30 Quick And Delicious Easy Microwave Recipes

Almost everyone has a microwave in their home, but you may not realize how useful they are. Yes, they can reheat your food, but you can also cook a full 3-course meal with them.

30 Quick And Delicious Easy Microwave Recipes

You are able to perfectly cook food in your microwave that you may not even have thought of. No matter the time of day, you can make an appropriate and delicious meal in minutes.

Below we have compiled a list of our favorite microwave recipes so you can use your microwave to its full potential.

1. The Moistest Chocolate Mug Cake

I cannot count how many times I have made this exact recipe, it tastes just as good as fudgy chocolate cake straight out of the oven.

Some mug cakes can come across as quite eggy, this one has no eggs so it avoids that problem. Somehow it still binds together really well. I have replaced the oil with melted butter a few times, so don’t panic if you run out of oil.

We recommend stocking up on cocoa powder so you can have this recipe whenever you crave it.

2. Microwave Mushroom Risotto

Microwave risotto is amazing, you get a creamy consistency that is cooked throughout. And you don’t have to spend 20 minutes constantly stirring.

This particular recipe uses 3 different types of mushroom and white wine, so you know you aren’t sacrificing flavor for convenience.

It’s not often you get to eat a delicious bowl of risotto and consider it a quick meal.

3. Coconut Acorn Squash

One of the best parts of fall is being able to eat all the ripe squash, but sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it to cook it for over an hour for something you will consume in minutes.

Well, if you cook your acorn squash in the microwave it can be done in less than a quarter of the time.

This recipe also uses mango chutney and coconut to give a wonderful sweetness to the acorn squash, and also gives a different texture to enjoy.

4. Microwave Meat Loaf

You won’t believe this recipe was made in a microwave. It is so convenient and packed full of flavor, that it almost makes you question why you have been baking your meatloaf all these years.

For texture and color, this recipe includes cracker crumbs and green bell pepper.

5. Microwave Cauliflower

No more mushy boiled cauliflower, this recipe gives you crisp cauliflower in minutes. It is so easy and makes the perfect side dish.

You could even have the cauliflower by itself as a meal it’s that good. This recipe recommends serving it with lemon juice and black pepper for a refreshing dish.

This recipe also keeps surprisingly well in the fridge so you are able to make a double batch and have some the next day.

6. Microwave Potato Soup

Sometimes you’re feeling too sick to cook but know you need a warming meal in order to feel better. This is where microwave potato soup comes to the rescue.

Nothing makes a person feel better than the combination of bacon, cheese, and potatoes. The soup is creamy and warm. You can add in any leftover vegetables as well so you get extra nutrients.

7. Microwave 4-Minute Chicken Quesadilla

Everyone can agree that the best between-meals snack is a quesadilla. It is cheesy, simple, and delicious. Being able to make it in under 5 minutes is just a bonus.

You are able to fill your quesadilla with whatever you want and still get that classic cheese pull that defines a quesadilla.

8. “Roast” Garlic

Garlic is one of the best ingredients to add to any savory dish, and roasting the garlic beforehand makes it taste even better.

While you won’t get a dark crispy top to your garlic in a microwave, it will still be soft and spreadable and done in a third of the time.

One of the best ways to use softened garlic is to mix it with butter to make a wonderful garlic butter compound. It makes homemade garlic bread taste amazing.

9. Pumpkin Mug Pie With Toffee And Caramel

For those who prefer pie over cake, this is the recipe for you. You get a wonderful pumpkin pie in your favorite mug, what more is there to love?

The pie is gloriously sweet and while the recipe uses cinnamon and cloves, we recommended using your favorite pumpkin spice.

10. Cinnamon Roll In A Mug

This cinnamon roll recipe became viral online and for good reason. It is moist, sweet, and packed full of cinnamon. Cinnamon rolls are one of the best desserts and this recipe is easy to make at home with little baking knowledge.

Of course, no cinnamon roll would be complete without a glaze and the best part about making a cinnamon roll just for yourself is that you can add as much or a little glaze as you like.

11. Microwave Monkey Bread

Since this is a microwave recipe you will need to use a silicon mold, but it’s worth it for this amazing monkey bread.

Made from canned biscuits for convenience, this monkey bread is buttery and moist. Cooking it doesn’t defeat the purpose of monkey bread either and you are able to pull it apart with ease.

12. Oatmeal Cookie Dough Mug Cake

You can make this cake in less than 5 minutes which feels like cheating with how good it is.

The end result is super doughy and satisfying. It is also gluten-free so you are able to enjoy your whole mug without worrying about bloat.

The inclusion of oats and chocolate gives the cake a wonderful texture and taste reminiscent of the popular cookie.

13. Microwave Bacon

It may sound surprising, but you are able to make super crispy bacon in the microwave.

You don’t need to clean any frying pan or grill, just stick your bacon between layers of paper towels to stop your microwave from getting dirty and you will have perfect bacon every time.

The bacon comes out evenly cooked and crispy, but you are able to cook it for less time if you’re a fan of chewy bacon.

14. Microwave Potato

This is our preferred way to make a loaded potato, it is so much quicker than cooking your potato in the oven and you still get a soft and fluffy texture.

Of course, you can throw it under the grill for a few minutes for it to crisp up, but it is not needed.

