it in coffee.

By nature, biscottis aren’t too soft so you are able to dip them in coffee without them falling apart.

24. Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, And Smoked Sea Salt Cookies

Sweet and salty is a perfect flavor combination, and these cookies have it. They are super soft and perfect for when you are craving a cookie that isn’t too sweet.

The bitterness of the dark chocolate and the smoked sea salt helps to tone down the sugar in the cookies.

25. Pistachio And Cranberry White Chocolate Bark

Bark is the perfect beginner dessert. All you need to do is pour melted white chocolate on a tray, top it with pistachios and cranberries, and then crack it into pieces.

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Looking for the best caramel apple desserts? How about trying one with a twist? If you love pistachios, you’re in luck! There are definitely delicious caramel apple desserts that include these tasty nuts. The combination of creamy caramel, crisp apple, and crunchy pistachios is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Give it a try and indulge in this unique and delightful treat.

Final Thoughts

Pistachios are a great ingredient to make a dessert nutty and sweet. They are perfect for year-round desserts as they pair well with a variety of other flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Nutrients Are Pistachios High In?

Pistachios are high in fiber and unsaturated fats. They can help with blood pressure and cholesterol.

How Do Pistachios Grow?

Pistachios are the seeds of a small tree and are a member of the cashew family.

25 Delicious Pistachio Desserts

25 Delicious Pistachio Desserts

Recipe by Jenna

Pistachios are a great year-round flavor. Here are 25 pistachio desserts that you can make at home.

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