13 Indian Shrimp Recipes You’ll Love

If you’ve ever been to India or consider yourself a big foodie, you’ll know just how flavorful Indian food is. Loaded with unique herbs and spices, Indian cuisine has a lot to offer.

In fact, Indian cuisine takes plain, simple ingredients to another level. 

13 Indian Shrimp Recipes You’ll Love

Take shrimp for example. It tastes great and is best when served fresh. However, apart from that, it isn’t the most spectacular ingredient.

That is until you mix it with the right ingredients. Thanks to Indian herbs, spices, and cooking techniques, we can elevate shrimp to a whole new level, unlocking new flavors and textures.

As a result, there are hundreds of amazing Indian recipes including shrimp that are eaten all over the world. If anything, we have too many to choose from.

Today, we want to show you the very best. To do just that, we’ve listed 13 of our favorite Indian shrimp recipes. 

Take a look at our list to learn more!

1. Bhagari Jhinga

The first Indian shrimp recipe on our list is bhagari jhinga. Ready in less than 30 minutes, this dish is a creamy stir-fried shrimp curry popular in Southern India. 

To make this delightful curry, the shrimp is smothered in a rich marinade and sauce made from garam masala, cumin, tomato paste, cayenne pepper, coconut milk, and lemon juice amongst other things.

The end result is a sweet, spicy, and creamy sauce that soaks into the soft shrimp. 

2. Jhinga Biryani

You don’t have to be a big foodie to have heard of biryani before. Biryani is a hugely popular Indian rice dish made using a wide range of fragrant herbs and spices. 

In this recipe, the biryani flavors are combined with fresh shrimp to create a dish that is aromatic, tender, smooth, and flavorful.

The spice blend of ginger, chili, coriander, tomato, star anise, cloves, and cinnamon suits the shrimp perfectly.

Make sure you use basmati rice when making this dish.

3. Goan Prawn Curry

Next up, we have a tasty Goan prawn curry recipe from My Food Story. Goan prawn curry is a rich, sweet, sour, and spicy dish famous in Goa. It is also known by the name Ambot Tik. 

Another curry you can make in less than 30 minutes, the main ingredients in the dish are shrimp, coconut milk, and Indian spices.

Including coconut milk in this curry is a masterstroke as it gives the dish a divine creaminess that cuts through the spice.

4. Spicy Shrimp Masala

As far as simple, yet flavorful dishes go, this spicy shrimp masala recipe is up there with the best. It only requires 10 minutes of prep and 20 minutes cooking time. 

In this recipe, each shrimp is coated in a delicious Indian seasoning mix that gets the taste buds tingling. The seasoning mix is both aromatic, sweet, and spicy.

Once cooked, the shrimp becomes beautifully tender without losing too much texture. 

You can serve the shrimp with rice or with naan bread.

5. Shrimp And Okra Kebabs

If you’d prefer to steer clear of anything too rich or creamy, give these shrimp and okra kebabs a try. 

Made with little fuss, these kebabs offer impressive flavor, a great crunch, and versatility. All you need to make these kebabs is oil, coriander, curry powder, okra, shrimp, cilantro, cooking spray, and serrano chile. 

The kebabs have a fresh taste and a refreshing lightness about them. They make a great barbecue snack. 

6. Prawn Korma

Next, we have a super simple prawn korma recipe. Korma is a great curry to make if you love creamy Indian dishes but don’t like too much spice. It is a mild curry with a stunning color and rich flavor. 

Topped with green coriander leaves and served with white rice, this curry is definitely a party piece. 

As far as flavors go, prawn korma is well-seasoned without being overpowering. Having said that, you can add some chili powder for a small kick.

7. Chili Lime Shrimp

The combination of citrus fruits and seafood has been much loved for generations. The sharp citrus flavors go beautifully with the simple flavors of the seafood.

Add chili powder into the mix and you’re onto a winner.

This chili lime shrimp recipe sums this up perfectly. Tangy, spicy, and slightly sweet, this shrimp dish is loaded with immense flavor thanks to the chili and lime.