Make sure you properly pierce your potato before cooking so that way the inside of the potato will get cooked. The piercing also stops it from making mashed potatoes in your microwave.

15. Microwave Oatmeal Bars

These oatmeal bars and sweet and ridiculously moreish. They are the perfect snack to bring to a picnic or just keep in your kitchen to yourself.

The whole dish is covered in melted chocolate that will need to be set in the fridge. While it may be tempting to not wait and just immediately eat them, thrust us it is worth the wait.

16. Quick And Easy Stuffed Peppers

This recipe is easy, tasty, and perfect for those looking for something healthy to eat. These peppers are packed full of vegetables and rice to make them filling and delectable.

Stuffed peppers are a great main dish to make if you are running out of time, plus they’re vegetarian-friendly.

You are able to get creative with what you stuff your peppers with, we suggest using lots of herbs and spices to bring out the flavors of the vegetables.

17. Microwave Macaroni And Cheese In A Mug

Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and being able to make it in a microwave means you can have comfort at any time.

It only takes about 3 minutes to cook in the microwave and you get those iconic cheese pull strings that are customary of any good macaroni and cheese.

One of the best parts of making a single serving is that you can customize it any way you like, add bacon, broccoli, chili flakes whatever will make you happy.

18. Microwave Chili

Chili of all kinds is the perfect winter meal, which is why being able to make it in the microwave is so convenient. This recipe is packed full of flavor and is vegetarian-friendly, you can of course add meat if you’ll like too.

You will see that there is dark chocolate in this recipe, this isn’t to add sweetness, it is actually to bring depth to the flavor and works fantastically to bring out the heat in the dish.

19. Microwave Corn On The Cob

This is the easiest way to get juicy corn on the cob. It is as simple as wrapping the corn in a wet paper towel and then heating it in the microwave.

The corn makes a wonderful side dish or snack. A personal favorite is elotes. Just brush mayonnaise on your corn and then sprinkle on cotija, chili powder, and lime. It is sweet, spicy, and just a little bit tart.

20. Creamy Chicken Alfredo In A Mug

This pasta dish is creamy, filling, and only requires you to clean a mug and a fork.

The inclusion of mustard into the sauce gives it a nice heat. Top the pasta with freshly cracked black pepper to bring out this flavor even more.

21. Microwave Ropa Vieja

Being able to make this classic beef dish in the microwave is incredible. You get a tender steak in a deep and flavorful sauce.

While this dish is cooking your whole house will smell fantastic and you will want to dig into your meal straight away.

Pair this recipe with leftover rice, or you can use microwavable rice.

22. Zucchini Ham Frittata

This dish is fast to make and is wonderfully colorful. Not only do you get juicy chunks of ham, but the zucchini didn’t dissolve so you actually get to taste it.

This recipe also packs this frittata with cheese so it will please even the pickiest of family members.

23. Low-Calorie Piperade With Eggs

This recipe uses every color of bell pepper to give extra color to the piperade. It is super light and delicious, perfect for a hot summer’s day.

24. Microwave Mug Pizza Recipe

This mug pizza is very cute and very delicious. The pizza dough is soft and chewy which works with the tomato sauce.

Just like a regular pizza, you are able to use any topping you like, just make sure they are small enough to fit in the mug.

25. Microwave Chicken

That’s right, you are able to cook juicy chicken in the microwave. This recipe gives you slightly spicy chicken in 15 minutes. You can eat it by itself, or serve it with rice or a salad.

26. Microwave Banana Pudding

This will be one of your new favorite desserts, you get a sweet and buttery banana pudding with minimal effort. We recommend topping this dish with toffee sauce.

27. The Best Microwave Oatmeal

For when you’re running behind in the morning, this is the ideal breakfast. While the recipe lists 4 ingredients you can really make it with 2. This recipe also gives you variations to try in the future.

28. Breakfast Potatoes

This recipe makes soft, cheesy, potatoes that are perfect for a side dish. With the addition of garlic salt, these potatoes are full of flavor.

29. Microwave Chicken And Broccoli

For a quick, low-carb, and keto-friendly meal, look no further. This recipe makes juicy chicken and tender broccoli in minutes.

30. Amazing Microwave Lemon Bars

This is the best summer treat. Not only does it taste great, but you won’t need to heat up your whole house by turning your oven on.

You are able to make sweet, tart lemon bars in no time at all.


Hopefully, these recipes have shown you that your microwave is not just for reheating food. You can create quick meals that are tasty and filling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Can’t Be Use In A Microwave?

The main material to avoid putting in the microwave is metal. This includes cutlery, aluminum foil, and travel mugs. If you are cooking in a mug make sure there is no metallic print on it.

You should avoid paper and plastic containers in the microwave unless they specify that they are microwave safe.

How Do You Clean A Microwave Without Chemical Cleaning Products?

Fill a bowl with ½ cup of water. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze its contents into the bowl and then put the lemon halves in the bowl too.

Microwave the lemon water for 3 minutes and leave it to stand for 5 minutes. Then you can wipe down the inside of your microwave with a clean cloth.

Is It Safe To Cook Food In A Microwave?

Yes! As long as you are putting the correct materials in it, microwaves cause no harm. In fact, you experience more microwaves from your phone than a microwave.

30 Quick And Delicious Easy Microwave Recipes

30 Quick And Delicious Easy Microwave Recipes

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