13 Of The Most Impressive Beef Rib Recipes Out There

Beef ribs are delicious and versatile. Since they are a cut of meat, you can cook them in a variety of ways.

These 13 recipes will help you season and cook your beef ribs exactly the way you like them.

13 Of The Most Impressive Beef Rib Recipes Out There

It is always good to have a variety of options when it comes to cooking your meat because people like it in all different ways.

Therefore, these 13 different recipes will give you a taste of most of them!

1. BBQ Beef Ribs

This is one of the most popular style beef ribs out there because of the sticky, tender beef which is just melting in your mouth.

You need to ensure that these ribs are cooked nice and evenly and the method for this particular process is indirect cooking.

This is where the heat is not touching the meatat all.

You need to be preparing both the basting sauce and the ribs as well which includes quite a bit of seasoning to get the flavors just right to balance the sweetness of the bbq sauce.

You are also able to make these as hot as you like too, so cook to what suits you best!

2. Slow Grilled Beef Ribs

The great thing about grilling is that it’s really easy to get the results you want.

With a little practice you’ll be able to enjoy juicy and tender barbecue ribs, and you can use this basic recipe as a basis for all your grilling needs.

The secret to easy slow grilled beef ribs is to use the right cut of meat because it will make all the difference in taste and flavor. Follow the recipe to create your own delicious rib-sticking meal.

These slow grilled beef ribs are an inexpensive and easy way to put together a delicious meal that will definitely fill you up!

3. Smoked Beef Ribs

Smoked beef ribs are one of the best ways to enjoy beef ribs (see also ‘The Best 20 Leftover Ribs Recipes‘). It’s one of the most popular recipes due to the ultimate burst of flavor it gives and the tender meat!

If you are going to try and serve smoked ribs, they should fall off the bone.

The outside of the beef rib should be very dark when cooked but first you need to make sure you are using the right cut of meat.

You are looking for either back ribs, chuck ribs or plate ribs.

4. Korean Short Ribs

Korean Short Ribs are the best way to spice up a classic Korean dish! Easy and delicious, these short ribs will have everyone in your family asking for seconds.

Korean short ribs are a very tender cut of meat.

They can be used in a variety of dishes, such as beef stew and stir fries which means it doesn’t have to be eaten the traditional way and there doesn’t need to be any leftovers.

If you’re looking for flavor and tenderness, this could besomething new to try! This is usually served with rice but you can definitely mix it up with other sides as well.

5. Chipotle Beef Ribs

Chipotle beef ribs are a simple dish that are full of flavor. The sweetness of the chipotle in the marinade is the perfect balance with the grilled beef ribs.

This particular recipe is infused with both coffee and chili for that extra heavy flavor if that is what you’re looking for.

There are several different choices for side sauces and different types of barbecue dips to choose from as well!

6. Dino Bones

If you’re looking for something with a bit more spice than some of the regular BBQ ribs this is an excellent option.

These are also quite large beefribs so you will not be going hungry with this recipe. This is one of the best types of ribs because of how much meat you are able to get off them.

7. Oven-Baked Ribs

There are some great tips and tricks to use to make these oven baked ribs even more delicious. You want to make sure they are marinated overnight to really give it that extra flavor.

Leaving them to cook slowly on a slow heat will ensure that they are melting off the bone and the meat is tender and easy to eat.

If you’re a lover of having saucy ribs you are also able to smother them in your favorite sauce to give it the taste you prefer!

8. Slow Cooker-Short Ribs

There are so many different options for different types of ribs but short ribs are always popular because when cooked properly, they are deliciously juicy.

When using short ribs in the slow cooker, you want to make sure you’re seasoning them well including different herbs to create a combination of joy in your mouth.

There are different sauce options but many tend to use Worcester sauce because it leaves a nice smoky taste in your mouth, and the after taste is also very important!

9. Boneless Ribs

These types of ribs are perfect for grilling because they are less likely to dry up in the process. People love to have their ribs nice and juicy with a crispy exterior.

If you’re a lover of the BBQ on a nice sunny day this could be the best option because they are great on the open flame and are able to hold in all of the moisture and will bleed when torn.

This is a boneless ribs recipe, with a healthy and delicious twist. These ribs are so tasty that your whole family will enjoy them.

10. Asian Short Ribs

This lovely exotic recipe packs a punch with the combination of different flavors you are able to release.

When cooked correctly at home, it is like you have just ordered them from a restaurant. The meat should be nice and tender but you can get into a bit of a mess with the sticky sauces.

11. Pot Beef Ribs

Instant Pot Beef Ribs is an easy recipe to make. It is a traditional American recipe with sweet and tangy flavors of BBQ sauce.

This flavorful dish is a good dish to serve to your family and friends.

Learn how to make easy, healthy, and absolutely delicious Instant Pot beef ribs in 30 minutes! You haven’t really tried ribs before if you haven’t had these!

This is one of the most convenient options for cooking ribs because the pot does most of the work. All you need is the 5 minute prepping and then you just wait.

12. Short Rib Ragu

Short rib ragu is one of the mostpopular Italian dishes. It’s a rich, meaty sauce with plenty of umami flavor.

To get the most out of the short rib, it must be cooked slowly at low temperatures. This recipe takes hours to cook but only a few minutes to prepare.

This is a recipe for a spicy ragu of short rib meat. A rich, complex and flavourful ragu all made in one pot, the result is silky and rich.

This dish is really something special and would be one of the best options for a special occasion.

13. Beer Braised Short Ribs

Beer braised short ribs are a perfect example of an easy yet flavorful dish. They are so simple and you can throw everything in your slow cooker.

Braising is a great technique for braising tough cuts of meat like short ribs. The spice rub adds a lot of flavor to the meat, but on its own it’s not very exciting.

After braising, the meat is tender and delicious, but still has a little bit of a chew to it unlike other options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Keep Beef Ribs Moist?

The best way to keep ribs moist is to maintain a consistently low grill temperature.

High heat will dry the ribs out in a heartbeat. You can also brine or marinate them beforehand, place a water pan in the grill or smoker, or enlist the aid of a mop sauce or spritzing liquid.

What Are The Most Tender Beef Ribs?

Plate short ribs are perhaps the daddy of all beef ribs. They are big, meaty, and beautifully tender when fresh off the smoker.

They contain even more meat than chuck ribs, and for this reason are ideal for smoking.


Overall, there are many recipes here that are ideal for different types of ribs which might tickle your fancy.

Everyone has different tastes and how they like their meat which is why there is such a range from more tender meat, boneless, less tender and other ways of cooking them.

The varieties of different sauces also make a difference to the entire meal as well depending on whether you love to add a bit of spice or if you like sticky and sweet.

Hopefully this article will help you find the best beef rib recipe for you.

You are also able to look at the healthier versions if that is more to your liking or ones which take less of your time actually cooking.

The instant pot is great for people who just don’t have the time to cook for hours on end.

These should be some of the easiest recipes to make and some of them are mainly just leaving the meat to become tender.

The main part of your prepping is down to adding in the herbs and spices to bring the flavors to life. You also need to think about what delicious sides you would like to include with the ribs!

13 Of The Most Impressive Beef Rib Recipes Out There

13 Of The Most Impressive Beef Rib Recipes Out There

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These 13 Best Beef Rib Recipes are a perfect selection for beef rib lovers. They are all easy and quick to prepare, yet different and tasty in their own ways!

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