28 Keto Air Fryer Recipes You Have To Try

Air fryers are one of the greatest inventions of the twenty-first century. They make cooking so much easier, quicker, and cheaper than more traditional methods.

They are also great at making healthy cooking easier and more delicious than ever.

28 Keto Air Fryer Recipes You Have To Try

If you are following a keto diet, there are some foods that you might be missing that you used to love.

With an air fryer, you can potentially make all your old favorites and more. In this article, we will look at 29 keto-friendly air fryer recipes you have to try.

We have included a combination of sweet and savory recipes to suit all preferences.

1. Air Fryer Keto Fried Chicken

There is something so warming and comforting about some good fried chicken, especially after a long or stressful day.

Fried chicken has never been the most healthy option to eat.

However, with this recipe for air fryer keto fried chicken, you can make a delicious dinner or a snack that is delicious, keto-friendly, and healthier than more traditional recipes.

The best thing about this recipe is that the whole family can enjoy it whether they eat a keto diet or not. This way you can enjoy this family favorite meal more often.

2. Air Fryer Keto Garlic Cheese Bread

The most important disclaimer for this recipe is that it is not technically bread. However, it acts in the same way as actual bread does, just without carbs.

Garlic bread, especially cheesy garlic bread, is a favorite food item of many people.

In fact, it can be one of the most difficult things for people to avoid when they first adopt a keto or low-carb diet.

With this fantastic air fry recipe, you no longer have to live a life that is devoid of the wonderful flavors of cheesy garlic bread.

3. Keto Air Fryer Salmon Cakes With Sriracha Mayo

These keto air fryer salmon cakes with sriracha mayo are one of the most flavorful-sounding dishes on this list.

Salmon is a great source of protein and healthy fats which makes this a recipe that is as healthy as it is delicious.

Although these salmon cakes are completely keto-friendly, they are actually really substantial and can make a filling and balanced meal when paired with some steamed or roasted vegetables.

Alternatively, you could pair them with some of the keto fries recipes in this list.

4. Keto Air Fryer Zucchini Fries

Speaking of keto fries, these keto air fryer zucchini fries make a delicious snack or side dish.

Zucchini fries are becoming more and more popular as a side dish option in mainstream restaurants.

However, the batter or coating used in these restaurants is almost definitely not keto-friendly which means that you have to miss out.

With this easy, simple recipe, you can make this delicious treat in no time at home. Simply pair it with your favorite keto dipping sauce or serve it as a side dish.

5. Air Fryer Keto Meatballs

Another great option for a comforting dinner is meatballs.

However, store-bought meatballs are often made with some kind of filler ingredients that tend to involve things that aren’t keto-friendly.

With this amazing air fryer keto meatballs recipe, you can once again enjoy this classic dinner option.

There are also plenty of keto-friendly sauce recipes that you can make to accompany your keto meatballs.

You could even make the keto garlic cheese bread above to soak up the sauce.

6. Keto Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks

One of the most delicious treats that have to be forfeited when you adopt a keto diet is mozzarella sticks.

These cheesy sticks of goodness are unlike any other cheesy treat with their stringy consistency.

However, you have to dream no more with this amazing keto air fryer mozzarella sticks recipe.

You can make a delicious keto-friendly tomato sauce to dip your fresh, crispy, stringy sticks in to get the full experience.

These will make the perfect snack for your family and friends during your next movie night or sports match.

7. Air Fryer Keto Onion Rings

Another delicious treat that is often abandoned in favor of a healthier, keto diet is the awesome onion ring.

Thankfully, with this air fryer keto onion rings recipe, you no longer have to live a life devoid of crispy onion rings.

The keto-friendly coating that is used for these onion rings tastes so similar to regular onion rings that you won’t even notice the difference.

This also makes them a great option to serve to your friends that aren’t on a keto diet.

8. Keto Donuts In The Air Fryer

If you are looking for a delicious sweet treat that is keto-friendly, this recipe for keto donuts in the air fryer could be just what you are looking for.

This recipe manages to produce incredibly fluffy and moreish mini donuts that make the perfect sweet treat at the end of the week.

Because they are keto and cooked in an air fryer, they are significantly healthier than regular mini donuts.

This means that not only can you enjoy them without straying from your diet, but you can also allow your children to indulge in them more often than you would with regular donuts.

9. Easy Keto Chicken Tenders

Another popular family favorite dish that gets left behind on a keto diet is chicken tenders. Chicken tenders are one of the most underrated dishes in terms of their versatility.

They can be used to make crispy lunchtime wraps, paired with vegetables and fries for a delicious family meal, or eaten on their own as a filling snack.

