35 Best Breakfast Pastries That Are Simple To Make

Sometimes a pastry for breakfast (along with a coffee, of course) is all you need to start the day. Or, they make the perfect breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

35 Best Breakfast Pastries That Are Simple To Make

It makes sense too. They are buttery and often flakey. Sometimes they are even covered in sugar and filled with a fruity inside.

If you are looking for some ideas for breakfast, then you have come to the right place. Here we take a look at 35 of the best breakfast pastries that are so simple anyone can make them.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s delve right in! No doubt you will find a few favorites you will want to try.

1. Cinnamon And Brown Sugar Homemade Pop Tarts

We thought we would start off with this homemade pop tart recipe. If you were a fan of this sweet treat growing up, then you are going to love this recipe.

They include cinnamon sugar and are covered in a cinnamon-based glaze. Every mouthful is both sweet and spicy.

Once you make one batch, it will become a tradition.

2. Breakfasts Tarts With Puff Pastry, Cheese, Bacon, Spinach, And Egg

Okay, you can stop drooling now. Though, we don’t blame you. This puff pastry breakfast tart is a delight, both on the eyes and to eat.

If you are looking for something less sweet and more filling, then this is it. While it does look like it takes ages to prepare and is complicated, it really isn’t.

This will be great for the whole family to enjoy come the weekend.

3. Pear And Berry Breakfast Tarts

Pear and raspberries make a delicious combination. These breakfast tarts are just what you need to get yourself ready for the day.

They are both sweet and tart, and are really easy to make as well.

4. Maple Twist Coffee Cake

You read the word coffee and were curious, right?

This delicious and sweet maple coffee cake is a tear and go affair. While very sinful, you will not regret any bite you make.

It contains chopped walnuts, maple syrup and ground cinnamon. Strangely, it contains no coffee at all!

However, you will be surprised how much it tastes like coffee.

5. Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls

Whether it is Valentine’s Day or you just feel like making red colored cinnamon rolls, this recipe is a delight.

This is so easy to make that all you need is red velvet cake mix, flour, active dry yeast, brown sugar, warm water, ground cinnamon and butter.

In fact, you can make this in around half an hour.

6. Fruit With Cream Pastries

The great thing about this recipe is that it looks really impressive and it only takes 30 minutes to make. That is enough time to get up, bake, and then head back to bed to eat it. Bliss.

The pastries themselves are a flavor burst of creamy, tart, sweet and salty. Pair it with a coffee and you’re good to go.

7. Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Scones

These easy to make scones are very delicious and perfect to wake you up in the morning. It does not take long to whip these up on a lazy Sunday either.

They include roughly cut hazelnuts and chocolate chips. Perfect as a semi-sweet breakfast.

8. Zucchini Bread Baked Oatmeal

If you are a lover of zucchini, then this recipe is for you. It is a healthy and hearty breakfast that includes zucchinis and oatmeal.

It also makes a really good breakfast or snack to help your kids eat healthier. You will not know that you are eating healthy food!

9. Apple And Cheese Danish

This apple and cheese danish is very difficult to resist. It includes cinnamon apples alongside cream cheese and ricotta cheese. Then sugar and lemon is added too for a burst of citrus and sweetness.

You may get apple pie vibes from this one too. It really is a touch of heaven to start the day.

10. Chocolate Cinnamon ‘Babkallah’

You will notice on this list that cinnamon is a top flavor when it comes to breakfast pastries. This recipe mixes it up by adding chocolate alongside the warming spice.

The plait shape looks very cute, and you will enjoy cutting a slice from the harder crust and softer center.

The flavor is absolutely delicious too.

11. Strawberries And Cream Scones

Scones are delicious: fact. But have you tried them with strawberries?

Strawberries and cream is a classic combination. This recipe includes adding fresh sweet strawberries to the scone base, and covering it in a vanilla glaze.

The scones themselves have a crispy outside and soft inside making them to die for.

12. Donuts With Grapefruit Curd

If you are looking for a tangy way to create some delicious breakfast donuts, then you could try adding grapefruit curd.

This recipe includes using fresh grapefruit juice which needs to be strained. Also you will want to add some lemon zest to the citrus sugar.

While this recipe does include a lot of steps, it is well worth it at the end.

13. New Orleans Beignets

If you have ever visited the Big Easy, then no doubt you will have tried some beignets. However, whether you have or you haven’t, you can make these delicious pillows at home.