As if that wasn’t enough, a spice blend of cumin, cilantro, salt, and garlic takes things a step further.

8. Indian Butter Shrimp

Like prawn korma, Indian butter shrimp is a rich and creamy dish that doesn’t contain too much spice. 

It features juicy and tender Indian buttered shrimp soaked in a creamy buttery masala sauce. Made in under 30 minutes, the final dish is usually served on a bed of basmati rice or with fresh naan. 

This is an excellent recipe to use if you want to introduce your children to Indian cooking without blowing their heads off with heat.

9. Gongura Shrimp

The next recipe on our list is an authentic gongura shrimp recipe from Foodie Platter. The name of this dish refers to the leaves used to give it its signature flavor. For those interested, that flavor is sour.

Combining the shrimp with this leaf isn’t just good for the flavor, but it also makes it much healthier. This leafy vegetable is packed with health benefits.

By adding a zing to the shrimp, any unwanted fishy scent is removed too. 

To neutralize the sourness of the leaves, add ginger paste and other spices to the recipe.

10. Tandoori Shrimp

There’s a very good chance you’ve heard of tandoori chicken before, but what about tandoori shrimp? 

Tandoori simply refers to the unique clay oven used to bake Indian food. It can also be used to explain hot spices which is a signature of tandoori baked food.

In this instance, the word tandoori refers to the hot spices used to marinate the shrimp.

To make life easier, this recipe calls for a tandoori seasoning mix. Cool ingredients like plain yogurt are added to give the shrimp a cooler, more refreshing flavor.

11. Prawn Makhani

Prawn makhani is another popular Indian dish that calls for shrimp. As far as Indian food is concerned, this dish is pretty mild. To those of you who don’t like spice though, it will still have a small kick. 

In a prawn makhani, the shrimp or prawns are covered in a buttery, creamy sauce that looks great and tastes even better. 

Whilst this sauce is more than enough, topping the dish off with salt and coriander leaves is necessary to unlock more flavors. Prawn makhani can be served with rice or naan bread.

12. Kerala Style Shrimp Roast

Unfortunately, shrimp can sometimes have a slimy texture which just isn’t that nice. A great way to avoid this when preparing shrimp is by making a Kerala-style shrimp roast. 

Full of Indian flavors and featuring a great crunch, this dish is easy to make and very tasty.

To create the rich Indian flavors we all love, a spice blend consisting of curry, ginger paste, mustard seeds, garlic, fenugreek, and red chili powder is made. 

The dish isn’t super spicy but you’ll definitely notice it. You can throw this delicious dish together in less than 20 minutes.

13. Steamed Yam And Shrimp

Also known by the name Ol Chingiri, this is a traditional Bengali dish that consists of steamed yams and shrimp. It is a good dish to make if you want to make something more special for your guests.

Aside from being super delicious, this dish is wonderfully rustic. The dish does take longer to make but it’s well worth the wait. 

The shrimp and potatoes are prepared separately before everything is brought together and coated with spices such as cumin and cardamom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Shrimp Called In India?

In India, shrimp is referred to as the Indian prawn or Penaeus. It is one of the most commercial prawn species in the world. 

Which Indian Prawns Taste The Best?

If you’re in India and you’d like to try the best prawns on offer, go for the tiger prawns. These prawns are easily identified by their black and gray stripes.

Where Does Shrimp In India Come From?

India has its very own shrimp capital. The shrimp capital of India is the Nellore district.

This area is known as the shrimp capital because it has a high production of cultured shrimp.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our list of 13 Indian shrimp recipes that you’ll love. As you can see from this list, we are blessed with a wide range of tasty dishes that we can make from scratch in no time at all.

There’s no denying that shrimp tastes good in its own right, but combining it with Indian flavors makes it so much better. 

Now you have this list, we hope we’ve inspired you to give some of the recipes a try. If we have, we hope you enjoy making the most amazing shrimp dishes.       

13 Indian Shrimp Recipes You’ll Love

13 Indian Shrimp Recipes You’ll Love

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