With this easy keto chicken tenders recipe, you can get back to enjoying this timeless food without having to sacrifice your health or diet in the process.

10. Crispy Keto French Fries Recipe

French fries are another common food item that has to be removed from your diet when you adopt a keto diet.

This can be a difficult one for many people to leave out of their diet as they are such an easy and delicious snack or side to make.

With this amazing crispy keto french fries recipe you can make keto-friendly french fries, literally from nothing.

With this particular recipe, you don’t even begin with a root vegetable to replace the potato.

The author of the recipe claims that you can’t tell the difference between these and the real thing which could be fun to test on non-keto friends.

11. Keto Air Fryer Classic Pizza

There are many foods that you have to avoid when you stick to a keto diet. One of the most difficult ones to avoid is pizza.

Not only is pizza one of the most delicious meals that you can make, but it is also incredibly quick and easy which is perfect for busy days.

There is also no end to the amount of toppings that you can choose to keep things interesting.

Thankfully, with this amazing kero air fryer classic pizza recipe, you no longer have to go without a pizza every now and then.

12. Keto Air Fryer Breaded Cod

Breaded fish is a delicious lunch or dinner option that is often unavailable to those on a keto diet. However, this keto air fryer breaded cod recipe is about to change all of that.

Fish is one of the healthiest proteins that you can eat. It is packed full of amazing oils and nutrients that can help to really bolster your immune system and overall health.

Adding the breading to the fish makes it a little less healthy, but life is for living and it can really add to the flavor.

13. Air Fryer Zucchini Chips

We have already mentioned air fryer zucchini fries, however, if that wasn’t enough for you, how about zucchini chips.

These delicious crispy chips are the perfect keto-friendly alternative to potato chips.

You can make these air fryer zucchini chips in no time at all and enjoy them while you watch a movie with your family or sports with your friends.

In fact, these chips taste so good that your non-keto friends will be asking to try them so maybe make some extra.

14. Air Fryer Keto Chicken Nuggets

Adopting a keto diet when you have a young family can often mean that you are having to make two meals each night, one for your children and one for you.

However, with this delicious air fryer keto chicken nuggets recipe, you will be able to make a meal that the whole family can enjoy.

Most kids love chicken nuggets, and with this recipe, you can make your kids’ favorite meal and indulge in it with them.

15. Air Fryer Keto Brownies

Another sweet treat on this list is this amazing recipe for air fryer keto brownies.

Much like the donuts we mentioned earlier, brownies are one of those sweet treats that almost everyone loves.

They are gooey and chocolatey, and they often involve a slight crunch from chocolate chips.

When you are craving something sweet, you don’t have to stick to the limited range of fruits that fit your diet.

Now, you can make this delicious, healthy, keto brownie instead.

16. Keto Orange Chicken Recipe

Orange chicken is one of the most popular dishes at some well-known American chain restaurants.

However, it is most definitely not keto-friendly when it is made at these restaurants.

This doesn’t mean that you have to forgo this delicious meal forever though.

Instead, you can follow this brilliant keto orange chicken recipe that you can cook in your air fryer in no time. Simply serve with some cauliflower rice to get the full experience.

17. Air Fryer Keto Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parma or chicken parmesan is another delicious meal that has to be taken off the menu when you shift to a keto diet.

That is until this amazing recipe came into your life.

This air fryer keto chicken parmesan will allow you to keep enjoying this healthy and delicious meal without breaking your diet.

The keto-friendly coating for the chicken produces the same results as a more traditional coating.

18. Air Fryer Keto Pork Chops

Breaded pork chops are another favorite that can often get forgotten about when you decide to cut the carbs from your diet. However, they don’t have to be relegated forever.

This recipe for air fryer keto pork chops could be just what you have been looking for.

The results of this recipe look just like the real deal and taste like it too. You could reasonably serve this dish to non-keto people and they wouldn’t taste the difference.

19. Extra Crispy Keto Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks are a popular dish with the whole family. Kids love them for the fact that they can eat them with their hands and not get told off.

Adults love them for the fact that they are so juicy and moist.

With this incredible recipe for extra crispy keto air fryer chicken drumsticks, you can ensure that the whole family gets to indulge in this delicious dish whether they are keto or not.

You can serve them with keto fries to make it an even better treat.

20. Keto Air Fryer Jicama Fries

We have already mentioned a keto-friendly recipe for making french fries, however, it was a bit unusual.

If you don’t feel comfortable trying to make keto french fries from nothing, these Jicama fries could be what you are looking for.

These keto air fryer Jicama fries are made from the root vegetable Jicama and are made in a similar way to traditional fries.