They have a soft center and a crunchy outside which makes them moreish to eat. In fact, all they need is sugar as a coating and that’s that – you will be hooked.

14. Dirt Bombs

Otherwise known as mini donuts, these dirt bombs are not for the faint hearted. They include cardamom and nutmeg, and are covered in butter and cinnamon sugar.

The only problem is, you won’t know when to stop yourself from eating these. They are moreish and delicious.

Be prepared to be seriously hooked!

15. Strawberry Jam Cookies

If you are in need of a sweet pick-me-up in the morning alongside a bitter coffee, then these strawberry jam cookies are a great go-to.

They are cut into pie slices rather than being a circle shape that we all know cookies to be. They are also very tender and include lots of jam throughout, making them sweet and tart.

If you would prefer to have these another time, they also make a great sugary snack too!

16. Apricot Galette

This galette is a rustic version of the French classic. The breakfast (or dessert) includes ripe and juicy apricots bathed in brown sugar syrup and cream.

It is then seasoned with some nutmeg. You will taste tart and sweet flavors all in one go. However, you will need to make the base yourself. Fortunately, it is easy to do!

17. Easy Lemon Poppy Seed Scones

If you love to eat a scone, then you will like this twist. All throughout the scone is tiny poppyseeds, and then the finishing touch is the lemon glaze.

It is sweet and delicious, so much so that you probably will not want to revert back to a ‘normal’ scone ever again.

18. Puff Pastry With Ham, Egg, And Cheese

If you would prefer something less sweet and more savory, then this puff pastry is for you. It contains fluffy and delicious eggs along with cheddar cheese and ham.

The flaky pastry is golden too, and compliments the flavors from within the roll. All in all, this breakfast is a great way to start the day.

19. Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Breakfast doesn’t have to mean lots of sugar and calories. This banana bread is made using
whole wheat and tastes absolutely delicious.

If you do want to amp up the sinful goodies, you can add lots and lots of chocolate chips too. The choice is yours.

The recipe also uses maple syrup instead of sugar making it a healthier alternative.

20. White Chocolate Muffins

While muffins may be controversial for breakfast, here us out. Muffins can be eaten for breakfast, and they make a quick and tasty addition to your morning meal.

These white chocolate muffins are super moist and fluffy, and taste like vanilla too. Along with the white chocolate they are sweet and will perk you right up on a gray morning.

21. (Gluten-Free) Coconut Bread

For those that need something gluten-free, then this could be the one for you. While there are other options on this list, this one is also good for those who are wanting paleo, keto, and low carb.

It is also very delicious. So much so that it feels indulgent. It makes a great breakfast along with some coffee too.

22. Croissant Baked Breakfast Sandwich

If you are a lover of croissants, wait until you try these. While you could just use some regular bread to make a toasted sandwich, this one uses a cut in half croissant.

Add in cheese, ham and some scrambled eggs, and you have the stuff of dreams. They are also really easy to make.

They also make a really tasty breakfast when in a rush too.

23. Cinnamon Rolls With Puff Pastry

Cinnamon rolls are always a go-to choice at the bakery, but, what if you could just make your own?

With this easy to do recipe, you can make your own cinnamon rolls. While they taste exactly the same as the one you buy from the bakery, it is just a much easier recipe.

This means you can whip some up in no time!

24. Whole Wheat Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

While the words ‘whole’ and ‘wheat’ might have you wanting to scroll past, trust us when we say this recipe is full of sweet sins.

While whole wheat is better for us, this recipe creates delicious apple pie versions of the original cinnamon roll.

They do have some nutritional value too, which to be honest is a bonus to start the day with.

25. French Strawberry Galette

This french galette is known to have a flat base that includes a free-form crust. You could say it is similar to pizza, but we shall leave that to the Italians.

The sweetness of the berries is delicious alongside the vanilla syrup. This might be a little too much for some in the morning, so it also makes a wonderful dessert too.

26. Texas Sausage Kolaches (Klobasnek)

Kolaches are a very famous breakfast pastry in Texas and they include both cheese and sausage. While you are likely to buy them from a Texan donut shop, they are really easy to make yourself.

The name which translates to ‘cake pie’ is originally from Czechs who were immigrants. Texans then adopted this delicious pastry and made it their own by adding a sausage.

27. Cinnamon Twists With Sugar

This breakfast pastry is basically a donut which has been twisted. They are coated in butter and then rolled within some sweet cinnamon sugar.

