20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

If you’re searching for good quality fast food items, Jack In The Box is always a reliable choice. They have such an extensive amount of different foods to choose from, including Asian, Mexican, and American.

Since their opening in 1951, they’ve been focused on offering their customers a whole range of different menu items. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

With such a wide selection of different foods on their menu, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Despite this, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your particular tastes, all you have to do is find the things that appeal to you. That’s where we come in. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the very best food items sold at Jack In The Box, so that you’re prepared for your next visit. Simply keep reading to start salivating over these delicious menu items. 

Chicken Fajita Pita

1. Chicken Fajita Pita 

Like we mentioned briefly above, Jack In The Box are great for producing a whole host of different cuisines, and their Mexican food makes up some of the best food items on their menu. 

If you’re in the mood for Mexican food on your next visit to the restaurant, then you should definitely give their chicken fajita pita a try. It’s loaded with tons of deliciously juicy, seasoned chicken that is cooked to absolute perfection. 

As well as this, it’s got lots of super fresh salad packed inside, which gives it an unbelievably satisfying crunch. The best thing about this one is the tangy salsa they add, which gives it a super zesty taste. 

This fajita is also a great option if you’re trying to shed a few extra pounds, but don’t want to skimp out on taste, because it contains only 330 calories and 4.5 grams of saturated fat. What could be better? 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

2. Mini Churros 

Why not dive into the desserts early on, and talk about these amazing churros sold at Jack In The Box (see also ‘11 Of The Best Jack In The Box Sauces For Your Order!‘)? These are honestly like little morsels of heaven, and the dough reaches the perfect consistency of chewy and dense. 

They’re also a great dessert option if you’ve loaded up on food already and are searching for something light to end your meal. These are packed full of flavor, and have tons of deliciously warming cinnamon and brown sugar rolled on them. 

The only problem with this dessert item is that you’ll wish they were bigger! 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

3. Jacks Teriyaki Bowl 

Now let’s move on to discuss one of their best Asian dishes. If you’re in the mood for something super refreshing and light, then we suggest that you go ahead and order their deliciously flavourful Teriyaki bowl. 

It’s packed with delicious pieces of tender chicken, lots of sauteed vegetables, and super fluffy rice. Just because it’s healthy, however, that doesn’t mean that it’s not filling.

We promise that if you order this food item at your next visit to Jack In The Box, you won’t be feeling hungry afterward. 

All of the deliciousness without any of the guilt. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

4. Stacked Grilled Cheeseburger Munchie Meal

Now that we’ve covered some lighter menu options at this establishment, let’s move on to discuss one of their more calories dense. We recommend that if you want to fill yourself with pure indulgence, that you go for their stacked grilled cheeseburger munchie meal. 

This is honestly one of the best meal options you can get at Jack In The Box when you’re ravenous, and it has a little bit of everything. It gives you an option of any soft drink that you’d like, along with some curly crispy fries on the side. 

The main consists of a super stacked burger, which appears to be a regular beef burger on the bottom, but it’s loaded with a grilled cheese sandwich on the top.

Can we say, indulgence? The best thing about this one is that you get not only one, but two deliciously crunchy tacos on the side too. 

The only thing about this menu option is that we can’t guarantee that you’ll have room for dessert afterward!

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

5. Chicken Sandwich 

If you feel like ordering something plain, simple, and guaranteed to taste delicious, then we recommend that you try the Jack In The Box chicken sandwich. 

It boasts a deliciously crispy, golden, batter covered chicken, that is absolutely to die for. Paired with lots of crunchy lettuce, and cooling mayo, this sandwich is a winner. The sesame seed bun is also super tasty, reaching the perfect consistency of fluffy and chewy. 

Although a chicken mayo sandwich is a simple option, if you’ve tried many in your life, you’ll know that many establishments get it wrong. Jack In The Box, however, knows exactly what they’re doing. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

6. Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Shake 

One of the very best things about going for a sit down meal at a fast food restaurant, is the milkshakes. There’s honestly nothing better in the entire world than pairing a delicious cheeseburger with a luxury milkshake. 

If you want to try one of the very best milkshakes on their menu, we recommend that you try the oreo cookie ice cream shake.

This one is great for all of you out there who are oreo lovers, as this milkshake perfectly encapsulates both the flavors of the cream filling, and the dark chocolate, biscuit base. 

This milkshake is topped with plenty of whipped cream, and a little cherry on top, making it super aesthetically pleasing too. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

7. Ultimate Cheeseburger 

If you’re dead set on ordering a cheeseburger on your next visit to Jack In The Box, then you simply have to go for their Ultimate Cheeseburger.

Probably one of the most popular food items on their entire menu, it’s not hard to see why everyone loves this burger. 

