35 Scrumptious Mulberry Recipes

Depending on where you live, mulberries can be an incredibly common fruit to come across or even grow! Luckily, these beautiful berries are absolutely delicious, and work well in a variety of recipes. 

35 Scrumptious Mulberry Recipes

If you have been looking for a way to use your mulberries, then we’ve got you covered!

With so many options at your disposal, it might take you a while to pick! However, it doesn’t matter which recipe you go with in the end, because they are all delicious

So, if you want to find out about all our favorite mulberry recipes, just keep reading! This list will inspire you to make everything mulberry – we promise. 

1. No Bake Mulberry Cheesecake

Everyone loves a good cheesecake, right? If you do, it just makes sense to make this delicious no-bake mulberry cheesecake!

2. Mulberry Hazelnut Oats With Molasses

If you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious breakfast that incorporates mulberries, this is the one for you! The hazelnut oats and molasses are the perfect pair, and the mulberries add that beautiful fruitiness we all love. 

3. Coconut Rice Pudding With Mint Mulberry Compote

Rice puddings are simple and delicious, but you can easily step it up with an easy-to-make mulberry compote. The mint in this recipe brings out the mulberry flavors even more, if that’s possible. 

4. Mulberry Coconut Slice

Love coconut? This mulberry coconut slice will feel like a slice of heaven for you! It will also make you feel like you’re on the beach with a piña colada. 

5. Super Easy Mulberry Cookies

Cookies are easy to make by nature, but you can step it up by making these easy mulberry cookies! They’re quick, easy, and above all, taste delightful. 

6. Simple And Sweet Mulberry Jam

A mulberry jam is the classic mulberry creation, so let’s not fight it! Just make sure you make a good jam, so here’s a recipe for one!

7. Mulberry Ice Cream

You can make this mulberry ice cream and serve it with one of the gelato options, if you like! It’s easy, creamy, and so tasty.

8. Simple Mulberry Cake With Crumble

The crumble texture on the top of this cake gives you a much-needed break in texture, and complements the mulberry flavor wonderfully. 

9. Mulberry Brownies

You read that right – mulberry brownies! Like raspberries and cherries, mulberries pair great with chocolate desserts, too.

10. Easy Mulberry Pie

You’re going to have to try this classic mulberry pie. Make it as pretty as you want!

11. Quick Mulberry Scones

Want to feel a little fancy? These quick and easy mulberry scones can be enjoyed any time of day, morning, evening, or noon!

12. Mulberry Crumb Bars

These mulberry crumb bars will become your new favorite snack – we’ve warned you!

13. Chia Seed And Mulberry Jam

Regular jam is good, but why not kick it up a notch and try this chia seed and mulberry jam? It’s just as easy to make, but the chia seeds add a little something extra.

14. Mulberry Muffins

Muffins are a classic! As such, there’s no way you can just ignore the urge to make some fresh, gooey, mulberry muffins when you get the chance.

15. Vanilla Bean Mulberry Cake

This vanilla bean mulberry cake is the perfect end to a delightful dinner. It’s easy to make, and it doesn’t take ages, either! 

16. Mulberry Mojitos

Do you fancy yourself a mojito lover? Why not create some fancy mulberry mojitos to impress your friends? Easy and so refreshing.

17. Dutch Babies With Rhubarb-Mulberry Compote

This versatile dish goes with anything. The rhubarb-mulberry combination is as sweet as you could ever hope, and complements the Dutch babies wonderfully.

18. Mulberry Lemonade

Another drink that’s perfect for the summer days! This mulberry lemonade will be everyone you hope for and much more.

19. Easy Mulberry Sorbet

Sorbets are a classic, healthy dessert option that everyone loves. You can make your own easily by following the recipe we’ve provided!

20. Mulberry Kuchen

A kuchen is a type of German cake. We know – cake is cake, but this cake is good. Try it out and find out for yourself!

21. Gin Fizz With Lemon And Mulberries

This easy and tasty gin fizz with lemon and mulberries is the ultimate summer drink. Imagine sitting out in the sun with a glass of this in your hand – bliss!

22. Mulberry Almond Cake

An almond cake is already a beautiful creation. When you add mulberries into the mix, you get something that you can’t help but love. 

23. Simple Mulberry Puff Pastry Danish

The cream cheese filling and mulberry topping really are a match in heaven. The flavors and textures from these two components complement each other wonderfully, you couldn’t even make it up!

24. Mulberry Bliss Balls

These are similar to truffles, and are made with dates, mulberries, and a few other vegan-friendly ingredients. They’re so easy to make, and will make your head spin, they’re so good.