While they are similar in every way to a cinnamon donut, the shape is different. They are also baked, making them healthier for their fried counterparts.

However, they are still just as delicious!

28. Cathead Biscuits

We’re sure that name got you feeling all curious. These delicious biscuits got the name because they are the size of a cat’s head.

They are super fluffy and include melted cheese which will fall out and get everywhere – but that’s why we love them so much.

Other than that they have a crispy outside and are baked on a skillet. Simple!

29. Jam And Cheese Turnovers

These turnovers are filled with both jam and cheese. The cheddar cheese is there to give a strong and sharp flavor, while the jam adds some sweetness.

This makes the overall taste combination a mixture of tart, salty and sweet. This means it will certainly awaken those tastebuds!

The flaky crust is just the icing on the cake. Yummy!

30. Cinnamon Rolls With Dates

Remember us telling you about the cinnamon rolls? Well now you can give them a twist by adding some dates to the mix.

Because dates do taste very sweet, you will find that the cinnamon roll has upped its game in this department.

You will need to make your own pastry, though don’t worry, you can do it!

31. Almond Baked Donuts With A Glaze Of Maple Syrup

These donuts are not the same kind of fluffy donuts that you know, but they are still just as irresistible. In fact they are moist and sweet, all the things you need out of a perfectly formed donut.

The donuts taste like almonds, so it makes sense to crush some almonds on top. They are also glazed with maple syrup which adds to the indulgent sweetness.

32. Sausage With Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls

Using just four ingredients, you can make some delicious crescent rolls for breakfast. They include sausage, cream cheese, cheese and crescent rolls.

It means the recipe is very quick to put together and it only takes a quick 15 minutes in the oven too.

You can also add extra if you wish such as onions, or make it completely vegetarian.

33. Breakfast Cheese Danish

Cheese lovers, where are you at?

If you love cheese, and even if you are not too fussed, this cream cheese based breakfast danish is going to be in your top 5. Why?

Well, because they are full of cream cheese and fruit like blueberries so they will taste a little like cheesecake.

What is not to like?

34. Raspberry And Cream Cheese Pinwheel Style Pastries

These pastries look adorably cute and are perfect for the summertime.

They include cream cheese along with raspberry flavored jam, and then they are topped with fresh and sweet raspberries.

They look a lot more complicated than they actually are, so do not be put off by this.

35. Quinoa Banana Muffins

And last up is the quinoa banana muffins. If you would prefer something on the healthier side, then these will be a great choice.

They are very tasty, satisfying and will fill you right up. They include mashed up bananas along with chocolate chips, so you get the best of both worlds.

They also have ground flax, quinoa and almond flour, making them gluten free but with lots of fiber.

Are any of the 13 Easy Puff Pastry Breakfast Recipes also included in the 35 Best Breakfast Pastries That Are Simple To Make?

The 13 easy puff pastry breakfast recipes featured are undoubtedly a treat for those who appreciate effortless yet delicious morning meals. However, it remains uncertain whether any of these recipes are part of the esteemed collection of the 35 Best Breakfast Pastries That Are Simple To Make.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen all 35 breakfast pastry recipes, have you found one which is your favorite? Of course you didn’t – you found a few!

From delicious buttery favorites to ones you are curious to try, there are so many breakfast pastries out there. The only question is: which one are you going to bake today?

Hopefully you have enjoyed this article. Take a look at the rest of the website for more helpful recipes, whether it is to do with making the perfect cocktail or knowing what to put alongside dinner tonight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Example Of A Pastry?

Pastries come in all sorts of forms. From donuts, tarts and pies, to scones, danishes, and croissants.

While some are eaten during the day, there are those which are appropriate for the morning (and day too).

One example is the croissant. A famous French pastry which is often eaten for breakfast.

Are There Different Types Of Pastries?

Yes, there are different types of pastries. In fact, there are five types of pastries. These are: shortcrust, flaky, puff, filo and choux.

While all are made using water, flour and some form of fat, they have different ratios of ingredients and other things that may be added.

What Do The French Typically Eat For Breakfast?

The French are known for eating quite a sweet breakfast. Often this is some form of pastry like a croissant, or bread with either jam or butter.

They also eat sweet-based cereals and other pastries too. Alongside this they drink either orange juice, milk or coffee.

35 Best Breakfast Pastries That Are Simple To Make

35 Best Breakfast Pastries That Are Simple To Make

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In this article we take a look at 35 of the best breakfast pastries that are simple to make ready for a lazy Sunday

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