It has two deliciously juicy, tender beef patties tucked inside that will leave your mouth watering. Loaded on top of these are a whole host of different cheeses, including swiss cheese, American cheese, and cheddar.

So any cheese lovers out there will surely be impressed. 

On top of this, they put plenty of sauce inside, including sweet tomato ketchup, and tangy mustard, which compliment this burger perfectly. The bun is one of the best things about this food item, as it’s super soft and squishy, melting in your mouth. 

You simply have to try the ultimate burger on one of your visits here. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

8. Jumbo Egg Rolls 

If you’re a big fan of egg rolls, then we’re here to tell you that Jack In The Box boasts some of the best on the planet. They’re so simple, and yet so delicious at the same time. 

They’re super filling and flavorful, and make a great pairing with most of the meals on the menu. You don’t need to reserve egg rolls purely for Asian based dishes, why not have these as a side to your ultimate cheeseburger?

They’re a great option for when you’re not in the mood for fries. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

9. Southweast Chicken Salad 

If you’re concerned about finding some healthy food options on the Jack In The Box menu during your next visit, never fear. The Southwest chicken salad is super tasty, and only contains 340 calories. 

It has lots of delicious grilled chicken that is packed full of flavor, and gives you your protein fix for the day too. In fact, it has all of the macronutrients that you require, and is great for those of you out there following a low carb diet. 

This dish contains only 25 grams of carbohydrate per serving, and if you want to make that number even lower, you can opt to have the black beans removed from the dish. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

10. Seasoned Curly Fries 

Why opt for boring old regular fries, when you can get some delicious seasoned curly ones? These curly fries are honestly so delicious, and make the perfect snack or side dish to any meal. 

Everyone who is a fan of Jack In The Box will tell you how good their curly fries are, so you definitely need to try them. They’re served fresh, so you can guarantee that they’ll still be piping hot when they arrive on your plate. 

These fries are honestly the best texture, and somehow reach that perfect sweet spot between being super crispy on the outside, and incredibly soft and tender on the inside. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

11. Jack’s Spicy Chicken 

If you’re in the mood for a chicken burger, but feel like ordering something slightly hotter, then we recommend that you opt for their spicy chicken burger. 

This chicken burger is cooked to absolute perfection, with the tender chicken breast coated in a spicy, crispy, seasoned batter. This chicken is perfectly paired with lots of cooling mayo, along with some lettuce, and fresh, juicy tomato slices. 

The crunchiness of the batter in this chicken sandwich is incredible, and is sure to leave you feeling full afterwards.

We can guarantee that once you order a spicy chicken sandwich from Jack In The Box, that you won’t want to get one from anywhere else. 

12. Tiny Tacos 

Jack In The Box are great for coming out with new, fun, and innovative food menu items (see also ‘11 Tasty Cook Out Menu Items‘). Probably one of their best inventions are these super tasty Tiny Tacos, which make the ideal snack or side option. 

They’re packed full of juicy beef, jack cheese, and crispy lettuce, and honestly are just little morsels of heaven. The best thing about them is the super crispy taco coating, which melts in your mouth. 

These are incredibly moreish, and we can guarantee that once you get started you’ll finish the entire pack to yourself. 

Chocolate Overload Cake

13. Chocolate Overload Cake 

If you’ve been searching for the perfect dessert to order on your next visit to Jack In the Box, we’re here to tell you that their chocolate overload cake is one of the best on the menu. 

If you’re a big chocolate lover, then we can’t think of a more perfect dessert for you. It’s a super moist, rich chocolate cake sponge, that is perfectly dense and fluffy at the same time. It’s then filled with lots and lots of chocolate chips, which gives it an even more satisfying texture. 

The cake is drizzled with plenty of chocolate icing too, giving it a deliciously sweet taste. We can’t think of anything better than digging into this dessert, with some cooling vanilla ice cream on the side. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

14. Bacon Potato Cheddar Wedges 

In terms of loaded fries, we think that the bacon potato cheddar wedges sold at Jack In The Box are some of the best out there. 

The wedges have a little bit of spice added to them, and have a gorgeously crispy outside, and a super soft inside which makes them a dream to bite into. They’re covered in plenty of ooey gooey gooey cheese. In fact, there is so much cheese that you can hardly see the fries! 

The little salty bacon pieces also give it an added bit of flavor, and take it to new heights of deliciousness. Order this food item if you feel like something slightly more filling on the side. 

15. Crispy Chicken Strips 

We’ve already established that Jack In The Box serves some of the best fried chicken in the fast food world, and these crispy chicken strips prove this point. 

