11 Of The Best Jack In The Box Sauces For Your Order!

While Jack In The Box started off as somewhat of a unique and comedic dining experience, it seems to have evolved into one of the most iconic and fun places to eat some fantastic burger-joint foods.

Indeed, if you want some of the best American comfort foods, then Jack In The Box is certainly the place to go. It has some of the most unique and stunning sauces too to go with its meals. 

11 Of The Best Jack In The Box Sauces For Your Order!

The thing is however, it has so many different sauces to compliment your order, it can often be a little baffling to know what goes with what and which sauce choice you should be making.

This guide helps to clear up some of the confusion and aims to assist you in making an ideal choice for your order.

Read on to learn more.

How Many Sauces Does Jack In The Box Have?

You might actually be surprised to know that Jack In The Box offers a staggering twenty seven sauces to go with your food. That’s an incredible choice right?

The way in which it operates is a selection between how you should use these sauces. In other words, there are dipping sauces, sandwich sauces and more. 

That’s not to say you can’t choose these different sauces to use in different places though! Because you certainly can. 

Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce 

1. Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce 

If you’re the type of person who absolutely loves to add a spicy kick to their food, then you’ll definitely love to lather your food with Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce! 

It’s perhaps one of the best sauces in fast food history too.

Despite it being labeled as a dipping sauce, we’ve always found it perfectly acceptable to use inside your burger, on top of your fries or even all over your onion rings.

It goes great with everything, be that beef, chicken or sides and it helps bring out all of the textures and flavors that come along with most of the order choices at Jack In The Box. 

Barbeque Sauce

2. Barbeque Sauce

Barbeque sauce is one of the best sauces for people that want a sticky, sweet and extra tang to their order! 

Luckily, barbeque sauce goes with just about everything. It’s much better to put on your burger though.

What a lot of customers do is lather the barbeque sauce all over their fries and then put them inside their burgers – which are already drenched in the sauce.

Indeed, it’s quite difficult to find another sauce that quite fits the bill like a good, smokey barbeque sauce. 

Creamy Sriracha Sauce 

3. Creamy Sriracha Sauce 

If you’re the type of person who likes to have some spice in their meal but doesn’t want it to hit too hard, then this creamy sriracha sauce is the choice for you.

It provides you with an initial kick and brings out the meaty textures and flavors of your burger or chicken, and then almost cools down the instant spice with a quick river of creaminess. 

This type of sauce is best used on chicken choices, but there’s nothing stopping you from using it as a hamburger sauce or even dipping your sides in it. 

Buttermilk House Dipping Sauce

4. Buttermilk House Dipping Sauce 

This is one of the favorite choices for people who are huge fans of ranch dressing. It has the creamy, herby and vinegary taste to it that most people will remember from some of the menu options.

While buttermilk is essentially sour milk, it actually works extremely well on foods like the chicken club sandwich, chicken salad or even as a dipping sauce for the most amazing stuffed jalapenos on the menu.

Feeling hungry yet?

Sweet And Sour Sauce

5. Sweet And Sour Sauce 

For people who really like a tang and fruity flavor to their order choices, then sweet and sour sauce is certainly something you should think about. 

It has a very strong aroma and a glorious fruity flavor, but also has a nice crunch to it with the inclusion of pineapple. The best food choice to add this amazing sauce to is a chicken option.

The reason for this is due to the texture of the chicken and the fact that the sticky sauce seems to absorb into the chicken, much better than it does with beef. 

Give it a try!

Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

6. Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce 

Speaking of sauces where we have opposites, honey mustard does exactly the same thing. You have the initial sweetness from the honey, but then a real sharp tang to the mustard.

This might sound really off putting for some of you, but trust us when we say that this sauce really works for your meal.

Once again, this sauce is ideal for chicken order choices. You could go for the cluck sandwich, chicken salad or simply the breaded chicken tenders.

Whatever you go for, you can be sure that this sauce will be making the meal for you! 

Tartar Sauce 

7. Tartar Sauce 

We wouldn’t blame you if you’re sitting right now reading this, thinking to yourself that tartar sauce is meant for fish dishes, right?

You’d be right to think that! Tartar sauce is one of the best sauces you could put all over seafood dishes, especially when it comes to breaded fish.

However, this does not mean that you can not use the sauce on other breaded options.

Bizarrely, the unique flavor of tartar sauce also works on breaded chicken and other chicken order choices. It seems to absorb right into the skin and the breadcrumbs which reveals a previously hidden gem of a taste.

We’d really recommend this option for people who love fish dishes or someone that wants to kick their meal up a notch without making it super spicy. It’s a mild sauce but very flavorsome! 

