13 Most Delicious Ham Hock Recipes

Are you a fan of cooking, smoking, grilling, or simply fancying some delectable meats that are quick and affordable? If so, you’ll appreciate this article no doubt. The 10 best ham hock recipes are covered in this article.

Some of the tastiest recipes out there can be made using a ham hock, in case you had forgotten. One of the most inexpensive and, in our view, most adaptable meat cut is the ham hock. 

13 Most Delicious Ham Hock Recipes

What really is a ham hock, and can you use it to make pies, salad, stew, and terrines? The lower part of the pig’s leg is used to make ham hocks, which can be four inches to ten inches long and are usually sold smoked or unsmoked.

They are a great way to enhance the texture and flavor of any dish and may be added whole or broken up into little pieces. They are a lighter cut of beef though, so you’ll have to take additional care to cook them to perfection.

For your enjoyment, we’ve compiled the top 10 ham hock recipes in this article that you can cook up for your next meal.

10 Best Ham Hock Recipes

1. Braised Ham Hocks

You can always rely on the Braised Ham Hocks recipe for a hearty, homey meal. Although it’s simple to prepare, if given enough time to mature, the flavour can be superb.

The preparation is straightforward: just add a little hot water to the ham hock bones and simmer for a bit, or until they are thoroughly cooked.

They get a salty taste from being marinated in a brine, but it’s surprisingly not overpowering and it adds another level of flavor to the dish.

For many reasons, braised ham hocks are a go-to meal for comfort food. It’s incredibly good, simple to cook, and really a cuisine for rural, prairie-dwelling people. 

All year long, it remains a fantastic satisfying supper option. For a dish that is so simple to prepare, the flavor is out of this world once it has had time to mature.

2. Dumplings And Ham Hock Soup 

This soup is a deserving substitute for chicken and dumplings if you’re looking for a change of pace. This ham hock recipe is warm, cozy, and filling enough to serve as a meal, similar to chicken and dumplings.

If you’re accustomed to southern cuisine, you’ll likely detect the distinctive smokiness that the ham hock adds to the soup. 

A ham soup that is thick and savory and has fluffy dumplings on top. You’ll adore this special ham hock and dumpling recipe (see also ‘28 Super Easy Dumpling Recipes‘). A good alternative to chicken and dumplings is this soup with ham hocks and dumplings.

3. Sweet Potato And Smoked Ham Hock Stew

For those looking for smoked ham hock dishes, this stew is ideal! It’s also a straightforward, hearty stew that’s perfect for chilly nights. 

On cold evenings when you just just need something to warm you from within, the smokey flavor of ham hock pairs well with the warming spices and sweet taste of the potatoes to provide a fulfilling supper.

4. Creamy Ham Hock And White Bean Soup

The ideal fusion of beans with smoky ham flavor is what makes this delectable soup stand out. The earthy flavors are also enhanced by some oregano and bay leaf.

Use a pressure cooker to tenderize your creamy white beans to the ideal consistency if you want to take this soup to the next level. Every spoonful is a thick, smokey bite of joy as a result.

The ideal fusion of beans and the smokey, ham flavor of the hocks is what distinguishes a wonderful soup. 

The delectable northern white beans are tenderized in the pressure cooker until they become creamy and act as their own thickener, enhancing the earthy flavors with oregano and bay leaves. Every spoonful is a rich, smoky bite of joy.

5. Ham With Collard Greens

In the recipe, collard greens are combined with ham hock, a portion of pork that gives the greens a smoky flavor and a small amount of meat.

Simply boil some water, add the ham hock, and simmer for around one hour prior to adding the collard greens to the dish.

You’re prepared to serve after another 40 or so minutes. Also, don’t forget to add some vinegar or hot sauce to your well prepared bowl of collards.

6. Leeks And Ham Hock-Filled Polenta Croquettes

The ideal polenta croquette has delicious leeks plus braised ham hock within. What other type of filling do you want in your polenta, after all? This dish is the ideal approach to utilise polenta that has been left over.

Simply prepare an additional batch when preparing a typical supper and store it for the following day. Then combine it with some leeks and béchamel sauce, wrap it in a panko breadcrumb shell, and cook it in a little butter.