This can be a great way to get your kids involved in keto cooking too.

21. Air Fryer Keto Blooming Onion

If you are a lover of the keto onion rings that we mentioned above but want to make something more spectacular, we have just the thing.

This amazing air fryer keto blooming onion could be the ideal addition to your next party.

Placing this stunning, crispy, golden, keto-friendly blooming onion in the middle of your food table can create a delicious talking point for your guests and provide something healthy and tasty for them to eat.

22. Keto Air Fryer Cauliflower Tots

Keto fries are one thing, but it can be difficult to find a keto-friendly alternative to tater tots.

Thankfully, with this recipe for keto air fryer cauliflower tots, you no longer have to go without this delicious treat to stick to your diet.

The process of making these tots will be familiar to you if you have ever made cauliflower rice or cauliflower pizza bases.

If you have never made either of these things, you should definitely try them after making these tots.

23. Keto Air Fryer Burgers

These keto air fryer burgers are the perfect option for a family treat meal at the end of the week.

The use of waffles instead of burger buns is a great way to get the whole family on board with this recipe. This is especially true if you have some younger members of your family.

You can use this recipe to give your kids a treat meal that is actually quite healthy for them, not to mention delicious. Again, keto fries are a perfect accompaniment for this.

24. Keto Air Fryer Chinese Lemon Chicken

Another great option for a delicious and healthy keto recipe is this keto air fryer Chinese lemon chicken recipe.

This is one of the most flavorful recipes on this entire list and makes for a really easy, quick, and delicious meal that you can share with your family or friends.

Simply serve it with some delicious homemade cauliflower rice to keep the entire meal keto-friendly. You can make some regular rice for your non-keto guests if you prefer.

25. Keto Crispy Fried Shrimp

There have been quite a few recipes for breaded crispy chicken on this list, however, this one is for the shrimp lovers out there.

If you love a good crispy shrimp, this is the recipe that you have been looking for. This keto crispy fried shrimp can be made in your air fryer quickly and easily.

If you are expecting company or you want to make a simple but delicious snack for yourself, this recipe is a great choice to have on hand whenever you may need it.

26. Keto Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookie

Another sweet option for the sweet-toothed keto among us is this keto air fryer chocolate chip cookie.

The best thing about this recipe is that it yields a single serving which makes it perfect for anyone who struggles to limit themselves to just one when they make a batch of cookies.

With this recipe, you can make exactly the amount of cookies that you need for the number of guests you have to help avoid overindulgence.

27. Air Fryer Taco Casserole

This keto-friendly, air fryer taco casserole is one of the most interesting recipes on this list. It is so flavorful that no one will believe you when you tell them that it is keto-friendly.

This makes the perfect midweek meal to satisfy your whole family in terms of volume, satiety, and flavor.

With this recipe, you no longer have to sit out when taco Tuesday rolls around. Simply serve it with some keto-friendly guacamole, salsa, and sour cream dip.

28. Keto Air Fryer Fish Sticks

Finally, these keto air fryer fish sticks are the perfect addition to your range of keto-friendly recipes.

They are perfect for the whole family to enjoy and they can be eaten as a snack or as part of a full meal.

They are so easy to make and can be ready from scratch in no time at all. Best of all, they aren’t frozen, so the nutritional value of the fish remains intact.

Are any of the Traditional Scottish Recipes suitable for a Keto diet?

Traditional scottish recipes are generally not suitable for a Keto diet due to their high carbohydrate content. Dishes like haggis, stovies, and oatcakes are staples, but they are rich in grains and potatoes. However, with a few modifications, some traditional Scottish recipes can be adapted to fit a Keto lifestyle, such as using cauliflower instead of potatoes or almond flour instead of oats.

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing keto-friendly recipes that you can make in your air fryer.

The recipes included in this article are only a fraction of the options available, but they can offer some great inspiration for other dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Air Fryer Keto Recipes Healthier Than Other Cooking Methods?

On the whole, all air fryer recipes are healthier than more traditional ways of cooking your food.

This is because they require little to no oil. Despite the fact that most of these recipes create crispy food, they actually use almost no oil to make.

This means that your keto recipes will be even lower in calories. The less oil that you use in your cooking the better as this will help to reduce the risk of heart disease and clogged arteries.

Also, cooking in an air fryer tends to be quicker than cooking in an oven or other methods. This means that you are more likely to

28 Keto Air Fryer Recipes You Have To Try

28 Keto Air Fryer Recipes You Have To Try

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These are some delicious recipes that you will love. And since they are baked in an air fryer, they’re easy to make and great for keto. Enjoy!

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