25. Strawberry And Mulberry Galette

Galettes are classic, delicious, and so elegant. The only thing you could do to improve a galette is serve it warm with fresh vanilla ice cream. Perfect for a hot summer day. 

26. Orange, Mulberry, And Almond Tarts

Love tarts? The flavors in this one will blow your mind! Orange and mulberry make you feel like you’re reliving your summer memories, and it’s a tart, so it’s already delicious! 

27. Butterfinger Mulberry Candy Bars

These butterfinger mulberry candy bars will make you turn from those store-bought things forever! They are easy to make, and tastier than anything you’ve ever had before. 

28. Lemon And Mulberry Pound Cake

This pound cake is simple and so easy to make. The lemon and mulberry flavors are the perfect option for summer evenings when the weather is warm. It’s refreshing and so tasty.

29. Mulberry Pie Crust With Sour Cream Filling

Read that again, but slowly. This mulberry pie crust with sour cream filling is refreshing and will hold a special place in your heart the moment you get to try it. 

30. Apple And Mulberry Cake

There haven’t been many cakes on the list! If you pick one cake to make, let it be this one – the flavors work together beautifully. We can’t believe how good it is.

31. Mulberry And Vanilla Galette

We’ve already mentioned a galette, but this vanilla in this one really complements the mulberry. It’s decadent and just too good to pass up.

32. Buttery Mulberry Cobbler

Cobblers are buttery, rich, and so tasty. This buttery mulberry cobbler is beyond perfect, and can be enjoyed any time of year, for any occasion!

33. Mulberry Spinach Salad

As always, don’t knock it until you try it! Spinach and mulberries don’t sound like they pair well, but we can guarantee that you will be surprised when you try it. 

34. Sesame Mulberry Slaw

If you’re a slaw lover, this recipe is for you! The mulberry just adds something a little different, and makes this dish exciting to eat! Try it if you’re feeling brave.

35. Roast Duck With Mulberry Molasses And Pinot Noir

Finally, we have roast duck with mulberry molasses! This is a beautiful match, and something you would expect to see in a fancy French restaurant, don’t you think?

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! There are so many delicious mulberry recipes that you can try out with little to not effort at all! If you ever find yourself with a load of mulberries, and you don’t know what to do with them, come back to this page!

There are plenty of amazing recipes to try out when you’re feeling stuck. 

We guarantee that you will love at least one of these recipes. From cakes and pies to cobblers, candies, gelato and even slaws, there’s something there for everyone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Thing To Do With Mulberries?

There are lots of great things you can do with mulberries! You can use them to make ice cream, sorbet, cake, pie, cooking, molasses, syrup, cobbler, galette, slaw, salads, and so much more. Mulberries are a very versatile fruit, and they pair well with a lot of other ingredients in cooking and baking. 

Should You Cut the Stems Off Mulberries?

Ideally, yes. The stem isn’t a good part of the plant to eat, and will impact the overall flavor and texture of the finished result. Remove the stems and wash the berries before using them or eating them!

Do Mulberries Stain?

Yes, mulberries will stain hands, clothes, and anything else they come in contact with. Because of this, it’s smart to wear gloves and an apron whenever you work with them. If you’re lucky enough to get mulberry stains out, don’t test your luck again! 

Can You Use Mulberries In Savory Dishes?

Yes! You can use mulberries in salads, slaws, and even alongside duck, turkey, and chicken if you like. Don’t be afraid to get creative with these berries!

Are Mulberries Good For Desserts?

Absolutely. Mulberries are excellent berries to use in desserts because of their sweetness and ease of use. They can be used in cakes, scones, pies, cookies, ice creams, sorbets, and anything else you can think of!

Are Mulberries Sweet?

Yes! Ripe mulberries are wonderfully sweet and always make for a tasty treat. Whether you eat them raw, cooked, or mixed with other ingredients, you will love them. 

Can You Eat Raw Mulberries?

Yes! Mulberries can be eaten raw or cooked. Of course, washing your mulberries before eating is always a good idea, but no cooking necessary!

What Other Fruits Pair Well With Mulberries?

Mulberries pair wonderfully with things like apples, strawberries, orange, lemon, and coconut! Realistically, they likely pair well with hundreds of other fruits, too, so you shouldn’t be afraid of playing around with flavors and doing some experimenting to find your own amazing combinations.

35 Scrumptious Mulberry Recipes

35 Scrumptious Mulberry Recipes

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Got a load of mulberries that you don’t know what to do with? Check out our top 35 scrumptious mulberry recipes that you need to try as soon as possible!

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