The outcome? A wonderful treat that will delight your palate!

7. Braised Ham Shank With Rice And Beans

If you’re seeking for smoked ham shank recipes, look no further! This elaborate dish took a lot of work. The long, slow simmering of the shanks produces the rich, savoury flavours in the broth.

The outcome is a meal that is worth every bit of time you spent preparing it. This is definitely a perfect weekend supper!

You won’t be let down if you take the time to prepare this dish, even if you’re feeling extravagant or want to spoil your family.

8. Smoked Hock And Pea Soup In The Slow Cooker

This soup is a great option if you’re seeking for rural-style ham hock dishes! This recipe is great for turning a few pounds of beef into a full meal for the entire family. The enormous flavor here is made possible by time.

Even if cooking and preparation take a while, the effort is definitely worth it. A tough, somewhat unappealing piece of meat such as ham shank can become silky, sweet, and delectable with “time” as well.

With sweet peas and crunchy radishes, the soup is bright, vibrant, and springlike; but, the smokiness of the meat gives it an earthy depth.

9. Ham Hock Risotto

If you’ve ever purchased ham hocks, you are aware that the amount you pay includes a tasty bone in addition to the meat.

To prepare this risotto, you can utilize the flesh from any part of the ham hock portion while preparing a stock from the bones to simmer it in.

Even while ham hocks don’t have a lot of meat, they do have enough to give this traditional Italian dish flavor and texture!

10. Braised Roasted Pork Shank In Soy Sauce

To prepare this dish for pig shanks, you don’t need to be an expert chef. Compared to other pig parts, the shank and hock contain little meat. But after being cooked properly, the pork shank has a soft, supple, slightly gelatinous feel.

After the pork hock has finished cooking in the soy sauce for a few hours, you can go one step further by roasting it.

11. Peanut-Sauced Ham Hocks In The Slow Cooker

You’re hosting a dinner, but you have no idea what you should do with your ham hocks.

This recipe is the best option for you, so your search is finished! The ham hocks’ meat will completely melt in your mouth, and you’ll adore how soft it is.

The dish is brought together by the homemade, flavorful peanut sauce, which is rich in taste and makes the whole thing incredibly delectable.

12. German Pork Hock 

German Pork Hock is enjoyed all year long but especially during Oktoberfest. The tasty pork crackling and soft meat of this quick and simple pork knuckle recipe are worth the few hours it takes to prepare.

This recipe is a well-liked Oktoberfest dish and a classic Bavarian cuisine. This pork knuckle recipe, which is slow-roasted with savory herbs and spices, yields exquisite crackling and soft flesh that will have your visitors begging for the recipe.

Even though it takes a few hours to cook, this simple pork knuckle recipe requires little from you. It can be served with a side of potato salad or just some mashed potatoes and gravy.

13. Shrimp And Ham Hock Gumbo

You can prepare this gumbo with ham hocks and shrimp in less than an hour, making it one of your favorite recipes for using fresh ham hocks.

Due to the fact that the flavor of the broth gets better with age, it’s also excellent for meal preparation. Therefore, if you have ham hocks and shrimp available, this is a recipe you shouldn’t pass up.

Can Smoked Ham Hocks Be Frozen?

Within a week, consume or freeze leftover smoked ham hocks. When the ham hocks are finished cooking, you have three options: serve them right away, store them in the fridge for up to a week or freeze for use within a week.

How Do You Tell If Ham Hocks Are Finished Cooking?

The ham hocks should be tender and the meat will readily break apart from the bone when they are finished cooking.

Final Thoughts 

Cheap, substantial slices of leg meat known as “ham hocks” can be prepared and utilized in several ways.

Ham hocks can be boiled on the stove, slow cooked, roasted inside your oven until crisp and caramelized, or smoked on the smoker for a juicy and tasty choice. 

Ham hocks can be prepared in a variety of ways to yield a cheap meal that is still tasty and substantial. These recipes are fantastic ways to make use of ham hocks’ deliciousness and versatility.

13 Most Delicious Ham Hock Recipes

13 Most Delicious Ham Hock Recipes

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Ham hock is delicious, smoky, and versatile. Check out some of our fantastic ham hock recipes so you can use your leftovers for many unique and tasty meals!

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