Garlic Herb Butter

8. Garlic Herb Butter 

Garlic herb butter is a sauce used in the sandwiches at Jack In The Box. Typically speaking, you’d lather this beautiful sauce on your chicken sandwiches or over your chicken salad as a dressing option. 

However, there’s no reason that you can’t add this sauce to your sides. It has an amazing garlic flavor but a creamy finish too.

It’s extremely aromatic and this aroma will linger on the tongue for a while – so be prepared for that! 

We like to kick this sauce up a notch by adding it to a spicy food order. This will allow the garlic butter to calm the initial kick down, without taking away any of the idyllic flavors and beautiful aromas. 

Jack’s Mystery Sauce

9. Jack’s Mystery Sauce 

Are you the type of person who likes to have a little mystery to their meal? Well then why not add this element of “who knows?” with this beautiful and unique sauce from Jack In The Box.

Jack’s mystery sauce is a little difficult to hone down. However, we’re sure it’s a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup, onion relish, mustard and a dash of Frank’s hot sauce.

Essentially, it’s a mix of all the sauces on offer at Jack In The Box! 

However, this sauce works for almost anything. Inside a burger, on top of your fries, as a salad dressing or anything else you can think of! 

Due to the amazing and unique taste, customers find that they have a crazy craving for this sauce when they get home – and some have even tried to replicate the sauce from their own kitchen!

The problem is, you really can’t do this. It’s unique for a reason, so if you want to get the right taste from this sauce – you got to go into Jack In The Box! 

Creamy Bacon Mayo Sauce

10. Creamy Bacon Mayo Sauce 

This type of sauce is a sandwich sauce and it has a beautiful flavor to it. It’s much thicker than some of the other sauces on this list and that makes it an ideal choice for some of the food choices you could order at Jack In The Box.

One of the best options is for a chicken sandwich because it adds a different tang to the food, but also seems to enhance the overall flavor of it.

Unlike some of the other sauces on this list, it’s not the greatest sauce choice to have for your sides.

It really is only best used as a sandwich sauce. But, what you can do, that many customers do, is opt for this sauce all over their sandwich and then opt for a spicy dipping sauce – like Frank’s hot sauce.

What this does is add an extra layer of flavor to their meal. It goes from this creamy and smoky flavor with the creamy bacon mayo sauce to a spicy kick for the fries. 

All we can say is – wow! 

Jack In The Box Ketchup

11. Jack In The Box Ketchup 

To cap off our list, we have an absolute classic among classics. You might be sitting there right now thinking – come on, ketchup? Really?

Yes! While on the surface it might seem like a bit of a boring choice, the Jack In The Box ketchup hits a little differently from regular ketchup.

It has this unique tang to it that really cannot be described best without trying it.

As you can imagine, this sauce can go on every single sandwich and side option that Jack In The Box offers at their stores. It also goes well with lots of other sauce choices. 

What we recommend if you’re a little adventurous is to mix this ketchup with two or three other Jack In The Box sauces on your meal and see if you can replicate the taste of Jack’s mystery sauce. 

We’d hazard a guess that you can’t! But, you might feel the little buzz on your tongue from the array of flavors and the smells that emanate from the food. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Of course, many people will have lots more questions. We couldn’t answer all of them – but here are the most common questions that we’ve looked at and answered! 

What Is The Best Sauce To Try At Jack In The Box?

This is a really subjective question, but if you’re asking as a pure newbie to the restaurant, then we’d say that you can’t go wrong with Frank’s hot sauce or the garlic herb butter. 

However, many first timers will want to go straight for Jack’s mystery sauce, and there’s nothing wrong with that either! It really comes down to your palate and personal preference. 

What Is The Best Food To Try At Jack In The Box?

Once again, this comes down to personal preference. A really popular choice is the spicy sriracha burger (which is lathered in the spicy sriracha sauce!) and Jack’s curly fries. 

These curly fries are beautifully fried with a crunchy, yet soft finish to them. It’s really an amazing food to eat. 

Can I Buy Jack In The Box Sauces To Take Home?

You sure can! You can order take out or go through a drive thru, or even Uber it! There’s lots of ways you can enjoy the Jack In The Box sauces at home. 

If you’re looking to take a larger batch home, you would have to buy plenty of individual ones in store, as there is no way to order in bulk elsewhere. 

Can I Make These Sauces At Home?

You can try! But you will be hard pressed to replicate the unique flavors, textures and aromas that Jack In The Box have come up with. 

However, you can read the sauce packets for the ingredients and you can give it a go at home! 

Our Final Thoughts 

Jack In The Box sauces are among some of the most tasty, unique, flavorsome, aromatic and all around delicious of their kind. 

Picking the best is a very difficult task, but we’ve done our best here! You’re gonna have to head out now and try some!

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