If you’re a super picky eater, then we recommend that you go with these crispy chicken strips, as they’re a super safe bet and you’re guaranteed to love them. The chicken inside is super tender and juicy, and the crispy breaded coating gives it a super satisfying crunch. 

The only thing to bear in mind when ordering these chicken strips is that they don’t come with their own dipping sauce, so you’ll need to order these separately. 

We recommend that when choosing a dipping sauce, that you either go with the barbecue sauce, or the ranch sauce, which are equally delicious. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

16. Classic Buttery Jack 

Butter burgers have become increasingly popular in recent years, and we recommend that if you’re planning on trying one, that you sample this one from Jack In The Box. 

They have some of the best burgers imaginable at this restaurant, and the classic buttery jack is no exception. It has a super juicy, tender beef patty inside, as well as lots of crispy lettuce and soft tomato. 

They don’t skimp out on the cheese either, and this one is loaded with plenty of Swiss cheese. On top of this, they make sure to put plenty of mayo in there too.

The best thing about this burger is obviously the garlic herb mayo, which is spread directly on to the bun itself. 

This ensures that you’re getting the full flavor of the butter, as it’s all absorbed by the soft, tender bun. This one is honestly so delicious, that it might just become your go to meal at Jack In The Box. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

17. Jack’s Classic Roost Fries

If you’re looking for some more delicious loaded fries to order at your next visit, then we recommend that you try their classic roost fries, which are positively delicious. 

The thing is, once you order these loaded fries, you’ll never want to eat them plain again. It’s got loads of their signature crispy chicken on top, along with two kinds of cheddar cheese, liquid and shredded.

This makes it the perfect choice for any cheese lovers out there. 

The best thing about this menu item is the mystery sauce that’s loaded on top. It’s packed with loads of spicy, tangy flavors, and we honestly can’t figure out what it’s made of. But does it matter? Just give us more please. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

18. Stuffed Jalapenos 

If you’re looking for the perfect light snack to order the next time you make a visit to Jack In The Box, then we recommend that you try these tasty little stuffed jalapenos.

They’re incredibly moreish, and we can guarantee that you’ll be ordering a second helping in no time. 

We can honestly say that they’re the best stuffed peppers that we’ve tried, even better than ones you’d find in a high end Mexican restaurant. They’re filled with cheddar, jack, and cream cheese, giving you the perfect ooey gooey combination. 

Deep fried in breadcrumbs until they’re golden brown, the crunchiness of their exterior is so very satisfying. Be sure to try these next time. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

19. Onion Rings 

Another great side dish that you simply can’t go wrong with, these onion rings are simply to die for! These onion rings are the perfect combination of juicy and crunchy, which let’s face it, many restaurants don’t manage to achieve. 

You’ll be pleased with how tasty the batter is on this one, and they’re sure to leave you feeling satisfied. Make sure to eat them whilst they’re still hot to get the full effects. 

20 Delicious Jack In The Box Menu Items To Try

20. NY Style Cheesecake 

We couldn’t finish off our list without mentioning another one of their amazing dessert options. We honestly can’t think of anyone out there who doesn’t adore cheesecake, and this NY style variety is absolutely delicious. 

With a gorgeously crunchy, buttery graham cracker base, this cheesecake is loaded with a rich vanilla topping that will be sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Make sure that you save room for dessert, because you simply have to try this one! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve covered some of the most delicious menu items to order on your next visit to Jack In The Box (see also ‘18 Awesome Red Robin Menu Items To Try On Your Next Visit‘), let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions some of you had regarding the restaurant. 

What Is Jack In The Box Known For? 

As we covered on our list, Jack In The Box offers a whole host of different cuisines that are sure to satisfy any taste palette. There are, however, some food items that they are more well known for. 

Although some of you may think that their burgers are actually their most popular food items, it is actually their tacos that have garnered the most attention.

That’s right, their crispy, meaty, crunchy tacos are said to be some of the best items on their menu. So be sure to try these on your next visit! 

Are Jacks And Jack In The Box The Same Thing? 

Those of you who’ve not visited this establishment before may be confused as to whether Jack In The Box, and the restaurant Jacks, are actually the same thing. 

We can tell you that no, Jacks is in no way connected to Jack In The Box. Jacks is a fast food chain which is exclusive to Alabama, and they don’t sell the variety of food items that Jack In The Box does.

Their menu is exclusively dedicated to American fast foods, and breakfast items. 

Does Jack In The Box Use Real Beef? 

We’re here to assure you that all of the beef based items used by Jack In The Box, use 100 percent real beef.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re in the mood for some fresh Asian dishes, spicy Mexican dishes, or good old fashioned American fast food, Jack In The Box has you covered. Simply read our list above to choose something to order on your next visit.

We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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